chalk war

Playground Promise (M)

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Warnings: Minor Character Death, Implied Smut (+hinted exhibitionism)

Word Count: 4.3k

It was the kind of promise that couldn’t possibly stay unbroken.

You were seven the summer you met him.

It was burning hot that day, leaving the playground empty of it’s usual crowd of children. Disappointed at the lack of playmates, you wandered around aimlessly, distracted by the popsicle in your hand. Cherry red dripped down the wooden handle, staining your little fingers and almost ruining the hem of your dress.

You left splatters of popsicle as you followed a trail of chalk, the bright yellow catching your attention and drawing you towards a shaded corner where the trail blossomed into a cluster of swirly flowers.

Ducking beneath a bright red slide, you found a treasure trove of chalk, a whole box practically untouched.

Perfect to play with.

You reached out with a sticky hand for your favorite color, eager to add to the flower petals beneath your feet.


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So apparently Optimus Primal is the pro-weed Optimus

Another Boy Slaps Your Butt



You, Ashton, and Calum were getting ready to go out to a party at Ashton’s house. You guys were running a little late, thanks to you taking your time to get ready. “Y/n!! Hurry up! We have to leave soon!” You hear Ashton yell from downstairs as you finally finish your hair and makeup. “Coming!” You yell back. You quickly grab your purse and make your way down the stairs to see Calum and Ashton talking. “Do I look ok?” You ask as you walk towards them. Then turn to look at you and smile. “You look amazing.” Ashton says while Calum gives you a thumbs up. “Ok, good. We can go now.” You say laughing. “Thank God.” Ashton says as he takes your hand and leads you to the door, Calum following behind. “Damn, y/n your booty is popping in that dress!” Calum says jokingly as he lays a small smack on your butt, causing you to jump a little. “Calum!” You shriek as you turn around and hit his arm, laughing. “Bro! Could you keep your hands off my girl?” Ashton yells from behind you. He didn’t sound mad, but he wasn’t finding it as entertaining as you and Cal. “Sorry mate, won’t happen again.” Calum says back as you turn back around to look at Ashton. “It’s okay Ash, it was just a joke.” “Yeah, but that ass is mine and only mine.” Ashton answers with a pout. You start laughing again as you shake your head and start walking to the car again. “I’ll remind you of that later tonight.” Ashton says with a wink. He lays a sloppy kiss on you before opening your car door for you. “Hey! Tone it down a bit you two!” Calum yells from behind you guys. You simply laugh and climb into the car, getting ready to enjoy the rest of the night.


You and all the boys were hanging out at the beach for the day. You weren’t much for swimming, so you decided to just lay down and work on your tan. Michael stayed out too, so you two were having small talk while the rest of the boys ran around and played in the water. “Hey, I’m gonna go get an ice cream, do you want anything?” Michael asks as he gets up from his seat underneath the sun umbrella. “Nope, thanks though.” You say with a smile as Michael walks away. You lie back down on your towel and put your sunglasses on. You were laying there in peace for about 2 minutes before you feel arms wrap around you and pick you up. You squeal as they fling you over their shoulder and carry you towards the water. You open your eyes to see that it’s Luke who’s carrying you. You start to hit his back in attempt to make him put you down. “Hey stop!” He says laughing. You laugh back as you smack his bum. “Two can play this game.” He says as he smacks your butt on his shoulder. Before you could react, your body was met by the ocean water. You quickly plug your nose as you go underwater. Before you could get back up, you feel somebody else pull you up. You open your eyes to be met with Calum’s.  “Are you okay?” Calum asks concerned. “Yeah I’m fine.” You say as you push your hair out of your face. “Did Luke smack your butt?” He asks. Your eyes grow wide as you begin to nod. Calum suddenly bursts into laughter. You were confused as to why he was laughing so hard. “You slapped his butt too didn’t you?” He makes out between giggles. You burst into laughter while nodding in response. “Do you think your boyfriend should punish you for that?” He says inching closer to you. “I’m pretty sure Luke already did.” You say with a wink as Cal begins to laugh again. “I love you y/n.” He says pulling you close and kissing you. “I love you too.” You say with a smile before slashing him with the water. “Oh it’s on!”


“Get back here y/n!” Michael yells as he chases you through the studio. You two had found a chalkboard and decided to have a chalk war. You had just covered your hand in chalk and slapped it onto Michael’s black shirt. Michael was trying to get back at you by covering your black skinny jeans in chalk as well. “Don’t Michael!!” You yell as you hit a dead end and put your face in the corner, trying to shield your body as best as you can. “Gotcha!” Michael yells as he smacks your butt with his chalk covered hands. “Michael! You dick!” You yell as you try to brush the chalk off. “Hey you started it!” He argues back laughing. “I just got these.” You say with a sad voice and put on a pout for him. “It’ll be okay y/n.” He says, playing along. He pulls you in for a hug as you fake cry into his shoulder. “Uhhh…” You hear someone say down the hallway. You both look up to see Luke standing there with his arms crossed and a confused look on his face. “What’s up guys?” He says awkwardly, a blush creeping over his cheeks. You and Michael both exchange a look before answering. “Just having a chalk war.” You say, almost as awkwardly as him. “I won.” Michael adds proudly. “I can tell by the two hand prints on my girlfriend’s butt.” Luke says almost harshly, but jokingly too. You all stand there awkwardly for a few seconds before Michael speaks up, “I’m just gonna leave you two talk this one out.” He quickly walks back into the room you were recently in as you made your way to Luke. “We were just playing, Luke.” You say, grabbing his hands in yours and looking in his eyes apologetically. “I’m sorry.” “It’s fine… I just don’t like him touching your butt.” He sighs in response as you giggle. “Well it won’t happen again, okay?” You say.  He gives you a sweet smile as he nods, “Okay.” You then began to lean up to kiss his when suddenly Luke was slightly pushed into you. “What the hell bro?” Luke yells as he turns around to face Michael running away. You then look down to see two chalk handprints on the butt of his jeans. You burst into laughter as he turns around to shoot you a mean glare, but soon ends up laughing along with you.


You and Ashton had just got back to Michael’s house from the gym. You could never talk Michael into going with you so you always ended up asking Ashton to join you. “We’re back!” You yell to Michael from the front door. Michael gets up from the couch and begins to walk over to you. “Aww, look at my little fitness babies.” Michael says with a smile as he looks at you and Ash. “Hi Michael.” You say with a little smile before giving him a quick kiss on the lips. “So what part of your body did you work out today?” Michael asks. “Well I worked on the biceps and y/n here did quite a bit of work on the bum.” Ashton says, lightly giving your butt a double smack. You jump a little bit at him doing this. You turn to look at Michael who has an unreadable look on his face. “Ashton. Why the fuck would you slap my girlfriend’s ass?” Michael suddenly says, calm yet angry. “Whoa, whoa! Calm down I was just gesturing her progress.” Ashton says putting his hands up in defense. “Really Michael, it meant nothing.” You quickly say to try to resolve the conflict. “Ok, bye Ashton.” Michael says quickly as he starts pushing Ash out the door. “What the- why are-“ was all that Ashton could get out before the door got slammed shut in his face. “What the fuck was that for Mic-“ You begin to say before you get cutoff by Michael’s lips smashing into yours. You wrap your arms around his neck and begin to kiss him back. He suddenly takes his lips off of yours and pushes you up against the front door. “You’re mine. No one else’s.” He quickly says into your ear. “And I’m going to prove it to you.” He adds before bringing his lips back to yours. You could say it was a good night..