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Chalk Car - Austin TX is full of geeks.  A prime example of ATX geekery: A co-worker of mine has painted his Dodge Avenger with spray-on blackboard resurfacer.  Dubbed, “Chalky”, if you find it parked down on 6th street, feel free to mark it up. 

And yes - the that is in fact pi written out to about 300 digits on the car. 

The Littlest Winchester - The Dating Game

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 644

Request:  Aw I just thought of this really cute one for The Littlest Winchester! The reader could take a liking to another 4 yr old boy and Dean is overreacting and being protective and Sam makes fun of him and supports her making friends even if it’s a boy.


           Perfectly content to sit at the picnic table under the pavilion, Dean watches his daughter scamper around the play structure. She’s found several other children to play with, but because they all appear to be at least two years her elder, the four-year-old seems to be a bit overwhelmed. Soon enough she decides to join her father and uncle under the pavilion.

           “You’re done playing already?”

           “All the kids are bigger than me.”

           “I saw. Whaddya wanna do now?”

           “I dunno.” She shrugs.

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A Little Wicked - Part III

Chibs x Vivi (oc)

Part 1, part 2.

Warnings:: swearing

I’ll probably have part 4 up tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you wanna get tagged in my stories.

Reminder that the gifs aren’t mine, found them on google, tell me if you want me to give you credit or take them down.

It was a shitty day.

I haven’t had a day this shitty since I first woke up in the hospital after Pete almost killed me. Sure, I woke up that day feeling half dead with a needle stuck on my hand, cold like I’ve never felt before and a weird tingling sensation on my back from the huge slash Pete cut open.

Today was kinda like that – except the huge slash on the back was metaphorical. Maybe I’m exaggerating, I’m known for doing that, but it’s not everyday someone gets fired because they don’t “represent the brand”. Not when I’ve worked in the same clothing store for the past three years.

It was my day to open shop so I had exchanged a real great night of sex with Chibs (possibly great, I hadn’t really gotten to the good part before Chibs had to go tend to club business) to be responsible. And I got fired.

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Only the body panels are slaved on these cars. Not the trim. I assumed it was all slaved…although now that I think about it that wasn’t a logical assumption at all, given the different trim all these cars have. :) Chalk it up to not much sleep. :) 

Anyway, on the one hand this means more work and time spent for me, if I want to fiddle with the trim (like Simlishing the license plates), but it’s good in that each model can at least have a different license plate. Means more downloads for anyone who might want to download these, though. :\

