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it’s been…………………..84 years………….

Dragon Age Origins Companions as things my Social Sciences teacher has said/done:
  • Morrigan: *Picks up piece of chalk and throws it across the room at someone* shut up while I'm talking; it's not that hard.
  • Alistair: *Walks into room late* I love you guys - my therapist told me I should take a year off for my mental health but instead I'm still here and you guys make it bearable.
  • Sten: *picks up empty desk and throws it into wall before looking at a random person in the class* pick that up. Now.
  • Leliana: *decides to tell us a story during class* Back when I lived in Portugal I was kidnapped as a child. It was an experience, they threw me in the back of their car, and ya. They let me go after like a week though.
  • Zevran: *In the middle of the final exam* Guys, I posted a picture on my instagram, a selfie, and whoever can guess how many likes it has gotten within the first five minutes gets an extra 5% on their exam.
  • Wynne: I'm getting old, but like, I look good today, right?Like I mean these pants look really good and I dressed up nice today instead of in my gym clothes.
  • Shale: *walks in class late* honestly, I'm not in the mood today, class is canceled.
  • Ogrehn: *at a museum for a trip, whispers to me and my friend as we walk behind the female guide in the back* She totally likes me. What do you think? Of course she does.
The Fox Didn’t Want Those Grapes Anyway

Trump is going to spin his refusal to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as “thumbing his nose at the fake news,” or maybe “I have real work to do, I don’t have time for this nonsense,” or something. The truth is, this is absolutely killing him – for many reasons.

1. This whole miserable era of our lives started at the WHCD in 2011, when Seth Meyers (and Obama himself) tore Trump into small pieces, and then tore those small pieces into smaller pieces, and then threw those pieces up into the air like LeBron James throwing chalk before a home game. Watch that video, and look at Trump’s face – the utter lack of self-awareness, the complete inability to engage in the smallest bit of humility. What a doof. Meyers later reached out to Trump in a “it’s all in good fun!” kind of a way, and Trump laughed and shook his hand and said “Hey, bud, no worries! You were funny and I can laugh at myself!” Just kidding. He was a sour asshole.

2. So: this WHCD was supposed to be his great revenge. (Well, winning the Presidency was his first revenge, this was to be the second.) He wanted to stroll in there triumphantly and lay waste to the haters and losers who mocked him five years ago. This was gonna be some real “Kill Bill”-type revenge stuff – I’m the goddamn President, and now I’m up here, and you have to laugh my MY jokes and respect ME. But he can’t. He has absolutely painted himself into a corner by making the media the enemy in an attempt to explain away the absurd and possibly treasonous actions of his campaign and administration. No way he can set foot in that room. He’ll be torn apart again.

3. And make no mistake – this pains him. Because all the man wants is attention. He positively lives for the warm glow of suck-uppy fawning. He got a lot of it from his campaign rallies – which is certainly why he continues to have them long after they make any sense at all – but those are just people. Suck-uppy fawning from the poorly-educated is fine. It’ll get him through the day. But it’s no substitute for suck-uppy fawning from rich society elites. That’s the good stuff. That’s the pure blood, for this particular vampire.

4. Trump is dying to be in that room, in a tuxedo, holding court and watching the grimacing faces of every important media figure in America as he lays waste to their sad attempts to take him down. But he can’t. Because, first of all, he is an absolutely terrible joke deliverer, as his Al Smith Dinner speech proved beyond the shadow of a doubt. And second, because he’s a wimp who can’t take the heat. Bill Clinton attended this event at the height of the Lewinsky scandal, for goodness sake. Trump is scared, and once he realized things weren’t going to go his way, he did what wimps do: he wimped out.

5. There is a legitimate argument to be made over whether the WHCD should even exist – it’s kind of gross, and unseemly, and certainly raises questions about whether the press who are supposed to inform the public about the goings-on of its elected officials should be co-opted by hob-nobbing with those self-same officials at a black tie gala. But I kind of like it, because it shows that America has a sense of humor about itself, and that its leaders can take a punch and laugh it off. It’s an event that reminds us how lucky we are not to have a thin-skinned dictator running the country – the kind of tyrant who throws people in jail for criticizing him. The problem is, we now have one of those thin-skinned dictators in power. He can’t throw everyone in jail for making fun of him, so he’s doing the next-best thing: he’s taking his ball and going home.

Math Tips #1

(I’m sure this applies to other majors and classes and such. Definitely other math related fields. Idk how English work, and math majors are practically banned from the chemistry department. Honestly, it’s like they think we bite. We don’t bite.

We throw chalk.)

Let’s start with an easy one. Use scratch paper. Yes, I know you’re supposed to show your work, but how is anyone supposed to see your work over all those eraser smudges? Math, especially higher level math, is 90% mistakes. It’s “let’s try integration by parts! ….okay that… that’s not going to work… erase! Maybe trig substitution?”

