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can’t remember what a crystal does? can’t figure out what a person’s aura color means? what color candle do i use for a protection spell again? 

colors are always universal! whether its gemstones, candles, auras, flowers, or even sometimes chakras, colors typically help assign everything similar traits. its great to have a general knowledge of colors and i think its something almost every witch should know! its another thing that is personal to you. how do certain colors make you feel and what do they mean to you? your color meanings don’t have to resemble other witches’ lists. i know there’s lots of color lists out there, but here’s my own short list with wiggle room.

☁️ white - purity, blessing, calming, cleansing. (crown chakra.. some see this as a richer purple or violet) 

🏴 black - rid of negativity, protection. (in some cases for auras it can mean bad signs, but not always)

❤️ red - passion, lust, anger. (root chakra)

🎀  pink - affection, love, relationships.

🌞 orange - confidence, joy, travels, success. (sacral chakra)

📒 yellow - happiness, intellect, creativity. (solar plexus chakra)

🍀 green - growth, luck, envy, success. (heart chakra)

💧 blue - peace, emotions, meditation. (throat chakra)

🔮 purple - spirituality, higher knowing, meditation. (third eye chakra)

🌰 brown - animals, home, grounding.

⚙️ grey - security, neither “good” nor “evil”, neutrality.

💰 gold - masculinity, success, solar magick.

⚖️ silver - femininity, divine, cosmic influence, lunar magick.

*remember for some colors a lighter or darker shade may be appropriate for different magick.

if something has more than one color, think of the combination of those two colors and how they will help you. need to protect yourself from those who bring you down? combine self love and protection with rhodonite! want some powerful grounding energy straight from the sun? charge some tiger’s eye in sunlight!

always make magickal meanings your own! happy color casting!

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The Signs and Their Corresponding Chakras

Root Chakra (Basic Instinct, Survival): Aries, Capricorn

Sacral Chakra (Sexuality, Desire): Taurus

Solar Plexus (Sense of Self, Personal Power): Leo, Virgo

Heart Chakra (Self Love, Unconditional love): Libra, Cancer

Throat Chakra (Self confidence, Communication): Gemini

Third Eye Chakra (Intuition, Spirituality): Scorpio, Sagittarius

Crown Chakra (Transcendence): Aquarius, Pisces

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Headcannons of Kiba, Kankuro, and Neji as dads please! Preferably with their children as toddlers 😍

Congratulations because this will be my 100th post on this blog. I am going out of order on this one because this ask is SO IMPORTANT TO ME. How freaking cute. ❤❤❤ 

Straight up listened to “Dear Theodosia” when I was writing this.


Kiba would have a daughter. The second he sees her, he is a sobbing mess. He can’t stop looking at her and giving her little kisses on the top of her head. He is beyond ecstatic that he and his s/o are bringing a little miracle into the world. He loves the idea of expanding his clan and welcomes fatherhood with open arms. 

This little girl would have Kiba completely wrapped around her finger. There wouldn’t be a single thing this child wants but doesn’t have. Kiba would spoil her with everything - dresses, flowers, stuffed animals, etc. With Kiba, there is no such thing as letting your child cry until they calm down because the second she even thinks about crying, Kiba scoops her in his arms and rocks her until she is happy again. 

Once she is a toddler, Kiba starts putting the Inuzuka clan fangs on her. He lives for how adorable she is with her tiny markings. She just gets excited that she gets to look like daddy. She ends up being a spitting image of Kiba, with thick brown hair and tiny fangs that grow in place of lost baby teeth. 

Kiba wastes no time taking her to meet all the pups that belong to his clan. He doesn’t just give her a dog like Tsume did with him. He introduces her to each dog that is ready to get a master and he lets her choose. Kiba doesn’t even care that she chose the biggest breed of dog they own. In fact, he is extremely proud that she chose a companion who will be able to protect her. 


Kankuro would have a son. At first he would be disgustingly nervous about having a kid, but once he sees his son and realizes he helped make that tiny human, all the initial fear melts away. He wouldn’t cry but he would have to take a few moments to really understand this new chapter of his life. He would be so careful with this child so he would never experience the pain Kankuro did.

