chakra applejack

Fusion Diagram for Sapphire Eye Rarity, Chakra AppleJack, and Four Winged Rainbow Dash yay!!!! now i decide to make these fusions a thing for the blog, so you can ask question for these fusion forms Rarijack, RariDash, AppleDash, and RariJackDash, i don’t know if i’ve make fusions for the others, maybe, anyway, do you guys have any favorite fusion out these combos?


There you have all the appuls of the Ranch in one pic (or 4)

First row: chakra-applejack, ask-assistant-aj, askingthewrongapplejack (facing the wrong way lol), redneckaj

Second row: askmultiversalponies, eppalism, askapplejacktherock, ask-hunterjack

Third row: Appoljack (cowgirlrarity), askroninapplejack, ask-bounty-hunter-aj, ask-private-applejack

Fourth row: earthbound-applejack, ask-arrogant-applejack, askshyaj, ask-princess-applejack

Merry Hanukwanzmas everypony! Hope you enjoy this awesome month!
Starring the blog’s followers (INCOMING WALL OF TEXT): ask-the-monthly-ponies, ask-frula-shine, ask-psychotic-twilightsparkle (bad Twilight! Don’t burn the Christmas tree!) , lettersforcelestia (doing the mistletoe thingy), asksockz, ask-passion-painting, satine-pony , theponyelementalist (sorry for covering your face!), ask-lolitapony (she finally knows what’s on her head…), edgarallanpony (face palming at askbananapie ), ask-scifresh-pony (confused at the “censor”) , ask-acepony, thesweetadventuresofstrawberry (She’s actually flipping the bird to the audience but this was covered by a censor), askbubblepop (made a snow angel), midnight-muffin (rejecting the mistletoe thingy), ask-ash-in-equestria (again covered by Princess Celestia), asksailorponies, askpiratedash, askgermanpony, i-dream-of-twilight-sparkle.
Bonus: Applejack choir from apple-ranch: askingthewrongapplejack, Chakra Applejack from ask-sapphire-eye-rarity, ask-private-applejack, askroninapplejack, ask-bounty-hunter-aj, ask-arrogant-applejack (singing rude insults to all other Applejacks), earthbound-applejack (uh-oh she mad), ask-princess-applejack.