Headcanons okay?

• Honestly? He’s as hammered as you are. Maybe even more so.
• Super smug when you start to cling on to him (but also super giddy on the inside because he thinks it’s cute).
• You two spend almost all night hanging off each other, singing and laughing at bad jokes.
• “hey, HEY, McCree…Mc-Jess. my man, my…. Listen, bro, HEY! You’re sooo beautiful, you know that? God, I gotta…. I got a crUSH on yooouu!”
• He starts crying, he’s so happy
• You start crying, because he’s crying
• And, everything gets caught on tape.

• Okay, so this man has the highest alcohol tolerence of anyone you’ve ever known, or will ever know.
• He always ends up being the moderator for every get together that involves adult beverages
• He’s the only one who, for sure, won’t get drunk.
• “Okay, I think you’ve had enough, [y/n].”
• “I think, I think YOU’VE had enough mr. hoTBOD.”
• “Aaaand, I’m taking your drink.”
• He pretends that you saying he has a hot body doesn’t get to him.
• It gets to him.
• You wrap your arms around his torso.
• “Gabe, gabe, GAbe! Gabo… Gabe….Gab-a-reeno!”
• “What.”
• “psst gabe. I think….. I know whose gotta crush on yooouuuu!……… it’s meeeee.”
• He’s absolutely red all over and everyone knows it’s not because of the alcohol.

• Is super careful about drinking and has probably only had a sip of beer.
• Watches you from afar as you have a hardcore rock-paper-scissor battle with McCree.
• You both keep putting out rock.
• “Mind if I play?” He asked McCree after seeing this go on for a few minutes.
• “be my guest… mr. sir, they’re a…….veeerrry powerful….”
• Jesse then toddles away to bother Gabriel.
• “Aaaaahhh, so the big guy shows for….a chALANGE!”
• He laughs.
• On shoot, he purposely puts out scissors all three times, naming you the victor.
• You try to climb the table in victory, but he holds you back.
• You wiggle a bit in his arms then stop when you realize how warm he is.
• “Hugs from Jack! Ooooo hugs….warm…good, Yay! I loove ya hugs! Now- you know…… Hey, jaCK give me a kiss.” You sing
• “Absolutely not.”
• He’s blushing up a storm.
• “pleeeaassseeee?? I’ve always wanted one!”
• You start singing a song about kisses and Jack, while he tries his hardest not to give you one.

• You’ve been bothering him all night
• It’s not like he can just leave you; it would be irresponsible.
• So, he half listens to you blab on about some movie with a pig in it.
• “And then she dies. Her babies…they just fly…..but he teaches baby sal……salutations.”
• You start to become a blubbering mess.
• You’re full on weeping at this point.
• Hanzo doesn’t know what to do, so he’s awkwardly patting your back.
• You end up crying into his chest.
• He’s freaking out and it’s showing a little.
• “H-hanzooo, don’t die an-and let your babies fly awaaaaayyyy!”
• “O-okay….”
• He’s trying to think of a way to make you stop crying as fast as he can.
• He grabs his cup of water and hands it to you.
• “Here….. You need to stay hydrated…”
• You slow your bawling and accept his offering, still cradled in his chest.
• You gulp it down through your sniffles.
• “Hanzo. Don’t….you better- haaanzzooo. Please don’t die! Then I can’t tell you….say that…. I think your super cute…..”
• “Thank you?”
• He went to bed that night equal parts confused and flustered


Was that what you wanted? I hope I got it right!

here they are , genderbends of the demons

if in this universe odin is a girl with no beard… there must be somebody with a hot beard for the world balance, and hell, it has to be wrathia…

Neyv was the most chalanging one btw ( tho i may have come too far with making him this buff…)

(they’re placed in the order they were made)

and about tuls’s name … i wanted something more complex then tulsi or alike. and there are all the leters from lust(extra ‘o’ tho ) so maybe that’s a good one(?)

vintagemidnights  asked:

I'm planning out a "short story" where my main character is a rich girl with a dad who buys her golden cars and stuff and she's an incredibly talented cheerleader and is super smart but I'm having trouble making her less 1 dimensional. I want her to be more than just the rich-bitch and I want to give her flaws but I don't know how to approach it. Any advice?

Hello there!  

This is one of my favorite types of characters, so I’m really glad you asked.  First and foremost I’ll direct you to my Traits of a Likable Hero post, as it talks about the foundation stones that I’ve observed almost all protagonists have.

