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lady midnight chapter titles, narrated by percy jackson but in Emma’s point of view

(do not recommend reading this before reading lady midnight)

  1.  “I fight a tree”
  2. “I give Cristina a tour”
  3. “I join my parabatai in bed”
  4. “We order some vampire pizza”
  5.  “We make a deal with faeries”
  6. “Mark rejects our warm welcoming”
  7. “We map”
  8. “I fly a motorcycle”
  9. “I battle giant pray mantises”
  10. “Mark kills Mr. Limpet” 
  11.  “A minipoodle leads us to a corpse”
  12. “I work a miracle”
  13. “Cristina and I go shopping”
  14. “We party at the Midnight Theatre”
  15. “I watch the lottery”
  16. “My parabatai’s little brother meets his soulmate”
  17. “Mark destroys the kitchen”
  18. “I sleep with my parabatai”
  19. “I nearly kill Cristina’s ex-lover”
  20. “My parabatai tell us his life story”
  21. “Storytime”
  22.  “Kieran turns out to be snitch”
  23.  “I find out my parabatai has a room full of paintings of me”
  24. “We have a blackout”
  25. “We take out the dead”
  26.  “I murder a high warlock”
  27. “I start dating my parabatai’s brother”

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🍋22/100 days of productivity🍋
(16/04/17) a flick through of my history mind map folder and a friendly reminder to myself as exams get closer!! If you celebrate Easter, then HAPPY EASTER ALL and if not, happy sunday🌈
🌼April study challenge day 16: Advice?
The best advice I have is to surround yourself with people who build you up and motivate you every day, there’s nothing more amazing than supportive friends ps special mention to @mocha-vated @sirius-studying and @cal-culatingmylife for being my biggest supporters every dang day🌼

Books and Cupcakes Book Photo Challenge, February 8th: Favourite Genre
Just One Word Book Photo Challenge, February 8th: Fandom
Bibliosaurus Challenge, February 8th: Maps

My favourite genre is fantasy, especially high fantasy. And we all know a high fantasy book just isn’t compete without a map.


6.7.17 Mind Map & The Future (98/100 days of productivity)

For my summer research project I am writing a YA novel that redesigns the female protagonist so that her self discovery is not dependent upon any romantic relationships. I’m very excited, and to prepare for my first meeting with my advisor I made a mind map and started writing out my ideas for the novel. Putting together these collages allows me to visualize the aesthetic of the world and the nature of my protagonist. 

The meeting went really well. I was kind of shocked when my advisor got excited about my idea and told me that it sounded good. She was surprised and said that it was original! Having someone with experience in/from the literature field say that about my idea gave me this sense of validation. I don’t really talk about my novel ideas outside of my family and friends, so this was a first for me. And talking to someone who isn’t a student, but has dipped their toes in the world of fiction and publishing, was unexpectedly refreshing. 

I also took advantage of the meeting to talk to my advisor about my post graduation plans. I haven’t given a lot of thought to grad school, and I know that I want to start working right after college. She gave me a lot of information and it sounds like I could start working and find a funded MFA program. I feel like I have a clearer direction for my life after college now, but I’m going to have to do some research and start figuring out what programs and internships I need to apply for so that I can get the gateway stuff out of the way. 

✨10 Day Study Challenge✨- Day 5

Try a study format that you haven’t done before, like flash cards or mind maps. then share a review with us!

– Okay I know i’ve posted mindmaps before, but i literally just started making these this weekend, so i think it counts!! I actually really like this study format because it combines my two favorite things: Typography and Studying!!–