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A redraw and a couple o’ doodles. It’s 1 am and I’m going to a fair tomorrow before I leave for college. PEACE suckers.

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A collection of Iwaizumi Hajime’s smile:

  • Iwa’s victorious smile, the one he shares with Oikawa when they pull an amazing combo, the one he shares with his teammates when they take the games, is the most contagious thing. It’s all tooth and eyes half crescent with a brilliant light sparking within them. It’s an instant energy and adrenaline boost to any recipient of the smile.
  • Iwa gives small, hidden smile with the tip of tongue picking out when he eats something he likes. 
  • When Iwa’s amused, his smiles is all laugh and teary eyes. It is bright and wide and shows a bit of his upper gum and his cute canine teeth. 
  • Iwa gives this pouty smile when he coos and plays with his neighbor’s dog, Oikawa’s sister’s cat and all the animals he tries to get close to. 
  • When Iwa’s shy or unsure, he has a habit of biting his lips. Oikawa can tell when Iwa’s smile is no longer shy or unsure but borderlines uncomfortable. It’s the strain in the corner of Iwa’s lips, how they twitch despite how hard Iwa tries to hide it out of politeness.
  • Iwa’s a nostalgic boy and smiles one of his softest smile when he’s lost in thoughts/memories. 
  • Iwa nails his innocent smile at a very young age. Paired with Oikawa’s, they can get themselves out of nearly every trouble they get themselves into.
  • After Iwa has done or gotten away unsuspectedly from a successfully pulled prank, he’d wear this very pleased, very impish smile, a little crooked to the side, enough to make that one dimple he has on his left cheek visible.
  • While Oikawa might be the apple of many girls’ eyes, Iwa’s encouraging-and-inspiring-senpai smile has probably slayed more heart than Oikawa among the seijou volleyball club and the male student party.
  • Iwa’s smile is the most beautiful thing that ever blesses this world.

I am not biased. I only speak the truth.


popping bubble wrap individually or squishing them all at once? fishbowl slime or floam? flappy hands or raptor hands? bouncing ur leg or tapping ur fingers? fluffy slime or bubble slime? wax seals or paint mix? soap carving or chalk carving? cotton or silk? hypersensitive or hyposensitive?

the fact that miranda gave richard “meditations” to read in 01x03 never ceases to amaze me because it means he saw the inscription by “T.H.” (knowing who thomas was) adressing james as his “truest love” and yet he still concluded that….. james and miranda were the ones having an affair. like u could say it’s a plot hole but on the other hand……. i wouldn’t put it past a straightie

what-even-is-sleep  asked:

*whispering* lance circus auuuuuuuuuuuu *naruto-runs away*

Girl. GUUUURL i am living. I could probably make this a huge fix of it’s own too, but i won’t cuz I’m very sick. haha. Ok!

“Oh no,” Hunk blots off the white paint that has spotted his bright orange clown pants. His trailer smells like an odd combination of makeup and fresh bread. 

“There’s no way in hell you’re using me as your sacrifice.” Hunk cries with more determination.

“Aw c’mon Hunk! You’re always being shot out of a cannon or something! How is this more dangerous?” Keith whines. His throwing knives jangle in his back pocket.

“Um, well for one thing…. it’s not a real cannon. It’s one I designed and built so I know exactly how much firepower it has and the risk that’s involved.” He sets down his pants. “And like, the whole joke is that I DON’T get shot out! There’s no risk.”

“We also go through our equipment before every show for safety checks.” Pidge chimes in from her dark corner of the trailer. He hair is still sprayed in crazy directions from their last performance, but she’s removed her makeup. There are still traces of red around her mouth. 

“And Hunk even reduced the sugar content in his pies because they were stinging his eyes a bit too much.”

Hunk nods to confirm. Keith rolls his eyes and groans.

“I’m desperate here guys. I really need a new partner. Thace just called and said the doctors won’t sign off on him touring.” Keith had gotten the call just hours before. Thace had been his mentor and partner for all of their tours, but in recent years he had taken more of a back seat. He would participate less in the throwing aspect, and now just enjoyed spinning on boards blindfolded while Keith threw knives at him. Only the circus performers could tell that he was secretly napping under that blindfold. 