For this particular archetype, however, here are my personal rules of thumb: 

1.  Make sure she cares about others!  

Think Charlotte from Princess and the Frog.  Nothing screams “rich girl with a heart of gold” more than one who unabashedly plays mama bear to all of her friends, particularly ones less privileged than her.  

Let her care about their feelings, treat them to lunches they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, ride her ponies, go for joyrides with her in her expensive cars.

Also, allow her to extend empathy and friendship to people of a lower status than herself:  let’s say there’s a new chubby, nerdy, or socially awkward girl who’s being bullied.  A person of your character’s status could easily make that character’s life a lot better, so allow her to do so.  It will instantaneously make your character more sympathetic and likable.   

Just be sure said less-privileged character is an equally three-dimensional and lovable character, otherwise it will come off as a charity case. This will also give your readers a lovely friendship that they can root for.    

(On a side note, Rich and Privileged Character who Openly Cares About Her Loved Ones is legit one of my personal favorite tropes of all time.)

2.  Show how hard she works.

One of the main obstacles to making wealthy, privileged characters likable is the fact that they can come off as entitled, lazy, and often spoiled.  To combat this, show how hard your character works to get where she is. 

Cheerleading, for example, is a difficult sport, at least as much so as the football games they cheer on.  Pyramids, backflips, synchronization, etc. requires a lot of time and effort to master.

So give your readers a glimpse of your character while she’s practicing!  Be sure to describe the sweat, sore muscles, and fatigue that goes into doing what she loves.  This is also great, because female-dominated sports such as cheerleading are frequently dismissed as being less chalanging, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to show the reader otherwise.

Similarly, you mentioned your character to be smart.  So give the reader a glimpse of her studying!  Better yet, show her tutoring other students in her free time, as this will also make her more likable to the reader as well.

Other ways to make her more sympathetic would include her doing volunteer work, for example, contributing to charities, killing vampires, et cetera.  The more you show your character earning her status, the more likable she’ll be.

3.  Remember your character doesn’t have to be perfect!  

Thus far, we’ve established that your character is beautiful, wealthy, accomplished, and kind.  

This does not mean, however, that she’s automatically perfect;  your character will make mistakes, and these mistakes are integral both to creating a compelling plot, and to making her sympathetic and personable to your readers.

Maybe she makes slip ups based on her status, and then has to learn from them (e.g. assuming poor people are lazy because she heard it from the adults around her), or perhaps they’re completely unrelated.  Either way, don’t be afraid to let your character make gaffs, big or small;  just so long as she learns from them and emerges a better person because of it.  

This not only allows the audience to relate to your character, but may just help them grow as well.

(I had to include at least one Asami gif, as she’s one of my all time favorite Rich Girls With a Heart of Gold and also my gilfriend.  Don’t tell Korra.) 

Aside from that, treat her like any other character.  Her archetype doesn’t necessarily need to impact her quirks, her likes or dislikes, and it would probably be boring if it did (you know those cheesy old sitcoms where all the jokes revolved around the character’s “type?”  Yeah, you don’t want that.)

So for further reference, I’ll direct you to my How to Get to Know Your Characters post here, and my Female Characters to Avoid Post here.   

I hope this helps, and happy writing!  <3

Jangan jadi biasa

Yup jangan jadi biasa. Mungkin kata ini yang menginspirasi bocah bocah aliran “kids jaman now” untuk melakukan hal diluar nalar dan menabrak tabu. Mereka yang terkoneksi dengan dunia maya berharap suatu saat menjadi bagian penting dari dunia per-“viral”-an yang terjadi saat ini. Entah karena ingin mencari perhatian karena mungkin orang tuanya juga lebih sibuk dengan hp nya daripada anaknya. Atau memang ingin mencari ketenaran supaya dapat rupiah dari viral itu.

Memang kesalahan kita membuat tenar orang orang “gila” yang mungkin prilakunya tidak pantas di contoh. Dari kasus norman camaru, tidak seharusnya polisi berjoget dan menari ala india. Mereka harusnya menunjukan wibawa, keramahan tidak dibentuk dengan goyang caya caya yang akhirnya mengubur karir polisi tersebut. Belum lagi vicky prasetyo. Mungkin ini bibit utama anak jaman sekarang lebih suka ngomong gak jelas macam kuy, sabi, cabs dan lain sebagainya. Ketenaran duo srigala yang pamer “basket ball” nya untuk menarik penonton berhasil menjadi idola anak wanita masa kini. Bermodalkan hp dan aplikasi bigo anak anak mulai pamer sesuatu yang seharusnya mereka sembunyikan dan menjadi permata untuk seseorang nanti sekarang diumbar layaknya manekin yang dipajang didepan toko , semua orang melihat tp gak akan beli yang dipajang. Pasti cari yang segelan.