Even worse than the eraser smudges is realizing that maybe you already tried that, or you had it right the first time and don’t remember how you did it. Scratch paper. A miracle of miracles.

You already use scratch paper? Let’s kick it up a notch. Scratch paper is great, but it has a habit of getting everywhere. And then when you remember that one thing that you tried and you think might work if you try again, but don’t quite remember what it was, you end up on the floor with your head under your desk rooting through a pile of wadded up paper balls you threw in frustration. Or annoy your roommate when you accidentally lob one in her direction. (Not that I’ve done this… heh… I have no idea what you’re talking about… don’t listen to a thing my roommate says…)

SCRATCH NOTEBOOK. Yeah you heard me right you little math nerd. I literally have an entire spiral notebook whose express purpose is scratch paper. No more (or at least significantly less) flying paper missiles. No losing that solution you previously tossed. A crazy way to save paper. (I always end up throwing away a piece of scratch paper long before it’s run out of room) Suggestions for how to care for this poor slave to your mental wanderings:

  • Don’t erase. For reasons stated above, don’t erase. Okay, erase if you wrote a 3 instead of a 5 or something but don’t ditch an entire problem. If you tried one avenue that didn’t pan out, make a big X over it so you can still read it if you want to later
  • Don’t tear out pages. Again with the wanton destruction. I guess you can tear out a page for a grocery list, or if you took notes from a phonecall on a corner tear it off, feel free, but don’t tear out pages with work on them, even if they’re all crossed off.
  • Don’t be afraid to doodle, brain vomit, or have complete and utter chaos on the page. That’s the whole point, you silly perfectionist you.
  • CHAOS.

can y'all imagine kaminari releasing static electricity whenever he’s in a real good mood like

he’s touching ojiros tail and he feels so happy n calm from just the simple action of just touching the tail that suddenly everyone in class hair rises up just a bit and they just see kaminari with half lidded eyes and a goofy smile with small sparks of electricity surrounding his arm legs and hair

Wammy kids as teachers:

L-the law teacher who gets too excited talking about justice and crime and how criminals always think they’re going to succeed, how childish they can be. It would be allowed to eat in his class due to the fact that he is the one who starts eating, most of the times pocket candys, however, cellphones are super restricted.

B.B- The science teacher everyone thinks it’s crazy. he is too weird and often this weirdness trouble the students. Often gets confused with the law teacher.

Mello-The literature teacher who loves books more than people and gives passionate classes about the sentences structures. Always grumpy for apparently no reason. He would throw the chalk at you if you’re speaking on his class.

Matt- The cybernetics teacher who never really teaches a thing. He just goes sits there and mind his business all class, however, if he feels particularly motivated he would share some “hacker tips” with his class. He would probably teach to hack a bank if you asked him.

Near- He is the physics teacher. he would spend all day speaking of the univers and how it is possible to trabel by black holes thru time. He would also have little toys on his classroom and he would lend them to the student who shows to be the best of the week. His class is never boring.

A-Not a teacher but the school counselor who has a lot of problem himself but it’s happy to help the others with theirs even if he is completely clueless on how to fix his.

Linda- Art teacher who doesn’t teach just draws while speaking of her personal life. She is enthusiastic when her students show to have talent but gets a little desperate when someone is not paying attention to her. o

ღ ღ

love potion no. 9

@port-wind-waves I’ve no idea what this is, but since we’re showering you with slapdash attempts at making up for your never did appear secret santa gift, here’s whatever this is.

witch!sakura and familiar!kakashi

“This is a bad plan.”

“Shut up, it’s totally going to work.”

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dj-the-autobot  asked:

Hoi Can you do the high school au for perceptor, brainstorm, whirl, wheeljack, rung, ... uh.. who else am I missing.. bleh can't think xD (and if you can/want, the rescue bots?) Thankies~ (I read some of ur aid but haven't had time to reblog them I wanna have a day where I can reblog stuff I sent myself in a text so sorry I haven't been active reblogging ur stuff)


A new student

Recently moved schools

and away from his one true crush Quark

Spends his first science class talking to Percetor and getting them both in trouble

Sits on his seat like a weirdo and gets in trouble

Sometimes just sits on his desk instead

Doesn’t use a backpack, just a briefcase

Has used said briefcase to whack people

Has gotten into to tug of wars with teachers who are trying to confiscate his briefcase

Just won’t let fucking go

Runs through the halls like Naruto to get to class when he’s late

Photobombs Chromedome’s and Rewind’s cute snapchat selfies

His locker is a disaster

He keepers forgetting which one is his

Then breaking into other peoples lockers because he thinks it’s his

His phone screen is a cracked mess

Goes through so many phones because he loses them to his experiments



Crazy woodworks teacher

Always like twenty minutes late to her classes

Has lost a couple fingers

Which is very concerning to her students

“I have some very important teacher work to do, so shut up”

*watches fail videos on youtube*

Gives no fucks and swears in her classes

Also gives the finger to her students

If a kid screams at her she will scream right back but louder

Probably isn’t the best teacher

Probably grades based on who she likes best, not who actually does a good job

Dyes her hair turquoise 

Her students love it

“Don’t call me Miss, just call me Whirl. Actually no, call me Principal Prime.”

