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so I went to the counseling center at my school to set up an appointment etc etc and I know they have a therapy dog there and I was like “where’s the dog?” and the receptionist was like ‘oh I’m sorry, she’s in a meeting right now’ and I look over at the other room and there is a fucking dog sitting in a chair at a long table sitting next to all these people in business suits and I felt like I was in a dream


I guess I just wasn’t getting out of my chair fast enough to meet his demands ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Mom: Honey, remember-
  • Me: REMEMBER I LOVE YOU! * cries *
  • Mom: Oookay, I need-
  • Me: I NEED YOU! * cries in spanish *
  • Mom: Um...Okay, I will choose-
  • Mom: I just need you to calm down! Three-
  • Me: THREE WORDS! EIGHT LETTERS! SAY IT! AND I'M YOURS! * cries in chinese *
  • Mom: Honey, you're acting strange.. But, at the end, only-
  • Mom: Sweetie, I am going to call help.. Whatever you need-
  • Me: WHATEVER YOU NEED I'M HERE! * cries in indian *
  • Mom: 911, yeah, my daughter needs help..
  • Me: Just keep your head down. Be Burr, not Hamilton.
  • Me, fifteen seconds later: aND ANOTHER THING
Qrow and Raven are the people missing from the empty chairs at the meeting with Salem

So when we were watching Chapter 1 of Volume 4, my friends and I noticed that there are two empty chairs across from each other at the meeting with Salem in the middle of the table. On the left side of the table, you have the two seemingly quieter/calmer presences. On the right are Cinder who’s known to be a typically chaotic force and the dude with the braid who’s obviously got a serial killer vibe. So remember in season 3 when Qrow tells Yang that him and Raven don’t see eye to eye? And remember how Qrow and Ozpin also discussed how they thought Qrow was compromised because they hadn’t heard from him or Raven. Therefore, we think that Qrow (being a spy) may have been one the left and Raven on the right (but actually sincere). Based on their personalities that we know of from what Qrow has implied about Raven and from how calm Qrow remains consistently, each side makes sense. And because they’re across from each other, they have to have some kind of relationship. Because at the table, the man across from Cinder was constantly taking jabs at her, and the man across from braid dude was completely silent while braid dude was spewing garbage the whole time. Call it what you want, but we think it will be revealed that they were the two meant for those chairs, lastly, because in the V4 opening, Qrow was shown to be following Ruby, and a raven is shown flying past Qrow making him look concerned.

Thanks, y’all!

I was so moved this morning when I got up and saw all your sweet messages! Since most of you are in another timezone, they all arrived in the night. That was lovely and a real boost this morning. It all went very well, although I do not want to to celebrate now, as on Wednesday the concillor comes again to watch me chair a meeting. But I think that will go well, too. Apart from your messages the day started well because I had a Phryne-like thought (I guess). In Germany we have no dresscode for teachers, so you have everything from the scruffy Woodstock-left-over to tie-wearing colleagues. Also, some ladies who are dressed either morticia or Khardashian like, others in hand-woven and tiedyed rags. I am a sporty type, jeans, nice boots and stylish sweatshirts or pullovers with stars on it are my preferred thing. But yesterday evening I took out my pleated skirt, blazer, high boots…This morning I though: NO WAY! Don’t get me wrong, I like skirts and dresses, but I hate tights. And today I just didn’t feel it. So I thought: wear what you like and what you like yourself in. So I went with black chinos, my new hoodie-jacket, blue with black stars, a white blouse and doc martens chelsea boots. And I loved it and felt instantly great, although the clothes were nothing special. but they suited me.

My pupils were great, they were all dressed in black as we do for drama when we have a performance and behaved like model-children. Then I had to discuss and evaluate a lesson my colleague gave with him, me in the role of principal. It went also very well. In the interview, the councillor asked me to start talking, and when I start…AVALANCHE. So after one hour he was satisfied. My headmaster also said the nicest things. Fingers crossed until Wednesday evening! Thanks all of you for your support it really helped me and made me smile in the morning!


“You should turn yourself in Frank,” you whispered, glancing up at Frank from across the small coffee shop table you had agreed to meet him at. It had taken some persuading to get you here, Frank knew why you were hesitant, fuck, he understood it and even respected you for it. You were smart to want to distance yourself, but he couldn’t stay away from you. As he hear your whisper he let out a laugh, turning his head to look around casually before his eyes moved back to you.

“Come over here and make me,” he suggested jokingly, noting how you sighed, cheeks flushing slightly as you sat up straight against the back of your chair, finally meeting his eyes.

“Frank, you know what’s best for-” you started but were cut off as Frank scoffed and leaned back in his chair.

“Stop. Would you really like for me to be gone Y/N?”

“Frank you know-” you started but were cut off again as Frank suddenly leaned forward, his elbows resting on the table as you flinched back, startled at his sudden movement. Frank froze, closing his mouth as he waited a moment, his eyes carefully trained on your face before he let out a huff of air and slowly reached out to grab one of your hands, cupping it in his own gently as you raised your eyes to meet his.

“Stop. Y/N, this is what is best for me and you. Trust me.”

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“Why don’t you ever talk around me? I’ve never heard you speak.”