And I’ll stop spamming about this now and just work quietly over here. *laugh*

the *moon* signs basically + aesthetic
  • aries moon: enthusiastic, challenging, impulsive and intelligent. a natural leader. at worst, aggressive, uncaring and rude. // police sirens and worn paint on cars. torn clothing, fingerprints on windows and oil paintings. power. violet. emperor's new clothes - panic! at the disco.
  • taurus moon: disciplined, practical, romantic and gentle. a natural protector. at worst, cold, materialistic and selfish. // dress sketches, fallen trees on forest trails. dollhouses, disco balls and hi-tops. affection. blue. play date - melanie martinez.
  • gemini moon: complex, kind, intuitive and thoughtful. a natural speaker. at worst, detached, snappy and indecisive. // late night texts, lips, shadows. bathtubs, eyeshadow and traffic-filled streets. communication. crimson. let it burn - jazmine sullivan.
  • cancer moon: devoted, insightful, funny, tender. a natural nurturer. at worst, insecure, dishonest and possessive. // pastel-dyed hair, knives, sunglasses. flowers, sunsets and teeth. thinking. fuchsia. sober - p!nk.
  • leo moon: ambitious, confident, especially talented with a natural dramatic flair. a natural entertainer. at worst, arrogant, stubborn and power-hungry. // the golden light focused on the stage. silver lipstick and glittering gemstones of dawn and dusk alike. glamour. tangerine. castle - halsey.
  • virgo moon: intricate, shy, caring, compassionate. a natural organiser. at worst, overly self-critical, skeptical and secretive. // rusted car keys, chalk on sidewalks, steamy showers. whipped cream, plants and fences. weather. white. green day - holiday.
  • libra moon: charming, sociable, family-oriented, strong. a natural friend. at worst, manipulative, ignorant and impractical. // crop tops, hands, cigarettes. pop art, cellphones and books. green. nirvana - sam smith.
  • scorpio moon: intense, interesting, attractive, bright. a natural comforter. at worst, gossipy, jealous and spiteful. // the ocean, candles, stuffed animals. carnivals, dimly lit rooms and smiles. fun. gold. marvin's room - drake.
  • sagittarius moon: free-spirited, adventurous, competitive, optimistic. a natural wanderer. at worst, impatient, prone to bragging and irresponsible. // gold chains, quotes written on public restroom doors, milk chocolate. ouija boards, dandelions and clouds. haunting. brown. fall out boy - centuries.
  • capricorn moon: productive, patient, responsible, mischievous. a natural learner. at worst, resentful, bottling up their feelings and having unhealthy habits. // veins, ice, dogs. ribbons, headphones and jackets. control. noir. crooked smile - j. cole.
  • aquarius moon: observant, idealistic, independent and motivated. a natural analyzer. at worst, stubborn, short-tempered and prideful. // baggy jeans, anime, heart monitors. bath bombs, silver guns and bubbles. individuality. grey. bohemian rhapsody - queen.
  • pisces moon: humorous, loving, empathetic, smart. a natural dreamer. at worst, easily hurt/discouraged, reckless and icy. // eyes, stargazing, potions. earrings, lovebites and tombstones. ignition. indigo. happy little pill - troye sivan.

All others will be towed in accordance with proper Shadow Proclamation Galactic law and procedure.

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RULES: Using only song titles of one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions (and tag 20 people which i’m not doing lmao)

Artist/band: Three Days Grace

What is your gender?: Expectations

How do you feel?: Misery Loves My Company or Happiness

If you could go anywhere: Home

Favorite mode of transportation: The High Road

Your best friend: The Real You

Favorite time of the day: Time of Dying

If your life was a TV show: So What

Relationship status: Lost In You or Chalk Outline

Your fear: Car Crash

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For the Christmas thing you're doing, you can do something like Spencer and the Reader's first Christmas as a married couple or just a couple or their kid's first Christmas. That would be adorable!

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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Contains: Fluff!

Part 3 of my 12 Days of Spencer Reid series

Part 1/ Part 2

(by the way you don’t actually have to read part 1 and 2 to get the story plot in this part because they’re all different stories so far. Just all have winter/ Christmas themes.)


“Mommy. Mommy wake up!” Your son softly whispered, trying to shake you awake. You groaned, turning over and opening your eyes, giving him a soft smile. You lifted your arms so he could crawl under the covers with you, which he happily did, snuggling up to you.

“What is it?” you asked, trying not to wake Spencer up.  you looked at the clock and saw it that it was 9:48 am. You were surprised and relieved that your son had waited this late in the day to come and wake you up. Usually you would be woken up at 6 or 5 in the morning due to all the energy your son had that couldn’t wait until the sun had actually risen.

“You were said we were going to decorate!” The little six year old asked. You chuckled, sometimes forgetting how grown up your child sounded sometimes.

“Baby, when i said that, i meant later. When your daddy is awake…and had his breakfast.” What you really meant was coffee, but you didn’t want your son questioning you about what coffee was and if he could have it.

“Then why don’t we wake him up?” Your son tried to squirm out of your grasp but you held him firmly. You knew Spencer liked to sleep in on his days off, and didn’t want to wake him quite yet.

“How about he wake him up with breakfast, yeah? Would you like that?” Your son nodded and you sighed in relief, hoping that by making pancakes you could buy Spencer another 20-30 minutes. You got up, carrying your son on your hip as you walked down to the kitchen.