Throws chalk at her students, and at teachers

Craziest teacher ever

Her classes are just fucking wild


Coolest Physics and chemistry teacher ever

Wears light up shoes

FLuffy mad scientist hair that sticks up everywhere

Plays Back to the Future sometimes in class

Lets kids go on their phones during class

Makes science fun

Friendless teacher ever

Starts fires in class 

and lots of explosions

You hear an explosion during class from the other side of school you know it’s him

Permanently singed eyebrows

Encourages his students to experiment, which usually leads to disasters

Has also set himself on fire in class more than once

Makes science puns

Drinks a lot of coffee and energy drinks

“What will happen if I drink these together”

“Sir no”


Hand writing is so messy

Has probably invented flubber in class


School Guidance Counselor

Tiny, tiny, tiny

Pretty much every student who comes to talk to him is way bigger than he his

even the freshmen

Is actually a good guidance counselor

really does care

Usually, tries to talk to the jittery troublemakers cause he thinks they have home problems

Only managed to get Sideswipe in his office once, but he climbed out the window when he turned around

Drift and Rodimus are his other frequent visitors

He offers all his visiting students candies

And his office as a place to rest if they get called out of class because they’re angry, or having a sensory overload or an anxiety attack or something

Has lots of posters to make the ugly ass school office he’s in homier

Also has lots of stress balls and fidget toys to give to students he thinks needs them

Remembers all his students and says hello if he sees them outside his office

Has a pamphlet for literally every problem

Keeps his model ships on display because some of his students like to look at them while they talk

Poor lonely dude eats his lunch alone in his office


Probably the smartest kid in school

Will most definitely graduate top of like every class

Except for PE

He can’t run for shit

Gets pelted with dodgeballs

Great at throwing them back though

Nerdy little small rimmed glasses

Wears a lot of red sweaters to school

even in summer

how the fuck does he do it

Smarter than all the teachers too

Constantly correcting them

Very skinny and lanky

Spends his lunches reading, studying or doing homework

Probably actually really strong because of all the big ass text books he’s always lugging around

Locker is so neat

Even if it’s mostly just books

Brainstorm has a bad habit of following him around when he isn’t busy angsting over the fact he had to move schools and be away from his crush

But at least there’s another nerd science student he can obsess over

Always trying to be his lab partner

His backpack isn’t even a backpack it’s a satchel thing

Brainstorm teases him over it

Even though his backpack is a fucking briefcase

Hot, articulate accented voice


Here you are! 

Feast of Fools

A.N - For the Fandom Bingo card spot 5-5; Hibari x Tsuna.


“Can I?”

To the casual passerby, it looks very much like a confrontation between Namimori’s prefect and Namimori’s resident punching bag. Kyouya’s got him pinned (gently) up against the lockers, arms on either side boxing him in. His body feels chillier than normal, which tells Tsuna all it should.

Still. Not yet. 

Frowning, hating himself, Tsuna shakes his head. “No, Kyouya. I’m sorry.”

It’s a brief shift in expression that not very many people would be able to read, but Kyouya is disappointed. He steps back however, and gives Tsuna room to leave. “I understand. Tomorrow, Sawada Tsunayoshi.”

Tsuna bows his head, and leaves. He hopes Kyouya can get the blood he needs while his own matures. Something in him - probably the thing that was once a beast lurking in his head - knows that his blood will best serve Kyouya when he’s at his lowest.

Doesn’t mean he can’t feel like shit for denying a man what he needs to survive. He goes to class and tries to focus on numbers, on mathematical problems. Reborn’s “encouragement” helps, as does his throwing chalk at the class to keep them on their toes. It’s terrible, but its still better than the expression on Kyouya’s face, the disappointment that hides the eager desire he holds that says let me be closer to you, I want to know you more. His Cloud finally wants to touch base, and Tsuna isn’t letting him.

Talk about a bastard.

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Fairy-Work Prep

Fairy, Faery, Faerie, whatever. Faery is English. Fairy is French but most common. Faerie is traditional in folklore.

