chalcedony rose

Chalcedony, a quartz gem from homeworld that serves White Diamond. She is massive and wields a Greatsword with a small shield that appears on her arm. Due to all the issues as of late with quartz gems she is under pressure since Rose Quartz’s uprising and then many, many, many years later Jasper’s fall on Earth. Chalcedony has to now help redeem the quartz gems to show that are not incompetent. Who knows what will happen when she makes it to Earth…..

Art by Me.

Forgot to flippin sign the damned thing. Well, hope everyone likes it I know I do. Might do a short story or something with her and Aqua going to Earth.


The Magical Musical Automaton Toy Cabinet - Jean & Pierre Bellin, circa 1990.

Made of gold embellished with mother-of-pearl, enamel, and carved chalcedony and rose quartz flowers and foliage, the Bellins’ automaton opens to reveal an animated Alice and White Rabbit atop a revolving drum. The toy train circles the drum, pulling cars filled with sapphires, emeralds, and rubies; the hot air balloon also spins. The many toys in the cabinet are of enameled gold set with diamonds or carved from semiprecious stones.