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Well, I’m thinking about to do something about my last animation (Underverse Sans),  I got the main idea  but… I want to know…do you want I make this real? I will made this for you, because you really motivated me to use my pc and animate something that I enjoy to do, and people loves it. (I’ve been improved my animation skills, and my english too!)
So, I’m ready to listen (or watch?) your opinions and suggestions.  

Number 20: Jealous (With Oliver Wood) for anon :) “Hey (Y/N), how ya doing?” George walked up to you. “Oh, hey George. I’m good. How are you?” “I’m good, I’m good. Did you see the prank I pulled on Snape yesterday?” He asked, putting his arm around your shoulder. It made you slighty uncomfortable, but you didn’t shrug it off because you didn’t want to be rude. He started walking with you around the quidditch pitch. “The enchanted chalk that wrote ‘Snape has an abnormally large nose’ over and over? That was you?” You chuckled slightly. “Yep, that’s the one.” He removed his arm from your shoulder, and changed to holding your hand. “So, (Y/N) there’s something I wanted to ask you.” The rest of the team were a few meters away as you guys circled them. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Oliver Wood staring at the both of you with shiny eyes. “The next Hogsmeade trip is this weekend, and I was wondering-” Oliver cut him off with a whistle. “Everyone gather here!” As you both walked back to the rest of the team, George restarted. “What I was going to say was, would you-” But he was cut off by Oliver again. “Quiet! We need some flying practice. I’ll partner you up with someone and you will have a race around the pitch.” He partnered people off randomly, and as they were called, they started flying. “(Y/N), your with Angelina, George, your with me.” George groaned and gave you a look. “I’ll talk to you later, love.” George winked at you and Oliver gritted his teeth and glared. He pulled George with him to the edge of the field. You raised an eyebrow. “What was that about?” Angelina asked. You shook your head. “I have no clue.” You walked to the edge of the field together. You tighten your grip on your cleansweep and lift off in sync with Angelina, and you zoom off. you’re neck and neck most of the time, because she has a better broom, but you’re a better flyer. You chase each other around the pitch when you are disrupted by yelling on the other side of the field. The both of you flew over to see the commotion. George and Oliver were having an arguement while nearly shoving each other off their brooms. “No, stay there.” Oliver yelled to you, causing you to halt. “Why? Are you afraid of her choosing me?” George taunted. Is that what they are fighting about? “No, I’m scared of her getting injured, you ass! Because unlike you, I care about her more than myself, and I’d rather get a broken nose, than her chip a nail from herbreaking up our fight!” Your heart swelled in your chest and you smiled at Oliver, causing him to grin at you. George saw this exchange and jumped on Oliver, causing both of them to fall. You watched in horror as the two boys punch and kicked each other on their way down. George landed on Oliver with a loud thud, but they kept wrestling on the ground. The whole team was watching as fists went flying, but knew better than to interfere. Then McGonagall came into the arena and yelled at both the boys to stop. They either didn’t hear her, or they weren’t finished, because they didn’t stop. She put a spell on them to separate them, then froze their feet to the floor. “What on earth do you two think you are doing?” She yelled. Both boys started talking at once, trying to be louder than the other. You decide this is when you should come in. “SHUT IT!” You yell at the two boys, and they both fell silent. “What happened, proffesor, is that these two boys started arguing about a stupid little matter. It started to turn slightly violent, so I went to go and help. But Oliver told me to stay where I was so I wouldn’t get hurt, and while Oliver was distracted, George jumped on him and they both fell and started wrestling on the floor.” you explained. Proffessor McGonagall nodded. “George Weasley, ten points from Gryffindor, and detention for a week. A third year should know better.” She looked over the boys injuries. Oliver had a blood nose, a bruised jaw, a black eye and his leg was bending on a weird angle. George only had a small gash on his cheek. “Take Wood up to the hospital wing. Weasley, come with me.” you hooked your arm around Oliver and helped him walk to Madam Pomfrey. “Are you okay?” You asked, as he slowly hobbled up the stairs. “I’ll be fine, nothing Madam Pomfrey can’t fix.” He smiled at you, and you smiled back. You sat there while Madam Pomfrey gave him different potions and medicines, but you waited till she left to talk to him. “What were you and George arguing about?” You asked. He flinched at the question. “I was hoping you wouldn’t ask that.” Both of you were quiet for a few seconds before he spoke. “You.” He answered. You gave him a look, and he elaborated. “He was made at me because I kept inturrupting him when he was trying to ask you out. And then I said that I didn’t want anyone on the team dating because if they broke up training would be awkward. And he said that I just made that up so he couldn’t ask you, which I did, but don’t tell him that, and then he said that there was no point in stopping him asking, because you’d never say yes to me anyway, then I shoved him, and he shoved me and you sort of know where the story goes from there.” He looked at you for your reaction, and you grabbed his hand and held it. “Are you saying that you were jealous, Wood?” You grinned at him and he flushed red. “Me? Jealous? Pshh no… where’d you get that idea from?” He awkwardly stumbled his words, causing you to giggle. “If it makes you feel any better, I would choose you over everyone anyday.” You smiled at him and he grinned. You started leaning closer together, your heart racing with anticipation. Your lips brush slightly, but then Madam Pomfrey walks in and announces that visiting hours are over. So you hug Oliver goodbye, and promise you’ll see him tomorrow.