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Sarada Does Know

I wanted to post this a long time ago, but I decided to take a long break and didn’t return until recently. But now I’m back, so here we go! :)  

A long time ago, I saw how some people were claiming that Sarada still didn’t know in the end that Sakura truly was her biological mother (because they thought that Sarada actually never understood what had truly happened during the DNA test) and that Sarada believed Sakura was her real mother just due to the love they had for each other.

In reality, yes, Sarada learnt that only love is important when it comes to relationships and she treasures this lesson deeply, but she also now perfectly knows who her biological mother is.

^ These panels from Naruto Gaiden Chapter 9 are clearly showing that, despite the fact that Sarada had truly understood that blood connections don’t matter and that only love does, she simply couldn’t have been completely fine with Sakura not being her mother, especially not right away. 

^ Sarada was still upset, but she knew that what only mattered during those moments was to save Sakura as soon as possible. 

After some time, Sarada punched the ground with an astonishing strength in order to protect Sakura, leaving everyone incredibly surprised and making Sasuke smirk proudly (just like he had previously smirked while looking at Sakura in Naruto Chapter 632 after realising how strong she had become):

Then, as it can be seen in the panel from below, Chōchō saw Sarada’s Sharingan and realised that Sarada’s eyes were just like Sasuke’s. She told Sarada this, but, instead of reflecting on her similarity to Sasuke, Sarada became speechless and immediately looked right at Sakura while still holding up the hand she had punched with just a few seconds ago:

After that, Sarada started looking at her hand and agreed with what Chōchō said. Still, the fact that she was looking at her hand highlights that this was actually the moment when she realised just how similar she was to Sakura. While giving the impression that she was referring to her similarity to her father while saying “yeah”, Sarada was actually agreeing with how much she resembled Sakura. Then, after staring at her hand for a while, Sarada started looking at Sakura once again while still holding up her hand and being extremely surprised:    

Even in the panel from below, Sarada’s right hand (the one she had punched the ground with) remained in the very same position, fact which shows just how surprised she was after realising that she had the very same ability as Sakura, thus being extremely similar to her:

Deviating from the subject a little: Sarada managed to punch the ground with such an inmmense strength due to the fact that she genetically inherited her good chakra control from Sakura. If Sarada hadn’t had naturally good chakra control, she wouldn’t have been able to create such an amazing punch solely with the help of her Sharingan.

What you cannot directly inherit is, indeed, the superhuman strength itself, but the strength is a consequence of naturally good chakra control and learning how to control it even better over time.

Sakura herself had an amazing chakra control right from the very beginning of the series, fact which was observed by Kakashi-Sensei himself on two separate occasions in Part 1:

- one of them was during an extremely early point of the story when Team 7 was training together:

- the other one was during Sakura’s fight with Ino from the Chūnin Exams:

^ This was due to the fact that Sakura’s extremely good chakra control was natural, as well. This way, it was also passed down to Sarada, who can control her chakra even better than Sakura could at her age due to the fact that Sarada also has the Sharingan which she inherited from her father and always activates it while using her naturally good chakra control: 

Also, judging by Sakura’s extremely surprised expressions during and after the moment when Sarada punched the ground extremely hard, it is more than clear that Sakura hadn’t trained Sarada at all when it comes to this aspect, so absolutely everything regarding Sarada’s punch was natural:  

Still, considering that Sakura is now well aware that Sarada has inherited her naturally good chakra control, she will definitely train Sarada from now on. Over time, Sarada’s chakra control will become even better, just like Sakura’s did after training, even though, as I’ve already said, Sarada is already greatly helped by the fact that she has also inherited the Sharingan from Sasuke. 

Returning to the main subject: Thus, this was the actual moment when Sarada finally started realising just how similar she was to Sakura. 

Later, Sakura told Sarada that she indeed was her real mother. This also was the moment when Naruto started realising that Sakura actually was the biological mother, fact which is highlighted by the black background from the panel with Naruto and by his surprised expression:  

Still, Sarada might have actually believed at first that Sakura was saying that only because blood connections don’t matter and because Sarada now understood the fact that only love and memories are important.

^ At this point, Sarada didn’t care about blood connections anymore and proved that she had learnt to appreciate relationships purely based on feelings.

On the other hand, at that particular moment, Sakura wasn’t aware of the fact that Sarada had understood such an important lesson.

