Opposite Gender Tag

I was tagged awhile back by @itsoceansecret (I think lol) <3

Rules: take a photo of your favorite sim in their usual gender/look/makeup/style etc. and then take an after photo of them completely genderbended. You may edit their features to match the original sim’s face if needed. Tag other 10 people & tag your challenge with #simsgbd

So yup, here’s Cardinal as a guy!

I tag: everyone who wants to do this as most people already have :3

OTP Challenge: Bluepulse 💙❤️
Day 29: Karaoke night

Sorry for not post the Challenge, I did the drawing since about 6 days ago, but I did’t know what song writes… Finally!!

Seriously, there are a lot of songs that can talk about they jeje

PD: If you are asking… Yes… Bart chose the song :3

Oh oh, PD No. 2: the song is: I really like you by Carly Rae Jepsen If do you wanna know how they could be heard, I shared this… Credits for the autor who edits this song https://youtu.be/S2ahge7q8hQ

Решила я поиграть с вами ) есть у меня пустышка для мандалы, давайте вместе над ней поработаем? Каждый пишет цвета, которые хотел бы увидеть, а я воплощаю ваши желания.

I decided to play with you) I have a dummy for the mandala, let’s work together on it? Everyone writes colors that you like and i will paint it according to your wishes

#challenge #challengeme #artwork #mandala #watercolor

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Challenges For Writers

You guys wanted some prompts and I thought this might give you some fun ideas. Some of these challenges can apply to every kind of writer, so I suggest skimming them all :)


  • Produce an album with each song touching on a different social issue
  • compose a movie score
  • write 1 song a month about the events in that time and visit those songs in a year
  • write a song about wherever you are right now
  • rewrite the lyrics of your favorite song
  • compose a new melody for your favorite song
  • write a song where the lyrics contradict the melody
  • make a mashup of completely different songs


  • write a story from the point of view of a character you hate
  • write a story based off a song
  • write a story from a deity’s point of view
  • write a story that takes place somewhere you’ve never been
  • write a story with no dialogue
  • write a story from the point of view of a piece of technology
  • turn a poem into a story
  • write a story with only 140 characters


  • write a positive poem about something you hate
  • condense your favorite song/movie into a haiku
  • write a poem about what you wish you knew when you were younger
  • write a poem completely out of YouTube comments
  • write a poem with song lyrics only
  • write a poem about a photo from over 50 years ago
  • write a poem about your favorite love story
  • write about an experience you’ve never had


  • write an article from a perspective that is the opposite of yours
  • write an article based on a picture from the 1900′s
  • write about an interview with a dead person
  • report a story based on a poem or song
  • report the events in your favorite book
  • report a murder that nobody knows you committed
  • you’re a travel columnist. Write about where you are now.
  • write a fake news article about a world leader


Hello. I decided that I want to create a challenge for all the future polyglots here on tumblr. So choose a language and get read for it :)

1. Watch a youtube video in your language of choice
2. Read a book in your language of choice
3. Write a message to someone in your l.o.c
4. Make a list of 30 new words in l.o.c and learn the words.
5. Try to describe any image with your l.o.c
6. Watch a movie w/subtitles in your language of choice
7. Watch a movie in which your language of choice is used
8. Find a penpal from the country where your l.o.c is spoken and try not to use any other language.
9. Describe words - family, relationship, school, pet & dinner with your l.o.c
10. Write an essay (200w) in your l.o.c on the topic - Learning languages.

Feel free to tag people and make a post where you tag me so I can see your improvement :)

~ lena