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The Seven Sisters are the seven stars of the Pleiades and they correspond with the seven chakras. The Pleiades are recognized in every culture around the world, and central to the secret knowledge of ancient civilizations.

1.) Maia the Midwife - Root Chakra
2.) Alcyone the Queen - Belly Chakra
3.) Electra the Awakener - Solar Plexus Chakra
4.) Clean the Lover - Heart Chakra
5.) Taygeta the Storyteller - Throat Chakra
6.) Asterope the Visionary - Third Eye Chakra
7.) Merope the Priestess - Crown Chakra

When you hear the music, you just gotta dance

What you would experience if each chakra was balanced:

1. Root chakra: You would feel safe, secure, comfortable, relaxed, and grounded. You would have no fearful thoughts and thoughts that used to make you feel fear no longer would.

2. Sacral Chakra: You would feel pleasure and be able to experience feelings of joy without any guilt.

3. Solar plexus Chakra: You would feel confident, say no when you want to say no, and yes when you want to say yes.

4. Heart Chakra: You would feel love in your heart.

5. Throat Chakra: You would be able to speak your truth without holding back. You would enjoy expressing yourself.

6. Third Eye Chakra: You’d feel clarity and have a good sense of what decisions to make.

7. Crown Chakra: You’d be aware of yourself and your surroundings, while also feeling bliss.
My Top 10 Most Useful Stones for Magic

10) Agate: There are many differently types of agates, but most of them are regarded as having the power to draw near things that are good for you, and repel bad fortune, especially keeping away unrequited love.

9) Moonstone: This is an excellent stone to use if you desire to call upon the moon. It holds an astonishing amount of lunar energy, and will add power to any magical working.

8) Turquoise: Turquoise is known for its powerful healing properties and its ability to protect from illness and injury. It is also a fairly inexpensive stone, making it perfect for those who are just starting in their practice, or don’t have a lot of money to spend on stones.

7) Selenite: This stone is able to hold immense amounts of energy, and is extremely beautiful. It can be used for cleansing, enhancing spirituality, and clearing away mental or energy blocks. It is also easily and commonly formed into wands, which can be found at crystal shops for very decent prices.

6) Citrine: A stone of very high energy, citrine is known for bringing pure joy to its user. It clears out negative energy, replacing it with abundant happiness. Citrine also brings good luck and fortune.

5) Opal: This stone is a versatile one, it holds a ton of energy, and contains all the colors of the rainbow within it. It can be used to cleanse all the chakras, a useful function if you don’t want to carry around a stone for every single chakra.

4) Black Tourmaline: This stone is the king of grounding. It can bring you back to center, and balance your energy, even in the worst environments.

3) Amethyst: Soothing, calming, and getting rid of stress or anxiety are all functions of this stone. It is easy to obtain, not too expensive, and extremely useful to have on hand, especially during stressful activities

2) Smokey Quartz: This stone is the absolute best for protection, cleansing spaces, and keeping out negativity. It can be a little pricey, as natural smokey quartz is formed in spots of high natural radiation, and a little hard to come by. However it is extremely effective, and very useful at keeping away anything you don’t want near

1) Clear Quartz Crystal: Of course there is no better stone for versatility, it can be programmed however you want, and can be found easily for a good price, and holds all kinds of powerful energy. It’s a must have

Kiba Inuzuka Jutsu Ideas

note* This was in my drafts for 2 years and I thought I might as well just post it 

Inuzuka Style: Howls of Hell - Kiba syncs his chakra with Akamaru to channel together a High frequency “Howl”. Any opponent that hears the “Howl” will get caught in their special Dog/wolf torture Genjutsu.

Inuzuka Style: Resonating Bark - A supporting jutsu that Amplifies the Ninjutsus of Allies. When Kiba syncs his chakra with Akamaru to perform a special “Bark” this Amplifies the chakra levels of his friends (multiplier effect) and thus increases damage in Group Battles. E.g. Kiba and Akamaru could use the technique to Amplify Hinata’s Twin Lion Fist jutsu and Air Palm jutsu multiplying the power of the jutsus in battle.

Fire Style: Fang over Fang “Gatsuuga - Fire enhanced technique

Fire Style: Wolf Fang Over Fang “Garoga - Fire Enhanced Technique

Fire Style: Rotating Fang - Fire Enhanced Technique

Earth Style: Bone Cruncher - An Earth release technique where Kiba unleashes a large “wolf” shaped earth matter (with extremely sharp teeth) to crunch opponents. It’s strong enough to break bones.