Steve Rogers x reader
Requested by anon.

Enough was enough. Steve had told everyone of the plans but didn’t say a word to you. Which you didn’t take lightly.

Walking over to his room, you opened the door without knocking. Annoyance coursing through you.

He immediately shot up from his chair, meeting your gaze.

“So are you going to tell me the plans or what?”

Steve swallowed hard, shrugging his shoulders without a single sound escaping his lips.

Letting out a sigh, you furrowed your brows, crossing your arms over your chest. “Why don’t you ever talk around me?” You asked. “I’ve never heard you speak.”

His mouth parted, as he gazed endlessly at you. He was nervous, and didn’t know how to tell you. There was something about you that just made him fluster and for that, he was scared to make a fool out of himself.

“Cap.” You hissed.

“I-I don’t know.” He forced out.

Your eyes grew wide, as your lips twitched. Other than videos and what not, this was your first time hearing him talk around you. And his voice left you with chills.

“Maybe you scare me.” He teased.

You raised a brow, giggling from his statement. “What? I scare Captain America?” You cackled. “Well don’t worry, Rogers. I don’t bite….”

You turned on your heels and started for the door. “Hard.” You finished.

Steve flashed a smirk, glancing at the wall then to you. His eyes studying your curves as you walked out of his room.

To think he couldn’t be more attracted to you.

Stop Lying

First gif prompt! Submissions are still open for this if you want your own written.
This is basically the reader as a stand alone type enemy working for herself for whatever reason, I didn’t really think much into the specifics but that’s the idea. Basically you just need to know that Steve and the reader are enemies. 
For captainlittlesass!

Pairing: Steve x reader
Warnings: Smut smut smut

You’re fingers tapped away quickly on the computer as you copied all the files you needed onto the memory stick you’d hastily shoved into the drive. You’re eyes flicked over the screen manically as you counted down the time in your head until you’d need to leave, until someone came for you.

The screen read 87% downloaded as Shields files flashed in front of you. Information you needed about the newest Avengers began downloading, The Visions face popping up finally as your time ran out, the door slamming open with a bang. You needed more time.

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You sighed as you stood in front of the door to the interrogation room. You lowered your head, took a breath, and reached for the door handle. The door creaked as you pushed it open, alerting the occupant to your presence. You felt yourself frown slightly as Eggsy, your best friend, looked up from the chair to meet your gaze. He perked up slightly.


You swung the door closed as you stepped into the room.

“Hello Eggsy.”

You sat in the chair opposite of him, placing your hands on the table. You remained silent as the two of you watched each other. He began to get agitated, averting his gaze. He ran a hand over his ball cap before he scratched behind his ear. He sniffed slightly. You decided it was time to say something.

“Was it Dean?” you asked gently.

Your friend nodded slightly. You let out a sigh, wiping your face as you did so. You glanced at your watch, noting the late time. With resolve, you stood up, catching Eggsy’s attention. You gave him a small smirk.

“C’mon. Let’s get you home.” You noticed him hesitate. “You can stay with me for the night, okay mate?”

Eggsy shot his gaze up and nodded. He swallowed thickly as he headed to the door. You opened the door and pushed him through the opening.

“Thanks, Y/N.”

You clapped his shoulder and grinned.

“Just don’t let it happen again.” You chuckled. “At least, not when I’ll be out of town.”

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Imagine Rollins gets you and Carisi together because she can tell you both like one another.

——— Request for anon ———

“You comin’?” Carisi asks, coat in hand as he looks pointedly at Rollins, who leans further back in her chair and meet’s Fin’s eyes across the table.

“Uh,” she drawls, trying to quickly come up with an excuse before she cops out, “Actually, Carisi, my back’s hurting from the pregnancy, you know? How about you take (Y/N) instead?”

“Yeah,” Fin encourages, nodding to where you are looking through some paperwork on the case, “Take (Y/N).”

“Okay,” Carisi nods, walking over to your desk to ask for you to come with him, oblivious to how Fin leans over his desk just enough so his voice isn’t heard by anyone but Amanda.

“Your back isn’t really hurting, is it?”

“Hey, I’m doing a public service here with the way those two have been ogling each other.”


David Tennant and Graham Norton - down through the years

Russia purposely sitting in America’s chair at world meetings because he knows America is stubborn and instead of sitting in a different chair he’ll sit on Russia’s lap

I legit stressed myself out last night putting off things I needed to do

I was like “I’ll just do it all Sunday! It’s too much for me to do now, I can’t, I just can’t! I’m not in the right headspace no no no it’s too much work”

Woke up today, made breakfast, still felt shitty but knew I needed to get this shit down. Sat down to actually look at what I needed to do and it was nowhere near as big as I thought. I thought I had to draft my proposal but while it would be NICE for me to start on that that’s not what was actually on my agenda–I just needed to create an agenda to send to my chair for our meeting on Tuesday. I also just needed to fill out a form for room sponsorship for an upcoming event. Literally just these two little things. but last night I felt like I had a mountain of tasks to complete????? And I didn’t believe I could do it so I just didn’t???

what the fuck

Literally finished it all in about an hour and that’s with the majority of my time being shopping for glass jars for my salves and posting the 10 most influential albums of my adolescence on facebook