“Mommy, look at the snow!” Your son squealed, making you smile. You started to get out all the ingredients and tools needed for breakfast, setting down your son on a stool so he could help. After 20 minutes of the two of you giggling, your son adding wayyy to many chocolate chips to the pancake mix, and your sons gasps every time you flipped the pancakes over perfectly, you headed back upstairs to wake your husband.

“Daddy! Wake up!” Your son called as he ran into your room, crawling up on Spencer’s side of the bed and jumping around. Spencer sat up, rubbing his eyes and playfully grabbing your son, tickling him and making y/s/n’s laughs fill the room.

“Good morning Sleeping Beauty.” you giggled, setting the tray with two plates and two mugs. One coffee mug and a child’s sippy cup. Spencer gave you a look. ‘‘Oh, i’m not that hungry.” you waved your hand, sitting on the edge of the bed. Spencer grabbed his plate and handed the smaller one to you, letting you sut it up in small bites for your son.

“Mom said we were gonna decorate for Christmas today!” Your son bubbled excitedly, opening his mouth to let you put a bite of pancake in his mouth. You kissed the top of his head, feeling content to be with your two favorite boys.

“Oh really? What to you want to start with?” Spencer asked, and your son giggled.

“With the tree of course daddy!”

“Looks like we’ve got a busy day today.” Spencer raised his brows excitedly, taking a sip of his coffee.

(Le timeskip)

After all of you cleaned up and got dressed, Spencer went up to the attic to bring down the boxes, while you and y/s/n were having fun rearranging the furniture to make room for the tree in your living room.

“Mom you’re so strong!” Your son squealed as he sat on the couch while you pushed it. You held in a laugh, forcefully exhaling as you finished moving the couch against the opposite wall it had been.

“Thanks. I try. I’m no superman, but that’s your dad’s job.” You plopped down on the couch next to your son, you snuggled up on your lap.

“I come downstairs to see you two are already tired? There’s so much decorating we have to do!” Spencer chuckled, standing at the foot of the door. Your son crawled over you, sliding to the ground and running over to Spencer.

“I’m not tired!” He protested, running over to the boxes by the stairs. You and Spencer both gave each other a knowing look, before grabbing three and moving the boxes to the living room.

After you and Spencer set the tree up, all of you started to untangle the branches. Before you guys started putting the ornaments on, your son had begged for Christmas music. It seemed that your son loved Christmas as much as Spencer loved Halloween. 

“Mommy what’s this?” y/s/n asked, holding up a dove ornament. You smiled widely, sliding over to him.

“Well, that is a gift that your father and i got from your grandmother (his mom) our first Christmas after we got married.”

“Doves stay loyal to one another throughout their entire lives. They love each other to the end of time, and that’s your mom and i are going to do.” Spencer added, making your son nod.

“Can we put it up at the top of the tree?” He asked.

“Of course sweetheart. Do you wanna put the star up as well?” He smiled, accepting the golden topper. You got up, lifting your son up, and With Spencer’s help, your son placed the star perfectly on top along with hooking the ornament on one of the tree’s branches.

When three of you had finished, you moved on to hanging up the stockings, while Spencer went outside to hang up lights.

“Here’s daddy’s.’ Y/s/n handed you the stocking with ‘Dad’ written on it, and you hung it on the nail. “Mine.” one that you had his name labeled on to. He wanted to hung it up himself, so you had to lift him again for him to hang it upon the fireplace, before he squirmed out of your grasp to look for yours.

“I can’t find it.” Your son said, moving his arms around frantically. “It’s not here mommy.” Your brow raised, and you kneeled next to him, realizing that yours, was indeed gone. “Mom what are we gonna do! Santa can’t put a gift in your stocking if you don’t have one!” You almost chuckled at how worried he sounded.

