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Anime has the best power ups/transformations

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Rose Quartz Wand

Rose quartz wand for spellcasting or meditation. Chakra stones line the wand, including amethyst, lapis lazuli, jasper and others. The top of the wand includes a quartz crystal sphere which may be used for divination and scrying!

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So this time I decided to take a look and see whether or not Super REALLY changed how the Super Saiyan Transformation works.

The answer… well, it might surprise you.

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I'm 330 pages into a 1233 page book. Third in the series. It keeps focusing on my least favorite character. So I come up with ways for Tobi to impress Madara. Like, someone tries to assassinate Hashirama n Tobi just rips all the water from their body. Madara is instantly hooked. Izuna walks up n hugs Tobi like "I'm so glad we're friends now." And Hashirama is eyeing Madara cus he KNOWS. And best friend or not if he doesn't plan on marrying Tobi then he'd better not even think about it.

My hand slipped.


Being the fastest shinobi alive had its advantages. One of those advantages was being able to see and react to things much faster than others could, which had saved lives countless times during battle. It saved another now as Tobirama saw the blade heading for his brother’s neck and before Hashirama could even turn to see his attacker Tobirama was between them, deflecting the projectile with his own armored form. 

Did they not understand who they were attacking? Surely only incredible stupidity would encourage someone to attack the three strongest shinobi of their generation. Perhaps it was just their leader who was stupid, dragging his comrades along with him on a suicide mission in the hopes of getting off at least one lucky shot. 

Well, Tobirama growled inside his own head, not today. Today he was in a bad mood and they had attacked the wrong man. That was his brother, his precious person, his to protect. And protect he would. 

It took less than a second to spread his senses after so many years of practice, feeling for the water in the area around him. He passed over the puddles left behind from his own jutsu and the river to the west which had provided the power for them. Instead he zeroed in on something he had never quite dared to try but was in just the right sort of mood to do so now. 

Screams rent the air as Tobirama twisted his hand in to a familiar seal, so ragged and desperate that it stopped nearly all of the fighting around them. That could only mean that it was working. Without so much as a change in expression he switched to another seal, causing the screams to increase in volume until the enemy was squealing like a stuck pig and convulsing on the spot. The next moment it was as though his skin had torn open in multiple places, unable to contain the blood within his own body as it answered the call of another. 

Expressions of horror followed the streams of blood as they wound through the air to gather in a rippling ball above Tobirama’s hand, where usually he held water. And he was, technically. He was holding the water which composed the man’s blood and all the remnants which had resided in his tissue. 

Now a desiccated, dried up corpse, what had once been the man who attacked Hashirama fell to one side with a muted thump. For a few moments the battlefield was utterly still, each man and woman present trying in their own way to process what they had just witnessed. Had he really just had all the water in his body torn out with nothing more than a couple of hand seals? Was Senju Tobirama truly standing there as calmly as if he had merely run the man through, still holding the blood hovering over his hand in a sphere of chakra?

The screaming began anew first with a young boy who filled the air with the acrid scent of urine when he pissed his pants. His screaming set off that of the middle-aged woman next to him, who grabbed his hand and fled as fast as her feet would carry her. 

Like an avalanche the enemy turned almost as one and ran away from the sight of Tobirama’s cold expressionless face. Not a single one of them wanted to be the next to have their blood ripped straight out of the bodies. This entire attack had been folly from the start and, though each of them were prepared to die in battle, none were brave enough to face that particular death. 

Tobirama watched them go with disdain. Cowards, the lot of them. With a dismissive gesture he tossed the ball of chakra far enough away from himself that when it hit the ground the splatter of blood did not touch him. He turned to ask if his brother was okay only for Izuna to stride up to him and place both hands on his shoulders, deactivated eyes meeting his in a serious manner. 

“That was terrifying,” the Uchiha informed him. “I’m so glad we’re friends now.” 

“I’ve always wanted to try that,” Tobirama noted offhandedly as he shrugged off the other man’s touch. Izuna nodded with perhaps a bit too much enthusiasm. 

“Probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said. Tobirama scoffed and turned away, but it did nothing to hide the smirk on his face. 

As his younger brother lavished praises on the pale man, Madara stood to one side and stared openly. That sort of attack was the kind of thing he would never in his wildest dreams be able to come up with himself but he knew very well that Tobirama was the sort of man who was always pushing boundaries. He found himself reluctantly impressed - and even more reluctantly intrigued. Being attracted to Tobirama would be an absolute disaster of course. It was absolutely ridiculous that that idiot’s cold face was suddenly all he could think.  

The Uchiha, as a whole, tended to suffer from the affliction of being attracted to powerful people. Madara had considered himself lucky to escape that curse in his friendship with Hashirama and he had long ago made his peace with the fact that he himself was perhaps a bit too strong, that he might never find someone strong enough to pique his interest. Suddenly it looked like he had been looking in all the wrong places. Tobirama was a battlefield terror and he had always known that; why was it only now that his hormones decided to pay attention? 

On the opposite side of the field, Hashirama watched all of the interactions unfolding before him and crossed his arms with a petulant frown. Izuna, he thought, was a bit presumptuous to be stealing Tobirama’s attention all for himself when it was Hashirama who’s life had been saved and should have been afforded a moment to say thank you. Madara, he thought, was even more presumptuous to be looking at his baby brother with that light in his eye. 

Best friends they might be but Hashirama knew Madara and he knew the other man wasn’t typically the commitment type. In all the years they’d known each other he’d never seen any of the man’s relationships last longer than a few weeks. If he was considering even so much as touching a hair on Tobirama’s precious head he’d better be thinking of committing to that hair as well as the man beneath it. 

If not, Hashirama would have to have words with Madara.