He would want to be around for all the important moments in his son’s life. He wants to hear the baby’s first laugh. He wants to watch him discover his hands. He would die when his baby says “papa” first (after rubbing it in his s/o’s face). Kankuro would cheat the system and use his chakra strings to hold his baby up while he was trying to take his first steps. 

Kankuro and his son would get into so much trouble. He would teach his son the art of pranking his mother, starting with hiding and jumping out at her to scare her. He would love to be the type of dad who makes his kid laugh as much as possible. 

Kankuro would get yelled at for not being as protective as he should be. All the lecturing would be left up to Mom. Despite this, Kankuro is not that affectionate with his child. He gives him little pats on his head and will lift him up on his shoulders while they’re going on walks. He’ll call him “kiddo” when he’s being cute.


Neji would definitely have a daughter. He would wonder if he is really cut out to be a father, but after seeing his baby, he knows he is meant to raise a child. Part of Neji wants to drop everything and focus on her, while the other part wants to keep fighting to make sure she is protected long-term. 

Neji is the type of dad who will make sure his daughter is disciplined but still so happy. He’ll gladly give her whatever she wants in the world as long as she earns it first. He wants to instill respectfulness and sophistication in her.

She is his sun. His entire life revolves around her. He melts every time she laughs. He tears up when she first begins to speak. He teaches her to walk by holding her hands and putting his feet under hers. He likes to just lay on the floor and watch her play and dies when she holds his hands.

Neji is not shy about wanting her to be a strong shinobi. When she is old enough, he will start off with teaching her about the different types of weapons. He’ll make sure he teaches her all the basics of chakra and sparring before she even gets to the Academy. He’ll always go easy on her and let her win until she is tough enough to really hold her own. Neji almost screams when she lands a hard hit on him with her Gentle Fist because he is overcome with pride. 

  • kakashi: alright, training starts now. first we need to review chakra, the ninja's basic source of power. understanding that is essential.
  • sasuke: we already know that.
  • naruto: he's right. a long time ago we learned about... uh, catra!
  • sakura: naruto you idiot, it's chakra!
  • naruto: yeah but i gotta sound stupid so you can explain it to the audience, duh.
Cancer and the Chakras

Strongest to Weakest Chakras:

Base - our most basic primal instincts, survival issues, foundation of physical energy, allows us courage and resourcefulness.

Heart - our ability to love, our joy and inner peace, sense of caring and compassion, allows us to realize that we are part of something larger than ourselves.

Sacral - our ability to accept others and new experiences, sense of abundance and sexuality, passion and pleasure center, center of physical feeling and sensuality, allows you to live in the present.

Solar Plexus - our self-worth and self-confidence, ability to be in control of our lives, our center of willpower, self-discipline and personal power, allows you to meet life’s challenges, perseverance and responsibility.

Third Eye - our ability to focus and see the big picture, our intuition and imagination, spiritual reflection and contemplation, our ability to internalize the outer world and externalize our inner world, access to our inner guidance, developing an objective wisdom.

Throat - our ability to communicate, self-expression and feelings of truth, accepting your originality, expressing your authentic voice, allows you to stand up for what you believe in. 

* Crown chakra not included as it is technically unattainable until a human being has reached full enlightenment.

This is part one of what I’m sure will be a long series.

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The serpentine soul of the adept is not created by a raise up the spine so to speak; the end is the beginning, the energy ankhs, up and down truly is all defined by our sensory perceptions, tactile sensations, and perceptions of the experience within. So whereas yes to awaken kundalini we transmute our sexual climax to receive an increase in our intuition, creative expression and in turn the serpent rises; we still must realize the path doesn’t spiral only upwards or downwards, through selflessness and application of knowledge we slowly spiral down to our fullness of spirit, however, with ignorance or impure intention we straighten this spiral upwards into a line, and snap the binds that imprisoned spirt into flesh and as a result must face enlightenment through a battle for the very breath we breathe and must experience the Great N.O.X. Ego death via “upwards climb of pillaring fire” is inevitable; death being the great equalizer, we must become humble-some and embody the compassion and humility of humanity in this death.