Also, Sakura had no idea that Sarada had taken a DNA test and that the results from it had matched (just like it was eventually confirmed at the end of Naruto Gaiden Chapter 10, this was only because of the fact that the DNA that had been tested was actually from Sarada and Sakura’s umbilical cord, this being the reason why there had been a 100% match between it and Sarada’s DNA - an umbilical cord contains only the DNA of the child, so the umbilical cord between Sakura and Sarada contained only Sarada’s DNA).

Therefore, Sakura didn’t know why Sarada decided to immediately bring up the love they have for each other and the memories they have together and was surprised by her daughter’s reply, just like the left panel from above shows.

Still, after this, Sarada asked Sasuke whether his and Sakura’s hearts are truly connected (thus basically asking him whether they truly love each other), to which he offered an affirmative answer:

But then, Sarada asked Sasuke how he could be so sure about his and Sakura’s connection and he immediately offered this meaningful answer:

As it can be seen above, in the official Viz Media translation and in the raws for this chapter, Sasuke actually replied with this: “Because you exist, Sarada.”, which literally offers all the explanations we need.

What Sasuke meant while saying that was that Sarada is the living proof of him and Sakura being connected, thus basically stating that she is the proof of him and Sakura loving each other.

Therefore, he basically said that, if he and Sakura hadn’t loved each other, Sarada wouldn’t have existed. She wouldn’t have been born.

But she exists and her simple existence basically represents the love between her parents. They decided to transform their love into a beautiful, precious child and this fact is what is connecting their feelings. 

And Sarada understood this right away, as right after hearing Sasuke’s words, she started crying happily and was exremely relieved:

^ This was the exact moment when Sarada understood it all. She finally understood that Sakura truly was her real mother in every single sense of the word. Thus, this certainly was also the moment when she finally understood the reason why she had managed to punch so incredibly hard a few moments ago, just like Sakura. It was because, as I’ve said above, Sakura was her real mother in every sense of the word, including biologically, and Sarada finally realised this.

Naruto and Chōchō immediately understood the meaning and importance of Sasuke’s words, as well:

^ Here, Naruto finally unquestionably understood that the DNA test was, indeed, mistaken and that Sakura truly was Sarada’s biological mother.

Also, this certainly was the moment when Sarada understood that the DNA test was wrong, as well. 

^ Furthermore, right after hearing what an enormous misunderstanding Suigetsu had caused and after explaining everything regarding Sarada’s birth to him, Karin told Suigetsu to go and apologise to Sarada right away. This means that Sarada did finally completely understand what had truly happened during the DNA test after Suigetsu eventually went and explained everything to her:

In conclusion, of course Sarada now knows who her biological mother is. To repeat myself one last time: Sarada is now completely aware of the fact that her mother is Sakura in every single sense of the word, including biologically. :)

‘When you have something special that you want to protect, then you can become truly strong.’

Powerful Chakra Meditation

This is a meditation I made that I found to be extremely deep and powerful. Use it when you feel you need some balance or beneficial energy in your life, or just need to sit and meditate in general. It is also good for opening the third-eye. I find that this meditation gives many sensations which can be pretty intense, so don’t be alarmed if you feel things very strongly. Just relax, go with it, and you’ll be ok. You’ll need about a half-hour for this procedure.

1. Sit in a comfortable position (preferably cross-legged) and keep your back straight, with your chin tilted slightly downward. Put your hands in your lap with the palms facing up, with right over left for females, and left over right for males.

2. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and relax your muscles. Gradually slow your heartbeat down, and begin to clear yor mind. Block out the surrounding world, and focus on your breathing. Focus on the present. Begin breathing more slowly and deeply, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Close your eyes.

3. Gently bring your attention to the root chakra, located near the privates. Visualize this chakra as a red, swirling point of energy or light. Try to breathe ‘into’  and ‘out of’ this point, directing your breath to the location. As you inhale, imagine clean, beneficial energy entering the chakra, making it brighter and more vivid. This should look something like when an ember from a fire is blown on and it glows. As you exhale, imagine any unhelpful or unclean energy leaving and dissipating, again making the chakra more bright and vivid. Feel this energy exchange as you do it. After repeating for as long as you feel is necessary, move to the next chakra.

4. Continue this process for each chakra, all the way up to the crown. As you move up, you may feel a sense of your conciousness ‘changing shape’. You may also feel vibrations in certain parts of the body (especially the crown), feel numbness and tingling in the face and limbs, see flashes or swirls of light, have a floating or disconnected sensation, or hear ringing in the ears.I find that these start to get very intense at throat chakra, and reach its peak at the crown. Remember that this is normal and will not harm you in any way.

