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I saw the jewelery post you reblogged and I'm a bit curious! Are there any stones/rocks/gems that you particularly like?

Awww yess!! 

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I got a gem called Chalcedony thats a fusion of Morganite and Smithsonite. Now I HAVE to draw them after that little leak from that person. ;v; Also, what do you think of the statue hing beig confirmed as not a statue? (In the title card)

t means that i  was  probably most likely wrong about  her not driving a giant head… 

or it could actually be white diamond who knows


Chalcedony Statuette of a Herm of Herakles, Roman Imperial, 2nd Century AD

While sculptures of bronze and marble are among the most well-known artistic legacies of Greece and Rome, ancient artists also produced fine works of sculpture in other materials such as terracotta, ivory, gold, silver, glass, and rare or semi-precious stone. Some artists possessed the remarkable skills needed to transform hard stone into miniature sculpture worthy of comparison with the finest works in bronze and marble. This extraordinary and finely made statuette of Herakles is just such an object. It stands out as a masterwork, even when considered among the small number of other stone statuettes that are known, and testifies to the superior talent of artists who created such luxuria during the Roman Imperial Period. This type of herm representing Herakles first appears in the Greek Hellenistic period and becomes prevalent during Roman Imperial times. This herm is supported by a golden pedestal of 18th century date, following a custom of the time for mounting such rare objects.

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