chalk on the block

The kids on my block keep making “surveys” in sidewalk chalk and leaving out little pieces of chalk so people can answer them. It’s the cutest thing

Sweep em off their feet- Ethan Nestor

Pairing: Ethan x Reader

Descriptions: I got two requests for a gymnast!Ethan imagine so I kind of combined them a bit aye??? I;m also adding a bit of my ideas in to it so yeah ok I hope y;all are cool with that

(I had to do research for this by the way ur welCOmE)

Warnings: I mean the only I can think of is the reader gets hurt a lil and they have a bit of body insecurity so Ye


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Not Supposed To Happen

This was requested by anon. It’s a Hotch x Reader where it’s a few years after Haley’s death, Reader is the first person he has truly loved since Haley’s death. They are engaged and she’s a very good mother to Jack. She is pregnant and roughly 7-8 months. He tries to convince her to take time off, but she doesn’t want to stop helping people. On a case she gets shot in front of him and is rushed to hospital and he has flashbacks with Haley and it’s lots of feels and heartbreak.

You never expected to fall in love. It was an inevitable thing that fell from the sky right into your life. But now, you were happier than ever engaged to the man of your dreams and carrying his baby. Plus, you worked with him. He was just as happy as you. You were the perfect match.

You also never expected to get hurt. Just like falling in love, the pain and suffering was an inevitable happening. But you never expected it to be so literal.

Even though you were very pregnant with Hotch’s child, you managed to get him to reluctantly agree to allowing you to continue working. You would be driven insane if you didn’t work and Hotch knew that. You had a constant determination to help absolutely everybody that could not be stopped, not even by the precious child in your stomach.

At the beginning of the case, you had that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that it would be a bad one, a painful one. But you ignored the feeling, telling yourself that it was how you always felt and you were pregnant so the hormones were making you paranoid. Boy, what a mistake that was.

It was such a routine thing, canvassing the neighborhood. It wasn’t supposed to be dangerous. That was why Hotch agreed to allow you and Spencer to walk around and talk to the victim’s neighbors. That persistent warning feeling that you had felt earlier in the morning returned as you and Spencer walked up the steps of the one dingy house on the block. You chalked it down to your stomach not liking something that you had for breakfast and continued on.

The second that you and Spencer had identified yourselves as FBI you knew that something was off about the man that answered the door. He froze unnaturally, an artificial smile pasted on his face. The man politely invited you into his house.

He locked the door behind him and you immediately knew that something was wrong. You crept just behind Spencer and inconspicuously pulled out your phone. You texted your fiance your address. You knew that trouble was coming. You needed him.

You protectively wrapped a hand around your round stomach, instinctively shielding the baby from the harm you knew was on its way from the man.

He lead you and Spencer into a cramped, ill-matched living room that smelled of staleness. Your stomach rolled at the smell. You really did not like this place.

The man politely asked the two of you to take a seat on the couch and you reluctantly did so as he sat adjacent to you in an ancient chair that matched nothing else in the entire room.

You and Spencer asked him numerous questions involving the murders that you were investigating. You could tell that he was lying through his teeth when he said that he had heard about the murders on the news, but knew nothing more of it than what had been broadcasted. Your heart was racing in fear for your unborn child and the indefinite danger that you predicted lay ahead of you.

You could tell that Spencer was agitated and worried, too. His foot was tapping fretfully, rapidly moving up and down due to nerves. The team had profiled that the guy would be ruthless and would hold no mercy for you because of your pregnancy. Your child was sacred to the entire BAU. They were family. Spencer scooted toward you protectively as the man sat comfortably across from the two of you, his arm stretched out nonchalantly across the back of his chair. You could see the ghost of a smile meeting the edges of his lips.

Where was Hotch? He needed to get you guys out of there! And soon!

Suddenly, you heard sirens blast down the street, loud and blaring. Within moments, the creepy room had flooded with red and blue flickering lights from the cars that covered the driveway and yard. Hotch had come for you, thank goodness.

Before you knew it, a team of agents and police officers broke down the door of the unsub’s house, rushing in to save you and your coworker. Unfortunately, the sudden appearance of the cops greatly rattled him. He did not like it one bit and instantly felt substantially threatened.