Earth Style: Doggy Fence - A protective Barrier (originally used to keep puppies away from danger then developed for missions and Battles)

Inuzuka Style: Wolf Fire Frenzy - Fire enhanced Tajutsu combo. After Kiba and Akamaru perform their “Four Legs Technique” with “Beast mimicry: Human Beast Clone”, They’ll get Flames on their Claws and Fangs and then the enemy will be bombarded by a Wild/Ferocious Fury Attack.

Summoning Justu - When Akamaru is out of Action (which will rarely happen), Kiba can summon other dogs/wolves. (some which can talk and annoy the hell out of Kiba during Battle lol)

note: I’m aware that Kiba doesn’t have Fire Chakra nature (according to the new official Databook) but it just suits him so well. Anyway this post is mainly personal. Not everyone will see the potential in my favourite character.

Powerful Chakra Meditation

This is a meditation I made that I found to be extremely deep and powerful. Use it when you feel you need some balance or beneficial energy in your life, or just need to sit and meditate in general. It is also good for opening the third-eye. I find that this meditation gives many sensations which can be pretty intense, so don’t be alarmed if you feel things very strongly. Just relax, go with it, and you’ll be ok. You’ll need about a half-hour for this procedure.

1. Sit in a comfortable position (preferably cross-legged) and keep your back straight, with your chin tilted slightly downward. Put your hands in your lap with the palms facing up, with right over left for females, and left over right for males.

2. Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and relax your muscles. Gradually slow your heartbeat down, and begin to clear yor mind. Block out the surrounding world, and focus on your breathing. Focus on the present. Begin breathing more slowly and deeply, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Close your eyes.

3. Gently bring your attention to the root chakra, located near the privates. Visualize this chakra as a red, swirling point of energy or light. Try to breathe ‘into’  and ‘out of’ this point, directing your breath to the location. As you inhale, imagine clean, beneficial energy entering the chakra, making it brighter and more vivid. This should look something like when an ember from a fire is blown on and it glows. As you exhale, imagine any unhelpful or unclean energy leaving and dissipating, again making the chakra more bright and vivid. Feel this energy exchange as you do it. After repeating for as long as you feel is necessary, move to the next chakra.

4. Continue this process for each chakra, all the way up to the crown. As you move up, you may feel a sense of your conciousness ‘changing shape’. You may also feel vibrations in certain parts of the body (especially the crown), feel numbness and tingling in the face and limbs, see flashes or swirls of light, have a floating or disconnected sensation, or hear ringing in the ears.I find that these start to get very intense at throat chakra, and reach its peak at the crown. Remember that this is normal and will not harm you in any way.

5. When you finish the crown chakra, take a minute to just breathe and prepare for the next step. When ready, imagine a stream of white or pearly light going from the crown chakra all the way down to the root chakra. Feel and see this energy hit each point as it travels down.

6. When the stream of light reaches the bottom, imagine it climbing its way back up starting from the root chakra. Go slow this time, and really feel it work its way back up to the crown. Imagine it reaching and filling each chakra as it goes along. Tune into the vibrations it gives each chakra.

7. When you reach the crown, imagine that stream of light going up and out into the universe in rays. Feel it open up and spread out above you, connecting you to the universe and its knowledge, strengths and vibrations.

8. Take a couple minutes to just breathe deeply. Relax your muscles, and begin to regain awareness of the world around you. Ground yourself and start to move your fingers and toes. Seperate your hands, put them on your lap, then gently open your eyes. The meditation is now finished.

Image from Google image search.

SasuSaku’s arguments

This post contains answers about of SasuSaku’s reactions on this post.

1/ kishi said sarada is a child born from sasuke and sakura.

 サスケとサクラの間に生まれた子供。インテリ風のメガネを掛け、知的な印象に。髪は短く、サス  ケと同じ黒髪 。

The child born between Sasuke and Sakura. Wearing glasses, she gives the impression of an intellectual person. Her hair is short and has Sasuke’s black colour.

SasuSaku persist in believing that Sakura is Sarada’s biological mother because of this sentence which dates before the Gaiden, and who isn’t said by Kishimoto-sensei. The interviewer who has said this sentence couldn’t know the Gaiden’s content.


岸本:あんまり可愛い感じではなく、少し暗めで芯の強い感じにしようかなと。僕の中だとサスケ  の女のバーシ ョンです。ただ、サスケみたいな女の子だとちょっと怖いんで、サクラ的な要素も入れてます。メ  ガネの子って 外すと可愛いとか、普段はそういうイメージで語られやすいんですが、メガネのままでも可愛くな  るようなデザ インを心掛けました。服はサクラの雰囲気を踏襲していく感じですね。

“ Interviewer: How is Sarada? [Or what about Sarada? T/N: In the context of design.]