5. When you finish the crown chakra, take a minute to just breathe and prepare for the next step. When ready, imagine a stream of white or pearly light going from the crown chakra all the way down to the root chakra. Feel and see this energy hit each point as it travels down.

6. When the stream of light reaches the bottom, imagine it climbing its way back up starting from the root chakra. Go slow this time, and really feel it work its way back up to the crown. Imagine it reaching and filling each chakra as it goes along. Tune into the vibrations it gives each chakra.

7. When you reach the crown, imagine that stream of light going up and out into the universe in rays. Feel it open up and spread out above you, connecting you to the universe and its knowledge, strengths and vibrations.

8. Take a couple minutes to just breathe deeply. Relax your muscles, and begin to regain awareness of the world around you. Ground yourself and start to move your fingers and toes. Seperate your hands, put them on your lap, then gently open your eyes. The meditation is now finished.

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Every time you make a decision, you tear a hole in the fabric of spacetime and enter a new parallel dimension. Not making a decision causes the same to happen. You may have thought that doing this requires a shaman, hallucinogenic drugs, or a time machine (or all three), but actually it stems from free will, is so subtle you never notice it, and happens all the time.

Elements of Mind/Body/Spirit.

Water is Thought,

Water purifies the Earth.

Earth is Body,

Earth resides within Air.

Air is Spirit,

Air stokes the Fire .

Fire is Soul,

Fire give the Heat to help You grow. 

Water cools the Heat to allow growth. 

Water is Energy. 

Water becomes Body

Body becomes Thought.

You are Infinity,

You create The Light.


3/25/17 remote viewing

I woke up at around 1:00 am earlier this morning because I was looking at some Star Wars spoilers, and couldn’t go to sleep after. That said, I decide to try remote viewing deeply for the first time. Before I start, I used a selenite wand to raise my vibrations, and plugged in my headphones to listen to forest sounds.

The main purpose of this activity was for me to communicate with my guides (which is why I had the selenite), and ask them questions. While I didn’t get any direct answers, I did feel their presence very close to me. My vibrations rose intensely, and I almost feel like I might astral project—but due to fear, I didn’t (that’s the common story with me lols :,D)

And I wondered if my guides wanted that to happen on purpose—for me to meet them on the astral plane. I don’t know how to describe it, but it felt as if someone was guiding me to do it, but of course I chickened out. Even before this, I’ve had the inkling that I’d have to project to truly meet them, so this was really nothing too new.

I envisioned my little “space”. It’s a forest clearing with trees around  me—tall trees and a starry sky above, and it matched with the sounds I was listening to.

Before I even really began, I cleared my chakras with affirmations this time—something I’ve only recently done—and put a protective shield around myself. Also prayed to St. Michael for protection, and then I asked for my guides to come lay beside me, and felt them(one by name, and others to just show if they existed).

Either way my guides want me to astral project I feel, because that’s how I can meet them. so I suppose that’s my next goal, to get over that fear.

Later on I can do a guide of exactly what I did, as well as the affirmations and techniques I used to cleanse my chakras and shield!


Here are some *lengthy* notes from my Grimoire, or Book of Shadows:

Chakras are believed to be the seven main energy points in your body that represent an aspect of your life. When these Chakras are balanced you will feel a sense of happiness, that you are awakened and intuned with things around you, or maybe you will just feel light, like a feather. When left unbalanced, you may feel depressed or burdened. Keeping your Chakras balanced also allows you to have more energy and to enjoy life better.

The first Chakra is typically the Root Chakra, or Muladhara. It is located at the base of the spine, or in the adrenal gland. This Chakra is used for grounding, and represents safety, strength, and your physical need. Stones that represent this Chakra are Garnet, Hematite, Red Jasper, Brecciated Jasper, Snowflake Obsidian, and Bloodstone. This Chakra glows red, and requires mostly red stones, and stones that help with grounding and absorbing/cleansing negative energy. Ways to balance this Chakra are foot massages, pedicures, walks, taking care of your physical needs.

The second Chakra is the Sacral Chakra, or Svadisthana. It is located just below the navel, or the kidneys. This Chakra is used for emotional balance and it stimulates creativity. Stones that represent this Chakra are Carnelian, Orange Sapphire, Orange Citrine, and Moonstone. This Chakra glows orange, and requires mostly orange stones, and stones that help with grounding, cleansing, focusing, and stimulation. Ways to balance this Chakra are luxury baths, romance yourself and others, splurging and relaxing.