Back to the point, all revelation begins at the bottom. Up or down, they both end and begin at the top and the bottom. The energy is an ankh it comes over the head and down the front of the torso and reabsorbs into the navel center. Ida and pingala are often portrayed as two serpents along the back of the spine, but in reality, as seen with the ipsalu - cobra breath, the serpents along the nerve plexus corresponding to the system of Nadis connected to the front of the body are equally if not of more value than the commonly accepted displays, diagrams, and charts displaying Ida and pingala as only being along the back of the organism. What goes up must come down but only because Kether and Malkuth are overlapped.. The thousand lotus of sahasrara and the root or basic chakra are the two most connected chakras, the influence of that which is below surely does impact and change what is above. Envision the toroidal field, it will flow whether we want it to or not, it is a circle with a radius extending around us in all directions.. The serpentine soul is only even possible to be forged with the descending light and the cascading fire. Tipherath is the Sephora this nuclear reaction takes place, in the center.. The son of God even is known biblically to have opened the gates of hell before opening the gates of heaven.

- spinallyspiraling

Those spoilers just made me appreciate Sarada more. She was only trained by her mother as far as we know and she basically mastered chakra control and strength derived from this. Her dad was not around to train her at all and he was not able to teach her anything about her sharingan and she was still able to become adept at using it, even going as far as to combine her sharingan with her strength in combat! Sarada worked hard to become as skilled as she is in chakra control, weapons mastery, taijutsu/ super strength and sharingan mastery. The best part is, Sasuke hasn’t even taught her anything yet and she is still one of the strongest kids in her generation. Also, she isn’t done learning from her mom either. 

This girl has Sakura and Tsunade’s taijutsu style augmented with a sharingan, she has amazing chakra control, a high level of intelligence, genjutsu prowess, some level of mastery over her sharingan, is adept at using wires, kunai, shuriken AND she has only now begun. Her sharingan is not developed, she herself is not grown up and her dad hasn’t even begun work with her. Kishi and SP knew why they didn’t let Sasuke help her. With her genes, her talent as an Uchiha and both her parents it would have been impossible to make her fit in with everyone else had Sasuke been around. 

Now that Sasuke IS around and IS going to train her she’s going to become a beast!

XD Haters can suck my ass! 

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Kekashi really Is not a good teacher,at least to me.He played favorites with sasuke and later naruto.And if you want to prove me wrong please tell me what he taught sakura?After all she existed to.Wait I remember,he taught her how to walk up a tree.

Oh my goodness, more of this “Kakashi playing favourites” stuff.

Firstly Anon, you need to understand that teaching their team new techniques is not the duty of a Sensei. Their job is to guide them down their path, and teach them the morals and ethics of what it means to be a ninja. Kakashi did that from the very first assignment he gave them in the form of the Bell Test, because he wanted to teach them the importance of teamwork, a lesson he learned from Obito.

At the end of the Bell Test, he told all three of them of their shortcomings, because he wanted the three of them to improve as a team:

He gave Sasuke more attention (for justifiable reasons), but that doesn’t mean he was unfair to Sakura, or didn’t monitor her growth, or didn’t teach her the philosophies that she’d need down the line, because he did all of those things. 

During Sakura’s match against Ino, Kakashi acknowledged Sakura’s growth, and very bluntly told Naruto that in terms of her basic chakra control, she was superior to him:

He even acknowledged that she was above Sasuke in that regard:

Sakura therefore wasn’t put away; Kakashi was closely monitoring her development, as he did for each member of his team. He may not have actively trained all of them, but the attention was there.

Now, because of Sasuke’s circumstances regarding his growing darkness towards the end of Part 1, Kakashi was always gonna give him a little more attention during that time period, in order to try and deter him away from that path. However, the reason he opted to train Sasuke prior to that was because he saw that they were similar:

So it makes sense that he’d opt to train Sasuke in particular, because he felt as though that would yield the best results, because they’d be able to focus on Sasuke’s particular talents.

It’s like what Gai did with Lee. They were similar in that they both lacked ninjutsu and genjutsu skills, so Gai trained Lee a lot more than he did Neji and Tenten, because Gai and Lee were similar. Neji spent most of his time training with Hiashi, Hinata and Hanabi, because they were family and had similar traits, and would therefore yield the best results; it was the same concept. And obviously, Neji and Tenten didn’t feel as though Gai had neglected them or brushed them off, it was simply the best course of action.

