The thing i love the most about my close friends is that theyre all extremely different

Brittney: Shes more of the rude one. The one that tells you when something is wrong with you and if youre not familiar with her, she would probably hurt your feelings. Shes more of the diva. She takes care of her body to the point of her being a gym freak. Shes the hair, makeup, stylist type. Shes a very good listener but shes actually very soft on the inside. WAY WAY on the inside. Everyone needs a Brittney in their lives.

Jahdi: Hes the one that tells you when something is wrong but he beats around the bush too much. He would stay with you on the phone or on cam for as long as you need. He listens, he doesnt judge you, hes more of the “how do you feel about that?” kind of friend. Hes more laid back. You can trust him with your life and he’ll’ take your secrets to his grave. Hes the joker so hes not always serious about what he says or do.

Paul: I consider him my best friend in the whole wide world. He understands where im coming from. He doesnt care about how many times i fuck up but he gets mad way too quick. Hes the track star. The african lol Hes the one that flirts with everyone and their momma. Hes the church kid but he knows how to have a good time. You need the truth staright up? go to him. EVERYONE NEEDS A PAUL.

Celest: Shes the oldest of my friends but shes certainly someone i wouldnt trade for the world. She only wears Pink though. Shes the first to hit you up for anything. Always complimenting you. Always encouraging you and if you need the moon, she’ll be the first to grab it for you. Shes like 6'0 so she should just be a damn model. She has a rough past but her future is bright. Shes the one to always be there for you even if youre not there for her.

Magaly: my mexican :) Shes the only one you can be gay with and she wont mind. Shes always down to listen to anything you have to say but shes very secretive so sometimes i have to squeeze information out of her. Shes the mysterious one and i have yet to find out why. She has the biggest boobs out of all my friends and her nipples are pink. Plus shes a fellow Cancerian so you know we get along. Shes a ghetto mexican so you have to watch how you come across to her. Everyone needs a Magaly in their life just to make you smile.

Tia: The funny ratchet friend. Shes the one that calls you but only after 9:01. She cant afford for her phone bill to be going up lmao She listens to you and she only says “oh lawd girl” Shes the one you need when youre crying or going through tough times cuz she knows how it feels to go through difficult things and manage a smile. She has a very good heart and a breath of fresh air. If youre not friends with Tia, you have not lived Tia is legit friends with everyone.