chalk throwing

Wammy kids as teachers:

L-the law teacher who gets too excited talking about justice and crime and how criminals always think they’re going to succeed, how childish they can be. It would be allowed to eat in his class due to the fact that he is the one who starts eating, most of the times pocket candys, however, cellphones are super restricted.

B.B- The science teacher everyone thinks it’s crazy. he is too weird and often this weirdness trouble the students. Often gets confused with the law teacher.

Mello-The literature teacher who loves books more than people and gives passionate classes about the sentences structures. Always grumpy for apparently no reason. He would throw the chalk at you if you’re speaking on his class.

Matt- The cybernetics teacher who never really teaches a thing. He just goes sits there and mind his business all class, however, if he feels particularly motivated he would share some “hacker tips” with his class. He would probably teach to hack a bank if you asked him.

Near- He is the physics teacher. he would spend all day speaking of the univers and how it is possible to trabel by black holes thru time. He would also have little toys on his classroom and he would lend them to the student who shows to be the best of the week. His class is never boring.

A-Not a teacher but the school counselor who has a lot of problem himself but it’s happy to help the others with theirs even if he is completely clueless on how to fix his.

Linda- Art teacher who doesn’t teach just draws while speaking of her personal life. She is enthusiastic when her students show to have talent but gets a little desperate when someone is not paying attention to her. o

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86. We are not allowed to engage in a competition with Peeves to see who could pelt the most students with chalk.

So far I am the reigning champion. - JP

I feel like you have an unfair advantage. Not only are you the Captain of the Quidditch team, but you’re a chaser as well. - RL

I believe these are the scores as it stands:
James - 32 students
Peeves - 29 students
Remus - 21 students
Peter - 14 students
Sirius - 8 students
You really gotta step up your game, Sirius. - PP

You all suck and I hate this game. - SB


Water balloons

WHAT IT IS: balloons you fill with water and throw at people


SUMMARY: fill with water and glitter to get glittery when hit or fill with paint (probably best to be chalk paint) and throw it on something to make cute art

I was doodling while Chey was telling me about a dream she had of Mark being her teacher and suddenly this happened. So here! Prof Fischbach, professor of history (mostly American history)! And he’s had jjust about enough of Chay’s crap. I don’t know if you can tell but he’s reading out of his own book! Tell me if you cought all of the references (even the Harry Potter one) :3