Quien quiere un saludo al estilo animal!!?

Veran tengo un gato, dos perros, un caballo y muchos pollitos ..hare carteles con los nombres de aquellos que le den likes a esta publicacion..pero escojan al animal que quieran!!

I have a cat, two dogs, a horse and many chickens. I make posters with the names of those who like this publication … but they choose the animal they want!!

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Espírito que aparece na veira dos ríos nas noites de lúa chea.  Ela sempre se atopa lavando sabas brancas manchadas de sangue e pedirá axuda a quen a atope.  O tecido debe dobrarse na dirección oposta á que o espírito a dobra, ou caerá na infelicidade eterna.


Spirit that appears at the side of the rivers when it’s full moon. She’s always cleaning white clothes dirtied with blood, and will ask for help to anyone that sees her. You should be careful to fold the clothes the opposite direction she folds it or an eternal unhappiness will fall on you.

I was tagged by @xxrosebush-artsxx to do the ‘What’s in MC’s bag’ challenge, so thanks for that!

So here is the contents of Mistletoe’s bag! She’s got a lot of stuff and she tries to be organised, but things always end up messy. That’s okay.

- a sketch of Penny (her biggest crush Shhh!) Mistletoe likes to draw in boring classes, and Penny always seems to come to mind.

- A flask of wide eye potion. Keeping up with her studies and classes, searching for the vaults and her brother, spending time with friends, she can’t always keep up. So she chugs some wide eye potion every now and then, because, sometimes, there aren’t enough hours in the day.

- fingerless gloves. One of her favourite hand-me-downs from Jacob. They were his when he was younger, but they still fit Mistletoe.

- parchment and quills, for the obvious reasons.

- school books. She’d probably lose a few house points for turning up to class without those.

- Slytherin Scarf. It’s so soft and cozy! Sometimes Hogwarts can get a little too cold but Mistletoe doesn’t mind as long as she has her scarf handy.

- candies and chocolate. Sweet foods help her focus when studying. And they taste good. We all get snackish.

- calming drought. It can all get a little too much for Mistletoe. She’s got a lot of pressure on her, so she keeps the calming drought around, just in case she gets too anxious or breaks down thinking about her missing brother.

- a picture of her pets. Her owl Blastt, her cat Spiro, her toad Jewel, and her rat Flower.

- a damaged, tear stained picture of Jacob.

- Her wand. Cedar wood, unicorn hair core, 10 ¾, inches, unbending flexibility. I basically gave her my wand.

- a black quill. You know the one. It was Jacob’s and it’s important to her finding the cursed vaults.

-then she’s got a couple of patches on her backpack. Slytherin pride, a rose, one that says love more, and a lightning bolt. I wanted to put a bisexual pride pin, but it wasn’t invented yet back then.

-and a tear on her bag from her lovely cat, Spiro. She’s a clumsy kitty.

I tag @wizardcloaks For this challenge!

A 31 Day Tarot Challenge for The Month of October, Inspired by The Major Arcana.

I’m bringing this challenge back because it did a lot of good for a lot of people.

If you participated in the past, I invite you to participate again, with the intent of helping you see how much you’ve grown.

If you’ve never taken this challenge, I believe it will provide you with a great amount of personal insight and growth.

Each question has been written with the hopes of helping you gain greater insight into yourself, and the world around you.

Remember, each question may be answered with as many or as few cards as you feel are required. Some answers will easily come from one card, some may require several cards.

I encourage you to photograph your cards and journal your answers with the tag,


1. As I begin this journey into self, where would it be best serving for me to initially focus my energy?

2. What can I expect to creatively manifest within the upcoming days ahead?

3. In order to have prosperity, and a nurturing love for self and others, where should I focus my energy?

4. As I gain greater stability and balance, what should I remember to guard myself from?

5. Is there anything I am considering that I could perhaps make a better decision on later?

6. What is it that my soul craves the most right now?

7. As I draw my focus outward, what do I need to keep in mind in order to maintain a positive outlook?

8. I wish to conquer my fears and live within a state of harmony. In order to make this my reality, what should I focus upon?

9. I will allow myself a day of rest, retreat, and sanctuary. As I remain within quiet refuge, what shall I let be my mantra?

10. What do I need to do I order to be released from that which no longer serves me?

11. At times it can be difficult to find a balance between our desires and our needs. What is it that I desire, and what is it that I need?

12. I release control, and in doing so I am rewarded with new perspective. What is the first thing I notice?

13. How can I be more prepared to deal with loss?

14. In which ways do I connect to my higher self already? Which areas have I yet to venture upon?

15. The journey of healing requires dedication and an open heart, what is the first step I need to take in order to allow myself to heal from the past.

16. Fears flourish within the darkness, what is it that my fears have to reveal to me?

17. That which I do, is that which will come back to me. How can I remember to always keep this in mind?

18. Through the moonlight my intuition radiates, what is it I am not seeing?

19. What are my daily allowances to refresh my body, rest my mind and nurture my spirit?

20. A mirror reveals more than just my reflection. How might I be a negative influence to myself?

21. Have I achieved things in the past year that are in accordance to my life plans? Am I on the right track for success?

22. Change is upon the horizon, what does the future hold for me?

23. How can I use that which the future holds to strengthen myself through the unknown?

24. As a being of peace, and serenity, I make the choice to know only love and light. How can I best maintain this outlook?

25. How do I feel about my image and how other people respond to it? In which ways am I setting examples for people to follow?

26. My shadow self is an extension of my inner layers; how can I begin to peel through to reveal the source of my pain?

27. What ignites my desire to look beyond that which my eyes allow me to see?

28. The veil is thinning this time of the year, what message do my spirit guides have for me?

29. What should I look for in order to connect better with other people?

30. In what ways can I best inspire others around me?

31. I wish to look upon my world with a new perspective, and feel a greater sense of connectivity. In order to make this my reality, where must I focus my energy?

These questions were written by @leelahel, @thecacklingmo0n, and @tarot-dreams.