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On the other hand, I experienced some SERIOUS sexual discrimination and was on the end of some pretty lewd stuff (all "clever" game references, of course) during my 2 years at Gamestop (most of it from customers), mostly because I dared to be a girl working in a game shop. It varies from place to place, of course, but there HAS BEEN a real problem. It's not imaginary.

Ah, I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve encountered such people who still think it alright to discriminate sexually

My poor roommate looks a little beleaguered here but she’s the one that wants to cosplay as Loki!

Most recent pic of the helm, which I am making.  The horns aren’t polished/shaped yet, but you get the general idea.  Tonight I added the sides of the helm, which aren’t perfect but they fit Chajiko and that’s what matters!  Lots more tweaking and such to be done, but for now it’s coming along splendidly.