Seharusnya kalian berpikir ketika menjadi nakal itu biasa kenapa kalian tidak berlaku baik. Dan ketika baik itu menjadi biasa kenapa kalian tidak berusaha menjadi yang paling baik? Karena menjadi yang tidak biasa tidak harus menjadi lawan dari kebaikan. Kalian bisa menjadi tidak biasa ketika kalian bisa menjadi lebih baik dari orang lain dalam kebaikan bukan dalam kebodohan

Untuk kalian yang baru menjajaki dunia “ngartis” ala youtuber atau “seleb” gaya instagram. Please don’t do anything stupid like showing your b***s. Making chalange but embarassing your self. Buat lah sesuatu yang menginspirasi, dengan karyamu bukan dengan sesuatu yang akan menghancurkanmu

*Sangat berharap tidak ada lagi anak bocah review vapor. Bocah Nangis nangis dedipan kamera gara gara diputusin pacar dan Live bunur diri. So damn crazy

I want to thank @dalliantthoughts  for tagging me. Thank you so much for tagging me in this challange friend. I tried my best , but i was really nervous and aware that my voice sounds awlful in recordings, but oh, well what can we do ?
In case anyone is wondering , yep it’s me in the picture :)  

The Questions:

- State your name and username

- Where are you from?

- Pronounce the following words:

Feyre Archeron, Rhysand, Cresseida, Thesan, Rhoe Galathynius, Illyrian, Manon, Abraxos, Prythian, Lucien, Ianthe, Suriel, Bryaxis, Carridwen and Nuala, Elide, Velaris, Rowan Whitethorn, Chaol Westfall, Yrene Towers, Nehemia Ytger, Rifthold, Adarlan, Crochan, Kaltain Rompier, Sorscha, Dorian Havilliard, Lyria, Asterion horse, Valg, Eyllwe, wyrdmarks, rowaelin, feysand (and Lorcan).

- How did you find out about the books?

- When did you start reading them?

- Favourite character from TOG and ACOTAR

- Have you read Assassin’s Blade? Do you plan on reading the ACOTAR novellas?

- Favourite ship(s)?

- Read a page from your favourite book from TOG or ACOTAG

- Which scene destroyed you the most?

- If you read fanfiction name your favourite or some of your favourites. 
My aboslute fave is Shadows and Darkness: One and the Same by @azrielsiphons ; and We are Young by @highlady-casandra  and the one which name i forgot when i was recording is @easkyrah ‘s Aeonian AU Series about Nessian , i love that one.. And so many more but i’m lazy and have no time to search through my likes to find them ;dd sorry

- Fave headcanons?
Here’s the one i was talking about ; it’s by @illyrianazriel about autistic Nesta ; srsly it’s so good , go check it ^^

- Favourite quote(s)?

- If you could choose any piece of media to readapt the Maasverse in, what would you choose? (e.g.: movie(s), tv show, animation, a musical, video games, etc.)

- TOG or ACOTAR? Why?

- Which would be your ACOTAR Court? Why?

- And last but not least, say 3 unpopular opinions. Do it, go off. 

So I’m going to tag some people but i’m not sure if you have already done it, so if you have, sorry for the spam. Anyways i tag : @highladyofnorta @tog-trash @togloveralltheway  @queen-of-the-night-court @rowaelinislife @lightinggirlxredqueen  @mercyvansunshine @herpowerisdeath and everyone else that hasn’t been tagged yet to do the challange I tag you. Again i’m sorry if I tagged someone who has already done it. And thank all the lovely souls that listened to my akward rambling… I was so akward in the end, lol …  

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i got this request from @paraqeet for the pallete chalange!

i learned a lot working on this piece and it took me like…10 hours? i need to put a chronometer next time i work.

any way, i learned how to change the colors of my line work in the line work layer,which is extremely usefully,also always use references,even if the pose or the body type of the reference aren’t the same for your subject.

i tried using illustrator or Photoshop, but i realized i still need to learn a lot to properly use those programs, but what i have learned so far for those programs proved to be real useful in sai too