UPDATE #2: there is more to my friend’s hq comments “why does the dickish snake have a girlfriend and i dont” (Daishou) “oh my god is he a secret drug dealer” (poor Asahi)



“who is the tol ginkgo tree” (Lev)

“he looks like a drug dealer too” (Ukai Keishin)

“wait what the fuck HIS THIGHS???? *proceeds to slide out of chair, face red and fanning herself wildly* (Ushiwaka)

“awwwwww are the really hot owl one and the thigh high owl gay for each other” (Akaashi and Bokuto)

“YESSSS the gay dynamite memelord is back” (Tendou)


“HOLY JESUS ALMIGHTY HES A FUCKING SKYSCRAPER” (Hyakuzawa, ayyy @vylhunter knows what’s up)


“why does he have a corn cob in the center of his head” (Yamamoto)


“is he wearing fucking mascara because i need to leARN HIS SECRETS” (Oikawa)


“damn boy id tap that fine ass” (Kuroo again)

“is he used to this” Hinata getting hit in the face by the ball)


“okay they are the Gay Crow Association” (Karasuno)

“they are the Gay Cats Who Need To Chill” (Nekoma)

“they are the Floof Hair and Bara Arms Worshipping Cult” (Aobajousai)

“they are the Hot Gay Owl Thighs and Ass Club” (Fukuroudani)

“they are the Gay Eagle Harem” (Shiratorizawa)

“they are just gay for the hot brunette one” (Dateko)

“DOUBLE TROUBLE” (Miya twins)


Lay it on me- Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: This is a continuation of “Wipe it off of me”, reader wants to try some stuff out with her boyfriend ;-D

(Read Part 1 )



The next day after what happened with Jughead, I immediately went to Veronica. She was my best friend, and I trusted her completely with my life, so I also trusted the fact that she would explain to me what the hell I should be doing when it comes to…..things like this.

“Veronica, I just, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about all this kinky stuff, but I know that if there’s somebody I’m comfortable enough with, it’s him, And Jughead, sometimes with the way he is, he, he…” I trailed off, crossing one leg over the other on Veronica’s mattress.

“Turns you on?” Veronica asked, a giggly tone in her voice as she spun around in her vanity chair to look at me.

“Yes.” I admitted, heat spreading across my cheeks quickly.

“Girl, I get what you mean, every time I see Betty in that cheer uniform-” Veronica dramatically draped herself over her chair, fanning herself with her hand. “ my gay ass heart just can’t handle it.” I rolled my eyes before standing up and swatting her in the arm.

“I’m serious, Ronnie! Jughead does.. Things to me! Things I’m not used to feeling! Things I seriously don’t like-” I cut myself off, groaning loudly in sexual frustration, and flopping back down on to Veronica’s bed face up. My arms sprawled out across the duvet and I sighed, turning my head to look at my friend now looking down at me.

“ He’s going to be the death of me, Ronnie. He really is.”

“Cheer up sunshine. Let me show you a few things first.”


I had left Ronnie’s house with a lot of ideas, and I planned to use them this weekend. The knowledge she had given gave me somewhat a surge of confidence, and I was positive that the rain check I had made with Jughead would be worth it. It was the next weekend when I finally acted upon my ideas.

My mom was going away for the weekend, which meant I would have the house all to myself.The last bell had rang, signaling to the students that they had just been relinquished their freedom and were free to leave the torturous hell that was Riverdale High (ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but I’m a drama queen). I saw Jughead standing in front of his locker, rummaging through It while Archie leaned against the locker beside him, hands moving as he told Jughead something. I quickly moved from in between Betty and Veronica, quickly making my way to my boyfriend. I grabbed his shoulder as he stood facing away, pulling him down backwards so my lips brushed against his neck, and whispered.

“My house, tonight. I wanna make good use of that rain-check.” I let go of Jughead, my hand pushing him slightly and his body sprang back in to his previous position, his mouth open. I was halfway down the hall when he turned around, and I just giggled before winking and blowing him a kiss.


Instead of meeting Jughead at Pop’s, I went straight home, checking to make sure my mom had left for her trip. When I saw the empty driveway, I knew I was in the clear. I ran inside and up to my room, dropping my bag and trying to think of my next move. I figured taking a shower was good, so I took a quick one, making sure to shave even though I had done so a couple nights ago. I got out, towel-drying my hair and brushing my teeth before grabbing my nicest pair of bra and underwear. I wasn’t a huge lingerie person, but my mom had bought me a couple nice sets for my birthday, which I was now extremely thankful for.

I threw on a cami and a pair of (extremely short) shorts afterwards, before brushing my hair out and spraying a little perfume. When I was done, I went back down stairs.I occupied myself by getting a little something to drink, and messing around on my phone. I started to almost worry that Jughead wouldn’t show up, and my head started to get the best of me. What if he didn’t want this? What if I freaked him out and potentially ruined our relationship?

