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Prompt: Sanvers with “Teach me how to play?” Alex teaching Maggie to be a better pool player. :)

“So,” Alex shifted into full-on teacher mode, surveying the table, encouraging Maggie to do the same. “First things first. You need to use more chalk.”

“Really?” Maggie crossed her arms skeptically. “Has that been my problem all this time?”

“Pool isn’t just about skill, Sawyer,” Alex smirked. “It’s about feeling like you’ve got this. And for me, that means sticking to the little pregame rituals I’ve developed over the years.”

“You mean superstitions?” the shorter woman called her out. “You know I don’t buy into that, but whatever works for you…”

“Just might work for you too,” Alex insisted, picking up the small blue cube. “Go ahead. Chalk it up.”

Maggie rolled her eyes, following directions, grinding the block against the tip of her stick, before handing it back to the tall redhead.

“I like to put a little on my nose too,” Alex deadpanned, pressing the curve of blue clay against her own nose before doing the same to her girlfriend.

“What?! Get out of here,” Maggie laughed as she flailed away. “You’re ridiculous. What, do I look like a smurf now?”

“A little bit,” Alex giggled, wiping the dust off her skin as Maggie smeared her face on the sleeve of her jacket.

“Come on, Danvers,” she whined just a little. “Teach me how to play?”

“Fine,” Alex nodded, back to business. “Get over on that side so I can show you how to break.”

“I know how to break,” Maggie sassed.

“Yeah, like a weakling.”

“Whatever,” the detective shook her head as she stretched her cue across the table.

Alex took no time in pressing up behind her, bringing their hips in alignment, bending her over slightly as she trailed her fingers down the length of her arm, fixing her hand on the smooth wooden instrument. If she wasn’t so determined to teach her properly, she would have stopped to pinch herself, to really savor just how lucky she felt to finally be doing this with a woman she loved, something she’d always dreamed about. Instead, she whispered tips in Maggie’s ear, committing to the task of showing her lady how to improve her game.

“You’re not even holding it right,” Alex sighed. “And I know you know how to use those fingers.”

“You do, huh?” Maggie leaned back into her chest, kissing her cheek, letting her teeth nip at her jawline.

“Guys, we are right here!” Winn complained, standing on the other side of the table with an increasingly amused James and a Kara whose skin had just about burned off with embarrassment.

“Alright, alright,” Alex waved him off, kissing Maggie again before backing away. “I’ll give more pointers as we go. Let’s just play.”

“Thank you,” Winn bowed, much more impressed than he let on. But this was serious. They were competition.

Maggie continued to try her best throughout the night, Alex offering praise every time she made a shot, thoroughly smitten with her favorite pupil.


Bruno Mars Spotted Cruising In West Hollywood

Don’t believe we saw Bruno Mars? Just Watch! That’s right 29-year-old Peter Hernandez (real name) was briefly spotted yesterday cruising around West Hollywood in his black Cadillac.

Uptown Funk was in no mood to give it to us as he ducked and dodged the paparazzi to arrive at his secret, undisclosed destination.

For this outing, Bruno opted to color coordinate his outfit with his car keeping everything black & silver. The pop sensation wore a black LA Raiders ‘New Era’ fitted hat along with black sunglasses and a 90’s inspired black and silver ‘Chalk Line’ jacket.

After looping the block several times to avoid detection Bruno ducked off to his private location. Luckily our photographers posses many secret ninja skills and were able to fire off some quick snapshots before the multi-platinum superstar was gone.

I love noticing and remembering the quirky little things about people.

My aunt always adds salt to her chips at Mexican restaurants, even if they’ve been salted already.

My roommate flexes her toes when she reads.

My sister mouths the words when she’s reading to herself.

My friend hugs things to her eye whenever she’s excited.

Another roommate loves avocados more than any human I’ve ever seen.

This guy does chalk art a few blocks away from my apartment, and whenever he is working on a piece, he sets his phone in his prosthetic leg so it amplifies the sound and makes a speaker.

People are just so cool.


10ft x 10ft chalk pastel drawing

 Recreated by: elliciamyles and Sarah Lentz 

 Date start: 7/10/2015 

 Date Completed: 7/12/2015 

 Summary: Every year on our town we have a weekend where people can sign up and get a 6ft x 6ft square and a box of chalk pastels. It’s a massive event, more than 500 people signed up this year and even more came just to see the art; it’s called chalkfest. On the second day, or sunday, all the artists receive a ballot to vote on whom they feel are the top 5 artists. Last year i was on crutches and couldn’t do a square by myself; so, I asked my cousin Sarah to help me. The pic from last years chalkfest is on my tumblr somewhere. 

We ended up winning the “artists choice award”, which means that the next year we get to work on a bigger, more public space of our town square- named the 400 block- and we get free chalk pastels. In the blink of an eye it was almost time for chalkfest again. My cousin and I both agreed that we wanted to do something that was artistic but also had a message. I, being very involved in black equality and rights, felt that I wanted to “wake up” our primarily white and Asian Wisconsin town to the struggles of the black community. My cousin, being the gem she is, agreed with my idea. I found the picture on pinterest but could not find the artist(s) who had originally created the piece. 

 As we worked on our piece we got a lot of compliments on it, and a lot of people said that they would stop by later to see it finished. A majority of the compliments were about our art skills and how pretty the piece looked. The names, locations, and quotes were the last thing to be added. Once we started to add them the comments we received immediately changed. Instead of commenting on the beauty of the piece we started to here “those must be those people killed” and “those quotes are so sad”. A few people came up to us and thanked us for bringing awareness to our community. 

 Later that day I received multiple texts, snap chats, and Facebook messages telling me about how they “received the message” of our piece. I was really proud of my community and my friends. Although this doesn’t mean that racism in my town is over, it is creating discussion and bringing awareness to the issues of black people. 



My 8 offerings for Bernie Sanders! I chalked the block for Bernie as best I could, trying to hit high traffic areas. Some of these are pieces of a bigger design (like the logo design in the first one is the center piece of the one I did for the high traffic mall entrance with lots of arrows and campaign tidbits) that I couldn’t get in one picture. The fourth one is in a Taco Bell drive thru!