Kishimoto: Rather than cuteness, I wanted to project a slightly dark but strong hearted sense to Sarada. In my head, she is like a girl version of Sasuke. However, as it would be scary to have a Sasuke-like girl, I gave Sarada elements of Sakura as well. Although spectacled people are commonly given the image of “cute without glasses”, in Sarada’s case I aimed to make her cute even with her glasses on. Her clothes have a sense of Sakura, don’t they?

Besides, Kishimoto has never said that Sarada isn’t born from Sakura. He has just said that in her design, Sarada has got some elements of Sakura, and he then precises that her clothes have a sense of Sakura. Clothes don’t represent a genetic relations, it’s different that eyes, hair, face, eyesight, which are genetics elements.

Then, the humorous situation is that Sarada has worn longer clothes like Karin than like Sakura.

2/ Sarada Hot temper comes from Sakura You know the character who is the first and most seen with hot temper in the manga.

I’m sorry, Sakura hasn’t got hot-temper.

She is violent with Naruto that she uses to cast a favourable light on her, but she hasn’t got hot-temper with Sasuke.

Her behavior is even the contrast to hot-temper.

Sarada and Karin :

3/ sakura has more amount of chakra than Karin. Karin lose chakra after healing twice a day even when it’s not 100% recovery, unlike Sakura (and I am not even talking about the yin seal).

In the databook, it is written that Karin has a large chakra from her Uzumaki’s bloodline. Besides,Tobirama identifies Karin like Uzumaki by her special chakra.

Sakura has got a poor chakra/stamina. It’s her weakness, like Iruka notices it.

So, Sarada can’t inherite large chakra from Sakura because Sakura has got a normal chakra.

4/ The image itself you are comparing to Karin is sarada using super human strength. Who has the super strength ?karin or Sakura?

The super punch isn’t a inherited technique. Sakura isn’t the Tsunade’s daughter, and she has learnt this technique. For other examples, Sasuke isn’t Kakashi’s son and he has learnt the Chidori jutsu, idem Konohamaru has learnt the rasengan from Naruto without be his son, so why Sarada couldn’t learn super punch jutsu in the same way than them?

Then, all the Uzumaki women have got natural super human strength. So, Karin has got this capacity like Kushina, Mito and Tsunade, without to need a precise chakra control.

The super punch belongs to Fatal Taijutsu, a taijutsu created by the senju clan. The Shodaime is the first user. This taijutsu rests on a physical force. The goal is to immobilize and to kill the enemy with minimum powerful thumps. Ninja without Senju power can practice this taijutsu by excellent chakra control increasing the chakra in his fist. Sakura can use this technique by her perfect chakra control.

The Uzumaki/Senju persons can use this technique without good chakra control by their natural physical force. Kushina and Karin are strong barehanded fighters.

5/ It’s a technique that need more than large amount of chakra to achieve. Who did sarada inherit the chakra control from? karin of course!

Sarada isn’t even genin, yet she hasn’t got perfect control chakra, and she can make this jutsu like a Uzumaki/Senju.

In this scene, we can see that Sarada is surprised by her power. It shows that her puissance comes from her emotional impulse, not from her control. It looks like a Naruto’s power up. In addition, Sakura is too surprised by the Sarada’s force. It shows that this puissance doesn’t come from Sakura’s training.

Sarada hasn’t got a very precise chakra control. She hasn‘t learnt yet chakra control in the Gaiden, she is always at the academy, but she doesn’t need to have good control chakra to make a super punch jutsu. She can make up it with her natural puissance, like Naruto has made to achieve super multi-clonage without chakra control during the first-gen.

After the Chunin examen’s second test, Naruto has always got much energy, not Sasuke and Sakura.

Sakura is better than Naruto, however she can make less clones than Naruto. The chakra control isn’t the special one who enables to achieve a technique.

We can add that Sakura hadn’t got yet a good enough chakra control to achieve a super punch when she was genin, despite she had got some ease to control her chakra. She has become capable to perform a super punch, only after a Tsunade’s training which lasted for two years. Sarada hasn’t got yet a Sensei’s training.

Lastly, Karin has got too a good control chakra. A ninja needs to have a perfect control of his chakra to make medical jutsus, and Karin achieves some medical jutsus, so she has got quite good chakra control.