I’ll be giving specific examples from my post about preparing to interact with the Fae! This may favor feminine-presenting witches however this post is completely non–discriminatory. I intend for this to give you ideas and inspire your own fairy witchcraft rituals! Take what you like and leave what you don’t! Here are some ways for you to further connect with the Fae through beauty:


  • clips. Pull your hair away from your face. They want to be able to study you closely, you must show confidence in that you have nothing to hide
  • shampoo. If you happen to make an impromptu visit to a place of fairies, be sure that you are fairly clean. Dry shampoo or just a tad of baby powder is a life saver if your hair is visibly dirty or greasy.
  • braid magic. incorporate spellwork and glamours into your beauty routine. Braid your hair with the intent to connect seamlessly with them. Envision the border between your two realms becoming intertwined with our physical world and the spiritual plane in which they live. Develop a similar symbolism for other hairstyles you prefer
  • decorate. Weave string, beads, and feathers into your hair. Coordinate the color or your hair ties to your intentions when meeting with the Fae. Add some hair chalk. Throw on a tiara. Bedazzle a headband. Clip in some flowers. Beautify your hair in ways that make your heart glow
  • infuse. Add oil to your hair if the ingredient represents your intentions. Argan oil, Moroccan oil, coconut oil, all of these are made from plants remember! Spritz a little solution of water and essential oils. Comb through a bit of moon water or other charged waters. Charge your brush on some crystals.


  • makeup. This Cosmetics and Glamour post is a beautiful reference for all things Face related when prepping for the Fae
  • glitter. Duhhh. sells Diamond Crushers that smell sweet and look even sweeter btw, ceck ‘em out. I have Choke (sheer pink/blue) and they just came out with an Acid Fairy one ;) (bright pink/blue)


  • necklace. I highly recommend a necklace of some sort when you venture out. A crystal talisman. A charmed pendant. A chain with jars for collecting materials, leaving offerings, or spell jars. A protective choker. Anything around your neck or near your heart that provides you with beneficial properties.
  • rings. I keep posting about this but I’ll say it again. Etsy has cute claw rings for sale and I’m all about using one on your finger to direct your energy in place of holding a wand. It frees up your hand and gives you one less thing to carry or conceal
  • bracelets. Fairies love bells. Find yourself a string of bells or Tibetan clapper bells, or just layer lots of bracelets/anklets together to produce a beautiful chime noise as you walk through the forest, garden, wherever


  • Everyone’s closet is different so allow yourself to intuitively chose your outfit for the occasion. Avoid genuine leather belts and furs


  • Drink a fairy tea before aand/or after. You can find recipes on Tumblr. Scroll through my “faery/fairy witchcraft” tag or my “tea” tag. Here are a few for reference. 1, 2, 3
  • Take a fairy bath before or after. You can find instructions on Tumblr. Here are a few for reference. 1, 2,
  • Document your experience
  • Be prepared with fairy cookies or offering stones. Here are a few posts to reference. Offering stones, mine and Fairy Cookies
  • Bring a fairy sachet or construct one after with materials you collected from your visit. Here are a few for reference. 1, 2, 3
  • Carry crystals with you. Intuitively choose ones you think  the Fae will enjoy or search on Tumblr and Google for suggestions

And there you have it! A head-to-toe guide for your personalized fairy prep!

86. We are not allowed to engage in a competition with Peeves to see who could pelt the most students with chalk.

So far I am the reigning champion. - JP

I feel like you have an unfair advantage. Not only are you the Captain of the Quidditch team, but you’re a chaser as well. - RL

I believe these are the scores as it stands:
James - 32 students
Peeves - 29 students
Remus - 21 students
Peter - 14 students
Sirius - 8 students
You really gotta step up your game, Sirius. - PP

You all suck and I hate this game. - SB

anonymous asked:

GOM + kagami maybe also hanamiya? reacting to their s/o getting into a fight with someone else over them? Much appreciated. ^.^

Waaah, this got out of hand! Sorry if it wasn’t quite what you had in mind! I did have fun writing it though. :3

Just as a heads up, there’s mention of bullying.

– Lena

Kuroko: “Did I hear that right?”

Several people raised their heads from their books with interest, and had you had the presence of mind and will to deal with that, you would have told them to mind their own business. Why was it that suddenly everybody had something to look at whenever you raised your voice even a little bit?

Right now, though, that was not very high on your priorities list.

Your targets, a boy and a girl proclaimed to be the unofficial best students in the class, were just looking at you as if they weren’t quite sure it was them you were addressing.

“I asked, did I hear that right?” you repeated, sharper this time.

Somewhere in the background, you could see Kuroko palming his face. What kind of reaction was that? This was all for him, damn it.

“I am not sure what you’re talking about,” the boy finally said, a little uncertainly.

