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Harry Potter Art Challenge- Day Eight : Favorite Quote

This is a quote from Dumbledore in Goblet of Fire. I thought it fit every character in the book so..

I’m sorry I’m rushing this so much but I have no time

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31 Horrific Days [October Writing Challenge]

So it’s still September, BUT the month of Halloween is quickly approaching and I figured some people may like to get a head start on this so they have things to post! Here are 31 prompts for writing, one for each day of October. Skip any days that irk you or that you just don’t have the time and energy for, but feel free to use the tag #31horrificdays so others can see your work! As always, the prompts are up for interpretation and are meant to inspire a plot rather than dictate how it goes - all fandoms, original characters, or even a changing cast is more than welcome! [I may do a part 2 of vague, one-word prompts for those who want something more flexible].

  1. The character goes out on a date (or an outing with a friend) and comes home late that night to see all of their furniture moved/stacked oddly, rotten food in the fridge, but no signs of entry or security issues.
  2. The character learns through conversation that one of their friends hates Halloween.
  3. The character is distressed from several nights of nightmares/sleep paralysis, all of which leave them waking up terrified. Eventually, what they see in their dreams start to blend into reality.
  4. Write a story about supernatural happenings.. from the POV of a character’s pet.
  5. Write a story about a character receiving threatening letters in the mailbox that keep getting scarier and more dangerous every day through the month.
  6. The character, along with one or more others, decide to visit a local haunted house attraction that’s just opened up.
  7. Halloween is rolling around and an odd fair has come to town with all manner of old-fashioned clowns, fire-eaters, and jugglers. The character(s) get their hands on tickets to see the show and cannot resist.
  8. After hearing about an abandoned house in the neighborhood that was supposedly the scene of a gruesome crime years earlier, the character and a friend or two decide to explore the property.
  9. A fun, creepy night of urban exploration gets the character(s) into trouble.
  10. While spending some time at the beach at night, the character comes across something else moving near the shore, something that may or may not be human at all.
  11. The character didn’t plan on any costume for Halloween this year, but their best friend/partner wants to go shopping for the perfect costumes, perhaps even as a themed pair.
  12. Write a plot about a character meeting a fae creature, but realizing they aren’t as pretty and delicate as the fairy tales made them believe.
  13. After watching a horror movie, the character claims there weren’t scared at all. However, once the house is quiet and dark, they’re suddenly hiding under their covers in fear.
  14. With Halloween approaching, weird people have been hanging around town. Very weird people. ‘People in masks standing outside of houses’ weird people, including the character’s house.
  15. Two character end up in a battle over which is better: ghostly horror movies or monster movies?
  16. After the death of a friend or family member, the character (and possibly one or a few others) finds a hidden trap door in their home while cleaning out their belongings. Inside, they uncover secrets the deceased was hiding.
  17. The character makes a new friend who claims to be an actual witch. They end up proving it to them with an impressive display of magic (if the preferred character is actually a witch, feel free to change the POV)
  18. The character ends up locked in another reality where everything around them is just a bit ‘off’, as well as the fact that no one seems to recognize them. Then they meet one other character who does remember them, and appears to be going through the same thing.
  19. The character has a run-in with someone from their past; someone they know for a fact has been dead for years.
  20. The character has had a near-death experience, and is seeing a few moments between worlds before they’re brought back to life.
  21. The character(s) have a run-in with an odd trick-or-treater a week before Halloween, but the eerie child refuses to leave their doorstep
  22. The character, along with one other, travels to the Suicide Forest in Japan (or another famous haunted wilderness of writer’s choice) and uncovers something grisly, or perhaps even gets lost and disoriented. 
  23. The muse meets up with an old friend or family member, and together they find home videos from their childhood Halloweens. This could be either a heartwarming experience, or an eerie one if they see something spooky they didn’t remember from their past.
  24. The character starts a brand new job, but quickly learns that there are warnings that come with the job. No wonder they can’t keep employees for more than a few days.
  25. The character (one or more others are optional as well) has been kidnapped and locked in a cellar, trying to find the means of escape.
  26. Write a ghost story including any characters of your choice, with one twist: the story takes place in a past decade or century.
  27. The character has just moved to a new city and isn’t familiar with anyone or anything. As they’re taking a walk late at night to relieve their stress, they have an eerie feeling that they’re being followed down every block.
  28. Write a horror plot centered around a gas station (petrol station).
  29. The character lost a beloved pet a year earlier, and finally decides it’s time to bring home a new shelter pet to love. They’re magnetically drawn to one animal in particular, but once they take it home, they start to suspect that this animal may not be ordinary at all.
  30. Write a story from the perspective of a legendary monster (lagoon creature, zombie, sea monster, yeti, etc)
  31. It’s Halloween night - write a story about a costume party or get-together going terribly wrong.