He gracefully pulled a gun from a hiding place between two inconspicuous throw pillows, and grabbed the nearest person as a hostage. You.

Hotch immediately took a concerned step forward, his gun raised. He couldn’t lose you. He had already lost Hayley and his son had finally regained somebody to act as a mother. He couldn’t lose his unborn child either. He was so concerned and scared for you, he tossed all inhibitions in the wind without a second thought and took several large thoughtless, confident steps toward you and the unsub.

“Please, take me. Let her go. She is pregnant.” He begged

The unsub cackled, “Ha! Like that matters! Leave us alone, and maybe I might just let her leave.”

You felt tears spring from your eyes. This couldn’t be the end for you and your baby. It couldn’t be. Hotch didn’t move an inch. He stood defiantly where he was, calculating how he could save you. You didn’t move your eyes away from him at all. Just the sight of him gave a slight ounce of condolence from the overwhelming fear that you felt.

You felt as if all hope was lost. The team of agents that had marched into the house were slowly backing away toward the door. Spencer cautiously moved with them, careful not to be noticed by the man that had his hold on you. But Hotch stood recalcitrantly in the center of the living room, making complete direct eye contact with you. He was not about to give up on you.

Spencer abruptly made a swift movement toward the man that held a tight grip on you. Hotch moved at the same exact time. The unsub was thrown off by the unexpected attack on himself and loosened his grip on you, allowing you to take a step away from him. He was still able to let out a shot at you before he tumbled to the floor in a not-so-graceful manner and Spencer cuffed him.

But he hit you. The single shot that had been released from his gun in the flurry of movement had hit you directly in the leg. The pain immediately took over you and you froze where you stood before your head spun and you fell toward the ground. Hotch hit you just before you hit the hard floor.

He cradled you in his arms, noticing the blood. You just barely noticed that tears were streaming down his face just like yours.

“Don’t leave me, y/n. Please. Please, y/n, please.” He pleaded with you but you felt really tired and your head spun insanely fast. You could not go through a complete coherent thought without being taken over by the immense pain radiating from your gunshot wound.

You were lifted onto a stretcher and rushed to the hospital. They performed surgery on your leg where you had been shot. The doctors carefully fished the bullet from the inside of your leg and stitched you back up, all the while carefully monitoring the status of your baby.

Thankfully, you and your child made it through the traumatic injury.

When you woke up, dreary and in tremendous pain, the first thing that you noticed was Hotch. He sat close by your hospital bed with his head in his hands. You just stared at him, and you soon realized that there were tears spilling from his eyes.

“Hey.” You croaked out

He looked up at you and wiped his eyes. He smiled a wet smile and sniffed before moving closer to you, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“Hey,” He whispered quietly to you, “You’re awake.”

“Are you alright?” You rasped

He nodded solemnly, “Yeah, I’m fine. This is just a lot, you know. I keep thinking about how this happened with Hayley. She’s gone because of me. I would not have been able to live with myself if I lost you, too.”

“None of this was your fault, babe.” You consoled him. You reached for his hand and squeezed it gently.

He moved his face away from your gaze and sniffed. When he turned back to you, tears had continued to cascade down his cheek.

“I’m so sorry, y/n.” He whispered

You reached a hand up and cupped his cheek in your hand. “It’s okay, Aaron. I love you.”

He gave you a quiet smile, trying to convince himself that your words were true. “You should get some sleep. You need to heal. I love you.” He said. You drifted off to sleep while he remained wide awake for hours, eventually falling into a restless sleep that did little to comfort his wrong thoughts.

About a week later, you found yourself in the hospital again. Only this time, you had your newborn daughter cradled in your arms.

Jack bounded eagerly into the room, overjoyed to finally meet his baby sister.

“Hey, Jack.” You smiled at your soon-to-be stepson, “I want you to meet your little sister, Jemma Hayley Hotchner.”

The young boy carefully sat himself down on the edge of your hospital bed and looked down at his new baby sister with a gleeful smile. He reached out a hand and warily placed a delicate hand on her smooth hair.

You looked proudly up at Hotch, who was staring down at the three most important people in his life with a wistful smile.

“I love you.” You said to him, breaking him from his thoughts.

