chalcides ocellatus


A few quick cell phone pictures from work today, thought you guys would enjoy.

Edit: added species names in the image captions since people were asking, had to wait until I had time to do it on the computer.

A whole bunch of eggs in the makeshift incubator. In here, there are:
Phelsuma quadriocellata
Phelsuma abbotti
Phelsuma lineata
Paroedura androyensis
Paroedura picta
Tropiocolotes stuedneri
Lepidodactylus lugubris

And there are still other L. lugubris eggs glued around their cage. The P. androyensis, T. stuedneri, T. tripolitanus, and perhaps the Mochlus sp. have also most likely laid and buried more eggs in their cages by now. On top of all that, I suspect that the female Chalcides ocellatus is gravid, and will be due to give birth in September or late August.

Busy busy busy.