6/ Also UCHIHA HAVE POWERFUL CHAKRA even IF her chakra was odd there, it would be because of her dad. But Sarada is an Uchiha and they have potent chakra.

The Uchihas haven’t got large chakra. The large chakra and strong physical force are Senju/Uzumaki’s characteristics. The Uchihas have got the sharingan and strong spiritual force.

In the First-gen, Sasuke hasn’t got a large chakra like Naruto. Besides, he has got a inferiority complex in relation to Naruto because of it. It’s the reason that he rejoins Orochimaru.

7/ “empathic” Lmao how is that a personality trait? And how does that prove she is her mother because both had to identify with someone else’s  feelings? This is almost as bad as “she is a female like Karin”

its a feeling that occur to anyone not a personality trait .what next ? they both like things?

When I read you, I have the impression that Kishimoto-sensei has given the same personality at all his characters ! lol !!!

There are characters who are most « empathic » than the others. For example, Naruto is very empathic. He easily puts himself in someone else’s place. He understands the people’s pain. He always cares people’s happiness before his proper happiness. Sarada is like Naruto. She naturally cares people’s happiness. She wishs to help people, it’s her goal in her life. It’s the reason that she wishs to become Hokage.

Sasuke and Sakura are selfish. Kishimoto-sensei has confirmed it in interviews. Sarada can’t get her natural empathic from them. Karin is like Naruto. She has been self-denial in all the manga.

8/ But whatever again let’s pretend that’s the case. Sakura is also perspicacious.

Sakura isn’t perspicacious. She has never got combat strategy and she doesn’t understand the battle’s running.

This scene perfectly illustrates the difference of perspicacious between Sarada and Sakura. Sarada understands quickly, although it’s her first real fight. Sakura despite her experience doesn’t understand the situation and the thing which must be made.

Sasuke is too perspicacious, but Karin is more perspicacious than him. It’s a way to increase the value of the little Uchiha.

9/ Sarada has traits from sakura not karin. even kishi said he gave sarada elements from sakura.

I haven’t noticed that Sakura needs some glasses to see, not Karin. Thank you for that reminder.

Seriously, what are the genetic traits that Sarada have got from Sakura ? She has got the « Shannaro », she wears the same top than Sakura, and she has learnt a Sakura’s jutsu, but these aren’t genetic traits. The words used, the language are got by the education. It’s Sakura who has raised Sarada, it’s so logic that Sarada and Sakura use the same vocabulary. The Sakura’s punch jutsu isn’t genetic, Tsunade isn’t Sakura’s mother.

For example, Rock Lee isn’t the Gai Malto’s son, however he wears the same clothes than Gai, he uses the same jutsu than Gai, and he speaks like Gai. Sarada can so speaks like Sakura, wears the same clothes than Sakura and uses the same jutsu than the Hurano, and doesn’t be her biological daughter. Sarada has inherited from Sakura, only her education.

10/ Karin herself even said that she did not give birth to Sarada.

Karin has lied in all the manga. If she has said the truth about of her feelings, it could be well the first time. She has always denied to be in love with Sasuke.

The parallel between these two scenes is obvious !

Suigetsu teases Karin about of her feelings. Karin denies her love and betrays herself by her reaction.

Karin is always Karin. She continues to deny her love toward Sasuke, while she has aways been faithful to him for 15 years.

definitelynotaminion  asked:

Got the oddest craving to work on HP stuff, so I'm fiddling with my Harry is the reincarnation of Naruto AND Sasuke AU, which is notoriously hard to write, but a scene I will damn well find a way to include is a bickering of "Where the hell is Kurama? How does one hide a 4 story chakra fox?" "Historically? An Uzumaki" and "I need to find him, he can't be dead" "We can't possibly have time to check every orphanage in the land for WANTED posters hanging up" Uzumaki Sneak Thief, Kid-snatcher Kurama

That’s amazing and I am fully in support of this craving.  💕

Crystal Uses

Here is one of the lists of crystal uses and “remedies” that I have in my Book of Shadows. I figured I’d share it so it could help someone!


-Cold and Flu
1. Aventurine: Physically soothing; increases vitality; helps illnesses.
2. Green Jasper: Helps lungs and chest; prevents colds; helps colds, flu, coughing, and bronchitis.
3. Rose Quartz: Clears fluids; helps circulation; helps the heart, lungs, and coughs.
4. Red Jasper: Raises energy; promotes healing and good health.

