Yes this was a thing…. i would very much appreciate it if you were to reblog this :) 


I was tagged by the gorgeous ill-have-harrys-babies to do the 20 beautiful people challenge! I’m gonna tag my mutuals who have reblogged from me lately, BUT you are all beautiful!! I wish I could tag everyone! Lol

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BUT if you want to do it by all means do it. You don’t have to have a tag. I think you’re all beautiful!💚💚


So, I was thinking about doing a new meme challenge. My summer vacations already started, so I’m having free time, and since I never finished the 30 day challenge, I thought this would be fun. Everyone is welcomed to join, I was thinking about having a gif/graphic challenge, but not everyone knows how to make them, so you can do whatever you want. Gifs, graphics, pictures, drawings, videos, text, are all OK! You can also do it at your own pace, you don’t have to post every day, just have fun! The idea is to fill tumblr with SCANDAL related stuff.

So, here it is:

- Favorite member
- Favorite duo
- Top 3 albums
- Top 4 funny moments
- Top 5 live performances (ex. SCANDAL VS BUDOKAN, Festival, Rock in Japan Fes. 2014, etc.)
- Favorite song from each of the Studio Albums (1 per album)
- Top 7 music videos
- Top 8 singles
- Top 9 live individual performances (ex. BURN in SCANDAL VS BUDOKAN, Departure in Festival, etc.)
- Top 10 songs

For those participating, please use the tag #scandalbandchallenge so everyone can see your work. Spread the word!


I don’t like selfies but whATEVA just go with it.

So here’s the 20 beautiful people challenge I think?? I was tagged by the beautiful, but meme trash hester-lowell!!

I tag everyone because everyone v pretty but here’s a few!!

I tag: kcduckky, philydan, twenty-one-lions, its-just-a-phantasy and avidhowell !!

I hope nobody I tag is bothered by me tagging them!

Have a lovely day! x