A knock at the door interrupted my thoughts, and I padded towards it, unlocking the bolt and swinging it open to see Jughead. He had his hands shoved in his pockets, his head raising to look at me. His eyebrows raised as he took in my appearance.

“Is your mom home?” He asked, stepping inside and locking the door behind him.

“No, she’s gone for the weekend. Business trip.”

“Good.” Jughead quickly had me pinned against the door, his hands wrapping around the back of my thighs and lifting me so my lower body was wrapped around his waist. His lips went to mine, kissing me roughly. My hands went around his neck, knocking his hat off when my fingers curled in to this hair. I tugged lightly and Jughead groaned against my lips. I broke apart from him, panting heavily.

“Do you uh, do you want something to eat?” I asked him, mentally face palming myself. Jughead laughed, his head falling in to the crook of my neck.

“Sure, what’s on the menu?” Jughead responded, lifting his head to look at me. I had an idea to fix the mood I just killed, bringing my lip between my teeth.

“Me.” Jughead looked taken aback for a second before a smug look took over his face.

“Hmm, dessert first. I like that idea.” Jughead leaned back down to kiss me, his lips on mine only for a second before trailing down my jaw and to my neck. Jughead began to litter my neck with dark, purple bruises, his body pressing in to mine. Jughead’s hands traveled down my body, his fingers slipping under my shirt. My breath hitched at the feeling of his warm hands on my cold skin, gripping at my waist firmly.

“M-maybe we should- we should go upstairs.” I panted, my breath heavy. Jughead adjusted his grip on my thighs before complying to my suggestion, stumbling a bit to find the stairs.

“You’re going to break your neck.” I giggled, clinging to his shoulders for dear life.

“Don’t undermine my masculinity.” Jughead pouted, climbing up the staircase with me still in his arms. I laughed at the clumsiness of my boyfriend as he actually managed to make it up the stairs, kicking my door open. Jughead dropped me down on to my bed, my back bouncing against the cool mattress. I sat up, reaching out and gripping Jughead’s jacket and tugging it off of him.

“Eager, are we?” Jughead taunted, helping me pull his jacket off. I rolled my eyes, my hands now going to the sweater underneath his jacket. I pulled it over his head to be met with another shirt.

“What is it with the layers?!” I groaned, my hands now working on getting the short sleeved shirt off. “Really, Forsythe, I thought when I invited you over, you would get the memo to wear less clothing.”

“Unless you wanted me to be a popsicle stick by the time I made it here, that wasn’t happening.” Jughead retorted, his hands going to my tank top.“ Although, I’m pretty sure I woulda been warm in a matter of moments anyways.” Jughead leaned down, his teeth biting gently at the skin on my neck, making my breath hitch in my throat. Jughead pulled my tank top off my body, his hands running down my sides and to my hips before gripping them tightly and pulling me closer to his body.

Jughead and I had had sex only a couple of times, the first time obviously being an awkward and romantic mess, and the second time almost being caught by Archie and Betty, who happened to live across the street from me.Jughead and I weren’t huge on sex, it wasn’t something we wanted to do 24/7 like a lot of the kids at our school, but the both of us had so much pent up sexual frustration lately that we were seconds away from creating tears in our remaining clothes.

Jughead grabbed the waistband of my shorts, slipping them down my thighs. I kicked them off before pushing Jughead over and down on to my bed. I unbuttoned the top of his skinny jeans, pulling them down his legs quickly before straddling Jughead, grinding down in to his hips. Jughead groaned, raising his hips to meet mine and I held them down with my hands, grinding my hips down harder on to him.

“Fuck.” Jughead moaned, his breath becoming heavier. I felt him get harder underneath me and I grinned, glad I was getting the reaction I wanted. I sat up, grabbing one of my scarves hanging off my bed frame and toying with it in my hands.

“You wanna try something?” I looked down at my boyfriend, his eyes wide and fixed upon the fabric slipping between my fingers.

“Lay it on me.” Jughead smirked and I grinned, taking his wrists in my hands. Jughead looked confused as I tied his hands to my bedpost, looking up at me.

“To be honest, I thought the roles would be reversed when you asked.” He chuckled, relaxing under my body.

“We’ve got the whole weekend, babe.” I reached behind my back, unclasping my bra and letting it fall off my shoulders. I flung it aside, my hands now traveling down my boyfriend’s body and running over his hard-on, hidden by the fabric of his boxers. I cupped it lightly before moving away.

“Do you really have to be a tea-ease.” Jughead groaned when my hand dipped under the elastic, wrapping my hand around him firmly. I slowly pumped my hand up and down, Jughead’s breathing becoming rapid. I pulled my hand down, my fingers pulling his boxers off and slipping my underwear off after. I leaned over Jughead’s body, grabbing a condom from the drawer of my nightstand.