1. Amethyst: Highly helpful in insomnia; soothes thoughts; reduces stress; can alleviate headaches and migraines.
2. Hematite: Grounding; calming; aids in insomnia.
3. Smokey Quartz: Calming; helpful in insomnia; relaxing.
4. Selenite: Helps in dreaming well if you rub it before sleep.

1. Aventurine: Confidence; overcomes self-doubt; self worth; optimism; opens heart energy; attracts new opportunities.
2. Clear Quartz: Clears the mind; amplifies energy; helps you align with light and clarity.
3. Rose Quartz: Opens and heals the heart energy; encourages forgiveness towards others and yourself; nurtures; helps feel the energy of love.

1. Amethyst: Helps you think and act at your highest level; reduces tension headaches; clears negativity; promotes feelings of peace.
2. Hematite: Reflects back negative energies to the sender; dissolves the issues when one meets with confrontation; reduces feelings of imbalance.
3. Rose Quartz: Placed at the heart for 15 minutes reduces the stress of the day; unblocks anxiety; promotes healing of emotional issues; helps you become more receptive of love.
4. Sodalite: Helps relieve tight muscles and mental congestion; helps relieve repressed anger and unspoken words of negativity; helps relax mental thoughts, especially at night.

-Job Interviews
1. Citrine: Top prosperity crystal; attracts success, good fortune, good luck, and abundance.
2. Aventurine: Brings good luck and abundance; relieves stammering; stabilizes minds.
3. Amethyst: Calming, helps you think and act on your highest level.
4. Obsidian: Grounding; helps keep you mentally present; enhances personal magnetism.

1. Amethyst: Soothing thoughts; gently increases patience; calming; promotes feelings of peace; clears negativity.
2. Rose Quartz: Unblocks anxiety; nurtures; increases forgiveness towards others and yourself.
3. Hematite: Reflects back negative energies to the sender; enhances positivism; slight grounding.

1. Amethyst: Can relieve fatigue and exhaustion; heals the brain; relaxes; lowers stress
2. Rose Quartz: Relieves fatigue; reduces pain; calms.
3. Clear Quartz: Terminated points take negative energy and pain away; magnifies the other crystals.
4. Selenite: Unblocks stagnant energy; makes positive energy flow easier.

1. Hematite: Grounding; calming; reduces feeling of imbalance.
2. Smokey Quartz: Absorbs negative emotions; spiritual grounding.
3. Blue Kyanite: Can align the chakras; strong spiritual grounding.
4. Obsidian: Strong grounding; keeps you mentally present; connects you to earth.


And again, I hope that helps someone~!

Blessed Be,
~*~The Moon Tea Witch~*~

The finale was deep and I’ve been waiting to make this post so peep this underlying theme. Korra is the main character, who is a woman with melanin meaning that in the real world she has a deeper connection to Africa. Because of the evident melanin she is the underdog, subject to being in a camp most of her life to hone her skills (the field negro who was forced to work with little interaction with the outside world) until she escapes thanks to the advice of Katara, another melinated woman from the same region as her. When she makes it to the city she is cast as the underdog from the beginning, with hate groups literally trying to kill her and anyone of her kind with ties to the Spirit World. She loses almost all connection to her powers due to the oppression (Chi-Blocking) of Amon (White Supremacy) before meeting her past lives and regaining her powers.

Then she meets her uncle who appears to want her to fix the world by reuniting the spirit portals. They reopen the portals but at the cost of both light and dark spirits (angels, aliens, demons and shadow beings), as well as her uncle gaining power from a dark force. Her uncle represents the Uncle Tom Sellout Moor (not a true Moor) who only wants power for them self and does not care for struggle of the people.

In the process this Moor causes her to lose her past lives and her connection to the avatar state (representing the world prior to the so called Transatlantic Slave Trade caused by the Moors initiating war with various nations). She then meditates in a tree with nothing, no Ravaa, no Aang, nobody but herself. She finds her higher self without the need of Ravaa (crystals and raw gemstones) and becomes all powerful, reaching her Astral Projection state becoming the original Asiatic woman, a being of the most high.

Her past lives representing the oppressed however, once she loses all ties and starts anew, she represents the black man/woman regaining power and knowledge of self.

She reunites the spirit world with the human world representing December 21st 2012 but by being tricked by other people (New Agers and sell out Moors) to do it, bringing back the powers of people thought to be dead (air benders representing the lack of self knowledge). Korra goes off and as a fully realized Asiatic goes to fight a woman who fights with her third eye, and a man who has the power of flight from opening all 7 energy centers and cutting off his earthly ties. She is poisoned from this man and is blocked from her ties. She goes to her roots, the water tribes (Africa) and is healed to an extent from the same woman who gave her freedom. Later she runs away from home (Africom, look it up) to go on a spiritual journey. She then fights a woman after removing all poison but still has internal stress (Civil Rights, Crack Era, Slavery, major corporations blocking us from having much big business or power or unity). She goes to meet Zaheer and he teaches her to accept her past sins and go on with life not to make the mistakes again (reopening/cleansing the root energy center).


