Okay so I know I’m about a week late but it’s still early February so I’ll just post this and do better next time.


I love Instagram, I don’t think i would make it through my down time without it. I one read in an interview with Jenny Komeda, of Little Green Notebook, that Instagram to her is what coffee is for others and that spoke to me personally, Every morning when I wake up, I check my feed and refresh the explore page a couple of times to find new accounts to follow. I decided that it was only right to start highlighting my favorite accounts every month and hopefully spread the inspiration. 

So without further adieu, my January favorite is….


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anthology magazine: conversation with molly andrews of chairloom

styling by: barbara botting

shooting molly andrews of chairloom was such a thrill for me.  chairloom has inspiration in every nook & cranny and molly’s home is pretty jaw-dropping as well. here is just a sneak peek of the story.

to see the whole article in print —which i highly recommend — of this month’s anthology magazine check out your local anthropologie store.

molly, in the chairloom showroom, sitting on a newly upholstered John Robshaw’s Chowk fabric

Confessions of an E-zine Virgin

OK.  I know that a few days ago, I mentioned knowing about some online design mags but what I negelcted to mention is that I had never actually looked at them.  Oops!  Today I rectified that with a tour through the current issue of Lonny.  I had been wary of online publications since my battle with the original Williams Sonoma Home catlogue but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.  It took me a while to get used to having to zoom in on the pages and clicking through instead of flipping, but it was well worth the e-learning curve.  For those of you who are as leery as I was about the world of online magazines, it costs absolutely nothing to subscribe so jump into the 21st century with me, won’t you?

Right off the bat, their was a fantastic ad for Chairloom (one of my favorite companies):

External image
And one for an extremely cool exhibition at the San Francisco Legion of Honor of an artist named Isabel de Borchgrave who recreates grand couture gowns out of paper.  What?  There may have to be a trip up north in the near future…  The market section is full of great items to incorporate into your design and lists of what’s getting the editors hot and bothered this month.  I particularly like the page on color blocks.  Go figure.

External image

Next hit for me was their interview with Ashley Stark, who has recently taken over the family business.  You may be familiar with their little company, Stark Carpet?  I liked both Lonny’s questions and Ashley’s answers, especially the tidbit about her great aunt(ish) being the one and only Iris Apfel.  Damn!  Then it was on to a line up sheets to freshen things up a little in the bedroom.  I like that you can click right through to see the manufacture’s website to get more info and order if you want.  My fave of the options was Diane Von Furstenberg’s new collection (I am itching for that black, white and yellow pillow!)

External image
There is a fantastic Q&A with Bunny Williams, who gives savvy advice on hiring a decorator and being one.  Her impeccable workroom is so inspiring (and ever so slightly more tidy than our workroom here at M. Design…)

External image

I thought the quality of the articles was good, too.  I found the article on Lilly Pulitzer especially interesting, since I grew up waering her patterns and had no idea about where they came from.  I loved seeing some of the design team’s inspiration boards and learning about their cool in-house process.

External image
External image
External image
And how great is this backdrop painted by print designer, Paige Smith?

External image

The piece on Angel Dormer, West Elm’s style manager for color and concept (the coolest job I have heard of in a while) was full of great photos and tips.  I loved clicking through and checking out her favorite blogs and shops in NYC - lots of stuff I hadn’t seen.  I was particularly fond of some of her gallery walls.  She said the first wall was inspired by a wall in Paul Smith’s London shop (second image courtesy of Apartment Therapy)

External image
External image
I also love the vertical stack of these paintings:
External image
Overall, I give this online magazine an A.  It is filled with good ideas, fresh photography and interesting articles.  I will get over the zooming and clicking and will be back!

Floor Stencils

you probably already know I’m all about stencils (see here and here) but check out this new idea featured on Remodelista using stencils to spruce up some tired wooden floors!




Although this isn’t feasible for my apartment, it's still a great idea to tuck away for future wooden floors. Images are from Chairloom’s showroom in Philadelphia, you can check out their colorful website here, enjoy!

Vintage curved sofa – after.

Molly and Tracy collaborated on the reupholstery of this sofa together. It was re-done in a mix of three fabrics, two from Pierre Frey and one from Maharam. The only issue was fitting it through the door!