Dear teman-teman yang sejak lama sempat menanyakan banyak hal tentang dunia tulis menulis dan penerbitan buku pada saya, silakan ikut serta di acara ini.

Informasi lengkap:

Halo sahabat berkary, telah dibuka kelas menulis ONLINE melalui group whattsapp.

KELAS MENULIS MEDIA BERKARYA Angkatan pertama yang akan dimulai pada 27 juli 2017.

Diselenggarakan oleh dua akun Instagram:

Buruan mendaftar yaa, jumlah seat TERBATAS dan pastikan kamu tidak ketinggalan. Hanya dengan Rp.150.000 kamu bisa mendapatkan banyak materi menarik di dunia kepenulisan


1. Mendapatkan 4 kali pertemuan dalam kelas selama 1 bulan✅
2. Mendapatkan Sertifikat Digital✅
3. Mendapatkan materi dari penulis: -@tiasetiawati2709 penulis buku #perempuanpenggenggamrindu (Penerbit Mayor Media Kita) dan @wn.naufal penulis buku #100tahunsetelahakumati (Penerbit Mayor Histeria)✅
4. Mendapatkan ilmu menulis dan link penerbit✅
5. Mendapatkan hadiah buku untuk setiap challage✅
6. Mendapatkan tips dan trik khusus dari penulis✅
7. Semakin mendekatkan kamu dengan mimpimu untuk menjadi seorang penulis✅
8. Berkesempatan masuk ke Ruang Menulis Online✅
9. Berkenalan dengan banyak calon-calon penulis profesional✅
10. Mendapatkan ruang kelas yang hangat dan menyenangkan✅
11. Bagi pemenang Challenge mingguan terbaik, tulisannya akan dishare khusus oleh MDK Grup ( Promosi Nama akun IG di : Grup Komunitas MDK, Line Official MDK, Instagram MDK )✅
12. Mendapatkan banyak teman dengan minat dan hobby yang sama✅

Untuk pendaftaran silahkan menghubungi Admin kami melalui:

Whattsapp : 0831-7796-0679 (Livia Oktora)

Pendaftaran dibuka dari 07 juli 2017 s.d 23 juli 2017. Dengan format:

KM.MDK/Nama lengkap/Asal


Silakan sebarkan info ini agar kita bisa belajar bersama. Sampai bertemu nanti.

Bendy-tober (October drawing challage)

Day 1: draw your favorite batim character

Day 2: draw a favorite scene from the game

Day 3: draw an oc as a character in the batim universe

Day 4: got any ships? Draw em

Day 5: do a sketch dump of all the characters

Day 6: draw a scene with the character you made

Day 7: draw boris with his guts taken out (like in chapter 1)

Day 8: draw the ink machine (with a character in it is optional)

Day 8: draw a Disney character meeting a batim character

Day 9: draw any character in the batim ‘style’

Day 10: draw a prediction of an upcoming chapter

Day 11: draw sammy Lawrence

Day 12: draw sammy Lawrence with bendy and/or the searchers

Day 13: draw a poster of a show for sillyvision

Day 14: draw your prediction of Henry’s appearance

Day 15: try to draw a batim character in full color

Day 16: draw Alice in the style of her on one of her posters

Day 17: draw Alice in the style from the batim chapter 3

Day 18: draw a small comic of a funny moment between bendy, Boris and Alice

Day 19: draw your prediction of Joey

Day 20: draw a batim character on paper with an ink jar (if you have one)

Day 21: draw batim color inverted

Day 22: draw bendy and/or Joey in front of a pentagram

Day 23: draw bendy’s summoning

Day 24: draw Alice’s obsession with being perfect

Day 25: draw boris running from Alice

Day 26: draw bendy and boris fighting

Day 27: draw a cute moment between the characters

Day 28: draw your favorite moment from one of the trailers

Day 29: draw the ink demon himself in the non cartoon version

Day 30: draw the band getting back together again

Day 31: free choice!

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Note to self: Do not challage tumblr ever again.
Okayokay here it is
Me singing my favorite song.

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Introduction of Myself

Ok, I forget to introduce myself .😝

Hi, my name is Mindy and I am 17 years old. I am Chinese from Malaysia 🇲🇾.

