P.H.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. Chapter 2: Tenochtitlondon Drift


“Come on, old sport. You’ve got this.”

Hal stared at the machine from the other side of the room, which was beginning to smoke. He had flown away quickly as soon as he heard a hissing sound, worried that it was going to explode. The ship had fortunately failed to do so, but he needed to work up the courage to close off the fuel port.

Hal had been trying to start the machine after rewiring it with Chrys, which was an extremely difficult prospect. One startup mechanism had to activate a plethora of systems; it had to fire the ignition and start up the engine for the propellers, it activated the electric power steering of the side wings (which of course had an emergency manual override), the small nuclear reactor that used magic to convert air into energy to be fired out of the propulsion engines (one of Adamarie’s greatest achievements was machine-activated spells using thaumic-imbued circuitry runes), channeling power to the navigation systems and emergency landing airbags, and not to mention the scientific instruments running on the outside of the ship. There were small sealed boxes for storing materials to be kept at specific temperatures, as well as a tea kettle. There were gears to be re-oiled, equipment to test, wires to replace, papers to reorganize, bottles to pitch. Thankfully, most of the various research notes and trinkets inside the ship were well protected, with belts and straps securing most of the drawers, but Chrys and Hal tended to be distracted easily and forgot about cleaning things up. At the moment, Hal’s most pressing concern was the nuclear generator smoking.

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3 of my new dragons! Names based on gems. I wrote a story so this will be a long post.


“Much like Amethystos is named after a gem, Chrysocollos is named after Chrysocolla, a cyan-turquoise gem which is most likely derived from the copper hydroxide spertiniite and chalcedony. The name comes from greek words ‘chrysos’, “gold”, and 'kolla’, “glue”, and was the term used for the process of soldering gold or the materials used to solder gold itself. Chrysocollos is heavily mechanically-inclined and sees his environment as a puzzle to be optimized at every level of socio-dynamic to mechanical function. Whether or not he is able to make anything that actually works or doesn’t end up exploding, however, is a completely different story. Most of the time he has difficulty focusing on one task for a long time and instead gets caught up in too many things and doing very little in all of them. On rare occasions, though, he gets obsessed with one particular “project” and goes to ridiculous lengths to work on it, forgoing sleep and food, until he passes out and wakes up with little memory of what he was doing. Amethystos tries to gently push him back into reality and make sure he doesn’t create too much destruction.
What’s worse is when he has too much to drink and tries to conduct experiments or teach other dragons about science while semi-drunken; but he never lets himself completely go due to his complete loyalty to his wife. And besides, she thinks it’s kind of funny in a cute way when he mutters “I love you so damn much” while tripping over his wings and trying to experiment.”

he starts out as just an awkward bean; very introverted and shy when they first meet but over time (and with his adventures) he gains his confidence; Hal’s ridiculousness is contagious and you’ll see that soon. Look how formal he looks in his little labcoat, so adorable. His gloves of course have all sorts of Science Implements on them. What do they do? Who knows.


“His full title Chalchihuitl Khorasak Callais the 7th of the Callais Clan of the WIndswept Plateus. Due to the difficulty of pronouncing such a title, most people just call him Hal. His first name is the aztec word for turquoise, the middle name is derived from Khorasan Province of Persia. The french word “turques” was taken from the Turks who delievered the gem from the Persian mines, and from such the word “turquoise” is derived. The last name is name that Pliny the Elder, a latin philosopher, gave the gem.”

first of all, being both a spiral dragon and from the wind clan, he’s ridiculously reckless and energetic. Beware the dragon who speaks in paragraphs. Also he speaks in this odd british ish mannerism that no one really understands because those phrases don’t exist? He is dapper af, loves fancy acroynms, and his primary objective is adventure and lots of it. He gets into way too much trouble.


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