I took the end of the foil package between my teeth, ripping it open. I was met with the gross taste of lube and a disgusted look swept across my face quickly.

“Why didn’t you just…. Open it with your hands??” Jughead tilted his head, stifling a laugh at my reaction to the flavorless substance.

“Veronica said it’d be sexier.” I scoffed, pulling the condom out of the package.“ Last time I take her advice.”

“Wait, you went to Veronica for advice on sex?” Jughead sat up a bit. I pushed him back down with my hand, looking shocked at my surprise burst of dominance.

“Jughead, I’m literally about to sit on your dick. Please don’t ruin the mood.” I pinched the tip of the condom, rolling it down Jughead’s penis. Jughead laid back down, eyes wide and looking at me. My knees went to either side of Jughead hips, my hand guiding him as I slowly sank down on to him. My hands went to my chest, my lower body feeling a bit tight and uncomfortable. When my thighs reached Jughead’s hips, I stopped, giving myself a moment to adjust before slowly beginning to rise up and sink back down on to him. I tried to keep a steady pace, my legs burning as I grinded down on to Jughead’s dick.

Jughead’s uneven breathing turned in to small groans and my hands went down his chest, my fingernails leaving scratch marks down his stomach. I began to go faster, already feeling worn out. Jughead’s hair was already starting to stick to his forehead, and my chest was glistening with a thin layer of sweat. I painted, picking up the pace even more and going as fast as I could.

Baby, baby untie me.” Jughead panted, wriggling his arms that were suspended over his head. I paused, leaning over and untying the knot of my scarf. When Jughead was free he immediately sat up, his arms wrapping around my body as he thrusted in to me. My head fell in to the crook of his shoulder, my nails dragging down the muscles in his back.

F-fuck, Forsythe, I-I’m-” my body tensed, the fuzzy feeling in my lower body and the twitching of my abdomen telling me I was close. Jughead flipped us over so I was on my back, his arms holding him up as he pounded in to me at a rapid pace.

My orgasm hit me like an oncoming train, my nails now digging deep in to Jughead’s skin and my back arching. My vision was blurry, colors and stars clouding my sight. Jughead came a few moments later, collapsing on top of my body. My arms went around his neck, my hands playing with the ends of his hair as I tried to calm my breathing.

Jughead eventually pulled out of me, his body leaving mine for a moment to discard the used condom before grabbing his sweater. He climbed back on to the bed, his hands pulling my body up in to a sitting position before pulling the sweater over my head.

“You know, I can dress myself. I’m not five.” I teased, pulling my arms through the sleeves of the long sweater. The end of the fabric went to my knees, reminding me of how tiny I was compared to my beanstalk of a boyfriend.

“I know.” Jughead was standing up, his boxers now on and his shirt slipping over his head. I raised my arms up, making grabby hands at him.

“Well if you’re going to treat me like I’m 5, then I demanded to be carried to the kitchen.” I pouted. Jughead turned to me, a grin on his face.

“As you wish.” Jughead’s arms went under my body, listing up like I was a feather. I squealed, clinging to him as he kicked my door open.

“So, why the kitchen?” Jughead asked, now carrying me back down the stairs he had carried me up about an hour ago.

“Well, I made dinner, and then after we ate, I thought we could test how sturdy the island in my kitchen is.” I bit my lip, looking at Jughead.

“I’m honestly convinced that I died and I have gone to heaven.” Jughead shook the fringe out of his face, dipping his head down and pressing his lips to mine.

The Styles Effect Pt. 2

Part One

Requests Open

Warnings: Cursing, a little smut (teacher Harry), feelings, multiple parts (slowish burn)

Pairing: Reader x Harry(s)


Y/n finds a notification on her phone asking to make a wish.

Little did she think that her wishing all her Harry fanfictions to come to life would actually come true, and the craziness it would bring.

*Y/N = your name *Y/L/N = your last name *Y/F/N = your friend’s name *Y/O/F/N= your other friend’s name

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 43: The Convention

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1100 Words

Story Summary:  You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

After the late night last night, you and Jensen slept in, enjoying your amazing suite and all it had to offer. Ordering room service, the two of you enjoyed breakfast in bed, spending some much-needed quality time together before the business of the day.

“So, what’s on the schedule for the day?” You asked him before munching on a strawberry. 

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anonymous asked:

so i ship destiel with all my heart. and i can't help but notice you're known for your positivity and how you think destiel is endgame which is absolutely refreshing. as a bisexual myself, jensen ackles in general towards the whole bi!dean and canon destiel makes me super upset. i understand the actors are entitled to their personal interpretations, but how do you still have hope after jensen literally saying to a fan that "destiel doesn't exist"?