He smiled at you and leaned down, pressing a loving kiss on your lips, “I love you, too, y/n.”

A few months later, the two of you got married with your beautiful daughter, amazing son, and loving family of friends by your side. None of it was ever supposed to happen, not the pain, not the happiness. But you were so, so glad that it did. It was all worth it.

I Forgot

Pairing: Reader x Dean Ambrose

Word Count: 1750

Prompt: Can I request an imagine where y/n is Dean’s girlfriend. She gets in a fight with Dean because he stays too much at the gym and he forget their date. y/n decide to give Dean the silence treatment but Dean organize a surprise dinner with flowers. He apologizes and they end up back together like nothing happen

A/N: Don’t write for Dean much so this was nice :) Hope you all enjoy.

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Paint Me By Numbers

Pairing: Steve Rogers & Reader Insert

Warnings: Smut. My potty mouth.

A/N:  I said Wednesday and I kinda made it. It is actually 1:07am, so Thursday. Close enough. Anyway, here you go. The Steve smut I promised you. 

Summary: She knew she wasn’t going to break, now she had to prove it to him.


She couldn’t stop the sharp wince of pain that left her as she started to sit up in bed. Glancing quickly at the sleeping figure next to her, she was glad to see he hadn’t woken up. She really didn’t want him to know she was still in some pain. She dearly loved that man with her whole heart, but she was growing tired of being babied by him. She just wanted her life back and to return to training, but he objected and put a stop to that. She was sick of bedrest and was starting to go stir crazy. It had been several weeks though, it was time for her to get back out there and live her life.

She knew she still had some healing left to do. The fact that she was still waking up in pain pretty much said that. She knew some aches would come with the process of healing though. After all, getting stabbed wasn’t really a walk in the park to recover from. Getting stabbed wasn’t part of her plan, of course. It was a case of being caught at the worst of times and then paying for it with knives in her stomach, barely missing her organs. She knew she was lucky to walk away with scars and some morning pain. It was touch and go for a while, and she knew it was part of the reason why he was so protective of her as of late.

She knew she messed the mission up by getting stabbed. The part that sucked the most was the fact that she had begged to get a spot on the mission. Finally they agreed to let her come along. As the newest member of the Avengers, she wasn’t typically sent out on a lot of the missions. She also knew his protectiveness had something to do with that too, but she liked to chalk it up to being the new kid on the block. She finally got to go on a big mission and she royally messed it up by getting stabbed. Of course they all made it clear that nobody blamed her for this. Nat even pointed out they all got caught in situations before, it came with the job. Sometimes she questioned her sanity on why she ever decided on a career like this.  

“I put your pain pills in the drawer next to the bed.” She wanted to groan at the fact that apparently he had heard the fact she was in pain, or maybe he just knew. It wasn’t like this was the first morning she woke up in pain.

“I’m fine,” she objected turning to look at her. She saw him sigh as he opened his eyes to look at her. God, he was so fucking handsome. It floored her sometimes.

“Y/N…” His voice sounded like a warning, but she shrugged it off with a wave of her hand.

“I’m fine, Rogers.” She spoke as she narrowed her eyes. He just sighed again.

“I wish you wouldn’t fight me all the time of this. It’s okay to be in pain.” He spoke before sitting up, placing a kiss against her temple. She shuddered under his touch. She missed the feeling of his skin against hers. It had been a long few weeks since the last time she was pinned underneath that wonderful body of his, writhing and moaning out in pleasure.

“If it gets worse, I will take them.” She said, not sure if she meant those words. She was tired of being on the pills. She had to learn to deal with the pain. It would take her one step closer to finally being back at her life and back to the training room, where she belonged.

“I’m holding you to that.” He left the room for a moment and she heard the water running for a moment before he came back to the room, holding a glass of water. “Here,” he spoke handing it to her. She looked at him for a moment before taking the glass from him.

“Thanks,” she spokesat next to her, before pressing his mouth against hers. She found it was always easy to get lost in his kisses. She found her hand on his face, her fingers tracing his soft skin. He deepened the kiss and for a moment she felt hope rising around her. She missed him. She needed him.

“Ah,” he whispered pulling back slightly as he pressed his forehead against hers. She wanted to whine about the lack of contact from him.

