"Музыкальная” планка|челлендж

@adm-vrs, спасибо тебе большое за такой интересный и необычный вызов! Я привыкла встречать подобный челлендж на YouTube и была слегка удивлена и в то же время заинтригована, когда увидела, что меня отметили в посте.

Ну, что же…вызов принят! Я решила не медлить и сделать это прямо сейчас. Поначалу было слегка волнительно, ведь я - человек, который не очень дружит со спортом. Фитнес последний раз делала неделю назад. Но все-таки пришлось рискнуть. Дело принципа.

Суть челленджа в том, чтобы удержать планку как можно дольше. А чтоб не было скучно, нужно выбрать и включить абсолютно любую песню, которая, кстати,  является “секундомером”. Началась песня? Значит, начался и сам челлендж. Как только ваши силы иссякнут и вы рухнете на пол, то сразу же зафиксируйте время, а результаты пишите в своем посте.

Итак, я выбрала песню Modana & Carlprit – Hot Spot. 
Мой результат - 2 минуты…

Бросаю вызов: @ksuhanic, @tammy-taylor, @ada07k, @scarlett-m, @bella–kenton, @miamorenica, @kandaurov, @millka69, @rosemaryhoyt, @eva-princess-unicorn, @ekaterinaavdeeva, @floversofmysoul, @profoundtragedysoul, @nvemper, @certainlyloveyou, @muse-13, @saabirova, @oksanka36, @efirnelya, @chusi, @lacecancer

И всем желающим :)


RULES: Tell us one favorite character from ten fictional works ( shows, films, novels, etc. ) & tag ten people!

)’: Only ten? I can do a whole list of at least 100 of them! But ok let me name the most importants x) Thank you so much for tag me sweety!! ♡♡♡ @solochely  I love this games!

1. Uchiha Sasuke [Naruto]

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2. Yuri Plisetsky [Yuri on Ice]

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3. Todoroki Shouto [Boku no Hero Academia]

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4. Mikaela Hyakuya [Owari no Seraph]

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5. Ryunosuke Akutagawa [Bungou Stray Dogs]

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6. Licht Jekylland Todoroki [Servamp] 

7. Kozume Kenma [Haikyuu] (I have so many favourite characters in this series that is hard to decide xD)

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8. Yuu Kanda [D.Gray-man]

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9. Nezumi [No.6]

10. Levi Ackerman [Shingeki no Kyojin]

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Day 38-39/100 of productivity

I felt pretty sick during these two days and had high temperature so all my productivity consisted in trying to bounce back. 

Day 40/100 productivity

I still feel sick but I managed to put together all the rests of my energy and go to the doctor and later spend at least two hours at school which is better than nothing. Later in the evening I was able to continue working a little bit on topic of Geografía de Espaňa for Thursday’s exam.


I was tagged by the lovely @simtopolis to do the #nofilter challenge by @butterfly-tattoo. I was also inspired by the layout of @simtopolis, hope that is okay! For this challenge I chose my legacy founder, Aurora Lothario. 

I would like to tag @luridroses, @berry-legacy, @reallysadsimmer, @haleingsimblr, @peasims@mysimsaredorks & anyone else who wants to do it (just say I tagged you :) For those who I tagged do not want to do it or have already done this then you don’t have to do it/again. 

Rules || 

Take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder, lead character in your story, etc). Now take away all their cc (except hair, eyebrows, and skin color). Then do a before and after picture.

Day 8: Most Amusing Pokemon

“Pyukumuku tends to find a spot it likes and stay there, even returning to the same spot if moved. Once all the food in its favorite spot has been consumed, it will continue to stay there to the point of starvation. However, people in Alola have already taken to throwing the Pokémon back to the sea where it can find food when thin.”

So sorry about the huge delay in the Daily Pokemon challenge, I went back to visit my hometown to celebrate a friend’s birthday and didn’t get a chance to draw anything :,D I should be resuming starting today

Pyukumuku is such a funny Pokemon, and I like to imagine the locals of Alola just chucking it back into the ocean just so it doesn’t die of starvation
I hate sea cucumbers but Pyukumuku is an exception



It’s Dan vs Phil vs a sassy robot called Bianca in QUICK DRAW