“First of all, I don’t like people talking behind my or anybody else’s back. Second, group projects suck, we all agree on that. But there is never an extra person, whether you like it or not, so deal with it. And third, good grades don’t automatically equal success and average ones don’t necessarily scream laziness.”

“Kagami,” somebody said under their breath and several people giggled.

“Kuroko too,” a girl added, bringing forth even more giggles. It was well known in class that the pair of basketball players got along poorly with the first class dream team. And the two sides were now forced to work together. And in that whole wild story full of pitfalls and high mountain climbing, you were a wildcard that neither of the sides knew how to deal with.

The girl, who was generally nice but also a perfectionist of the kind most people couldn’t take seriously, looked almost offended that you’d imply that she’s a judgemental idiot.

“I assure you, _____-san, we never once—”

“I heard it clearly,” you interrupted. “If you’re going to complain, complain after we mess up the whole thing. Not before we even started.”

She looked like she had more to say, but you didn’t let her, turning sharply and walking out of the classroom with your head held high. Kuroko caught up with you somewhere near the staircase and you acknowledged his presence with a nod.

“I appreciate the sentiment,” he said, “but please don’t do it again. You could get in trouble.”

“Sorry. I just… can’t stand people like that.”

“Neither can I. But I prefer proving people they’re wrong, instead of merely arguing.”

You grinned. “I could use a bit of that level-headedness. If I hear that one more time, I might actually throw chalk at their heads.”

“Please don’t do that, or you will get in trouble.”

You chuckled. “I’ll try not to get caught.”

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Tension between boundaries

Member: V

Genre: Side smut

Description: He’s a friend…that’s all he is. Or well, all he’s supposed to be. It’s not right…you know it isn’t. But still, you can’t imagine how right it would feel to just cross these boundaries and act on your selfish desires…

Requested by: @blackflame21

Request: A scene where kookie/V challenges you to the pocky/papero game and can you make it smut-ish?

“Player 2 - Winner! Player 1 - Loser” flashed in big, bold letters across the screen, a grin of triumph slipping onto your lips. The boy next to you groaned loudly before falling back onto the floor, dropping the shiny red controller in defeat. Covering his dark, chocolate eyes with the crook of his arm, he sighed in exasperation before grumbling in an annoyed tone;

“It’s not fair. How have I not won a single match?”

“That’s because you suck at games TaeTae.”

Lifting his arm, he narrowed his eyes as he glared at you from the floor. You tossed him a smirk over your shoulder, before turning you attention back to the game on the screen.

“Come oooon. Let’s play another round so I can beat you for the 34th time.” You grabbed a chip from one of the open packets in the mess of snacks and soft drinks, popping it into your mouth as you started selecting your character.

You were sitting in V’s room, the small television set sitting on a wooden coffee table against the cream coloured wall. His bed sat in the corner, dark blue covers and white pillows covering the structure, and a shelf was mounted on the wall with an array of books (mostly comics) balancing on the piece of wood.

“No way, I’ve had enough poundings to last me a century.”

You rolled your eyes, but put off the console anyways, feeling a little sorry for the boy who was so inept at playing games. Moving over, you flopped down onto the boy, your head resting against his abdominal. He gave a grunt, groaning again as a chuckle escaped past his plump, pale, pink lips.
“Y/N~, get ooooofff. You’re so HEAVY,” he moaned, giving a cry as you elbowed his side.
“Shut up Taehyung, or do you want to get beaten in real life?”

You could see the corners of his lips pull into a sly smile, his voice questioningly teasing.

“Is that a challenge?”

He suddenly sat upright, his toned arms firmly wrapping around your waist to hold you captive against him.
“Wah! TaeTae let go!” you laughed, and burst into a fit of giggles as he started tickling you.

A small wrestling match started, him trying to tickle you, and you furiously trying to escape his wrath. Breaking free of his torture-inducing fingers, you fell down onto your back, your chest still rising and falling in mirth.

His hands placed beside your head, he hovered over you, his short, champagne pink hair falling like a curtain around his face. The sunlight that broke through the windows softly bathed his features in gold, cascading over the strands of hair and gently outlined them in shining copper. He smiled, one that showed the crinkles around his eyes, and the lines around his mouth. Damn it, he looked like perfection like this…

You were both breathless, wide eyed and caught up in the exhilarated feeling of being near each other, the touch of one other. A moment stood still in time, where you just stared into his ebony eyes, so close you could sit up and kiss his stupid lips if you wanted to.
Rolling over, you were on top of him, a surprised expression flashing across his flawless face. You had both stopped smiling…maybe it was because you knew something was wrong…or maybe something was right? You weren’t really sure anymore…you just felt so damn strange right now.