“Steve,” she whispered as she placed the glass down. “I won’t break,” she whispered. He looked torn for a moment before pressing his mouth against hers again. He slowly leaned her back, causing her to since again in pain. She groaned as he helped her back up before reaching into the drawer for her pills.

“Take them,” he spoke placing them in her hand. “We can resume this when you get better.” . He nodded his head before sitting next to her on the bed, pressing his mouth against her forehead again, making her sigh. She loved the tender moments, but she missed him badly. She didn’t want tender moments. She knew he’d never when she was hurt, and she was tired of being the damaged goods. She knew she needed to take action into her own hands.

“Y/N,” his voice was low as she placed her hand against his face. A small grin spread over her lips as she pressed her lips against his. She missed his mouth, for sure. There was so many parts of his body that she missed. She loved him and loved that he cared about her healing, but sex with Steve Rogers would heal her soul, or something. She didn’t know, but she knew she was tired of having to lie next to him each night, just wanting him.

“I love you,” she mumbled against his mouth as she set the glass of water down on the table. His hands were on her back, tracing the skin under her shirt. She shuddered under his touch as he deepened the kiss, causing her head to spin. She could easily spend hours kissing that man, but she had better ideas in her mind. It seemed like he did too, because he slowly started to push her down on the bed until a sharp wince of pain stopped his movements.

“Here,” he said sitting up, making her want to scream. He reached into the drawer before handing her the pills and the glass of water. “Take them, Y/N.” His tone told her that there was no longer room for argument. She just nodded before taking the pills out of his hand.

“I’m not breaking, Steve.” she mumbled as he stood up. He chuckled before looking at her, pushing a strand of her messy hair out of her face.

“Perhaps not, but you are still recovering. Once you are clear, I promise it will be a good night.” he said before kissing the top of her head. She just groaned before laying back on the bed, pulling the blankets over her head.

She was absolutely sick of this fucking stab wound.


“Rogers!” Y/N called as she entered the apartment. It had been three weeks since Rogers promised her a good night once she was finally cleared. It had been a long three weeks, which was finally coming to an end. She listened to him and she recovered. It was the most annoying time in her life, and she never ever wanted to be stabbed again. The pain was manageable, but the fact that it messed with her sex life was the part that drove her insane.

“Yeah?” A voice came from the living room and a grin spread over her face as she saw that he had the punching bag out. She loved watching him workout, probably because he did it shirtless. Of course she had a different workout in mind for him. She ran towards him, throwing her arms around his neck, crashing her lips against his.

“I’m cleared for training.” She spoke and he just grinned before wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her even closer towards his body as he took complete control of the kiss. She didn’t care in the slightest. She always handed him control when it came to their intimacy. She hadn’t been disappointed yet.

“Is that so?” He mumbled as he broke the kiss before trailing kisses down her neck. “Maybe I should just take it easy on you, to be safe.”

“I’ll fucking break your nose if you try.” she mumbled as he laughed against her skin, causing a gasp to leave her. The vibrations flew through her like a spark, lighting a fire to everything it touched.

“I might actually believe you.” he mumbled as he bit down lightly on the skin, before running his tongue over the skin. She shuddered at the contact before her hands rested on his shoulders, her fingers digging into skin as she gripped down. He moved swiftly as he pressed her against the nearest wall, pinning her hands above her head with just one of his hands.

“Steve,” she knew she was whining, but she didn’t care. It had been far too long since he had her pressed against the wall like this. His mouth found it’s way back to hers as his tongue slipped in her mouth with ease. It was one of those kisses that promised a lot more than just a kiss. His free hand had found the hem of her dress, before pulling it up to her stomach, leaving her bare in just her blue underwear.

“You look so good in blue,” he whispered as his head dropped back down to her neck. She gasped as he kept kissing the skin there, never lingering for more than a moment. His fingers played with the bare skin of her stomach, causing her hips to move as they looked for more friction in a place that demanded it.

“I bet I look even better naked.” He laughed against her skin for a moment before looking at her, nodding her head.

“No competition,”

“So, let’s just get there then, yeah?” He laughed again before pulling the dress off the rest of her body. He let her hands fall as he used both hands to cup her through her bra, grinning like a fool when she moaned out.