So by now all conversations about destiel that i’ve seen from the cast/crew are either jokes or denial and after seeing Jensen once again denied it recently, my hope for endgame destiel just dwindled and i’m starting to think this is truly just queerbaiting. I need prescription please. Anything to get my hopes up :((

Hi, I’ve had a few asks about this so…I’m on mobile so this post will look a bit weird but here’s a link to a post more about the story side and why I think it’s endgame (I wrote this before 12x19 if I wrote it now I’d just be YELLING LOOK AT FREAKING 12x19!):

But also re just the specific Jensen had a bad day moment:

1. these panels are mainly attended by BIBROS and j2 know that. they play to this audience. When you see him at Jibcon with Misha (and Jared too) he is way more open, comfortable, having fun than at a lot of creation panels I see - he is only HUMAN and is quite private from what I can tell, doesn’t particularly like engaging with the rabid fans and is just looking for an easy way out of the attention a lot of the time.

2. Jensen looks pretty bored and disengaged during this panel, he probably had a bad day, he is not in a happy place. I think someone pushed his buttons wrongly and he flipped out.

3. Jensen often seems to think that Destiel means that Dean and Cas are secretly screwing, that there is a hidden relationship. he doesn’t see it as we do, that it is a fledging love that hasn’t happened yet. He sometimes thinks the fan art and stuff is cute and/or funny, sometimes he reacts badly and is anti shippy- he is human and sometimes he has bad days and for some “reason” he is touchy on this subject… hmm I wonder why! (Hint: destiel exists because of cockles). This is my opinion but i think most people seem to think he thinks that way from what he has said over the years so in that sense he is RIGHT to say Destiel doesn’t exist, because it isn’t an on screen canon romantic relationship yet with love declarations and kissing. Especially when he’s in a BAD MOOD!

4. if destiel was a thing that was going to be canon and in the script NONE of the actors or anyone on the show could tell us as it would be a huge plot point and probably is written in their contracts that they CANNOT say it is happening.

5. jensen is an actor. he ultimately does as he is told e.g. Being forced to do the scene about Dean liking taylor swift in season 10 when he said no - when it is CORE to the script and show, yes he sometimes makes small changes, but when push comes to shove and it is a big plot point, he has to do it and has done. He also sometimes seemed to not get performing/real dean which is hilarious - but I think someone’s sat him down since as he acts it pretty bang on these days.

6. jensen and misha have chemistry. regardless if you ship cockles or not destiel exists because of their chemistry and the fact that AFTER that was noticed it was written into the script. so jensen maybe sees destiel as an attack on his personal sexuality. he is EXTREMELY private so people questioning this in public makes him angry. when he is angry he lashes out and says stupid shit. not only about destiel but other stuff too.

7 Everyone KNOWS it exists in the show. They play the characters doing the stupid shit they do. they know. Jensen miming blow jobs, falling off his chair when a fan says Misha always has to play it so straight, ‘fake’ making out with him on stage at cons etc. if anything it just proves to me even more that it is real and endgame and they know it when jensen says stupid stuff like this because it is clearly NOT true. So its deflection and he’s just playing to the audience, he’s had a shitty day, he can’t talk about it and …. he’s just generally pretty crap at PR! He probably got in trouble for the whole “eye opener” thing, Mishas gotten in trouble for publicly shipping Destiel in the past and now is pretty silent on the matter - it’s no surprise Jensen reacts badly sometimes he’s human.

i mean I always caveat that I am endgame destiel positive and all of season 12 makes me think that they are aiming for this and God WHAT EVEN IS 12x19 IF IT DOESNT EXIST?!

The writing is the key thing for me - NOT what the actors say. You know if they keep this up and destiel is written as endgame and Jensen and misha keep eye fucking each other etc but Jensen somehow manages to put his foot down (which I doubt he would be able to anyway or want to - it would be professional suicide just before finishing this show and wanting to go do something else!) - and he refused to kiss him or whatever, they just end with an arm round the shoulder and a clearly written “this is them together” - that’s fine because it’s still canon! but I highly doubt he would do that.

SO unprofessional and stupid after all this!

I don’t think it is 100% FOR SURE that it will happen, there is still the possibility that a production thing or whatever could stop it.

But it IS written into the script, so I doubt it, as we are getting close to endgame, and more and more now, it feels to me since Dabb took over he decided hey we are doing this. Every episode pretty much since mid s11 has had more Destiel fodder and now it feels like it’s basically just a matter of time. Jensen and Misha DO play it that way and some stuff is just….so romantic they MUST freaking know now but they just can’t come out and tell people. ITS A MAJOR SPOILER!!!

so.. that is why I’m tentatively positive.