“I think i know where we have an extra.” You said, calmly, kissing his forehead. “I’ll be right back.” You heard your son sigh in relief, looking around in the box to look at the other stuff inside. You were glad you saw the cheap price for Christmas stocking’s while you were picking up ‘something’ at a Pharmacy. You weren’t going to need it until next year, but you could always get another one titled ‘Mom’ later on.

“No need to worry y/s/n. I’ve got one right here.” You said, stepping back into the living room. Your son smiled in relief, watching you hang it up. You heard the front door open, indicating Spencer had returned from hanging the lights up.

“What are you guys doing?” he asked with a cheerful smile on his face. Your son ran over to him, letting Spencer pick him up as he pointed to the fireplace.

“Mom’s stocking was missing, but she found another one to use.” Spencer raised his brow but didn’t say anything.

“You are actually just in time to write your letter to Santa.” You said, gesturing to the coffee table where slips of paper, crayons and pencils lay.

“Oooh. That will be fun won’t it? Did you know that children used leave their wooden shoes by the fireplace, where Santa would put candy and toys inside?” He asked your son, who’s nose crinkled.

“Ew. Candy in your shoes?” You and Spencer both laughed as you guys took your seats and started writing.

“I’m done!” Your son announced. You scooted next to him, trying to read his scribblish.

“What did you ask Santa?” you asked, taking the card and putting it into an envelope.

“A trainset, chalk, some toy cars…” Your son listed about twenty other things, and you smiled. You loved your son, and you knew Spencer did too. You wouldn’t ask for anything else. All you put on your Christmas list was your son’s happiness and your husband’s safety. Even if you weren’t really sending these to Santa, you still wished for it.

“Oh, look at how dark it is.” Your son said, pointing to the window. Spencer gave you a mischievous smile.

“Perfect time to light the tree.” Your son gasped, bouncing with excitement. It was his favorite part of decorating. Your son sat on your lap as the two of you moved on the floor in front of three tree while you waited for Spencer to plug the lights in.

“Oooh!” Your son marveled as the tree came to life, staring at it for a few minutes. You wrapped your arms around him and rocked him back and forth. “It’s so pretty!”

“Hey, it’s getting to be your bedtime little man.” Your son whined, but complied.

“Can you read me ‘The Night Before Christmas’?“ You nodded, watching as he raced off to get into his pajamas.

(Le timeskip)

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night…The End.” You finished, looking up and seeing he was asleep. You pulled the covers up and kissed him goodnight, watching him sleep for a few minutes before you made your way back to your room.

“Is he asleep?” Spencer asked, and you nodded. “So…what was the stocking about?” You gave him a look.

“You know what it was for. They were cheap over at the pharmacy, and i thought it would just be easier to get it now.” You changed into sweats and joined your husband in the bed.

“Man, that little guy wanted a lot for Christmas. I think he’ll be really happy with one special gift though.” Spencer said, wrapping an arm around you and rubbing your stomach.

“Yeah.” You mumbled. “He’s going to be a great big brother.”

“I always say, ‘Let God be the judge.’”
“When you’re arguing with someone?”
“For any reason. You go to the store, and they make a mistake—let God be the judge. Maybe they didn’t make it on purpose. You have a car accident—chalk it up to God. Maybe God wanted it.”
“Do you ever find it difficult to live by this principle?”
“Let me tell you something: When I was 15, I made a commitment to myself that I would always listen to what God had to say and I would live by the laws of God. When I was 17, I made a commitment to my husband, and I’ve been living by these two commitments ever since.”


Had a fun time playing with Minky outside after work this evening.  Got out the chalk, and his cars, and played around with the dried up stalks of our sunflowers from last summer.  Navyy also got this neat firefighter coat from a coworker, and while it is (many sizes) too big, Minky seemed to enjoy it.

Also, in other exciting news, our garden is starting to come back to life.  From left to right: catnip, daffodils, and poppies.  There are a few other plants starting to green (mint, leeks, garlic), but I am always pretty ecstatic to see these first few newcomers.  Spring!