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radioactiveghoulblood  asked:

What did you use for that sketchbook page on lego joker

I used some cheap watercolors and a sketchbook filled with mixed media paper. And I inked it with Zig writers? I really just used my sketching supplies. I can’t even find out the name of this watercolor set, it was a silly eight dollar thing that Chels chucked at my head as a joke. It’s pretty chalky and not a good set for learning.

The only thing of value here is that mixed media sketchbooks are good for cheapish watercolor practice. And doodling. I try to save my watercolor paper and my good paints for commissions.

Good Omens Characters Other than War, Aziraphale, and Crowley that Should Really Get Fancasted

based on this post:

the nuns: 

Saint Beryl Articulatus of Cracow (after whom the order is named):

Mel Giedroyc (because i know a startling lack of Polish celebrities and she has a Polish surname, plus also i think Mel is talkative enough for an entire order of Satanic nuns to follow in her footsteps)

Sister Mary Loquacious:

Louise Brealey (because i like to steal from the radio adaptation)

Sister Grace Voluble:

Whoopi Goldberg (because I like to imagine what kind of songs the nuns would sing gospel style)


Cherry Campbell (dressed as the wonderful Katie Morag who genuinely was like my entire childhood, I mean my family is from Struay so…)

Crowley(’s plants):


African Violet (”AZIRAPHALE STOP! you musn’t get water on the leaves, you’ll kill it! take heed the rest of you, if you step out of line I’ll let the angel here plant-sit you” *plant’s immediately sit up and bloom on the spot*) 

Audrey II

Peace Lily


Kazoo Kid (i think i remember it saying he’s a boy in the book? idk but i just like to imagine this guy on a motorbike so fight me)

Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultery Pulsifer:

Anthony Head

Agnes Nutter:

Josie Lawrence (if the radio adaptation ain’t broke don’t change it)

Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit Adultery Pulsifer (after the stake):

Crispy!Master (mark I) (Classic Who is weird af)

Agnes Nutter (after the stake):

Crispy!Master (Mark II) (as played by Beevers rather than Pratt because Agnes obvs. is a lot more suave when burnt to a crisp)

Farther down the riverbank sat a young man dressed all in white. He was the only person in sight. His hair was white, his skin chalk pale, and he sat and stared up and down the river, as if he were admiring the view. He looked like how Victorian Romantic poets looked just before the consumption and drug abuse really started to cut it.
—  Good Omens, Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett