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Artsy Witch Ideas/Tips

For all of my witches out there that are artists or just love art of any kind, here are some things to consider adding to your craft.

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  • Use vine or compressed charcoal dust to make black salt
  • Use sketchbooks as unique grimoires, book of shadows, book of cosmos, dream journals, etc that allow you to use markers, paints, etc to your heart’s desire
  • Red liquid ink can substitute for blood
  • Black liquid ink is good for curses especially for blinding, confusion and chaos
  • Blue liquid ink can represent water or the ocean 
  • Yellow liquid ink for divination
  • Green liquid ink for protection and healing spells
  • Enchant your calligraphy pens for sigil work to strengthen the sigils you make or spells you write with them
  • Use doodles of people or how you see a person for taglocks in curses and bindings
  • Melt crayons for wax seals on jars or other spells by placing them in intense sun or heating them in a wax melter (use caution that you don’t heat them too high)
  • Melt crayons and mix with coconut oil and olive oil for anointing oil corresponding with the colors you use (also can be used as lipstick if desired)*
  • Use scrapbooking paper in your grimoire to give it unique and artsy pages
  • Use your paints to make painted spells. Make a sigil and paint it onto your page or canvas, and based on the sigil’s intent once dried paint over it an image that corresponds with that intent to activate. Hang up in your room or home. Cleanse and charge regularly
  • Glitter my witches, great for color magic and jar spells (note glitter is not good to be tossed into the environment so please don’t)
  • Write down a person or ‘force’ in your life you wish to remove and use erasers to erase it away as a simple severing spell
  • Use your dirty paint water for curses or inspiration spells
  • Use stickers to seal spell jars 
  • Unable to burn something in your apartment? Drench it in black ink or paint instead
  • Use mechanical pencil lead in curses by break it up. very effective for writer’s block and creativity block curses
  • Bead enthusiasts or jewelry makers, use your beads to make spell/enchanted jewelry based on colors, shapes, and letters used in it for correspondences
  • Make your own ouija boards, crystal grids, pendulum charts, etc on some matte board or foam board using paints to make unique affordable tools
  • Use chalk dust for warding and protection spells
  • Buy chalkboard paint to turn a wall or other object into a chalkboard for sigil use, spell writing, organization, etc
  • Use those plastic reusable paint containers for small portable spell jars
  • Sharpies and black markers are good for curses in general
  • Use your color wheels for divination via colormancy
  • Use modeling clay or pottery clay to make your own offering bowls, statuettes and poppets for a variety of uses
  • For a quick and easy black mirror simply paint the back glass of a picture frame with black acrylic paint. It may take several layers
  • Reuse bottles and cans by painting them up to make them witchy containers for your tools, art supplies and other storage purposes
  • Make drawings, write poetry, write stories, make pottery, make a painting, etc to make as offerings to deities, fae, spirits, etc. Just be sure not to sign it if it is for fae (your name can give them power of you)
  • Use glue or tape to seal spells, for binding and for strengthening spells
  • Use whiteout for banishing and invisibility spells
  • Use henna, temporary tats or body safe paint for fun body sigils
  • Save pencil shavings for inspiration and creativity spells
  • Enchant your art supplies to bring you creativity, focus, motivation and inspiration when you use them
  • Use your paints to paint rocks colors for easy color magic
  • Turn your name into a sigil to sign your artwork so people will recognize it as yours (or other such desires)
  • Use used paint sponges to absorb negativity before throwing away
  • Mix paint or ink with water to make color potions or spell jars
  • Collect markers, crayons, colored pencils, pens, highlighters, etc to use for colorful written spells, amplify sigils, and to strengthen spells
  • Illustrate your grimoire, book of shadows, dream journal, etc with images that you feel are important or doodles to add your own extra touch to the spells and information inside. Make it your own
  • Paint, draw, or design your desires or wishes and charge the art in the moonlight to help welcome those things into your life. Keep the piece of art in your room or home
  • Use lines from your written poetry, stories, lyrics, etc as spell incantations or lines when writing spells to make them more personal
  • Use old sketchbooks, idea notebooks, free write journals, etc for bibliomancy 
  • Try/Practice automatic writing or drawing for divination and spirit communication
  • Make collages out of posters, drawings, photos, writings, poems, etc on your wall to act as a low key altar


A shy 15-year-old girl who skips two years in school to enroll early at Beacon Academy, which trains Huntsmen and Huntresses. She’s a weapons fanatic and the leader of Team RWBY. She wields a high-caliber sniper-scythe, the Crescent Rose.


The heiress of the global Schnee Dust Company, Weiss has been pampered since childhood. She seems refined, but is strong-willed. She’s been called an ice queen for her high-handed and outspoken ways.


A mysterious girl who is always cool and reticent. She likes to read. Instead of relying on magic Dust, Blake uses her superhuman physical abilities to fight. Her distinctive large ribbon holds an important secret.


Ruby’s half sister and the heart and soul of Team RWBY. She may seem cheerful and fearless, but she is the most thoughtful member. She dotes on Ruby and is always quietly looking out for her timid sister.

"Did I say it right?"

The sorceress gazed at the demon with hopeful curiosity. “Did I say it right?”

“I have no idea, I don’t speak Latin. Half the time people are just cobbling together something from Google.” Then it laughed, that excruciatingly sweet laugh that had seduced countless beings into committing unconscionable deeds.

“Does Latin not work?”

The demon liked this one. She had curiosity, manners.

“Sometimes, sure,” the demon replied truthfully. “But so often intent is cloaked by affectation.” The creature cleared away the circle surrounding it, easily brushing away the diamond-dust laden chalk. “Why did you write in Latin, anyway?”

The sorceress blushed ad mumbled, “I saw it in a movie.”

“We are thousands of miles and thousands of years from the height of Rome’s empire of magic users.”

“Will you teach me to do this properly, please?”

The demon smiled. Not once, in ten thousand years, had anyone simply asked. It was incredibly refreshing.

Another Chance

Happy Valentine’s Day @cami-nts I hope you enjoy! - your VSV

Stark white numbers and formulas and words floated about against a blackboard background in Lance’s head, colliding like gas molecules. A cloud of chalk dust flew into his line of sight like a disturbance. Lance thought the dust had a weird voice. He almost felt his brow furrow.

“I said the library’s closing, sir!”

Lance jolted awake, his head flying off the open book where it had landed when he fell asleep. His joints ached and his whole body was stiff. He looked up to see a guard standing over him, glaring somewhat judgmentally.

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A Complementary How-To Guide: myHomework

I can’t believe this is going to be my first content related post EVER! Personally, I’m more on the digital side when it comes to lecture note-taking and organizing any assignments or tests I have in any of my classes. When I first heard of myHomework, my initial thought was to try it out because if there was something I needed to remember and I didn’t have any written materials available, I can just open the app on any of my devices (compatible with all Apple products), add the data needed then manually copy it into my journal later on.

When I installed it onto my laptop, the first display listed a simple guideline of the basic functions the app provides and the layout of the design before logging into your account with visible instructions and guidelines as described below:

I’ve previously had an account from high school so when I logged on, my classes from my first semester were present and a notification on an overdue quiz from the previous year appeared:

Also as you can see, my background is now a soft, dewy pink theme which can easily be changed to any colour you like!

Note: The current theme I have is a basic theme! The more extravagant themes are only available through premium purchase but honestly (in my opinion), if you’re not too deep into digital detail, the basic themes should suit you just fine as the primary productivity of the app is all the same!  

I decided to update the current data listed and list my university classes. Since I have a lot of classes to add, I’ll just use one class as an example to show how the app works. (I decided to cut the step where I refreshed it since it’s a bit extensive and unnecessary but if you want to know how I did it just let me know and I’ll make another post on that!)

I decided to use my biostatistics course as a reference so when I added my biostatistics class, there are multiple ways to add your classes! Logically, I would use the plus (+) button on the right hand corner on the “Classes” column but you may find that it can (at times) be unresponsive to your command >:| so you may have to find an alternative. 

Alternative: You can access the option of adding a class by interacting with one of the homework assignments listed below and clicking on the pencil icon.

From there:

Now, if your teacher uses this app you can find them by using the Find Your Class option. Unfortunately, if you’re like me, dusting off chalk lint at the end of every lecture, then you’ll have to manually add the classes as indicated below:

Here, you can add your classroom schedule and modify it as much as you please if there are any unexpected changes:

End Result:

If you ever want to label/add more detail:

End Result (blurred out location and teacher name for privacy reasons):

I will also show you how to add assignments which is pretty simple and straight forward once you know your way around the app. For example, I want to add an upcoming tutoring session which will be happening later this week. I would click the (+) symbol on the right side of the “Upcoming” column (luckily more responsive than the classes command): 

Which will give out this display which will then require you to fill out any mandatory/optional spaces needed and to save once done:

Note: I enjoy the amount of flexibility this app has to offer despite using it’s basic features (ie. adding extra information and specify the type of homework being assigned.