But again, training their students in new techniques isn’t the job of a Sensei, so for you to deem Kakashi as a failure with regards to this is completely wrong. (Even though he did teach her a new technique, the tree climbing was the 1st step towards Sakura learning about her immense chakra control, so I don’t know why you’re dismissing that as unimportant).

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Send 🆕 and I’ll respond as a character that I have played or want to play | Accepting 

“Hm, You look sort of familiar? Have we met before? No, no that doesn’t sound right. Anyway, my name is Mei, its nice to meet you~”

(( mun note: Mei is based on Eevee X3. Her clan is basically born with all the basic chakra natures BUT cannot use all effectively. They can rarely do anything above basic abilities until they undergo a special and intense training to hone their strongest nature. In some cases this can lead to having other kekkei genkai such as magnet nature, but these cases are more rare. Mei would eventually master Lightning nature ))

Juuho Soushiken

Finally, thanks to the new fanbook/databook, we know what it’s supposed to do.


Strong will held in the fists!!


Its form is double lion heads!!


A secret high-level juuken technique, taught only to the main family of the Hyuuga clan. By changing the shape of chakra released from both hands, [the user] greatly increases reach and destructive power. The arms become entirely like lions which drain the chakra network of those they touch.


Because it will fail at even the slightest mistake in chakra control, it is extremely difficult to learn this ability, which is a feat that requires the Byakugan.

Yeah, so basically, chakra-eating lions.

SSMonth15: Day 9

Title: We Are Broken
Summary: Kakashi’s team had been killed. Naruto’s parents had died. Sasuke’s family had been murdered. The ninja world was full of trauma. It was finding the little piece of light to pull you through it that was important.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto. But Kishi fuckin’ owned that shit.
Prompt: Trauma from day nine of the SasuSakuMonth Prompts.
Rating: T
Words: 2,771
Date Completed: 8/2/15
Warning(s): mentions of murder, abandonment
Author’s Note: This didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted it to, I don’t think the theme came across as easily as I had hoped—I think it actually feels a bit forced. Still! This is my first time using an outside view to look at Sakura’s relationship with Sasuke, and I think it went decently.

“You don’t know anything about him!”

Kakashi’s head swiveled in the direction of his female student’s voice as the book in his hand closed with a snap. He was scheduled to leave with Sasuke in an hour, and he had hoped to use that time relaxing with his favorite Ichi Ichi book. Fate had other ideas, however, as it usually did, and Kakashi wandered to the point on the roof that was closest to where he had heard Sakura. Even though it was unlikely that she was in danger, some part of him still needed to be there—to back her up should she need it.

When he peeked over the edge of the roof, it didn’t seem like she needed backing up. Talking her down would probably be best, actually.

Tiny hands clenched into fists as Sakura glared at the two older women in front of her. They were civilians—their movements lacked the fluid grace of kunoichi and their chakra signatures were basically nonexistent. Still, Sakura, little Sakura, glared them down as if they were her number one targets. Bruises and shallow cuts still covered her skin from whatever had happened to her in the Forest of Death, and her pink hair fell roughly around her face—it was evident that Sakura’s haircut had not been planned. Add in the bandage on her cheek that she had earned from her fight with Ino, and Sakura definitely looked the part of a small hellion.

He was so proud.

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You know what I find funny?  Hinata’s love confession to Naruto during the Pain arc was followed by Sakura embracing Naruto while all of Konoha looked on and smiled (even Hinata). The background went white and cherry blossoms fell around them. Thats typical shoujo romance material right there. And after Naruto and Hinata held hands to share chakra Naruto basically called Sakura his girlfriend in front of his father (and hinata was in the background too lol) which Sakura didn’t even deny!

The two most major ‘Naruhina’ moments were almost immediately overshadowed by Narusaku moments afterwards that were more romantic and significant. You kinda gotta feel bad for NH fans. Their cannon ships precious few moments were always followed by better fanon ship moments. Don’t even get me started on the NaruSasu moments!