Anonymous asked:

What are the proper placing for dialogues? I know you can put dialogue on the start and end of a sentence(dialogue tag) or you can just plainly put it out(without the tag) but some people put the dialogue inside a paragraph(in between two tags) and I wonder if it it correct or not?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking here. “Dialogues” means “conversations,” so the start of your question sounds like you’re asking about the proper placement of dialogue–in a scene, I’d imagine? If so, dialogue (a conversation between two or more characters) can go anywhere it’s needed. Typically, you want to avoid starting a story with dialogue–though some do it anyway. Also, you generally want an even mix of dialogue, exposition (explaining), and action (things that are happening.) Too much dialogue in a scene can make it read more like a play than a novel. Too little dialogue can make for a boring scene.

To be clear, dialogue tags are things like this:

she said
he asked
she replied
he shouted

In order for a sentence to count as a “dialogue tag,” it must contain:

- a pronoun - he, she, zie, it, they, we

- OR the name of the speaker

- and a verb related to speech - said, replied, asked, shouted, barked, etc.

The purpose of a dialogue tag is to tell us who spoke and how.

- the pronoun tells us WHO spoke. (he, she, zie, it, they, we)

- the speech related verb tells us if it was a statement (said, announced, shouted, proposed, replied, suggested), or a question (asked, queried, questioned, inquired)

- the speech related verb can also tell us how the statement or question was spoken. For example “barked” suggests it was spoken loudly and angrily. “Cried” tells us the person is scared, upset, or otherwise excited.

So, yes–you can put a dialogue tag at the beginning of the dialogue. It would look like this: Angelina looked at Rob and asked, “Is it time to go yet?”

And, yes–you can put a dialogue tag at the end of the dialogue. It would look like this: “Is it time to go yet?” Angelina asked, looking at Rob.

Also, yes–you can skip the dialogue tag entirely, as long as it’s either clear who spoke, or you follow up with a sentence that clarifies. That might look like this: Angelina looked at Rob. “Is it time to go yet?”

However, since a dialogue tag tells us who spoke an how, it wouldn’t make sense to put one both before and after the dialogue, because it would look like this: Angelina asked, “Is it time to go yet?” she asked Rob.

Hopefully you are not actually seeing people do that, because it is definitely improper. :)

Now, what you can do is something like this:

Angelina looked at Rob. “Is it time to go yet,” she asked.

“Angelina looked at Rob” is not a dialogue tag–it does contain a name or pronoun (Angelina), and it does contain a verb (looked), but it is not a speech related verb, because “looking” has nothing to do with speaking.

Finally, one last possible meaning of your question I want to address:

Can you put dialogue in the middle of a paragraph? Sometimes

If the dialogue is flanked by a lot of exposition, you might get something like this:

Andrea paced the length of the veranda, stopping now and then to gaze longingly at the road. “If he doesn’t come soon, I will positively scream!” She glared at everyone, sitting so calmly in their rocking chairs, fanning themselves as if her whole world wasn’t falling apart.

Often, when there’s an action beat that disrupts the flow of the sentence, you may want to start a new paragraph before the dialogue. Go with your gut.

I hope that I was able to answer your question!

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

KaraIchi mpreg fic

Karamatsu smiled at Ichimatsu who was asleep on a couch, curled up with his arms wrapped around his belly. He walked over and kissed Ichimatsu then the belly before walking away into the nursery. He started to work on it again, occasionally checking on Ichimatsu to make sure he didn’t wake up and catch him.

An hour passed and Karamatsu was deeply focused on working, absorbed in making it look perfect. He was quickly snapped out of it though when he heard Ichimatsu cry out, running out of the nursery to Ichimatsu’s side. Ichimatsu seemed to ignore the crashes that Karamatsu had caused, instead choosing to squeeze around his belly tighter and cry out again,

“I-Ichimatsu? Are you okay? What’s happening?”

Karamatsu started spouting out questions and only stopped when he was slapped harshly across the face, looking up at Ichimatsu who had tears running down his face and an angry expression.

“Don’t just stand there! Help me!”

“Y-You’re…you’re having the babies? Right now? But you’re early!”

“No shit! But that doesn’t matter right now! I’m having two fucking babies so get me out of here!”

Karamatsu stood still for a second before leaning down to help Ichimatsu stand up, wrapping an arm around him and helping him walk out of the apartment.

“W-What do we do? We don’t have a car or cellphones or-”

“We’ll just have to take a fucking bus! Let’s just go.”

Karamatsu gulped and nodded, tightening his grip around Ichimatsu’s waist and helped him walk to the nearest bus stop. There was one other person there who gave them a strange look, but before Karamatsu could say anything Ichimatsu quickly snapped.

“What? Is there a problem? Do you want to say something to me? Hm? What’s wrong?”

The person quickly shook their head and put up their arms, taking a few steps back and looked away down the street. Ichimatsu nodded briskly before crying out again, falling into Karamatsu’s arms while his face contorted in pain. The person looked over again and after hesitating for a moment stepped forwards hesitantly.

