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One of the new songs that Chairlift has been playing at their summer shows! Based on the lyrics, I think this might be “Get Real”.

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The third new song that Chairlift has been playing live! I don’t know the title of this one, so if you know what it’s called, please let me know!

Thanks to digitalli0n for sharing this video!


A video of Chairlift’s entire set in Boston on March 26. The audio mix on it isn’t the greatest (and at times you can barely hear Caroline), so you may want to turn up your volume a bit when you’re watching it.

I took this picture at the Chairlift concert at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on March 28. I did take pictures of the band during their set, but there was hardly any lighting when they were performing and I only had my iPhone to take pictures with, so my pictures aren’t the the best.

[Image description: A picture of Chairlift’s drum set, complete with Chairlift’s C-snake logo]