chalk spray

y’all if i was in anaheim rn i would steal the spray bottle from the chalk bucket and spray the coach every time a gymnast does a wolf turn. double sprays for back to back wolf turns.


Art 4d Project 1 Street Typography: Don’t worry its chalk!

As I was trying to form ideas for this project, I knew I wanted to create something different. The original idea was to create a series of wall art posters that were all labeled “Am I good enough” in different style, colors, completeness mean to question any viewer or myself , are we being true to ourselves? However, I was never I love with the idea and it hit me one night when I was lying in bed. Why no do typography street art? I’m not a vandalizer so I bought some spray chalk. I carved out my art by hand and set out to RTD Light rail Stations. I think the people who were standing near me couldn’t believe it. They must have been thinking, what is this guy doing in broad day light?! One guy approached me and said he like my style the others just stared.

the paint failed after one use got soft and pliable so I went out and bought a roll able cutting board and but out the words into plastic. This was the third and last imag

The Antimatter Dynamic

Rain falls in alarm clock letters
Steam train screams, bugged by
A dragonfly
52% of your battery life won’t save you
Your cat is an ancient Norse god,
Forgotten like a gravestone rubbing in a child’s plastic backpack
The peeling skin around your thumb pulls back, shows
Sea spray,
White chalk
56% is no more helpful

anonymous asked:

i think that 2d's makeup looks vary from geometric eyeliner and royal blue lipstick to dewy highlighter and pink glossed lips he probably look good i. anything honestly

I see him as being very experimental with his makeup. Breaking down makeup norms and “rules”, not doing the full face, skipping the concealer, trying out bold combinations, et cetra. Nothing over the top and distracting, but pretty out there. Just being very original with it, making you not know what exactly he’s going to do next.

His favorite products would definitely be something outlandish like rainbow highlighter or glossy eyeshadows, anything interesting. Hair chalk and color sprays, too, He likes crazy eyeliner colors, but his hyphema prevents him from wearing them often. Same for false eyelashes. He’d be wearing those deco ones with the fun-shaped glitter glued onto them if they didn’t irritate his eyes so much.

That dewy highlighter/pink gloss combination would really be a Look™ on him when paired with his hair color. He’d be so pretty in it.


It’s spirit week at SS and today it was crazy hair day. After a late night run to Target, we located some color hair chalk spray. Papa bear wanted to be part of the fun too!

Extended what if from previous submission. What if...

…those who could all dyed part of their hair pink/green on Friday. We tagged it Pinkiplier for Mark. Maybe some only did it temporary, maybe some went for it and dyed it for good, but the permanence of it didn’t matter. Thats not what was important. What was important was the fact we all came together to show Mark that we would love and support him with pink hair or not. That dying your hair is only ever temporary. It can be washed out. It will grow out eventually. 

Unfortunately depression and bi-polar its not temporary. Its something that people have to fight and battle every. single day. So if they can do that, then I am sure we can dye our hair and have it pink for a few months right?

So, I am asking on Friday, for those you can get your hair chalk, spray, bottle or whatever it is and change a strip, a side, or the whole of your hair a glorious pink or gorgeous green. Lets support Mark and Jack, and more importantly each other. (If you can’t dye your hair - wigs are just as fabulous!)