It was always like this with him…this unresolved tension between you two that both of you always chose to ignore. The vibe of something that could be more than friends, yet never was. You had this line drawn between you two, you were never allowed to cross. The boundary was understandable though…you only met V because you were dating Kookie.
The two of you instantly hit it off, and became friends almost instantaneously. However, after Jungkook broke it off with you, there’s been a weird feeling between you two…like the chalk line on the concrete had been smudged. Like it could be erased at the slightest touch of your hands…

Moving closer to him, he made no move to stop you, his hands fitting against your hips like they were tailored to belong there…You wondered if you would do it…no, you were already doing it. This is wrong…this feels right…your head was in turmoil. It was already too late, that’s what you told yourself. If it was a lie or truth, it didn’t matter anymore.

“YN…” He huskily spoke, your breath hitching in your throat. You don’t think you had ever heard him speak like this before…

“Y-yeah?” You sounded a little nervous…maybe a little unsure…but excited too, to know what he had to say. To know where this could take you.

“Your hair’s in my face, it tickles.”

There was silence. Dumbfounded silence. He…this boy…Taehyung, you idiot.
Flicking his forehead, you growled “moron” before moving off of your spot on his chest. Ladies and gentlemen, the infamous Taehyung. Who doesn’t know how to read the mood for shit.

The boy suddenly gasped, reaching for a small box amongst all the other sweets.
“I just had a brainstorm”

“You need a brain to have one of those TaeTae” you retorted.

“Shut up freckle-face.” he shot back.

Holding up a colourful box of milk and chocolate pocky, a grin was plastered across his face; a very concerning grin for that matter. You already had an idea of where this was going…

“I challenge you to a game of pocky; winner gets to order the loser to do whatever they want.”

The cocky tone in his voice told you that he was planning on winning. Your competitive side that came out when you were with him was itching to accept the challenge…but this was dangerous. Your self restraint would snap if you did something like this…no. Rather not…the tension was bad enough as it already is, and the boundary was already wavering.

“TaeTae, that challenge is stupid.”

He raised a questioning eyebrow, a mocking lilt slipping into his voice.
“What’s wrong Y/N? You scared of loosing?”

At that you got up, and confidently walked towards him, seeing his insulting expression falter. Sitting down on your knees, you snatched the little box from his hands, pulling out a milk pocky.

“Prepare to loose Taehyung Kim.”

At that he smirked again, biting the edge of the pocky as he said between his teeth;

“Prepare to eat those words.”

Leaning forward over the boy, you bit the other end, an adrenaline rush already starting to consume your body. Both of you started biting at the opposite ends of the sweet, your lips inching closer by the second. It wasn’t really clear who had the lead, but it felt like time had slowed down to an excruciating rate. You just couldn’t get to his lips fast enough.

There was only about two centimeters left between you and a heavenly, guilty transgression. It was a sin you had both agreed to commit, and winning didn’t matter anymore. All that mattered was crossing this damned chalk line…finally throwing this stupid boundary out of the way and just indulging yourselves in this tension, this crime, even if it’s labeled that way. You were about to close the gap between you two, when you heard V sigh, and release the pocky.

Looking over at him, you could see guilt in his eyes. Of course…what else could be there besides guilt?
He glanced at you, biting his lower lip in frustration before sighing heavily again and running his slender fingers through his downy hair as his dark eyes left yours.

“You were right, this challenge is stupid…I should’ve never suggested it. Sorry Y/N…”

His eyes of rosewood caught yours again, and you could see him grimace. Why? Was your expression that pathetic? Did he pity you? No, maybe he looks like that because he doesn’t have the guts to-
Guts to do what exactly?! Betray his friend? Nice going Y/N…man, you’re such a freaking idiot! Lowering your head, you only nodded. This was the last time…even you knew that. It had to be at that moment or never again…shit. Where do you go from here…? Where were you supposed to go from here…

Clenching his teeth, the boy cursed under his breath, his big hands cupping your cheeks.

“Oh screw it it all to hell.”

Pulling you in, he finished the pocky in one bite, his lips crashing against yours in an intense, sweetly, sinful kiss. Your wide eyes took in his scrunched up ones, as if it he was being torn apart by both regret and relief…
He erased the chalk line.

Closing your eyes, your hands flew to his silky hair, tangling your fingers in the light strands and feverishly kissing back against his perfect lips. It was hot and rushed, as if you had waited a thousand years for this. Disconnecting from his lips from his for a second, you whispered between your frantic pants;
“What took you so long?”

He desperately latched onto your lips again, talking in between his frenzy of kisses.
“I know I know, I’m sorry…”

Breaking away, he pressed his forehead against yours, still cupping your cheeks with his hands. You were both out of breath, the way his heavy breathing sounded against your ears driving you absolutely insane.
“But Jungkook is my friend…I didn’t know what to do with…with this.”