She then fights off the people attempting to annex land from every nation, with her unstressed self and creates a new portal. This is where that Eddie Griffin 1+1=3 video comes in. The portal looks like the the DNA Double Helix structure, but because it’s the third portal it can also represent the assumed third strand scientist have been saying lowkey we have been getting since the 80’s. 

External image

Korra has become a picture of what some us have been saying for long. You must figure out who you truly are, whether you are a Hebrew Isrealite, a Moor, Elohim, Nuwaub, whatever you decide to be don’t just focus on the physical but the mental, and spiritual as well. Your melanin gives you power as the original people.

External image


#7Chakras by @DonnyArcade coming soon!!! STR8 🔥🔥🔥🔥
1. #RootChakra — Represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded.

Location: Base of spine in tailbone area.

Emotional issues: Survival issues such as financial independence, money and food.

More on Root Chakra healing

2. #SacralChakra — Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences.

Location: Lower abdomen, about two inches below the navel and two inches in.

Emotional issues: Sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure and sexuality.

3. #SolarPlexusChakra — Our ability to be confident and in control of our lives.

Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area.

Emotional issues: Self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem.

More on Solar Plexus Chakra healing

4. #HeartChakra — Our ability to love.

Location: Center of chest just above the heart.

Emotional issues: Love, joy and inner peace.

More on Heart Chakra healing

5. #ThroatChakra — Our ability to communicate.

Location: Throat.

Emotional issues: Communication, self-expression of feelings and the truth.

More on Throat Chakra healing

6. #ThirdEyeChakra — Our ability to focus on and see the big picture.

Location: Forehead between the eyes (also called the Brow Chakra).

Emotional issues: Intuition, imagination, wisdom and the ability to think and make decisions.

More on Third Eye Chakra healing

7. #CrownChakra — The highest chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually.

Location: The very top of the head.

Emotional issues: Inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality and pure bliss.
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Solah Shringar - The 16 adornments of the Hindu bride

Why 16?

According to traditional Hindu beliefs, the 16 phases of the moon have a negative effect on a woman’s menstrual cycle, that is why the 16 adornments, considered to correspond to the 16 phases of moon, are believed to nullify such negative effects.

The word shringar can be translated as adornment/jewel, and even make-up; it contains the particle “shri/shree”, from Shri/Shree/Shriya/Shreya, another name of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and success. Every bride is considered to be a ‘Lakshmi’, bringing prosperity to her new family and home.

1. The wedding dress

Be it a sari/saree, or a lehenga-choli (skirt-blouse ensemble), the bride’s outfit depends on her ethnic heritage. Red is considered to be the most auspicious color, the color of purity in Hinduism, however, the attire may be of other colors, as well, such as golden, green, and even white (Kerala). Embroideries and patterns differ, as well.

2. Hair-style (kesha-pash-rachna)

Be it a bun, or a braid, a bride’s hair is adorned with flowers (gajra) and even jewelry. If braided, the 3 parts of the hair are considered to represent Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati - the three holy rivers of Hinduism; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva - the Hindu trimurti; the groom’s family, the bride’s family, and the new family now created.

3. Hair accessories (maang-tika, maang-patti, borla, etc.) 

Made of precious stones, gold, or silver, it is worn in the center parting of the hair, the area where the most important chakra resides;

4. Bindi

Donned on the center of the forehead, the bindi represents a circular red dot made of vermilion powder; its name literally means ‘ornament’; brides may chose more elaborate designs and also different colors to decorate their forehead.

5. Kohl

Traditional kohl was obtained from earthen lamps (diyas); this make-up element is applied on the upper and lower rims of the eyelids and, besides being a tool of beautification, it is also considered to protect the bride and ward off the evil eye on such an important day; 

6. Nose ring(s)

Worn, generally, in the left nostril (may be in both nostrils, as well); some nose rings are extended till the ear by a chain that is hooked across the cheek and tucked to the hair;

7. Ear-rings

Consisting of different designs, patterns, gems, their form may vary from region to region, etc.

