Awwww, you guys make me smile~!! xD
But Jeff made me giggle ;) lol
Thank you guys, and sorry for this overly late reponse :/

College has kept me away from Tumblr for almost 7… WHOLE… WEEKS!
…I feel deprived and lost… :’( Loads of people have changed usernames and I feel like a stranger.
So, I am going to happily rake through all my followers and all the people I’m following’s pages and reacquiant myself until I’m content again, hehe :3

I hope that you’ve all been well and that life has been treating you good :)
I’ll be off from College for a week in 2 days, so I’ll start posting all the things I’ve been scribbling down on my train journeys and during free periods soon ;P

‘Til then, prepare to be heart-spammed~! :D
(You’ve been warned…)

for everyone looking through this tag


you’ve been misled. for the past month “chalkywaters” has been stealing my writing. i confronted him and he apologized, but he’s gone now. 

ok yeah just putting that out there thanks for the compliments on my writing.