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And I built the last of the initial houses for the neighborhood, too. It’s supposed to be a classic chalet, but it has a dorky and non-classic dormer on the side because I forgot to leave space for a bathroom upstairs, and I didn’t want to rip it apart. Derp. :p But even with the dorky dormer, I kinda like it because I have a gigantic soft spot for chalet style in general. It’s the only building in the neighborhood that doesn’t use the log walls because IMO chalet style looks better with vertically-oriented exterior cladding, and I don’t have vertical log walls. So, it got wood-tone board-and-batten siding instead.

The interior isn’t done (and it’s still not done on the fifth house, either), but otherwise all the initial houses are built now.

Montreal you are so beautiful 💛💜💚💙


I guess one has to consider this building to be one the most remarkable around. A big wooden castle in the middle of nowhere. Sort of nowhere, at least.
Like something from a Disney-tale. 

Built in 1888, in a, sort of, swiss chalet style. Very ornamented and very monumental. 

As a child I always believed it was haunted by ghosts - and to be honest I think I still do. If I were a ghost I would for sure wanna live there at least. 

A lovely building. I really like it a lot. But then again, who wouldn’t like a big Disney-castle? 

ok, thanks,


Discover Disneyland Paris
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Give your taste buds a treat in one of the many restaurants and cafes at Disneyland® Paris – whether it’s a quick bite to eat between fun in the parks or an end of day relaxing meal. From fine European cuisine to all-you-can-eat buffets, your taste buds won’t be disappointed – and neither will the kids with the restaurants as much a Disney experience as anything else. And to top it off you even have the chance to enjoy your meal with your favourite Disney Characters by your side.

Quick Service

Au Chalet de la Marionette

Straight from the fantastical world of the Disney classic Pinocchio, lose yourself in the Bavarian delights of this chalet-style diner. Located in Fantasyland, Disneyland Park, this Alpine-themed restaurant serves up delicious chicken dishes such as the ½ Poulet Roti, as well as other hearty treats. The restaurant is primarily carved from wood and old stones.

Casey’s Corner

Ideally situated on Main Street U.S.A, stop off for a quick bite at Casey’s Corner, serving up traditional American cuisine. Pull up a chair and overlook the Disneyland Castle – the perfect place to make all your dreams come true.

Earl of Sandwich

Located on the edge of the idyllic Lake Disney, in Disney Village, Earl of Sandwich dishes up hot subs pronto. Made from freshly-baked artisan bread, exciting spicy charcuterie and Hawaiian BBQ, these subs will certainly exceed your quick service expectations and set you on your way round the Disneyland Parks.

Sit Back and Relax

Bistrot Chez Rémy

In Walt Disney Studios Park, enjoy your food like Rémy from Disney Pixar’s Ratatouille and feast on the best French foods in this Parisian bistro. Enjoy the most beautiful nighttime experience with oversized cocktail umbrellas and cutlery, (so you can feel just like Rémy). With an efficient but relaxed table service and reservations accepted, be sure not to miss your chance to dine in the fun-filled Toon Studioan area of Walt Disney Studios Park not to be missed.

California Grill

Overlooking the gorgeous and colourful grounds of Disneyland Park from inside the Disneyland Hotel, the California Grill is a family-friendly restaurant with a sophisticated air – and a great wine list. Save your best threads and dress up for an extra special night here.

Walt’s Restaurant

Images of Walt Disney himself greet you on the first floor of Walt’s restaurant, on Main Street U.S.A. Encased in elaborate frames the pictures guide you through Walt’s most monumental days from the first creation of Mickey Mouse to his last personal touch on The Jungle Book movie. The restaurant’s rooms are themed around the six worlds of the Disneyland Park.

Dining with your Favourite Characters

Auberge de Cenrillon

From the ravishing Prince Eric to the magical Princess Aurora, young guests are invited to dress like their favourite Disney prince and princesses at Auberge de Cenrillon. Parents too will be transported into a Disney world that surpasses their most imaginative dreams. Cinderella’s mice, Suzy and Perla, greet diners at the door and guide you to a stunning banquet hall, surrounded by beautiful stained-glass windows, fit for kings. Disney’s best-loved royals elegantly dance between tables, stopping for pictures and autographs, while diners feast on fine French food.


Inventions in the Disneyland Hotel serves up a colossal buffet with food from all corners of the world; the restaurant is also full of magical Disney movie characters like Goofy and Pluto who visit guests’ tables to talk and have their photo taken. Overlooking Main Street U.S.A, the Victorian inspired décor makes it a great place to sit back and relax at the end of a magical day.

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All photos credited to Disney


Wow, people seemed to really like this little house. :) I’m flattered. Thank you for all the comments/likes/reblogs. :)

Anyway, I finished it up today, so have its floor plans and some interiors. It is literally just a 10x10 box with a gable roof, a couple dormers, and a deck on the front (because the beach is across the street from where this house sits), but there’s just something about the chalet style that’s cute despite its extreme simplicity. I also tend to like two-story spaces, being a bit of a claustrophobe in real life, and chalets lend themselves well to that. 

I just wish that it was possible to “paint” the inside of roofs, so that places like this, with a half-story loft, don’t have big white slabs of under-roof showing when you take pictures with the walls and roof up. In builds like this, you can’t use ceiling to hide it because that would defeat the whole purpose of the multi-story space. :) But beggars can’t be choosers, I guess. Have to work with what we’re given.

Now to decide…Do I want to just play the game or do I want to build more stuff….? Hmmmmmmm….

Chalet du Mont Royal / Montreal lookout

mid 1970s PNW chalet-style homes are so ugly but i fell into a pit of em and i have a soft spot for them because i used to live in a really weird one so if you are into some of the houses that are coming up i will be impressed and we are prob soulmates