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You see me as one of your roses, dripping with blood, wilting in your beautiful hands. You plucked me from the endless field of extraordinary women because I am ordinary and insecure and an easy target, and I will forever despise you for your cruelty. I wonder how many other flowers are choking in vases, wishing they had fought to stay in fields of grass instead of being imprisoned in glass castles, envied but unloved.
—  chalk-box

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Harry's solo in Temporary Fix is my favorite...what would harry be like when the two of you are drunk and he calls a driver to come and pick you up? I LOVE YOU 💕💕

Oh, anon. You’ve read my mind ;)

Harry’s inhibitions melt away when he’s drunk, that’s for sure. Although he’s never one to love up on you in public, the two of you have been together for a while, and he’s feeling more handsy than normal with multiple drinks in his system. You’ve told him time and time again to keep his hands to himself, laughing and pushing him away when you feel him against your neck, grabbing his wrists while he squeezes your hips and giggles with his tongue nestled in between his teeth.

C’mon,” his voice is deep, the alcohol lowering his normal register to a tone that you swear vibrates through your core. “Just gimme a kiss,” he says against your lips. “Gimme one big one ‘n I’ll lea’ ye alone.” And although his words are slurred because they’re said straight into your mouth and across your tongue, you pucker up and indulge him, because who are you to deny a “big one” to this beauty of a boy in front of you?

“There,” you state as he pulls away from you, his forehead pressed harshly against yours. “That big enough for you?”

“I luh her!” he nearly yells into your face. You nearly push him away from you, the harshness of his voice and the confusion of who exactly he was talking about jarring you slightly. “I looove her!” he shouts louder as he turns his forehead towards the party to the left of you. “Luh o’ m’ life, this one is!” he points down at you, lifting his head off of yours, dramatically gesturing down at you with his gangly arms.

Your friends look on, smiling and shaking their heads at his antics. There’s no need to explain his behavior to them - they’ve known him longer than you have - so you just shrug and roll your eyes as he rests his forearms on your shoulders and begins to sway back and forth to the loud music playing in the pub.

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This is my art that I do to cope with my trauma. Little girl has been something in my head for awhile so I wanted to put it down on paper and transform it. My dad would call me little girl and not in a fatherly way, more like reminding me that he had control. The background is a chalkboard and I used soft pastels to make it look like chalk. Those words sound like nails on a chalkboard to me. I am NOT a little girl. You CAN’T touch me!!!!!!

Cry in my blocklist because that’s where you go when you crap on autistic headcanons.

(General “you”)

[Still image of Autistic!12th Doctor glaring at the viewer while holding his stimmy chalk. The word “listen” is written on the chalkboard behind him. (Doctor Who)]

Call autistic headcanons “fucking stupid” all you want.

But as soon as you go into the autism tag and publicly say “people who make up autistic headcanons are fucking stupid because they pick out one trait and call it autism” you are automatically blocked. I have zero respect for people who put down others over a headcanon.

I once had a private discussion with someone who disagreed with pulling one trait and basing a headcanon off that. It was an interesting discussion. The key point is it was in private and it wasn’t insulting anyone for having headcanons.

I personally don’t go on just one trait to call a headcanon, but I won’t gripe at people who do. I scroll by and leave it alone because it makes that person happy to have that headcanon and they are likely seeing something that I’m not. 

And that is a-okay.

[Still image of Autistic!Drax giving someone a cold side-eye. (Guardians of the Galaxy)]

Autistic headcanons hurt nobody, but insulting people who make autistic headcanons is…

1) Ableist
2) Shitty
3) Hurts people
4) Tells people they’re not allowed to see themselves in characters they love.

That’s bullshit. 

People are allowed to see themselves in any character they want. They’re not hurting anything as long as they aren’t going around demanding everyone else in the fandom abides by their headcanon or hounding the creators to “make” their headcanon canon. 

So, you hate autistic headcanons? Too bad, they’re not going away, and insulting people for having them only makes you look bad. 

An easy way to solve the problem is blacklist the ‘autistic headcanon’ tag, block anyone who doesn’t tag their autistic headcanon posts with ‘autistic headcanon’ and leave people alone.

[Animated gif of Autistic!Groot rocking and squinting at the viewer. (Guardians of the Galaxy)]

It’s Time To Talk About Darkiplier Part 3

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4

Hey it’s me!

