❝  My friends are my power !  ❞  

        >>  so i’ve definitely been procrastinating on making this for the past five million yams, and now that i’m at 814 i figured to slap my own butt and finally get this show on the road. i revamped this blog four months ago and i finally reached 800 !! ur all cute thank you !! i wanted to write 700 paragraphs about everyone, and i did that the last time, and i wore myself out poopless, and i figured this would be easier. that shirt you’re wearing looks gr8. i love your hair, your armpits smell fantastic. please date me and have my children.

               anyways, i wanna thank you guys for being so super-de-duper radical and awesome. my regrets are that i don’t talk to enough of you, i’m really shy, but soon i may be able to change that ! thank you for being so supportive to me and sora, as well as interacting and talking to us or simply just enjoying us on the dash.

                   s i m p l e  & clean is the way that you’re makin’ me feel tonight
                                             it’s hard to let it go

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