“Um, I’m guessing you’re pregnant?”

“Oh, what ever could’ve given you that idea?”

The person huffed slightly but also relaxed, walking closer to them with their hands still up.

“Look, I have a cellphone and I think you’re in labor. Do you want to call an ambulance or someone to come pick you up?”

Ichimatsu looked up at Karamatsu with pleading eyes, sweat dripping down his face. Karamatsu looked down for a moment before brightening, looking back to the person and nodding quickly. He got the cellphone and quickly typed in a number, hoping that they would pick up.

“Sheeeh! Why didn’t I know this was going to happen so soon?”

“We told you, we weren’t expecting this either. He wasn’t due for two more weeks. Just please hurry!”

“Don’t worry zansu! I’m the best at getting places quickly!”

Ichimatsu groaned in the backseat as Iyami sped up, the car groaning and shuddering from the increase from speed. Karamatsu watched Ichimatsu in worry as they sped towards the hospital, holding his hand and tightening every time Ichimatsu cried out from a contraction. They arrived there much faster than expected and Karamatsu quickly got out, helping Ichimatsu out as well.

“Go get the rest of the family please.”

Iyami nodded and quickly drove off, a loud yell echoing as he got farther away. Karamatsu ignored him however and instead chose to help Ichimatsu into the emergency ward, helping him on a couch before walking up to the desk.

“Hi, how may I help you?”

“H-He’s having contractions! We need help! He’s two weeks early and having twins and-”

“Sir, please clam down. I’m calling someone down from the maternity ward to help your…brother and you to have the baby.”

Karamatsu nodded and walked back to Ichimatsu, repeating what the nurse said before started to quickly pace in front of him. Ichimatsu gasped quickly before groaning loudly, grabbing Karamatsu’s hand and squeezing it tightly. Karamatsu stopped and knelt down in front of Ichimatsu, watching him worriedly.

“How long are they apart? Have you been timing it? Oh god weren’t we supposed to be timing them? What do we do Ichimatsu?”

“They’re only happening every 7 minutes it seems, so I think we’re okay for now. Just…just stay calm Kara. It’s gonna be okay.”

Karamatsu looked closer at Ichimatsu and saw the worry in his face, reaching out to stroke his cheek.

“You’re right. It’ll all be fine. You’ll be fine. They will be fine.”

Ichimatsu smiled weakly at Karamatsu when a person suddenly came running into the room. They looked around for a moment before moving towards Ichimatsu with a small hospital bed.

“I’m assuming you’re the one having twins? Sir, help me get your…brother on so we can get him to a proper hospital room.”

Karamatsu nodded and helped Ichimatsu up from the chair and onto the bed, running alongside the bed as the nurse rolled Ichimatsu through the hospital to the maternity ward. They quickly got settled in a room and the nurse explained that a midwife would be in soon to take a quick look at the situation before getting an obstetrician, pediatrician, and doctor to help with the birth. They both nodded as the nurse ran out, gently shutting the door behind them and leaving the two brothers alone. Karamatsu and Ichimatsu looked at each other and smiled softly, the both of them feeling slightly more relaxed. After a few minutes a woman walked in, smiling softly and walking up to Ichimatsu.

“Hello. I’m Rina Anami and I will be your midwife. Now, I hear you’re having twins? Congratulations! I hope you’re excited for this new family. Please describe your contractions so far.”

The midwife walked towards Ichimatsu and started inspecting him, listening closely to what he was saying and nodding along. After Ichimatsu finished the story, she stood back and smiled.

“Well, I have good news Ichimatsu. It seems as though these aren’t in fact your babies coming, but are something called Braxton Hicks contractions. They’re false contractions that can indeed feel and seem like real ones. The reason I say this is good news is because we try to deliver twins as late as possible since they’re already going to be delivered earlier than normal. We almost had to have an emergency C-Section, however you’re all fine. From what I can tell you’re still on track to deliver in two weeks, and you’re as healthy as a horse so it’ll all go fine. I’ll just be doing a few small tests to make sure everything’s okay, nothing that will take longer than an hour, and then you’re free to go back home! Be sure to stay relaxed and keep calm, and always remember it’s better to be safe than sorry. Do you have any questions for me?”

Anami smiled at them when she finished the explanation, walking around and preparing Ichimatsu for a few small tests as she waited for them to respond.

“So I’m not having them yet?”

“Nope! Just a false alarm. Everything is completely fine.”

Ichimatsu was silent for a moment before he started crying, surprising Karamatsu but only causing the midwife to smile softly.

“A-Are you okay Ichi?”

Ichimatsu nodded quickly and continued to cry, reaching out for Karamatsu’s hand before looking up at him with a smile.