The third Chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra, or Manipura. It is located at the base of your sternum, or at the center of your chest/below your lungs. This Chakra is used for personal growth and self image. Stones that represent this Chakra are Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Citrine, Yellow Topaz, and Yellow Jasper. This Chakra glows yellow, and requires mostly yellow stones and stones that help with protection, focusing, promoting self love, and inner awakening. Ways to balance this Chakra are establishing a positive self image, personalise self gifts, make time to do things that make you happy.

The fourth Chakra is the Heart Chakra, or Anahata. It is located at the center of your chest, or between your breasts, over your heart. This Chakra is used for compassion, love, and empathy. Stones that represent this Chakra are Peridot, Jade, Rose Quartz, Malachite, Green Opal, and Aventurine. This Chakra glows green, and requires mostly green stones and stones that help with promoting love, self love, friendship, purification, cleansing, empathy, and wealth. Ways to balance this Chakra are free time up for hobbies and loved ones, accomplish a goal or dream, express love and sympathy to a loved one.

The fifth Chakra is the Throat Chakra, or Vishuddha. It is located in the throat. This Chakra is used for self-expression and communication. Stones that represent this Chakra are Aquamarine, Angelite, Turquoise, Blue Agate, and Blue Lace Agate. This Chakra glows blue, and requires mostly blue stones and stones that help with clearing your mind, grounding, communication, travel, and serenity. Was to balance this Chakra are singing, communicating with a loved one, positive mantras, teas, and foods.

The sixth Chakra is the Third Eye Chakra, or Anja. It is located between your eyes, or your brow. This Chakra is used for intuition, insight, and spiritual communication. Stones that represent this Chakra are Blue Sapphire, Sodalite, and Lapis Lazuli. This Chakra glows Indigo, and requires mostly indigo stones and stones that help with peace of mind, learning, seeing beyond this realm, and insight. Ways to balance this Chakra are trusting your instincts, take a nap, read a book, look at art, meditate, daydream

The seventh Chakra is the Crown Chakra, or Sahasrana.It is located at the very top of your head. This Chakra is used for wisdom, awakening, and unity of your body, mind, and spirit. Stones that represent this Chakra are Amethyst, White Calcite, Fluorite, Clear Quartz, and Selenite. This Chakra glows violet, and requires most violet/purple stones or white/clear stones and stones that help with clarity of mind, body, and spirit, spiritual awakeness, wisdom, astral travel, cleansing, energy, and aura stimulation. Ways the balance this Chakra are pray/make offerings, partake in religious/spiritual activities, give back to others/the community, and donate.
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Additional Chakras, what they are & what they mean

After the Crown Chakra, there are 5 move Chakras that most people don’t know we have. Here are the information on them, and what you can do to harness your fullest potential with these Chakras.

8th Chakra - Time Transcendence & Connection to Spirit (Lunar Chakra)

  • Color: Silver or White
  • Located slightly above the crown chakra, about 1 inch above it. With the 8th chakra, we enter realms transcending space and time. This energy center is said to open access to parallel universes and lives; it gives access to the realm of the Akashic Records and the sphere of potentialities in the making. It is a useful center for shamanic healing and communication with spirit guides.
  • The eighth chakra links you to the energies of the moon. It is the main hub for karmic understanding and channeling that governs intelligence, communication with spirit guides, and funnels information about incarnations.

9th Chakra - Seat of the Soul (Solar Chakra)

  • Color: Gold
  • Located further above the crown chakra, the 9th chakra is said to be the “seat of the soul.” It allows access to your soul’s code or higher purpose. It can be seen as the door to archetypal energies or patterns that play an important role in shaping our destiny.
  • Associated with masculine energy, the Solar Chakra governs your ability to live your dreams. This chakra helps you to focus your will to remove blockages and give your existence purpose.

10th Chakra - Earth Connection (Earth Chakra)

  • Color: Brown
  • Located about a foot and a half below the surface of the ground. It ensures our connection with the earth. Because it works primarily with the energies of the earth, it is very physical in nature. It participates to our physical well-being and connects us to the grounding energies of the earth and our environment. Just like the first (or root) chakra, it is useful to heal any bone and bone marrow-related issues. It can also play a role in any DNA-related or hereditary issues.
  • No matter where you are, the earth chakra keeps you grounded. This chakra anchor harnesses all the pieces of the human puzzle, from DNA to bone and blood. NOTE: Depending on individual interpretation of chakra study, the location of the 8th chakra varies, but its function as grounding chakra epicenter is the same. Additional locations range form between the heart and throat chakras to just above the crown chakra. Another interpretation states the human aura is the 8th chakra; conglomeration of all chakra energy.

