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Death of a Black Panther: The Fred Hampton Story

Death of a Black Panther: The Fred Hampton Story - YouTube - ARC Identifier 12156 / Local Identifier 65.85. Iberian Hampton, et al Edward et al (U.S.D.C., N.D. Illinois), Civil Action No. 70-C-1384 Consolidated U.S. Attorney’s Office, ca. 1969 - ca. 1970. NEWS REPORT: Presents accounts of police officers who made raid, Fred Hampton’s wife Debora, who was in the bed with Hampton when he was slain, Illinois State Attorney General Edward V. Hanrahan of what occured at raid of Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton’s apartment, Chicago, Illinois, on 4 December 1969. Reviews charges and counter charges made by both sides and shows apartment where raid occured. Interviews with “Doc” Sachel, who was injured in raid, and Black Panther Minister of Defense Bobby Rush. Two Chicago area councilmen condemn raid. Black Panther attorney reads from Grand Jury, Federal District Court, Northern District of Illinois report which questions testimony given by officers to Grand Jury. Department of Justice. Federal Bureau of Investigation. (1935 - )

“45 years ago today, the Chicago Police Department and the FBI murdered Chicago Black Panther Chairman Fred Hampton while he slept in bed. The assassination was both the goal and endpoint of an illegal nighttime raid that saw agents and officers spray more than ninety bullets into the apartment where he, his pregnant fiance, and others slept. 

Prior to his death, Hampton had been the leader of a citywide interracial organizing effort, laboring to bring blacks, Puerto Ricans, and poor whites into a functioning alliance – what he called a "Rainbow Coalition.” Among his other core initiatives were the negotiation of a truce between Chicago’s gangs to curb street violence, establishment of a free health care clinic for the urban poor, and implementation of one of the most successful Free Breakfast for Children programs that the Panthers ever ran.

He was 21 years old when they murdered him. No one was ever convicted in his death. The City of Chicago later settled a civil case for nearly two million dollars.“

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Inspired: The Documentary (Part II)

In Part II, Amilcar discusses how one of America’s most influential black activists, Chairman Fred Hampton has inspired him & visits the Chicago site of his brutal assassination in 1969. We then visit the prestigious University of Chicago, where Amilcar discusses the importance of education & promotion through mixtapes for rap artists & what his mission is as an Artist. He then takes us to one of his favorite hidden places to eat in Chicago & concludes the documentary with a visit to the Chicago River, where he goes to “zone out” & acknowledge Chicago’s magnificent skyline.

Filmed & Edited by: Roger Tino Morales of Aykid Shots

Amilcar’s debut EP “Dead Poets Society” coming 2012.

Significant Dates for Black August:

• August 1619 the first enslaved Afrikans to Jamestown, Virginia

• August 1791 the start of the great Haitian revolution

• August 1, 1978 Khatari Gaulden was murdered

• August 2, 1850 the initiation of the major network that conducted the Underground Railroad began

• August 4, 1956 political prisoner and member of MOVE Debbie Sims Africa was born

• August 7, 1970 Jonathan Jackson was gunned down outside the Marin County California courthouse as he attempted to liberate three imprisoned Black Liberation Fighters James McClain, William Christmas and Ruchell Magee who were also murdered that day.

• August 8, 1950 political prisoner Dr. Mutulu Shakur was born

• August 8, 1978 the first bombing of the MOVE family by Philadelphia Police.

• August 11-17, 1965 the Watts Rebellion

• August 18, 1971 the defense of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika (PG – RNA) from a FBI assault in Mississippi

• August 21, 1831 the rebellion of Nat “the Prophet” Turner

• August 21, 1971 George Jackson was murdered

• August 22, 1843 the call for a general strike by enslaved New Afrikans by Henry Highland Garnett

• August 23, 1943 political prisoner Maroon Russell Shoatz was born

• August 23, 1949 political prisoner Maliki Shakur was born

• August 27, 1963 W.E.B. Dubois died in Ghana

• August 28, 1963 the March on Washington D.C.

• August 30, 1800 Gabriel Prosser’s rebellion

• August 30, 1948 Chairman Fred Hampton who was murdered by Chicago police was born

THIS SYSTEM IS OUT TO KILL US AND WE KNOW IT. Some say we are not ready to take on this monster. We say that we do not want to….but that is not the question any longer. The monster has taken us on and we have to deal with reality.”
—  Fred Hampton, Chairman, Illinois Black Panther Party, murdered by the FBI and the Chicago Police December 4, 1970