It sounded like he was in pain…maybe he was dealing with this far longer than you…maybe since the moment you walked into that house, and shook the large hand with the slender fingers, that looked like they were made for pick pocketing.
From the moment those hickory eyes met yours, and he smiled politely, strained. When you smiled back, introducing yourself as Y/N and found yourself surprised at the shocked expression that graced over his face. He stared a while longer before smiling…and this time, he smiled. The one with the crinkles that you adored…the one with the lines, and the one that made you want to laugh…maybe it had been since that moment.

“Y/N…” He murmured, grazing his rose, pink lips against yours before you molded your mouth urgently against his, feeling his tongue slide along the entrance of your lips. Withering at the feeling, you eagerly granted him access, moaning at the new found pleasure. Your whole body felt like it was burning, the heat intensifying with every long awaited touch. He yanked you onto his lap, his hands finding themselves on your hips again. You were kissing V…Taehyung’s mouth was on yours… This was unreal. This was so unreal.

He battled for dominance over your mouth, but you refused to grant it, your tongues in a passionate duel for power. Pulling away, you gasped for air only to have him catch your lips with his, slipping his tongue into the moist slot of your mouth.
This time you were caught of guard, moaning into the kiss as your mouths moved in wet ecstasy.

Hearing the sound, he kissed you harder, his fingers hooking themselves through the loops on your denim shorts. Parting from your lips, his eyes hungrily scanned over your flushed face, glassed over eyes and devoured lips. That was him…that expression, that look…that was all because of him.

Running his lips over your collarbone, he left an open mouthed kiss on the crook of your neck, dragging his tongue across the sensitive skin.
“TaeTae” you whimpered, pressing your hips against his in an attempt to increase the friction. He gave a low hiss, suddenly lifting you up in a single motion. You threw your arms around his slender neck and wrapped your legs around his waist, your lips locking again to send tremors down your body.

Tossing you onto the bed, you heard it creak under the boy’s weight as he climbed on top of you, tracing your jawline with kisses before nibbling on the lobe of your ear. He grabbed your flashy earring between his teeth, a soft mewl pushing past your lips as he pulled on it before his rough voice brushed against your ear.

“I won the pocky game, so you have to do whatever I tell you to…”

A seductive smile played on your slightly bruised lips, as you traced a line down his chest with the tip of tour index finger, speaking in a soft, sensual tone.

“What do you want, TaeTae..?”

Sitting up in a straddling position, he teased the hem of your black T-shirt, his eyes becoming half lidded and a wolfish grin creeping onto his features as he said in a husky voice;

“The shirt…take it off.”

You stared at him in disbelief for a second. This cheeky, sly bastard. But it only held a second, chuckling softly to yourself, thinking that he really was an idiot. He could have asked for anything, but instead chose something he could have easily done himself. It didn’t matter though…it was kind of cute in a way…

“Your wish is my command…” you sweetly replied, humoring the boy.

Crossing your arms, you grabbed the flimsy edges of your shirt, slowly and deliberately pulling it up and over your head and gradually revealed your bare form. Tossing the shirt to the floor, you looked up at him from under your thick lashes, teasing a lock from your loose hair by twirling it around your finger. All you had on at that point, was your denim shorts, and very lacy, very revealing black and strawberry coloured bra. You couldn’t help but revel in the boy’s expression.

“Damn it Y/N…god you’re sexy.”

He peppered your collarbone with kisses, playfully tugging at the straps of your bra. You pulled at his hair, gasping as he flicked his tongue across the edges of your exposed breasts, his hands snaking around your body to tease the material with his digits. Your head was becoming more cluttered by the second. Everything was moving so fast, but it didn’t bother you. You had both been waiting so long for this, fantasizing about it every day to the point of insanity…

You felt his hands on the clasp, and felt warmth seep into your cheeks. You weren’t usually nervous, but this was one thing he’d never seen before…damn it, this was so awkward.
Noticing your embarrassment, he tenderly kissed you, gently speaking against your lips.
“Getting shy now, are we?”
You giggled, kissing him back, a little deeper this time.
“Idiot, just because it’s you…”

You lost yourself to his lips, thinking that if you could just kiss this boy forever, how nice that would be…time would become a foreign concept, and you would just-
Your brow furrowed as you paused, thinking that this has kind of been going on form a while now. He suddenly released your lips, fumbling once more before covering his face with his hands. Startled, you felt nervousness creep over your skin.

“W-what’s wrong?”

The boy groaned, still keeping his hands in place. Was it just you, or was his face as red as a tomato in summer?