11th Chakra - Mind over Matter (Galactic Chakra)

  • Color: Mixture of Violet, Gold and Silver
  • Located outside of the human body, it is said to be accessible through the hands and feet. It makes up and energy field that connects of human sphere of influence to the supernatural. Shamans can use this chakra’s dimension to produce magic and influence the physical with supernatural powers. The 11th chakra emphasizes the mind as a powerful tool to shape matter.
  • Considered a channel for prophecy, the 11th chakra governs your ability to transcend space and time and allows you to access the Akashic Records, also referred to as the Universe’s cosmic “Book of Life.”

12th Chakra - Universal Unity (Universal Chakra)

  • Color: Multi-faceted, multi-colored orbs of light
  • Located on the outskirts of the 12-chakra system, it allows us to stretch beyond our common sphere of understanding into universal unity with all that is. It is said that it’s the chakra of mastery of the soul’s purpose through our human existence.
  • Known as the chakra of Universal Consciousness, the 12th chakra allows you to transcend the mundane to reach Enlightenment and commune with the Divine.

The dance of the third eye chakra is inspired by the ancient shamanic practice of trance-dance. This dance transports us beyond time and space. Our vision becomes expanded; we open up to insights from our higher self or spirit.

KakaSaku Week: Salty

Can also find this tossed up on FF or A03

Kakashi’s dark gray eyes were unreadable as he held his weapon’s blade less than an inch away against his opponent’s throat. Ignoring the sweat that rolled across his temple, green eyes glared back at him, daring him to move any closer. Feeling the tip of a kunai pressed against his chest, he wondered how in the hell they ended up like this today.

Sakura was straddled against his abdomen, her lips slowly tugging into a small knowing smile. Her face was slightly smudged with dirt, but by the way she was grinning she couldn’t have cared less.

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How Cartoon Network Is Changing Your Television Screen

Written by: Joshua Credle, actoractiom

If you’ve ever experienced a childhood with a television, you probably know what Cartoon Network is. But if you don’t know, it is true to its name: a TV network filled with cartoons. In actuality, though, it is much more than that. Cartoon Network has used subliminal messages, powerful themes, and bold dialogue to innovate children’s entertainment. 

The network isn’t just another TV station dishing out pointless sitcoms to get money. Their presence in children’s lives has, over the years, taught many children to enjoy life, and be conscious. 

One of Cartoon Network’s most popular current TV shows is Adventure Time. It’s a show about a human boy named Finn and a shape-shifting dog named Jake. The duo fight evil together in the Land of Ooo.  

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jynxtheamazing  asked:

Can I request some of those much needed Tobirama headcannons?

AHHH more Tobirama, I’m so glad I have Tobirama hoes here!! I know you said that you wanted Tobirama with a Shinobi s/o, and I wrote a lot so I hope that’s okay! Thank you for supporting the blog @jynxtheamazing! :)

Tobirama With a Shinobi Partner

  • Tobirama would thoroughly enjoy having a shinobi partner, someone with similar strength and capabilities is something he finds attractive, and a stress reliever. When Tobirama is in a relationship his top priority is his partner’s well-being. He fears about his s/o’s safety because of his position in the village – he feels that could make them a target, but if they’re a shinobi and able to protect themselves, that’s calming to him.
  • Would really enjoy training with them, I think Tobirama would try his best to make his partner at least as strong as himself. He doesn’t go easy on them during any type of sparring. Tobirama feels like he would be disrespecting their strength and doing them a disservice if he was holding back – without any challenges he feels like his s/o would never get stronger.
  • He can get really competitive during sparring matches, but if he wins, he’s a really good sport about it – he hugs you and leaves a tender kiss on your forehead as long as no one’s around. Oh man, but if Tobirama loses he pouts about it for a while – usually because Hashirama finds out and teases him.  
  • Takes his partner on diplomatic missions frequently, he knows they can handle themselves while he’s in meetings and preoccupied with important village affairs – he still gets anxious and keeps tabs on them based on their chakra signature, but he doesn’t tell them. That also means he gets to enjoy their company while they’re away from Konoha, which can be refreshing.
  • On any type of battlefield Tobirama would have a hard time letting his partner out of his sight. At the very least he would be tracking their chakra signature the whole time out of concern. Even though he has to remain focused because he would be a key player in any fight, Tobirama is always anxious about their safety.
  • If he thought they were going to get hurt he would definitely try and protect them, and even take any form of an injury for them, he is very sacrificial that way. The concept of losing someone close to him again is something Tobirama wouldn’t accept, so he’s willing to do anything to never let that be a reality. 

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