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Fictober 5-Sentence Challenge: Day 16 - Ouija Board

Fandom: Fairy Tail

The planchette picked up speed, roving all over the Oujia board. Cana cleared her throat and asked, “Spirit, does Lucy like Natsu?”

With unerring accuracy, the board moved to the ‘yes’ in the lower left hand corner.

Levy rolled her eyes, removed her hands and sighed, “Cana, who doesn’t know that?!”

Lucy gasped and pointed (everyone else had pulled their hands away too); the planchette moved; spelling 'N’, 'A’, ’T’, ’S’, 'U.“


And another day was gone. Well, more or less. Brynn run down the stairs, eager to take her books and go back home, she knew her bed was waiting for her and a healthy nap. She was so tired she had to redo her locker combination three times, her brain half dead. As she was ready to finally run away, a voice called her firmly from the other side of the hallway. Oh damn… was the only tought she had the time to articulate, before Maple spoke again. 
“You know that I’ve been waiting for you, I think we need to talk…“ her tone was soft and mellow, even if Brynn could perfectly spot the threatening hint, she had no doubt why every guy in a 50km radius was falling for her. “And I don’t think there’s anything to talk about, I didn’t do anything.” replied Brynn lifting her eyes and pointing them straight into hers. “Already defensive, huh? I just wanted to talk, it’s not as if I declared war… yet.” Brynn was getting tired of her attitude: 17 years old and she acted as if the world was hers, when in reality all she had was the admiration of her peers cause genetics decided to bless her somehow. That menacing tone, as if she could destroy her life: she already destroyed her reputation, Maple already played all of her cards. There wasn’t anything else she could do against her. 
“Okay, tell me then: what’s wrong?“ asked Brynn with a sarcastic tone, she was doing her a favour after all. No one was paying her to listen to Maple’s troubles, right?


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“thanks for the adventure. now go have a new one.”

the reluctant part | waava week 2017

Title: the reluctant part
Word Count:
[The line beside them grows shorter. His legs are stiff. // “It’s for the best.” | Wan. Raava. Aye-Aye.]

A/N: This was is actually the beginning of a longer story I started waaaaay back in 2015 (that got 17 freaking pages long >.>) so since it’s be unlikely that it will see the light of day, I’ve decided to put the beginning here as a standalone since I still like how it turned out! :)


waava week 2017 // day 1 · fresh start


He never imagined there would be this many – but after ten-thousand years to come and go as they pleased, his only surprise now was how they managed to gather so quickly. It had only been a few months since Harmonic Convergence ended, and Wan had been hard at work, travelling the world to convince the spirits that it was time to go back to their real home.

Of course, many of them weren’t too eager to take orders from a human, but with Aye-Aye and the rest of the Oasis spirits at his side, he found their numbers did more than enough to persuade even the most stubborn of spirits to head south. They came across the farthest reaches of the world, stretching over the frozen hills in lines so long Wan couldn’t see the end of them.

But that would come soon enough.

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