“I can’t get the stupid clip on your bra loose” he mumbled through his hands, a familiar, dumbfounded silence occupying the room.

You groaned loudly, falling backwards onto your elbow and dropping your head back in exasperation. A heavy sigh, filled with annoyance.
Idiot. Moron. Stupid. Simpleton. Dimwit. Imbecile.

He hugged your body tightly. Plopping his chin onto your chest.
“Y/N~ don’t be angryyyy…” He whined. You tried to hide the smile threatening to spill over your lips, but he had already seen it. Grinning, he whimpered; “Yyyyyy/Nnnnn”
“Pfff, you idiot.” You chuckled, finally giving in to the boy.
At that he beamed, kissing your navel before adding in a whiny tone, “you can never stay mad at your TaeTae” and with that he promptly blew a raspberry against your belly.

Bursting out in giggles you threw your arms around the boy, ruffling his hair in affection.
“Yeah, but you can’t read the mood for shit Taehyung,” you laughed, earning a pout from the boy. He held you close against him, delicately bestowing a loving kiss on your forehead, before rubbing his nose against yours, causing you to softly giggle into your hands.

The boundary was gone…you had indulged yourself on this relentless tension…
In it’s place was just sweet adoration for this boy, and the impatience for more and more memories with him. The affection you had waited so long to receive, and even longer to give.
Infatuation with his hair, his eyes, his hands…such fondness and yearning for this boy, that tou were sure you would only be able to look at him.

You weren’t allowed to tell him that yet though. That would most certainly spoil the fun of showing him instead.

“Hey, TaeTae…”

You grinned at the boy, mischief dancing in the corners of your eyes. Reaching for the little box beside the bed, you pulled out a chocolate pocky, tapping V’s nose with the end of the delicious and tantalizing sweet. A sinful little sweet, that held a little secret between your lips.

“How about round two?”


Death Note Manga to Anime - What Changed?

Lately more and more attention has been drawn to the fact that the DN manga and anime vary in various crucial points, making them both engaging and unique stories to enjoy and think about. On basis of this, I started wondering what exactly changed from manga to anime? In the sense of… which scenes were adapted straight from the text, what was added, what was removed?

Well, I sat through the entire anime and compared it to the manga counterpart.

What resulted is this. It’s a bare-bones scene inventory. It’s not an analysis of the different implications, it’s more meant as a reference post to help with starting to compare the two. 
It also in no way means scenes not mentioned here are entirely unadapted - listing every small phrasing change was simply not within my capacity. And since this was a huuuge task as was, I also couldn’t pay much attention to minor alterations in body language and such either - let alone filmic mood-creating devices such as camera, coloring and music. 

What this does is compare the scene selection as such. It answers questions as ‘Was this in the manga like this?’ ‘Is this scene in the anime?’ and ‘How was this scene order altered?’ essentially.
One day I would love to do an actual analysis on what some of this means for plot interpretation, but as is, this is just a plain comparison that I think more people than just me might find interesting.

(While I did give my best, please note I worked on this hours and hours sometimes in the middle of the night, so I don’t claim a full absence of mistakes. Double-checking for yourself when you want to work with comparison analysis is probably always the safest bet.)

So yes, all 37 episodes of the DN anime, compared to the manga. Go!

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Chalkboard Heart Candles
Grab a mason jar, some chalkboard paint (or normal paint if you don’t care about writing on it), pretty string/ribon, a candle, a heart cutout or a sharpie, and chalk.
Depending on your painting skills, either draw a large heart or cut out a heart of cardboard paper to use as a stencil. Paint the whole jar with your chalkboard or regular paint except for the heart. Let it dry
Tie a cute string or ribbon on the top. Feel free to leave room for the chalk to fit in or tie it to your string.
Decorate it how you wish with chalk and throw a real or electric candle inside!

This has been a popular request since SL2 aired so I hope this piece satisfies everyone!

Warning: Extreme and exaggerated fluff 

Ps. Thanks to the anon who commented about my characterisation! I try really hard to make the characters true to form when I write so it means a lot that you commented on it!! :)

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 
The nature trip to the Mount Sun Lodge is a wonderfully fresh memory in the mind of the Abigail Adams High School students that attended. A day after Riley and Lucas professed their feelings for each other they find themselves back at school. 

Riley skips in the hallway with Maya - internally gagging - by her side. Maya thought she’d give Riley at least one day of uninterrupted bliss before she started bleh-ing on the outside. 

Riley spots the rest of their friends chatting by the lockers. Lucas turns around and grins when they meet gazes. Riley glides towards him and the pair link both hands together. 

“What a horrible twelve hours that was!” Riley says exasperated, referencing her fantasy the discussed a few nights before. 

They giggle innocently together forgetting their friends are but a metre away watching with varied expressions. 

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