“I’m just so relieved. I-I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was.”

Karamatsu smiled in reply and nodded, leaning down and kissing the top of Ichimatsu’s head.

“Yeah. I think this was good for us though.”

Ichimatsu nodded and squeezed Karamatsu’s hand, the two softly whispering as Anami went about doing her few small tests before excusing herself from the room. Only about two minutes later the door opened again and a large group of people ran in, including all their brothers, their mom, and surprisingly their dad.

“Oh my god, what’s happening? Where are the babies?”

“I’m an uncle! I’m an uncle!”

“Come on, your nii-san needs to hold these little suckers!”

“Osomatsu! Don’t call your nephews little suckers!”

“Where are my grandchildren? Where are my sweet little boys?”

Ichimatsu looked at Karamatsu who was staring at the family in shock before quickly yelling out to silence them all.

“They were false contractions! The babies aren’t born yet! It was a false alarm.”

The family stood there in shock for a moment before a breath of relief was let out from them all. Matsuyo rested against Matsuzō who held her gently, avoiding looking at Karamatsu and Ichimatsu. Choromatsu hugged Osomatsu and buried his face in his chest, who in turn buried his head in Choromatsu’s neck. Todomatsu fell onto a chair and started fanning himself, mumbling silently. Jyushimatsu was the only one who moved towards them, bouncing around and asking them lots of questions about what happened. Ichimatsu quietly answered all of them while the rest of the family calmed down and listened, slowly moving closer to the bed except for Matsuzō who stood silently by the door.

A few minutes later Anami came in, standing in the doorway for a second in shock before walking towards Ichimatsu.

“I see the whole family arrived. Well, the tests are done and everything is fine so you’re free to go! It’s good to see such a supportive family, so I’m sure you’ll be in safe hands. Good luck, and I hope to see you in about two weeks!”

Ichimatsu smiled softly and nodded, wincing slightly from the slowly fading contractions and using Karamatsu’s arm to help himself up from the bed. Slowly the family emptied from the room and left the hospital, chattering softly but excitedly about what was to come in the next few weeks.


written by @sinfulwritingblog ! :D Really good job on it! ^/////^

Look, arranging the seating is hard okay???

Everyone’s laughing at how Thomas could “arrange the seating” with 3 people in “The Room Where It Happens” but look…

-He could have had a long rectangular table with the chairs spaced around it at various intervals (Two right next to each other at 1 end and 1 by itself on the other, 1 at each parallel end and 1 on the adjacent side, etc).

-He could have put all three chairs on top of the table: facing toward or away from each other.

-He could have put two chairs on the table and had one the ground.

-He could have had 1 on the table and 2 on the ground.

-He could have had a circular table.

-He could’ve had no table.

-He could’ve clustered the chairs back to back.

-He could’ve had the chairs aligned in a single row.

-He could have had two chairs facing each other, in a cluster, and the third chair with its back to the other 2.

-He could have had 2 chairs in front of each other and one all the way on the other side of the room.

-He could have had just 2 chairs so the 3rd person (maybe Hamilton) had to stand.

-He could have had just 1 chair.

-HE COULD’VE HAD NO CHAIRS (everyone could’ve sat on the floor).

-HE COULD’VE PUT A CHAIR ON A CEILING FAN for one to sit on like a gargoyle during the meeting (I think Burr might’ve snuck in and sat there)?

…..In other words, leave TJEFFS alone. He’s super proud of however he arranged that damn seating for just 3 people….

EXO Theories (Part 1)

This gonna be super long. I just randomly write my own theories (not in order. I just mix it up). Some of the theories from the others. I’ll just credits to them. Some of it may be nonsense because I failed at describe stuff and my eng is not good so I’m sorry for the grammar mistakes. 

1. Okay first. I notice that narration on MAMA’s MV, it’s kinda connected to all the MV including pathcode.

Hence, time is over-turned and space turns a skew” what if MAMA is not their first MV but it’s their last MV for all of this?? Well, we need to wait for their comebacks and see if it’s connecting to the Monster. 

2. Notice that during the narration part, Kyungsoo’s sign is in the middle??

And look at this too

Mama MV

Wolf MV

Call Me Baby MV

It’s kinda make sense right?? (or not) 

3. Look at the narration again and it said “An eye of red force created the evil” and we notice that on Chanyeol’s teaser image for pathcode (?) his eyes is different 

That’s why he was covering one of his eyes on Monster’s teaser image ???? 

And look at Chanyeol’s on Monster’s teaser 

Look carefully on his eyes

Maybe he was the monster ??

4. I’m sorry I’m bringing up the ex-members. On Wolf Drama Version, we notice that Luhan’s eyes is red

And people was chasing him 

And he lost control 

I think that people that chasing him wants to get the DNA from him and Kris too. But Kris left him alone and nobody know that where he was going so I think he was saved from all the people. 