To conclude, it will appear in the upcoming column in ascending order of the due dates. There is also an option to edit, delete or mark off the assignment as complete.

Aside from it’s bright theme selection to keep me interested in the app, I really enjoyed how we can use colour coordination to separate various subjects and making it easy to use. I am unsure whether or not whether there is a difference between this app and MyStudyLife (i’ll do a comparison text after this.) but regardless, it still gets the job done.

QUESTION: Is there a huge difference between the basic and preminum features on myHomework?

A: I was able to recheck the offer of upgrading which only costs $6.99/year which offers the following options below:

They don’t inflict on the overall use of the app and based on the experience i’ve had so far, the ads were not as annoying as I thought they would be, but if anyone has said otherwise please let me know!

Hope this helped out a lot and if you have any questions and/or concerns please send me a message or inbox me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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*rubs eyes* can you write analogical fluff

**Of course! I had to sneak awa and hide in the bathroom to write this, don’t tell anyone 😉**

Anxiety stared at he chalkboard in front of him, reading over the words for the fifteen trillionth time.

“I think this should be enough…. But-” He erased a line and grabbed the white chalk, rewriting what had once been there neater and cleaner.

“Alright, now I should find-”

“Ann?” He jumped at the sound of his Lovers voice, and scrambled to shove the chalkboard into the other room when hr heard the front door close.

“Logan, you’re home early!”

“Yes, well when my boss found out it was our five year anniversary he gave me the day off,” He poked his head through the doorway and grinned at Ann, “So, I decided to surprise you!”

He frowned when he took in the state of Anxiety, “What have you been doing all day?”

Anxiety looked down at his clothes and he couldn’t help but chuckle at his appearance.

He had thrown his clothes on half-hazardly this morning, meaning he was wearing a pair of sweat pants, and his shirt was inside out. He was covered with chalk dust, and he could only imagine how much chalk was in his hair.

Logic walks forward and pet Anxiety’s insane hair from his eyes.

“Is this chalk dust?” Logan ruffled Anxiety’s hair, making him smile, “we don’t have chalk.”

“Well,” Ann dragged out the word, and went to the hall, pulling the large chalkboard he had bought, into the room.

Logics eyes widened as he took in the long, complex math problem.

“What is this?” His eyes were already roaming the long complicated problem.

“Battle of the wits,” Anxiety hugged him from behind, kissing him directly under his ear, “Let’s see if you can figure it out.”

Three hours.

It took Logic three hours to solve the problem, and it brought Anxiety unbridled joy.

This was why Anxiety was the math major, and Logic was the English.

In three hours, Anxiety had gotten cleaned up, made dinner, and had two glasses of wine, as well as offering one to Logic.

Ann, was smirking, Logic was close to solving the true message behind the proble-

“I got it!”

He turned to Ann proudly, and Anxiety stood and kissed him softly.

“What does it say?” He whispered, hugging Lo from behind.

“It says,” Anxiety slipped away from his boyfriend, “ ‘Logic, will you marry-” He cut off, and Anxiety heard the audible gasp escaping his lips.

Logic turned slowly, seeing Anxiety kneeling on the floor with a sapphire case in hand, the lid popped up to reveal a silver band inlaid with navy diamonds.


Logic was on his knees in the next second, holding Anxiety close and kissing him firmly on his lips.

“Yes,” he whispered before kissing him over and over again, “Yes, yes- oh my- Ann.”

Anxiety slipped the ring onto his Fiancé’s finger, and kissed the band.

“Happy Anniversary.”

  • You, enlightened, third-eye unlocked, chakras opened, astral projecting into Cambridge University, snorting chalk dust from Einstein's original equations: Stephen's Universal is a bad television program. The character designs are inconsistent and lazy. Everyone's getting smaller, more brightly colored, and more "chibi" (translator's note: chibi is a Japanese [Japan is an island country off the East coast of Asia] type of stylization intended to mimic the appearance of very young children.) The pacing consistently grinds to a halt and the plot is chock full of unanswered questions! And don't even get me started on the weak-ass liberal politics that sympathize with colonizer tyrants! Here's my 20,000 word dissertation looking more into the specifics of everything that's wrong with it.
  • Me, pea-brained, lost in life, drinking moonshine from an emptied mayo jar, squatting in a dirt hole: I like the gay alien rock cartoon
Home Blessing Bottle

I’ve been working on this spell pretty much since I found out that some of my friends were moving. I finally hammered down the specifics and set about making it today. The process also afforded me the chance to make some spell ingredients, like green salt. And, as you can see - I do my best work in the bathroom, ahaha!