Chakra Basics:

The word Chakra roughly translates into the word “wheel” from the Sanskrit language. There are seven chakras: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra. They start at the base of the spine and move all the way up to above the head. As you move upward, the chakras energy also flows from physical to spiritual, the Root Chakra being the most physical and the Crown Chakra being the most divine. 

When energy can not flow effectively through a chakra, we say the energy is “blocked”. Energy can be blocked in two ways: by being over active and under active.  Being “open” or “balanced  refers to energy moving at a smooth steady pace through a particular chakra. When all of our chakras are open and running smoothly, we feel balanced both mentally and physically. If the chakras are over active, we may become wound up as if too much electricity is running through our bodies, shocking our system. If not enough energy flows, we become bogged down and listless in that particular area of our lives. Usually, chakras become unbalanced by unpleasant experiences such as a breakup, death, loss of job etc.

We can balance our chakras by doing a variety of activities such as exercising to open the root chakra or practicing creative arts to open the throat chakra. There are also certain foods that correspond with the various chakras as well.

45. wear it like an armor [T+]

(8)  隅 [sumi, corner]

It took time, but he came back.

(I make no promises.
he wrote
in his first & last
of his long mission
so, you can stop waiting.)

Uchiha Sasuke stood before its gates, doors open wide in a welcoming embrace.

The winter solstice was approaching, as he felt it every freezing morning, as well as the increase of tourists in each town festival he went into. But it was different in Leaf, as it seemed that the oncoming celebration was more grandiose than the village festivals he had been during his travels.

Crimson lanterns swayed from its twines, refracting sunlight in different angles. Bunches of stalls were set-up on the sidewalks, with a crowd of hagglers and vendors congesting the narrow path. A multitude of noises – from quick deals and great barters – were the droning buzz in the streets. And between the spaces of the crowd were the children, running without any care, brooms on their hands, dirt smeared on their noses and chocolates staining their teeth.

Konoha is a racket of conversations and colors, uncaring of the sacrifices it paid to maintain its current peace.

With practiced ease, he leaped on top of an empty post, taking another long look at the panoramic maze of shelters and people, against the clear blue backdrop.

It is the traditional house cleaning, the 13th day of the twelfth month, before the start of the New Year is the time to clear the past. This holiday demands the Fire citizens to sweep each space – from the most obvious ceiling cobwebs, to the hidden dust speckles that inhabited each window crack. It is a symbolic act of clearing their slate, starting with cleaning the stains in their own house.

(to Sasuke, susuharai was clearing old bone-ashes from the altars, wiping out the crumbling incense from its place. And at hatsuhinode, the whole clan would trek the naka shrine, then they would sit with their ankles and knees tucked on its wide porch.

they would wait with their palms upturned, a single coal – made from the collected dust during soot-sweeping, compacted into hard ash – on their hands.

they would always greet the first sunrise by waking the warm cinder with their breaths, coaxing it to live, a tame flamelight on their hands. and it is how the Uchiha are reborn for the promising dawn.)

He walks down the road, leading him to a familiar direction, still at odds with how strange the sights were. Memories told him that the walls and houses were not the same, the pavement felt different beneath his feet. People attempted to revive its former glory, but Sasuke knew the difference, in every acute detail. This was a mere replica of a once glorious district.

After the passing the shallow lake, at the swell of his path, he nears his childhood home, copies of an old, majestic relic.

He expected an empty house.

Instead, a wall – peppered with red-white fans and stark black slurs – greeted him.

The insults (demon) written in (die) jagged (burn).lines (monster)

If this was, a decade ago, when madness and anger had ignited his life, he would have razed the whole village. Surprisingly, the usual swell of anger was only a dull throb.

Sasuke would have ignored these insults, if it weren’t in favor of taking in the sight of an eight-year-old boy scrubbing off the stubborn smears at the nooks of the wall.

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Its about a hour vid which basically says that most of the dancers are in the illuminati (she talks about Beyonce too of course)and they serve the devil through their dance moves( she refers to the twins about their “devil” telepathy and chakra etc).

^^^Basically….so please flag/report this video

Also they stealing footage from yak films stepxstep and others using it for a total different purpose.