8. Armbands

Worn on the upper part of the arm, even on the sleeves, they are considered to protect the bride from evil;

9. Bangles

Worn on the wrists, bangles are another sign of marriage; these may be made of glass, iron, metal, ivory, ceramic, gold. Punjabi brides add kalira to their bangles.

10. Rings

Rings come in different shapes, sizes, having different precious stones; in many regions, the thumb ring is the most important, and has small mirrors incorporated;

11. Waistband 

A type of belt, tied around the waist, embellished by gems; besides helping to keep the dress in place, people connect it with the idea of fertility.

12. Anklets and toe rings

In many regions, rings placed on the second toes is a sign of a married woman; many people make these adornments of other metals except gold, since they consider that wearing gold on an area lower from the waist is disrespectful.

13. Henna (mehndi) designs applied on the hands and feet; 

Usually, the day before the marriage, henna paste is applied in various intricate designs; It is said that the darker the color of mehndi, the deeper the love of your soul mate will be; brides chose to add the first letter of their future husband’s name in their mehndi, as well. In some regions, a red-colored ink-like paste (aalta) is applied.

14. Perfume

A natural sweet floral fragrance has always been considered to be auspicious and add further charm to the bride;

15. Sindoor/sindooram/kumkum 

During the wedding rituals, this sign of wedlock, a red powder, is applied by the groom to the bride’s central parting of the hair. It is believed that if a woman wears sindoor, goddess Parvati wards off evil spirits and safeguards her husband, bestowing on him a longer life.

16. Necklaces and the mangal sutra

Besides various necklaces worn by the bride, after the wedding rituals, a necklace of black beads is given to her by the groom (or his mother). This necklace is called mangal sutra and symbolizes the sanctity of marriage; a bride wears it all her married life;

Databook 2: The Yin seal is the pinnacle of chakra control.

Databook 4: The Yin seal requires the highest, most precise level of chakra control.

Hinawanker: Byakugan Princess Hinata has the best chakra control ever because of her kitty paws and her eye balls. Pinky can’t touch this hyuga! froths from mouth*

Crystals - Rose Quartz  (1/?)

Heart Chakra (4) - Venus - Taurus 
“  Represents the unconditional love - for your family, animals, partner -, warming our hearts. It allows us to remember our purpose, to love without charges, guilt, sorrow, possession or fear… to love all aspects of our being and of the universe.
The rose quartz teaches the power of forgiveness and reprogram the heart to love each other, helping to build and maintain self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-worth.” 


Energy Work and the Chakras

I’m working on a theory regarding how different types of energy work are associated with certain chakras and how strengthening each chakra might improve one’s ability to do energy work. To keep it relatively simple, I’m just going to base this off of the seven chakra system. 

Anyway, I haven’t gotten very far yet but I thought I would go ahead and post my musings in case anyone has any insight or opinions to offer that might spark some inspiration and help me get some solid thoughts together. 

(1) Root chakra= grounding
(2) Sacral chakra= shielding
(3) Solar plexus chakra= manifesting
(4) Heart chakra= centering
(5) Throat chakra= cleansing
(6) Third eye chakra= divining/receiving
(7) Crown chakra= connecting/expanding 

I think making these connections could help people (myself included) who have trouble with certain types of energy work. I haven’t consciously focused on chakra balancing/healing much lately and I really think it’s something I would benefit from working on, so here’s part of the initiative. 

Opening Chakras Unlocks Bending Sub-Skills

Something many ATLA/LOK viewers may not realize is that opening chakras directly correlates to unlocking bending sub-skills. Allow me to explain…

In ATLA, Aang meets a man named Guru Pathik. Pathik teaches him about the seven different chakras and explains how to ‘open’ them, so that Aang may once again enter the Avatar State. Characters who unlocked a sub-skill have unlocked a corresponding chakra in the same moment. Having a chakra blocked also explains why some characters cannot learn certain skills.

1. Earth Chakra – deals with survival, blocked by fear
Lavabending. Bolin and his friends were in imminent danger; he faced his fear, confronted a wall of lava, and bent it back. His desire to live and protect others, and overcoming his fear of death, opened his Earth Chakra. By unlocking the chakra, he unlocked lavabending.

2. Water Chakra – deals with pleasure, blocked by guilt
Bloodbending. Katara was forced to bloodbend against another bloodbender, Hama, or her friends would be killed. Despite her reservations, the overwhelming need to save her friends surpassed any guilt she may have felt in that moment. She unlocked this chakra as well as this sub-skill.

