A while ago when I was doing show requests for OT3s, djcrumrine kept suggesting I do LOST, so I rewatched ALL 6 SEASONS OF LOST in order to bring you all what I consider the best and most likely OT3s of the entire series.

So we have (from left to right, top to bottom):

  • OT3: If we could somehow combine season 1 Jack and season 3 Sawyer to save Kate from love triangle HELL.
  • OT3: Kate had way more UST with Sun than that weird period of time they were trying to push Sun/Michael as a thing
  • OT3: Island parents squad
  • Charlie Support Group OT3s: comes in Hurley or Desmond versions
  • OT3: “Not Penny’s Boat” freighter nerds
  • OT3: Daniel’s constants
  • Dharmaville Is Hella Gay OT3s: ft. Miles and Kate

So, I just re-watched Nelson v. Murdock and I noticed something about Matt/Chalire Cox’s acting. 

Matt fidgets, a lot. 

Like when it flashed back to when they were drunk and sitting on those steps at campus, he was subtly rocking side to side and passing his walking stick between his hands, until they started talking about heavy subjects (and even then, just subdued). At first I chalked it up to him being drunk, and it probably was that, too. Then when it cut back to them in the present, you could see him moving his left foot and hand. Then it cut back to them in their L&Z office, he was twitching and waving his hands. And back to when they were fighting, a lot of waving, twitching, and basically grabbing at his clothes (at the end of the ep, when Foggy is yelling at him, you can see his left hand start twitching and get closer to the loose part of his pants then he starts to grab and release them). And at Josie’s bar, when Foggy is talking about opening up their own firm (after Matt says it sounds like they’re getting married), he scoots up, leans forward, makes a fist with with his left hand, then starts picking at his thumb when his hand relaxes (tbh, it seems like a nervous habit to me, it’s something I do sometimes). 

Anyways, these were just some stray observations I thought were interesting about Cox’s acting (I’m sure there are way more I’ve missed, I just noticed these at the end of ep 10). 

Has anyone brought this up in an interview? I’d love to hear what he says about it (also, if anyone could make a gifset of his fidgeting that would be amazing).

I see the light. (Dean Imagine)

Combined Requests

Request: Can you do one where Dean and the reader watch Tangled together and its super fluffy at the end?? Thank you!

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader and Dean like each other and won’t tell each other and one day Dean just kisses her and then walks away so the reader tells Charlie and she makes her look really hot then shows Sam and Dean (Cas too if you want) and Dean and reader end up hooking up thanks!


“For the hundredth time, yes. I do think he has feelings for you.” Charlie, your best friend, sighed as she continued braiding your hair, “Its so obvious. I dont understand how you dont see it or believe me.”

You shook your head, “But he’s Dean. He only likes one night stands and we all live together. So he would have to be with mefor like,  more than one night.”

"Im telling yo- hand me the hair tie please..thanks. Im telling you, he wants more than one night with you. Its in his eyes, I mean, literally. Im surprised he hasn’t ripped your clothes off yet.”

"Im surprised I havent ripped off his. Im serious. Trust me when I say I wish I could be interested in women like you, that way I wouldnt have to dismiss these..urges.”

"What urges?”

You and Charlie both jumped and turned to see Dean standing in the doorway of your bedroom with a grin on his face, “Sorry to scare you, but the pizza’s here. Y/N, I ordered cheese for you since, you know, you hate pepperoni.”

After a few seconds of him standing there, staring at you, he caught himself and cleared his throat, walking away.

You didn’t have to look at Charlie to know the expression on her face, “He totally got lost in your eyes.”

“He was probably looking at this shit braid you created. I mean, what the hell?” You stood in the mirror as a smile tugged at your lips, “You defiantly need more practice.”

The two of you were laughing as you strolled out into the living room and found Cas, Sam, and Dean sitting in front of the T.V. with slices of pizza in their hands.

“We’re going to watch Tangled!” Cas said excitedly, “I won the coin toss!”

Dean groaned, “Let’s just get this over with.”

“Oh come on Dean!” You smirked and plopped down next to him on the couch, “This is one of the best movies in the entire world. Castiel needs to see it so why not all watch it together?”

“I never said I wouldn’t watch it!” He defended, aware of how close you suddenly were to him, “I just…I..uhm..”

“You okay?” Charlie chimed in as she snuggled between Sam and Cas, “It seems like something distracted you from what you were going to say. And..its funny, it was right when Y/N sat down next to y-“

"Someone press play!” You interrupted, shooting her an annoyed look but only receiving a shrug in response.

The movie began and just like every other time you’ve watched it, you became lost in it. Every song that came on was sung along by both you and Charlie. You hadn’t even noticed Dean staring at you from the corner of his eye as a smile was plastered on his face. What you had noticed was how close you two were now. It was as if with every passing moment, the two of you grew closer and closer together.

“I love this part.” You whispered, leaning forward to prop your elbows on you knees while resting your head in your hands, “Its my favorite song.”

“Why?” Dean whispered back to you, careful not to disturb the other three who were enchanted with the scene.

“The lyrics.”