5. This is the pictures that I found it kinda strange (?) 

The birds flying on Wolf Drama

The birds flying on Baekhyun’s pathcode

I mean where all this birds came from because on Wolf Drama, the skies is clear (?)  idk im talking rubbish

6. The car on LMR: RU

Bonus: look at the number plate. 2-8=6 , 5+1=6 , 3+3=6, 666. And Monster’s teaser is release on 2016/06/06 , 666. Way to go SM. 

The car on SFY

And Monster, If you look closely when the car is burning, the fire is like went inside but if you think logically, when something is burn, the fire will went outside (you get what I mean). That means the video is ‘reverse’. Same with the narration part, “time is over-turned”. 

7. Some fans think that Baekhyun and Lay kinda connected together since MAMA MV

Look closely at Lay on LMR MV

That sleeve (?) is belongs to Baekhyun and when Lay look at the door, he will see Baekhyun running away from the scientist (?) that wants to turn them into monster 

7. Notice that on Lucky One teaser, the hallway is like a pink colour and why Kai and Lay is not in the teaser ?? Because they already been capture and keep them in the room. That’s why on LMR MV, Lay and Kai was inside the room. 

In Monster teaser, Baekhyun and Lay was looking at each other

And they sitting on the same chair (?) 

8. Some fans think that Xiumin and Chen are the ‘bad’ one and working with the scientist. But for me, I think that they were good people. In LMR MV, Xiumin and Chen was doing experiment on something. Maybe they were trying to find the medicine to cure the members who already injected and will become monster. 

9. In LMR: RU MV, all the scenes is being monitored. By who ?? Maybe Chen and Xiumin because they worked together and want to monitored what the members doing. 

Oh wait look closely,

The date and the time is the same but why there are 2 Sehun ??? And maybe it was Kyungsoo who monitored them because he was sitting on the CCTV

But I think it’s not Kyungsoo because he was being monitored too.Maybe it’s not them, maybe someone else or maybe the ex-members lol im sorrry again.

10. Oh look same pictures again

11. To think that the MV is actually reverse, its kinda true for one part. This one part when they broke the plates on Monster teaser

And the plates already breaking in LMR MV

12. Focus on Monster teaser, fans think that Lay only have scenes on the table but think again and look closely

That guy is Lay right ?? Why he was attacking the members ?? And this guy too

That is Chanyeol. Beause look at his ear

Chen was capture and maybe that hands belong to Xiumin

I think they failed make the medicine and being caught and turned them into monster. Look at this one too

Maybe Kai was a monster and defeat all of them but wait, look closely. Did Kai defeat the EXO members too ??

There’s Baekhyun


And Chanyeol…..okay what the hell is happening ??!!! 

13. The question is why Sehun is alone since debut ??? I think that he is the lucky one 

14. For the screw on Monster logo, it’s actually have it on LMR logo

15. Some fans said that Lay’s pathcode connected to Monster

Okayy that’s all I think. Yeah I know it’s so long and boring but here is my theories. Thank you for spent your time to read this. If you think why I’m connected Monster and Lucky One to all the MV that have already released. Think again.

Why SM combined all the logos since 2012 to for this comeback ?? Because they all related to each other. Good job SM. 

Thank you again.


Wakatoshi and Ai have fused to become: Inari Senpai!

Otherwise known as: Fashion Senpai

Inari-senpai has always been a well dressed individual as far as people can remember him. Once he got into highschool he rallied for there to be a sewing club, not only so he could create all the outfits he could dream of on school time, but also to teach students the valuable skills of mending clothing. He also makes or alters costumes for the drama club for their shows. He loves creating wild characters through his outfits and has a big part in every school performance. He is the kind of person who likes to be prepared and hardly goes anywhere without his adorable chick mascot pincushion and his lucky arrow safety pin; just in case someone needs an emergency quick fix. While he wishes he could be everyone’s best friend, he knows he’s made his fair share of enemies with a nasty chip on his shoulder that’ll sting if you rub him the wrong way. He manages to keep his behavior in check but he’s gotten a few meetings with the principal in his past. He’s hardworking, a little loud, but wholeheartedly invested in the people he chooses to let into his heart.

His favourite items are: Sakura Mochi, Big Chick Chair, Folding fan


Parfait house part5 - library room

#door  #bench window  #girl neon sign  #fireplace  #hanging candle  #lace table  #deco blazer  #curtain  #suitcase table  #chair  #hanging  feathers  #white bird cage  #beer & taiwanese food  #hanging planter  #deco stove & pot  #bookcase  #oreo  #table cloth  #cushion  #white ladder  #clip paper  #deco box  #vacuum  #brick walls  #lemon bag  #white living chair  #rug  #vintage fan  #white tray  #ceiling lamp