But Thace was getting older. He would joke that Keith should find some “pretty young thing” to replace him, but Keith enjoyed working on their act together. he liked the close bond and comradery that they shared and thought he could get at least three more tours out of him. Unfortunately Thace’s heart had other plans. 

“Pidge?” Keith asks. She snorts.

“Honestly, it’s not very impressive if you miss me. I’m such a small target. Not very entertaining.”

“That’s true.” Keith sighs. She definitely had a point.

“You could try Lance?” She asks. On the outside it’s an innocent enough question. Lance was their star trapeze and high wire artist. He was athletic, looked good in a leotard, and used to the adrenaline that came from circus work. Logically he’d be a perfect fit.

But Keith sees that knowing smirk on Pidge’s lips. He walks out of their trailer with a huff.

“Forget it.”

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A reading portrait of an Afghan lady as photographed by Steve McCurry.

I find this beautiful. At first, there’s this simple girl holding something to read, but at a closer look you’ll see her hands are chalked. This photograph of a woman is an epitome of a person’s perseverance to learn, that is unbridled by any kind of hurdles.

just a little bit of love (is all you really need) | pjm

summary: jimin’s something of a legend at gymnastics, but suddenly you walk in and turn his whole world upside down. quite literally, might i add. 
pairing: jimin x female reader
word count: 4.5k
genre: fluff
warnings: none!
a/n: inspired by this post which, if you see my tags, is pretty much this entire fic laid out straight up. i power wrote this before a football game, so it’s unedited. also, flexible jimin?????

Jimin’s always kind of been flexible. He remembers playing in the park with his brother when he was three, jumping around and playing as three-year-olds do, when his brother taught him how to do somersaults in the grass. That summer, any time Jimin was presented with a flat surface in front of him longer than two meters, he’d do somersaults over and over and over, to the point where his neck would be sore and his head would be dizzy, and he loved it.

The following autumn was when his mother decided that enough was enough, and that if Jimin was going to be tumbling around the carpet in her house, she might as well get him into lessons where he can tumble elsewhere and get good at it. So she signed him up for toddler’s gymnastics at the local gymnastics center, and by the time he turned four that October, he was somersaulting like a pro.

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“The Witch’s Familiar” (Wonho Demon AU)

Originally posted by sh0wnu

Title: The Witch’s Familiar.

Featuring Wonho (Monsta X) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: PG-13.  Subtle dream smut, mostly fluffy and fun.

Summary: You’re a witch out on your own for the first time, ready to summon yourself a cute and cuddly familiar. Instead you get stuck with a horny demon that doesn’t believe in shirts.

Requested by anon! Thank you, this was a fun one :)

You stood up and dusted the white chalk off your hands across your skirt, examining the alchemic symbols and circles you’d just finished drawing in the middle of your wood floors.  You were quite proud of yourself, and had a good feeling about this summoning.

You’d advanced quickly in your work since going solitary. Growing up in a coven was nice, there was always support around you, someone to lend a hand or an ingredient, but you knew you had to branch out. You’d found a nice little cottage in the forest to call your own, and there worked on your divination skills, herbal remedies, and conjuring. You decided it was time for a companion, but not one who would be too intrusive. A nice animal familiar would do the trick, a cute little white bunny.

You opened your book and cradled it in your arm, walking around the expansive symbol with your dagger in hand, pointing at the 4 directions as you passed them, chanting out the summoning spell. When you came full circle, you placed the book down and tossed a handful of salt into the middle of the circle.

Fire quickly flashed along the symbols in the circle and a large puff of white smoke shot up from the middle. It took a moment for it to clear, and you waved your hand through it to get a good look at your new familiar. Instead of the cute white rabbit you expected, you saw a man sitting cross-legged at the center.

You blinked, rubbing your eyes, wondering if it as just the smoke, but as it cleared completely there was no mistaking what you saw; a fully grown white-haired man, shirtless, muscular, and beautiful, sitting on your living room floor.

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