And at last I see the light
And it’s like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it’s like the sky is new
And it’s warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything looks different
Now that I see you

You glanced over at Dean who was furrowing his brows at the screen, paying careful attention to each lyric that floated through the air in song.

All those days chasing down a daydream
All those years living in a blur
All that time never truly seeing
Things, the way they were
Now she’s here shining in the starlight
Now she’s here suddenly I know
If she’s here it’s crystal clear
I’m where I’m meant to go

Dean shifted slightly, closer to you.

And it’s warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything is different
Now that I see you

He’s gonna kiss her!” Dean said a little too loudly, but he didn’t care. Instead he focused on the movie with a smile, until, “What?! Why does that always happen! Kiss her, and then go investigate!”

Sam laughed lightly, “Dean..”

“Seriously! Now she’s going to think he used her!”

Castiel tilted his head, “How do you kn-“

“I told you!”

“Dean just watch.” You bit your lip, “Watch the movie. A kiss will come.”

With that, Dean was silent. He watched as Rapunzel figured out who she really was, how Flynn climbed the tower to save her, and how he was stabbed, saving Rapunzel’s life before his own. But then, he watched as Rapunzel cried over her new dream and how those tears of true love brought him back to life, ending in a passionate kiss.

“Told you!” You exclaimed as the credits began rolling, “Cas, what did you think?”

“It was very beautiful,” He nodded, “I very much enjoyed Eugene. He reminds me of Dean somehow.”

“No way.” Sam scoffed, “Dean wouldn’t admit his feelings first.”

"What are you talking about?” You questioned but Sam only shook his head with a smile and left the room.

Charlie and Cas both said their goodnights, leaving you and Dean alone in the kitchen, “I guess Ill clean up then.” You said, begining to clean the plates and cups when Dean walked up right beside you,



He was quiet for a while, but then, as if he had been waiting all night to do it, he grabbed your face and kissed you. It was short and passionate, but as soon as he pulled away, you dove in for another. His lips were soft against yours as you both sunk into each motion together.

“Dean.” His name floated from your mouth as you finally stepped back, but he only looked down in response,  then walked away.

‘He’s just going to walk away? After kissing me? And not say ANYTHING?' You thought while making your way back to the room. Luckily, Charlie was still awake and it only took you a few seconds of entering the room to tell her everything that just happened.

“I told you!” She squealed, “And dont worry, Dean is not a lovey dovey guy so he probably had no clue of what to do after kissing, oh, you know, the love of his life.”

“Shut up!” You tried to hide your blush, “There’s no way I’m that special to him.

She rolled her eyes, “Whatever, but you are special. And you’re going out with him tonight.”

"Tonight? But it’s..” You glanced at the clock, “..only eight-thirty. Really? Wow.”

“Yeah, time sure does fly when you’re an old lady at heart.” She mocked, “But seriously, you two can go to a bar together or something. I’m going to go talk to Sam really fast, and when I get back, I’m doing your hair and make-up.”


To your suprise, Charlie did a much better job at your hair then what was attempted before dinner. She had it curled and your makeup done within the hour, and now all you needed to do was change.

“Really? Jeans and a tank top?”

“I’m not wearing a gown to the bar, Charlie.”

“No. Something has to change.”

“Okay. What?”

She smirked, rummaging through her clothes and pulling out a black bandage skirt to match your black tank top, “Put this on and pull your shirt down slightly so that there is some clevage.”

You reluctantly pulled the skirt on, “I don’t want to look like whor-”

But you didnt. As soon as you looked in the mirror, you we’re surprised to see that you looked, well, classy. The outfit was made to look like you had on a tiny black dress and although revealing, it was not too much.

“T-Thanks.” Was all you could stutter out as Charlie gleamed in your direction.

“I would totally make-out with you if you weren’t straight,” She sighed, “But the world is cruel. To me at least because you’re about to go on a long awaited date.”

You both strolled out of the room to find Castiel, Sam, and Dean all standing with their backs to you, facing the television.

"Dean?” Charlie cleared her throat, “I believe your date is ready.”

All three men turned around, and all three exclaimed a “Wow.” in unison. You blushed harshly and bit your lip, but kept your eyes on Dean who took a few steps towards you.

“I guess…” He shook his head, “Sorry, I mean, let’s g-”

You turned to face everyone else, cutting him off while grabbing his hand, “We’ll be back later. Don’t wait up.”

Chalire gave you a look saying, ‘Of course I’ll wait up, I want every detail.’ But Sam and Cas just nodded with big grins plastered on their faces. They must have known all along, too.

You held Deans hand all the way out to the impala, but he stopped before allowing you to climb into the passenger seat, “I was thinking, you know the movie we watched?”

“Yes.” You breathed, unsure if what he was getting at.

“Well, I just thought that he should have kissed her before it was too late. That’s why I freaked. And then, they had a happy ending. But life isn’t a fairytail. So, that’s why I kissed you back there. Because you never know when it’s gonna be too late. I don’t know, it just felt like something I had to do.” He let out a breath and smiled, as if he was proud of himself for finally saying it.

“I’m glad you did Dean,” you simply replied, standing on your toes and pecking his lips softly, “I’m really glad you did.”

Fairy-tail ending or not, you both were happy. And that’s all that seemed to matter.