3. Fire Chakra – deals with willpower, blocked by shame
Lightningbending. With Uncle Iroh’s guidance, Zuko tries to bend lightning, but he cannot due to anger and frustration. This is a byproduct of the shame Zuko carries with him. He is unable to lightningbend in ATLA because he could not forgive himself.

4. Air Chakra – deals with love, blocked by grief
Details unknown. (It is possible that spiritual projection relates to this chakra, as Jinora is the only person currently capable of this airbending sub-skill. Jinora is full of love and virtually empty of grief compared to other characters. However, since we do not know how she actually unlocked the ability, this is not confirmed.)

5. Sound Chakra – deals with truth, blocked by lies
Details unknown.

6. Light Chakra – deals with insight, blocked by illusion
Metalbending. Toph saw past the illusion that refined metal no longer contained earth. She knew that during the forging process, metal would still contain earthen impurities. This realization allowed her to bend her way out of a metal cage.

Something to note about older Toph and the Swamp: Guru Pathik says, “The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation.” A swampbender tells Aang the swamp is “One big, living organism. Just like the entire world … We all have the same roots and we are all branches of the same tree.” Toph’s ability to see past illusion also allows her to 'see’ the entire world through the swamp.

Bolin was never able to learn metalbending because he is perpetually naïve; he sees what he wants to see, not necessarily the truth. This may hold true for Aang, as well, since he couldn’t metalbend either. Korra was able to metalbend immediately, as this chakra (and the harsh reality of the world) was not blocked for her.

Also - Combustionbending. The third-eye tattoos that combustionbenders have on their forehead is located at the Light Chakra point. Combustionbending is possible by focusing a massive amount of chi into this point, then releasing it forward. We can’t confirm that combustionbending is unlocked through this chakra, only executed.

7. Thought Chakra – deals with pure cosmic energy, blocked by earthly attachments
Flight. Perhaps the most obvious unlocking of a chakra in the show. Zaheer had no attachments in the world except for his lover, P’Li. Upon her death, he immediately unlocked the Thought Chakra and gained the ability of flight.

The only sub-skills not mentioned above are seismic sense/truth-seeing, and healing, as we’ve never seen someone unlock these skills along with a chakra. Katara accidentally healed herself at random, which means she may have opened a chakra sometime beforehand. Spiritbending, as performed by Unalaq and Korra, is just another form of healing.

I hope this helps explain how some characters were able to unlock bending sub-skills seemingly randomly. *cough* Bolin.


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linamuro  asked:

Hi there. I stumbled on your Zuatara metas earlier, and after a little digging started seeing commentary on things that Bryke and Ehasz have said since the series (and LoK) ended. Do you have links to their comments? Google gave me nothing. (Loving the metas, btw. I could never quite place why Kataang sat so poorly for me, and why I wanted Katara with Zuko, but your meta of the mirrioring of their character arcs really enlightened me.)

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the metas. :)

As for the info. Sure thing! Bryke’s comments are pretty easy to find, since they speak publicly and have a tumblr, etc. Basically they said that there were only going to ever be 3 Books of Avatar and that Katara and Aang’s romance was planned from the beginning and was “in the DNA” of the show. I highly doubt they would be honest and say they cancelled a future season of the cartoon for the dreaded Shyamalan movie. That would get them a lot of hate. lol

Most fans on other forums I’ve talked to dismiss this info from Ehasz or other staffers because it contradicts Bryke, but all of it is very consistent, and it fits extremely well with the Avatar Extra that said Zuko was originally Katara’s love interest, and ATLA’s plot holes as well, like the chakras. 4 seasons makes more sense anyways, I always hated how there were only 3.

As for Ehasz. Here is all of the info I have stumbled across in the last few months. He gave a class at UCB, and there is proof of that. You can even download the syllabus. He also tweeted about the unfinished fourth season:

All of this info is actually what kinda got me back in the fandom. 

Now the info. This is the biggest one. A former staff member named zephyrita’s collection on Avatar and Book 4 info:

Here is more info on Book 4 and some of Ehasz’ thoughts on Legend of Korra:

More info on what Ehasz had wanted to do with the story:

A little more info; at the end of how Ehasz didn’t want Zutara to be forced like Kataang:

Some more info about how Ehasz influenced the story:

A commenter on Deviantart with good info on Book 4, who claims to have spoken to some of the staff. Read Cherryue’s comments:

Another person who talked to Ehasz who says the same thing:

And one more:

A little more on Kataang, and how there was an episode about Aang and Kuzon scrapped for it:

This is everything I’ve been able to find.

Also, here are some more links courtesy of @anti-kataang: