Ordinarily we’d never suggest anyone attempt to sit on a hippopotamus, we adore them, but they’re known to be aggressive and unpredictable creatures, so they aren’t usually recommended as furniture. However this stunning Hippopotamus Chair is so awesome, we think everyone should get to try it out. Created by Spanish artist Maximo Riera (previously featured here) as part of his 2014 Animal Chair Collection, the solid black sofa was designed to be true to life in both size and detail. It measures just over 4.5 feet tall and nearly 10 feet wide, approximately the size of the average adult hippo.

"The piece resembles an adult male ‘River Horse’, as it was named by the ancient Greeks, with an approximate weight of three tones and a body length of almost three meters. One of their most characteristic features is their enormous ivory teeth. The canines can reach up to fifty centimeters, being exposed even when their mouth is closed, sharpening themselves as they grind together.
The skin pattern has been carefully replicated and reproduced to acquire the corrugation and surface imperfections, distinctive of their shape.”

Riera’s awesome Hippopotamus Chair was created in a limited edition of 20 pieces, priced at £70.000 ($108.000) each. Pricey, yes, but not nearly as costly as trying to sit on a live hippo

Visit Maximo Riera’s website to check out more of his fantastic furniture designs.

[via luxurylaunches]