This is my first time I start a study blog to encourage myself to study.📚

Yeah, I am a lazy student. So I try my best to challage the 100 days of productivity .💪 I wil post picture or something else about study. 

I am taking a very very important exam (we call it as SPM) in this November.

I love some of the interesting blog which are @emmastudies @tempus-fugit-so-study @pianoandstudy @studywithboho 😍

Reblog or like and I will check  your blog out 😃

( My English is not very good so pls don’t mind if I have any grammar mistake😓)


Due to it being the 170 year anniversary of the birth of the author Bram Stoker I decided to try my hand at drawing dracula from the film based of his book played by the epic Gary Oldman, and here it is. 

I really enjoyed this piece for some reason although i still found it to be challaging but there lies all the fun. 


Allright, so everyone meet Ahria Dare , she is the founder for our new Legacy Challenge!!! Yes, i’m finally starting my own legacy challenge, and yes, yes, I know it is not the traditional legacy challenge, this is more layer back, and I did use her starter funds to build her tiny house shown here^^^.But there will be no cheats and no mods used.

So lets meet Ahria!!

Ahria is Creative, a Foodie, and Outgoing, she is new to Oaisis springs and doesn’t have much money to start off her life with. She wants to be a master chef and meet lots of friends along the way.


I hope everyone loves her as much as I do, shes so adorable and I know she is going to be so much fun to play with.

30 Day OTP Challage List

01 - Holding hands MikeyxIrma

02 - Cuddling somewhere RaphxIrma

03 - Gaming/watching a movie
04 - On a date
05 - Kissing
06 - Wearing eachothers’ clothes
07 - Cosplaying
08 - Shopping
09 - Hanging out with friends
10 - With animal ears
11 - Wearing kigurumis
12 - Making out
13 - Eating icecream
14 - Genderswapped
15 - In a different clothing style (Visual Kei, gyaru, lolita, ect. )
16 - During their morning ritual(s)
17 - Spooning
18 - Doing something together 
19 - In formal wear
20 - Dancing
21 - Cooking/baking
22 - In battle, side-by-side
23 - Arguing
24 - Making up afterwards
25 - Gazing into eachothers’ eyes
26 - Getting married
27 - On one of their birthdays
28 - Doing something ridiculous
29 - Doing something sweet
30 - Doing something hot 

Hey Taylor ! We make this for you to celebrate your 26th birthday ! We want to make it special for you ! It’s so hard making this video so many challage but because of you we make it done today ! It take 1 week 9 days 8 hours 9 minutes to finish this video for you ! 100% you been in our life since couple years ago you really impornant in our life ! Your kindness , hardworking and everything special for us ! This is your gift from us Malaysia, Austria ,Holland,UK, India ,Florida ,The Netherlands and more diffrent country ! We all swiftie from all over the world wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT BECKY /QUEEN TAYTAY /TAYLOR SWIFT ! We love you so much ! So here is the people who take part in this video ! 💕

Maisarah-IG:taylorswifties_13_ /tumblr :maisarah22 @maisarah22

Bianca -IG:taylorswift.b

Srishti -IG:sparkleyourgilter / tumblr:inspriedbyswiftsrihti

Isabelle -IG:cinnamon.swift

Jemma- IG:tsnineteeneightynine


Fara Adrienda-IG:taylorswifties.13xx

Demi Papaioannou- IG:iknowswiftie.13 /tumblr:iknewyouwerecats @iknewyouwerecats



We love you so much taylor ! Happy birthday to you pls party hard !

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💕💕💕 love you

lilly-chan101  asked:

first off hiii lol but anyway I was wondering have you ever done reaction videos? or any challages?

I’ve done some challenge videos with Matthias and Markiplier, etc. Don’t know that I’ve done a react video. Typically I stick with playing games on my own channel, though I’d like to branch out eventually. In all honesty I’m nervous about trying new things on the channel XD

Me and Bae supporting the blackout! 👏 our lifestyle may not be right in some people’s eyes but regardless of your belief, love is love. People always say we will have it hard 1) b/c we are black and 2) b/c we are gay which makes it worse on us but I say bring on the challages and don’t think jesus accepts your sins any less than mine. Rant over..Carry on! HAPPY BLACKOUT LADIES AND GENTS ALL AROUND THE GLOBE! 😘