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i did the mishmash character art challenge meme thing! basically you take a bunch of your favorite characters and then make a new character based on the similarities of all of them put together to see if you have a type. and i definitely do lol

first i drew my interpretations of them all (in no particular order, and i capped it at 16) and then the composite character, whomst i love and stan with all my heart

korra - katniss - ahsoka - katara
hermione - moana - dany - mulan
rey - valkyrie - wonder woman - elizabeth shaw
allura - finn - sokka - thor

this was really fun!!


A Song of Ice and Fire 30 Day Challenge: Favorite Male Character

“At the hollow hill, what you said about being King Robert’s men, and brothers, I liked that. I liked that you gave the Hound a trial. Lord Bolton just hanged folk or took off their heads, and Lord Tywin and Ser Amory were the same. I’d sooner smith for you.”

Scooby-dooby-doo, where are you?
We’ve got some work to do now…

After the suspicious deaths of their father, mother, two brothers, and practically all of their family dogs, the surviving Stark children decide to investigate—and seek vengeance. They team up with their cousin Jon, who owns a van and a deadly-but-insatiable dog, Ghost.

The kids find out they’re good at catching schemers like Janos Slynt, Walder Frey, and Ramsay Bolton. But with each conniving villain they end, another clue is revealed—and an even more dangerous face. With this many players in the game, will the Mystery Inc. ever cross off all the names on their list? Or will the murderers get away with it despite the kids’ meddling?


femslash edit challenge: wlw sexuality headcanons [2/5]

Margaery Tyrell, Lesbian (Game of Thrones)

“Most women don’t know what they like until they’ve tried it.”

Books and Cupcakes Book Photo Challenge, February 8th: Favourite Genre
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Bibliosaurus Challenge, February 8th: Maps

My favourite genre is fantasy, especially high fantasy. And we all know a high fantasy book just isn’t compete without a map.