“Yes ma’am.” he spoke as he unclasped her bra, letting it fall off of her body. His hands lingered on her breasts for a moment before he dropped slightly down to look at the scars on her body.


“I can’t stand the thought of losing you, Y/N. I was absolutely terrified when I heard you were stabbed. We’ve lost people before, and I know it can and probably will happen again. It can’t be you.” She closed her eyes for a moment before pulling him up to place She closed her eyes at his words before cupping his face, bending slightly so she was level with him.

“I don’t plan on going anywhere, Steve. I love you and this is where I plan on being.”

“Things happen, Y/N.” She nodded her head slowly, as he stood up. He pressed his forehead against hers. “I don’t want to be left with the memories and the regrets. I don’t want to be haunted by what I could have done to save you.”

“So don’t be. This is my decision, as entering these missions is yours.” She heard him sigh before nodding.

“I just want more time with you.” She smiled before nodding.

“Yeah, I want that too.” They had been together for almost three years. They never pushed their relationship to another level, nor was she even considering marriage or anything of the sorts. This was plenty for her, and all she needed. She had this wonderful man who wanted more time with her. She really couldn’t ask for more.

He kissed her again, this time a new emotion soaring through her. His hands roamed again before resting against her breasts again, cupping them. Her eyes closed in pleasure as he rolled her nipples between his thumb and finger. His mouth broke from hers again, and instead of going to her neck like he had been, he took a nipple inside of his mouth, softly sucking.

“Fuck…” she mumbled and cried out and and felt his chuckle send vibrations through her, causing her to cry out again.

“Feel good?” he asked and part of her wanted to slap the cocky grin off his handsome face. His hands started to lower towards the only bit of clothing she had left as he dropped to his knees. “Awnser me, Y/N.” He barked and she just gulped.

“Y-yes.” she whispered as she quickly nodded her head, unsure if she could really muster more than a one word response. Her mind was a complete goey mess of want and pure need, which just mimicked the rest of her.

“Good,” he started as place a soft kiss against what would soon fade to scars and just a bad memory. “Beause I have just started with you.” His fingers caressed the skin of her hips before looping through the fabric of her panties.

“Okay,” she said, again with the one worded responses. He just chuckled.

“Mmm. I promised you a good night once you were cleared. I think taking you against this wall again and again makes good on that, what do you think?” He asked as his beautiful eyes locked with hers. The desire was clear and she was sure that she had the same dark gleam in her eyes.


“Yes what?” he started and her eyes went wide as she pondered over his words for a moment.

“Yes Captain.” He just hummed his approval as he slowly slid the fabric down her legs before she kicked them off. The idea of him taking her agaisnt the wall only turned her on even more. They only had sex against a wall once, back when they first started dating and someone had flirted with her, leaving him jealous. She had never seen him jealous before, but the end result wasn’t anything short of amazing.

“Spread your legs. Now.” His barking orders was also a huge turn on that she hadn’t expected. He barked orders all day long and never had they sent a ache rushing through her like this. Then again, when he was barking orders on missions, she wasn’t naked as he was on his knees.

“Y-Yes Captain.” She spoke and he just hummed again as stepped out some, spreading her legs for him.

“Good girl,” he purred as he placed soft kisses against her hip bone before biting down on the skin. “I’ve thought of this and nothing but for weeks now.” He admitted as he looked up at her. She just nodded her head slowly in agreement. “Keep these legs spread unless I say otherwise.”

“Yes Captain.”

“Mmm. That sounds so good coming from that hot little mouth of yours.” He spoke as his fingers started to stroke her, causing her hips to rock forward. He took his free hand before pushing her hard against the wall. “Naughty girl. Let’s work on staying still, hmm?” She didn’t dare trust herself to speak, so she just quickly nodded her head. He settled with that as his fingers kept the slowest pace known to mankind against her. The hand that had her pushed into the wall now traveled down her leg before lifting one and throwing it over his shoulder.

“Fuck.” she managed to breathe out as he chuckled. His mouth met her and she found it impossible to stay still as her hips rocked forward some. She arched her back and cried out from the wonderful sensation of his mouth pressed against her. Every Time that wonderful man had his head between her thighs, she saw nothing but stars. She felt the vibrations of his laugh rushing through her, causing a loud gasp to leave her as her fingers dug into his shoulders.

“I fucking missed the taste of you.” He mumbled pressing a soft kiss against her thigh. She laughed lightly, nodding her head. His mouth pressed against her again, this time he slipped a finger inside of her, curling it.

“Fucking hell, Steve.” she mumbled as she bit down on her bottom lip. He added a second finger, slowly pumping them in and out of her. The build up was quick and before she knew it, she was wildly bucking against his hand and mouth as she came, crying his name out.

“Came already?” he spoke as he placed another kiss to her hipbone. “Let’s try that again, but this time let’s see how long we can make it last.” He grinned at her as she felt the color drain from her face.

“Fuck,” she mumbled as he pressed his mouth against her again. This time he used softer and slower strokes of his tongue. She gripped down on his shoulders, a loud whine leaving her. His fingers slowly stoked her again as he brought them in and out of her, curling his fingers from time to time as he left her wanting more. He didn’t take long before he picked up the pace with his fingers, cauisng her hips to rock.

“I love watching you try to fuck yourself against my hand.” He whispered into her thigh. He brought his mouth back to her clit as his tongue traced circles before he bit down, causing a loud moan to leave her.

“Fuck. I am so close.” she mumbled as he grabbed a handful of his hair, trying to make sure she didn’t pull too hard. A loud whine left her as he removed his fingers.

“Not yet. The next time you are allowed to come is when I am inside of you.” He barked, the comanding voice back. That sounded like fucking torture, but she nodded in agreement anyway.

“Y-Yes.” She nodded her head. She hoped he would show mercy or whatever act of kindness would be needed to take his pants off and fuck her until she wasn’t sure she could stand anymore.

“Good girl,” he praised. A loud cry left her lips as his mouth returned to her. As soon as he moved his tongue, she lost all hope of the thought of mercy. She gripped his hair again, rocking her hips against him.

“Jesus fucking hell…” she mumbled as she arched her back. She tried to remain as still as possible, but that was damn near impossible. A finger slipped inside of her and then so was a second one as he curled them, causing her to whine and bite down on her lip.

“Don’t you fucking dare come, Y/N.” He growled in a low voice. Shivers ran down her spine, as she quickly nodded her head. It was damn near impossible when he made her feel as good as he did. The idea of Steve Rogers on his knees was enough to have her soaking wet, let alone the reality of it.

“I-I-” She started as her hips bucked under his touch. She was too damn close to the edge. She wanted to listen, but he made it impossible with the way he was touching her. She cried out when his hands left her again. She tried to catch his breath as he just grinned at her.

“Mmmm.” he whispered placing a kiss on her thigh. “I think I could do this all night, what about you?” Her eyes went wide. She wasn’t sure if she could even handle him pulling his fingers from her again, let alone all fucking night. She’d go insane.

“Please Steve…”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me, Captain.” She whimpered as he growled under his breath. She grinned as he stood up, pinning her against the wall, his hands on her hips as he held her still. His mouth crashed against her and the taste of herself and him lingered in her mouth.

“Yeah, I think I can manage that.” He whispered as he peppered her neck with kisses again. She quickly reached to unbutton his jeans. He laughed as he pulled them down, kicking them off of his body. His hands returned to her hips as he turned her so she was facing the wall. She gripped the wall as she felt his hands traveling down her body.

“Hey!” She spoke as a hand came across her ass. He chuckled before running his hand over her stinging skin, causing a soft moan to leave her as she wiggled against his touch. She moaned as she felt his tip running along her folds, teasing her even more. Of course he was still teasing her. Just when she was about to beg him, he slid inside of her with a loud groan.

“You feel so fucking good, Pretty Girl.” He panted as he started thrusting. Usually he’d give her a moment to adjust before starting off at a slower pace. Tonight was not like that, and he started at a quick pace as he pounded into her. She wouldn’t have it any other way. She rocked back against him, meeting his thrusts. She heard his grunts before feeling his teeth sink into the soft skin of her shoulder.

“Oh fuck.” she mumbled as she tried to catch her breath. “I’m close.” she warned.

“Good,” he groaned as his hand moved inbewteen her spread thighs before roughly circling her clit. She arched her head back, a loud moan leaving her as she came hard, bucking against him.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” she panted, resting her head on her arm. She heard him groan before his fingers started to dig into her skin.

“Y/N…” He growled as he came, spilling inside of her. She felt his body pressed against hers before he lifted her, carrying her towards the bedroom. She was thankful for that, as she was barely able to stand. There was no way she would be able to walk. He laid her on the bed and pulled her into his arms, holding her tight against him.

“That was worth the wait. Easily.” He laughed at her words.

“Yeah, you weren’t so bad.” he spoke and she just wrinkled her face before sticking her tongue out at him. He laughed again as he kissed her temple. She needed a moment to regain feeling in her body, but she’d show him just how good she could be.

And then maybe do it again. And again. And again.

After all, he promised her all night. As far as she was concerned, it just started.

Le Copain du Professeur

So I’ve seen some really cute and interesting asks sent to kirono recently, and I couldn’t help myself and really needed to write a little Red Velvet Pancakes fic for French teacher Matt and his substitute teacher boyfriend Matthew. I hope she doesn’t mind I wrote this! The fic is under the ‘Read More’, and I hope everyone enjoys it! Smooch smooch!

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anonymous asked:

First and foremost, this is the greatest blog on the face of the planet. Second of all, could you do one where Gaby has appendicitis mid-mission and ignores it to the point where it bursts and she has to be rushed to the hospital. I imagine Illya would be so mad after she recovers. But she didn't want to look inferior to the trained spies

The first twinge of pain comes on the plane ride to Paris. It is almost nothing compared to some of the scratches and bites that Gaby has received since working with U.N.C.L.E. She pushes the pain aside and leans over the edge of her seat on the plane. Her eyes catch Illya’s and then Napoleon’s own. Napoleon smiles at her, his trademark boyish charm shining through and Illya sinks back in his seat while the plane hits a pocket of turbulence.

“How much longer?” Gaby asks lazily, her accent bleeding through her words as she smooths a hand over her abdomen for a moment, soothing away any more twinges of pain.

“Not much, we’ll land in Paris, get to the meeting point and then hopefully have at least an hour to scope out the hotel amenities.” Napoleon’s grin stretches a little wider and both of his partners know why. Napoleon could careless about his new cover in Paris, he’s much more interested in indulging himself in the City of Love.  Gaby shakes her head and Illya scoffs softly under his breath. No more words are exchanged for the rest of the plane ride and Gaby reclines back into her seat, enjoying a moment of downtime.

Fashion in Paris is beyond anywhere else Gaby has ever been. Everything is vibrant and cutting edge, it makes Illya very happy as they start their mission off in yet another boutique. Gaby turns around in front of the tri-plated mirror and then stops with her back to the glass, facing Illya with her wide smile. “I like this,” She practically cheers out the words.

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I am terrified of being alone, so here I am, sitting in Washington Square Park after impulsively getting on the next available train from Long Island. Here I am, trying desperately to fill a void. I’m uncertain of its origins. Maybe I hope that as I sit here by the fountain I’ll look interesting enough for someone to start a conversation with me, or maybe I hope that I’ll run into my boyfriend and we’ll spend the night together making love in his apartment. Never bothering to close the curtains, never concerned of the neighbors being able to witness us in the act.

Here I am in the park, foolishly running away from my problems, convincing myself I left them in building number 233 with my therapist. That’s foolish, right? My problems followed me here. I still feel alone in a park surrounded by interesting people, in a city of millions. I’m a stranger to all of these people I sit across from on the subway, on the park bench, in the Chipotle down the block. I so desperately don’t want to be a stranger to these people, and I don’t want them to be a stranger to me. I want to create a friendship with the two women kissing passionately on the bench next to me, to have lunch with the artist writing words of wisdom in colorful chalks on the cement blocks of the park, to strum a guitar along with the man collecting donations. I want to fall in love with the world again, to have faith in humanity and the human race. I no longer want to live in fear. These people in the park, these artists, these lovers—they renew my faith. They make me feel. Feel passion, feel love, feel grander than my individual self. Feel like no matter how difficult it may appear, beauty surrounds us all, everywhere.


warning: profanity and christmas and LUCAYAAAA, so if you are offended by one of the three of them, please do not read. also: this was literally written in a day and unedited and this is really really not good, it’s basically Lucaya neighbor AU If they lived in the suburbs, so I hope you guys like this, because there are basically no lucaya christmas fics at. all.



Lucas Friar/Maya Hart.


A boy moves into the house next to hers on a Saturday.

The house has been empty for ages, all sticky spider webs and dust that gathers in the vintage bookshelf upstairs—a symbol of the past, of an age long since past.

She doesn’t expect it to be bought, she lives in Emerald Heights for fuck’s sake, a sign that you pass by in highways and forget the moment your car rushes forward, Emerald Heights, population:7,000.

Because no one would want to live in the Californian suburbs, in Emerald Heights, where the grass is dry and yellow and brown as it whips in the wind, where coyotes howl and the houses are fading somehow, they are old and lost and forgotten, in the background of the lights of Los Angeles, only a few miles above them.

Because no one would want to live here, and she stands on the sidewalk with a caramel frappuccino, contemplating his choices.


She knows his name because of the other neighbors, who crowd at his door and ring his doorbell and leave casseroles for dear, dear Lucas Friar, who is apparently the epitome of a politeness and what a gentleman should be, all charming smiles and bright eyes and conversations on insurance with Mrs. Wang across the street and earl grey tea with Mrs. Davidson at four o’clock.

Because he wears plaid shirts and cowboy hats and looks like the male lead from Disney Channel tv show, all grins and green eyes and boyish charm.

And she hates that.

Because he fits right in, because he’s not an outsider like she is, even after months of trying, his house doesn’t stand out in a straight line of white picket fences and blue painted walls like hers does, with glass windows and a chandelier and black and white decor that’s modern and hipster and urban, it doesn’t fit in the suburbs of California, in Emerald Heights.

She hates people like him, who are charming and blonde and moderately good looking, she’s hated people like that ever since she was six years old, when her father, who was also bonde and charming and fit in with the neighbors, who gave ten dollar tips to waitresses just left one day without a fucking trace.

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T-Rob says no.

ICYMI, Thomas Robinson had a monster block the other night:

And we were all like:

But then we watched it again

… and we thought that we have seen this before.

In fact, we saw this same block two years ago:

We see what you did there, Mr. Robinson.

You’ll Never Guess How Easy It Is to Distress Denim Shorts Yourself

Find out how this DIY fashion-hack can save you $$

It’s almost summer, the best time of the year to wear those really cool ripped up denim shorts you’ve been coveting. But have you seen the prices on some of the distressed denim out there? If you’re on a budget, or you just want to try this at home, listen up.


What You’ll Need: Shorts, chalk, scissors, sand paper block, washer/dryer

1) Cut a pair of looser fitting jeans into shorts or start with one of the recommended 6 denim shorts below.

2) Try them on and mark lines where you’d like to distress them with a chalk. Then, take them off and cut horizontal slits with scissors (the wider the slit, the bigger the holes).

3) Pull on some of the white threads to get your desired look. You can cut some threads off entirely as well.

4) Grab your sand paper block and rub it in different directions around the hole to create the perfect fray. You can use the sand paper block in other areas (back pocket, bottom edges) to roughen up the shorts.

5) When you are done throw your shorts in the washer and dryer. That’s it!

*If you are nervous about cutting your shorts, try to distress them in small corners on the back pockets first and then move on to larger areas.

Here are the top 6 denim shorts we recommend to try at home. Click through to see how budget-friendly they are!

1) Forever 21 Cloud Wash Cuffed Shorts 

2) Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Turn-Up Hem Denim Shorts 

3) GAP 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Denim Shorts (30% off this weekend!)

4) Nasty Gal After Party Rampage Short in Blush 

5) Bullhead Denim Co. High Rise Double Cuff Shorts at Pacsun

6) Forever 21 Blue Jeans Babe Overall Shorts (take a closer look, these have a striped seersucker-like pattern)

We’ll show you what’s trending in fashion on our Tumblr. Follow it here!

Photo credit: Pinterest