Here are the ingredients and materials you’re going to need for this jar:

  • a bottle with a cork or a lid 
  • a small funnel
  • rice - for abundance and to never go hungry
  • kosher salt - for permanence and durability 
  • egg shell powder - for protection
  • green salt (recipe within) - for protection, luck, and money
  • whole black peppercorns - for courage and positive change
  • rose quartz chips (or other small crystal) - for unconditional love
  • lavender essential oil - for peace
  • blue ribbon - for calming

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When Faith comes to Baker Street Sherlock makes an interesting deduction about her.

Raising his head he looks across to Faith, then does a double-take and homes in on the wet patch on the top of her dress’ right shoulder. Looking away briefly, he returns his gaze to her and three chalk words appear above her, one over each shoulder and one over the top of her hair. Each word reads “DAMP”. Hauling himself to his feet, he waves his hand at her twice and the two words over her shoulders dissipate while she flinches away from him, then he sweeps his hand over the top of her head and the last word also dissipates and the chalk dust floats away. She looks up at him nervously as he reaches out and touches his fingers to her right shoulder.

FAITH: I don’t have a coat.
SHERLOCK: Yeah, that’s what I just noticed. I wonder why?

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fairytale meme: 7 book adaptations - [1/7] spindle’s end by robin mckinley

   magic in that country was so thick and tenacious that it settled over the land like chalk-dust and over floors and shelves like slightly sticky plaster-dust. (housecleaners in that country earned unusually good wages). if you lived in that country, you had to descale your kettle of its encrustation of magic at least once a week, because if you didn’t, you might find yourself pouring kissing snakes or smile into your teapot instead of water.

Spectrum Ch 29

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Hey! It’s been a while! Remember this story? Remember what’s happening?

… maybe I should do another recap at some stage.

Chapter 29! In which there’s discussions, repercussions and more than a few concussions.

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A Royal Commission (1)

yeah another new project! Courtesy of @fleetstreetfatality ft. tattooed boys again.

Prompto is Insomnia’s renowned tattoo artist and Noctis is about the get his first ink done!AU (yeah that’s a thing now)

The doors, tall dark glass with the shop’s logo emblazoned on them, were covered in chocobo doodles in white chalk. Prompto smiled brightly at the sight and laughed to himself as he turned his key, letting himself in. Sure enough Maddy was sitting in his chair, chalk dust on her fingers.

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  • Victor and Yuuri take Otabek and Yura to their first pride.

  • Otabek wears the lesbian flag like a cape with a trans flag tank top on. 

  • Yura has smaller pins with the interconnected mars symbols on it and pink, blue, and white nail polish on. 

  • When they walk in Yura is floored by how many people like him there is. Sure, he has Victor and Yuuri..but this scale floors him. 

  • Victor and Yuuri guide them through it and buy them anything their eyes rest on for two seconds. 

  • By the end of it Yuuri has the pride flag painted on his cheek, Victor’s hair is covered in rainbow chalk dust, Otabek has a cute girl’s number, and Yura a tiny pride shirt for his cat. 

  • He also learned that Victor and Yuuri are push overs when it comes to buying him things. 

Looking over a freshly cut lawn is very satisfying. It seems quieter than ever when the sound of the lawnmower ceases. The smell of grass fills the air. Ella, who has been following me the whole time and dropping toys in my path, now has cute green Grinch paws.

A similar feeling happens at work around lunch time or near quitting time. On a busy day my Windows task bar has five or six open applications. A dozen or more items are displayed within those applications. Who doesn’t love six open Excel worksheets?

Closing all but Outlook and one mainframe emulator soothes me. It’s like erasing a blackboard but without all the chalk dust on the floor. Nice and clean and ready for something new.

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Yeen, as an avid collector of FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, I must ask you what people meats you consider least edible? A top 10 would be nice.












The Fan Letter (Oswald x Reader) Part 02 (Stalker!Oswald - his POV)

Originally posted by the-great-snape-debate

Many of us have written at least one story, where Oswald breaks into the reader’s or OC’s apartment and, well, is a perverted little Pingu (I still remember @queencobblefreezestuff and @oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction ones). Mine will take a slightly different route…  

Part 01 here

Warnings: bold language, jerking off, sexual phantasies, angst 

Editor: @amandajuly81

Tagging: @penguinsweetest@red-panda-on-the-loose @umbrellas-and-tallymarks@ascoolasathestral, @house-of-penguin @gotham-city-tales @aya-fay

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