That one chick who tried to prove that Darkiplier is a Fourth Dimensional Being & a different version of Mark saves you from Darkiplier.

So we’re starting to get into territory that Mark clearly never actually intended


I’ve been given a basis to work off of, I’m a child of the internet and so much can be done with the concept I can’t help but throw in my two cents and have some fun with it.

Now as we know Mark was actually incredibly meticulous about how he wanted to present Dark to us canonically and officially.

One of the things he spent a lot of time on were the voice effects, he felt he needed to get the voice just right and he did just that.

As for dialogue you can tell a lot of thought was put into Dark’s lines to pave way for something in the future if Mark & the team choose to do so.

Let’s break down the dialogue shall we?

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Goldfish Ghost does not begin with the death of a fish. It begins with the birth of a ghost.

Goldfish Ghost
by Lemony Snicket, Lisa Brown (Illustrator)
oaring Brook Press
2017, 40 pages, 8.4 x 10.4 inches, Hardcover
$12 Buy on Amazon

Goldfish Ghost does not begin with the death of a fish. It begins with the birth of a ghost. The wonderfully clever, silly, sweet story about a ghost in search of good company comes from husband and wife team Lemony Snicket and Lisa Brown.

Though the story is great, it’s the little details in Brown’s illustrations that make me love this book. Goldfish Ghost (and the ghosts of the sea creatures he meets) floats through the story belly-up. Tucked into the beach scene is pair of people ghosts, watching the waves in old-timey bathing suits. The subtle way in which Brown uses scrawled, faint, white line—ghost-like in its own right, like the chalked words erased from a blackboard but not really gone—is so lovely and smart, it’s probably my favorite thing about the whole book.

– Marykate Smith Despres

May 2, 2017

The Silent One - Part Fourteen

You can find the other parts of this story and my Masterlist HERE!

Synopsis: Negan gets a new gift and you and Negan play a game of pool while waiting for the person who shot him.

Ships: Negan x Reader (slow burn)
Words: 1,614
Warnings: Curses, violence (?)
Category: Angst

Negan heard the rattling of the gates opening from where he was pacing in the quaint, white panelled house. He immediately positioned a large, enthusiastic smile on his face as he swept through the house. As he was walking he picked up Lucille and swung her over his shoulder. He opened the door roughly as he strode confidently over the threshold. He heard the door slam loudly behind him.

Negan could see a large van backing up into Alexandria. He could hear the murmurs and muttering as some of the Alexandrian’s ventured out of their homes to view what was in the truck. Negan had adopted a confident air as he turned toward the Alexandrian’s, a large grin prominent on his features.

“Gather around everyone! Gather round! We’ve got one helluva motherfucking Christmas present this year!” He proclaimed in a loud voice as a few more Alexandrian’s poked their heads out from behind their doors.

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Just wondering if I ever need to give advice or resources—how did you learn to read and write? I'm worried if my children are autistic like me but can't speak or understand language, how can I teach them in an effective, accessible way?

I was pretty normally verbal as a child - even a little ahead of other kids of my age - until around 3 or 4 when my Mom noticed I wasn’t responding to things like my name as often. With lots of medical help failing her, she just focused on drawing pictures on a slate with chalk and writing the words beside them while talking to me.
I spent the next 10-12 years carrying slateboards and chalk to talk to people.
It didn’t work well with strangers (partly because I can’t be near strangers, partly because most people can’t/won’t read and almost no one can write or print without lined paper).

Um - rant done. 

AAC is a big help. @itsmunkychoi​ can tell more about raising nonverbal children using it - her kids are wonderful.

One resource for apps for AAC is

I had other links but motel internets is really crappy and they are not responding so I don’t know if they is alive or not.

not alone [jungkook&you]

Summary: you were being bullied by female classmates who likes your friend Jungkook, and they despised of your closeness with him.

warning: slight violence of bullying

a/n: loudandweird i hope you like this, my love!! i tried to make it angsty-ish, and it was supposed to be, however it turned out like this… i hope you still like it, and i promise to make it better next time!

Drying your drenched wet hair with your towel in hand, you tremble while exhaling from crying moments ago. Trying to quickly tie your hair in a bun and fix your somewhat damaged uniform top, you dash out of the bathroom once the bell rings for an end of lunch.

Once seated in homeroom, the door slides open with multiple female classmates laughing loudly. You don’t dare look up for you already know who they are.

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