Inktober is around the corner and unlike other years, I don’t want to be completely unprepared. So, after digging around I made my own prompt list to use during October. I used some prompts from another lists and even suggestions I got last year to make this.

Now, if there are artists out there looking for a prompt list or challenge and you find this cute enough, please, feel free to use this if you want ;)

Hey guys! 🙌 How was going back to go to school/work? (my brother just started the college, I feel so old ;__;)
By the way!! Inktober is coming *Ned Stark voice* aaand I’m thinking on doing the challenge with the serie 31 witches. Have you ever made this challenge?

31 Horrific Days v2 [October Writing Challenge]

Here is a Version 2 of the earlier October Writing Challenge, with one prompt per day for the month of October. This time around, the prompts are vague and open to a ton of interpretation, but could all be weaved into a horror (or horror-comedy) story. Drabble about your roleplay character(s), write a short story completely from your own head, or make a ficlet about characters you like! As with the last list, do not feel guilty if you skip days, but definitely consider using the tag #31horrificdays if you’d like others to see your work!

  1. Poisoned
  2. Cage
  3. Insects
  4. Buried 
  5. Trees
  6. Photographs
  7. Trespassing
  8. Basement
  9. Eyes
  10. Growling
  11. Obsession
  12. Passenger
  13. Disgust
  14. Omen
  15. Bite
  16. Paranoia
  17. Scratching
  18. Mask
  19. Hovering
  20. Silent
  21. Secret
  22. Hunger
  23. Forgotten
  24. Candlelight 
  25. Whisper
  26. Cold
  27. Legend
  28. Missing
  29. Bleeding
  30. Beast
  31. Ritual



ALSO: You dont have to do all of the days, or do them in order,OR do them in october. Just letting ya know!!!

Ink is by @comyet / @myebi


1.Ink is back!!

2.Female ink

3.Everyday artist struggles


5.French ink


7.Trying digital art (ink trying out digital art for the first time? How would that turn out?)

8.Bathing in ink

9.Toby’s worry (toby fox is worried about the people who create different versions of his own world…would ink do something about it?)

10.Ink as an anime character

11.Fantasy ink

12.A guardian gone insane

13.albino/winter ink

14.Clothing style swap(swap inks style of clothing with another character/your own!)

15.Blind ink painting

16.A different kind of artist (what would he look like if he was something like a music artist? Or a graffiti artist?)

17.Anime obsessed

18.Personality swap (Swap ink personality with another character!)

19.Gothic artist

20.It needs to be perfect

21.Underverse (what do you think ink is hiding? what will the truth be?)

22.You pushed him too far, error

23.Genocide eye (what is ink’s genocide eye? GET CREATIVE!!)

24.Necromancer ink (ink cant resurrect the dead, but what if he could…?)




28.Redesign (if u were to redesign him, what would he look like?)


30.God ink (ink is only the guardian of the aus….but is there a possibility he could become a god?)

31.Beyond the multiverse….



the foxhole court aesthetic: kevin day

insp.  ( lorde - perfect places ) 

“[…] He’ll sacrifice every piece he has to protect his throne. Whatever. Me?” Kevin gestured again, meaning to indicate himself but too drunk to get his hand higher than his waist. “I’m going to be the deadliest piece on the board.”

Be Careful What You Read

Winchester Brothers x Sister Reader

Reader is 6 years old, Sam is 14 years old, Dean is 18 years old

This is entry for @winchesters-favorite-girl Katie’s 31 Days of Halloween. My prompt is Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Summary: Y/n reads a book that scares her more than she thought it would, while almost finding out about the family business.

Warnings: i think there might be one cuss word, other than that none

Word Count: 1,421

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