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Secrets (Sam Winchester x Reader) One shot

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Summary: The reader is a controlled werewolf and Sam has a secret crush until the reader finds his hunting journal. Flufffffff

Word Count: 1,754

Warnings: None!

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The pads of your feet hit the dirt like a hammer hitting a nail. The cold air filled your lungs and it only sent you spiraling further into the woods. Branches and leaves cracked beneath your feet, and the fur on your back stood up at attention. You were a werewolf, and had been one since you were twelve. Your father, a hunter, managed to protect you for years after your mother was killed by the one that bit you. But he was long since dead, and the only people that had your back now were the Winchester brothers. You had never attacked another human before, and you could control your other side, but you always had these wannabe or newbie hunters trying to kill you. Sam and Dean has spared you and vowed to never let anyone harm you after you saved them from another pack of werewolves. Tonight was a full moon. And every full moon for the last three years, the Winchester’s would take you to a section of woods where they could be nearby and let you stretch your primal legs. You caught the scent of a rabbit, and you went in to over drive. A clean leap over a log and you had the small animal in your jaws. You never killed them, just caught them to stay in shape. You let the little fella go, then let out a throaty howl, heading back for the brothers.

Sam watched her along the tree line. Dean was sitting on Baby’s hood, when he looked at his watch. “When do you think she’ll be done,” he said impatiently. Sam rolled his eyes. He seemed to be the only one other than (Y/n) needed to stretch. This was keeping her in tune and God help them if she didn’t. She was a large silver wolf that had a white patch behind her ear, just like in her human hair. Sam thought she was beautiful, as wolf and as a woman. But he would never tell her that, he was too afraid he would scare her off. He just wanted to, at the very least, know she was safe. Her human form was small in stature but curvy. Her wolf form was more intimidating than any werewolf they had the misfortune to run across. Dean stood up as he heard the howl in the woods. She made Dean uneasy, but he still loved her like a sister. “She’s just gave us fair warning,” said Sam moving slowly and watching the tree line, “Watch the trees.” Dean was on guard. She helped train the boys, her sneaking ability was like nothing they had ever seen. Sam turned quickly at the slightest crack of brush. She was watching them.

Slowly, you kept your eyes on Sam. Low and slow, you arched your back slightly. A tiny growl slipped through and you mentally cursed yourself. Without hesitation you jumped on him, pinning him to the ground. Mid air, you changed back and landed on him with a thump. “More human than the human,” you giggle, “Soft little human.” Sam laughed in between gasps for air, “Whatever Clifford. You good, ready to go? Dean and I got called for a case.” You nodded. It was dark enough, no one could see your exposed body and Sam’s hands were resting on your lower back. One of the only set backs, no clothing. Sam always blushed when you went back to human form, it was cute. Dean threw you a blanket and you stood, “yeah. I have to clean the bunker and take a shower anyway.” You piled into Baby and Dean shut your door, “You want me to roll the window down so you can hold your head out?” Dean chuckled as he walked to the driver side. “Next time I’m going to pummeled you instead bitch.” Sam laughed and Dean winked, “You can try.”

You put down a brown paper sack in front of both guys as they headed for the door with their duffle bag. “Road snack tailored to your needs gentlemen,” you threw Sam’s Stanford hoodie on as sat down in a war room chair. You kicked your feet up and took a swig of your beer. Dean opened his bag, “Yessss. Meat snacks and half a container of pie.” You winked at him and tipped your bottle, “Beer in the back of Baby. Be careful.” He kissed your forehead, “Call us if you need us.” Sam came over to the table and grabbed your bare big toe playfully, then opened his bag. A multivitamin water, granola, banana, and some assorted sweets. Then you always wrote small quotes on a piece of paper for Sam. Always positive. “Thanks,” he said with a warm smile. You both sat looking at each other for a moment until Dean cleared his throat and you looked away sheepishly. “Well um,” Sam said scratching the back of his neck, “If you need me, us, call. And remember, if they come for you, run. Same procedure as always.” You stood and kissed Sam’s cheek. “I got this,” you say, “Be safe.” You wish you could have said more, but at the risk of being shot down, you headed for the laundry room. Sam shook his head at his statement, “Same procedure as always. What an idiot.”

You began to put laundry away. Thinking back to before the boys left, your thoughts drifted to Sam’s big puppy dog eyes and sweet smile. You had tried to fight it for so long, but you were in love with him. But he had a horrible history with women and plus, you were part monster. It made your heart ache but what could you do. You turned on your record player and began to listen to T.Rex’s “Metal Guru” as you headed to Sam’s room to put his shirts away. You opened the door and his scent filled your nose and grabbed your senses. Damn your wolf nose. He made your knees weak and your heart pound just by his scent.  Over by his dresser, he had forgotten his hunter’s journal. He hardly ever left it behind. Setting the laundry basket down, you grabbed the journal and brought it over to the bed. You laid down on the bed and opened the journal. At most, you figured you’d learn a few things and worst, you’d learn Sam or Dean’s relationship history. There were pictures, drawings, everything. Sam had detailed his journal just like John’s which they permitted you to read one night when you asked about him. You flipped through the pages, when you saw a drawing. You knew a werewolf bite when you saw one. You began to read and you couldn’t believe what you saw. It was dated back quite some time ago.

“We hunted with (Y/n) tonight for the fifth time and this time, we permitted her to use her werewolf form. It was fascinating and completely terrifying at the same time. She snapped the vampire’s neck with one sharp bite. She is like a steel grey shadow. Even though werewolf (Y/n) is sometimes intimidating, I cant help be drawn to her. I wouldn’t ever wish upon her what happened to Jess or Ruby. But, this pain in my chest gets worse every night I see a man smile at her at the bar.
I could never tell her. And even if I did, there is no way someone as unique and beautiful as (Y/n) would want me. I watch her run as a werewolf, fast and deadly, then I see her at home. A crazy, sweet human. Can you believe I accidentally walked in on her dancing in her underwear one night to one of Dean’s old records? Her human form is…it makes my heart stutter. We need her, I need her. And I will not fail in protecting her.”

Sam opened the bunker door three days later and all was quiet. “Hello,” he yelled as Dean came in behind him, “Wonder were (Y/n) is?” Dean shook his head, “Probably still sleeping from a long night of sexual escapades.” Sam’s stomach churned at the thought of someone touching her. “Calm down,” Dean said seeing his brother’s concerned look, “She is probably in her room with her headphones on or something.” Dean went straight for his room because he had his fill of the day and booze was on his mind. Sam walked down the hallway and opened his door. His heart almost burst seeing (Y/n) asleep in his bed. It wasn’t the first time she had slept in his bed, but she was laying curled up with one smooth leg hanging out of the blankets. She was in dangerously short black shorts and another one of his shirts. He opened the door slowly and set his duffle on the floor. (Y/n) shifted and began to mumble. Sam sat down on the side of the bed, moving her hair from her face. “Dean it’s not that simple,” she mumbled. Sam frowned, she was dreaming about his brother. “Sam cant love me,” she whimpered, “I’m a monster.” He was in shock. How could she….he then saw his journal had been moved. Smiling he slowly laid down next to her, foreheads touching, “I’ve always loved you.” She shifted slightly and her eyes fluttered open, “How was it?” (Y/n)’s voice was sultry and sleepy. Sam grinned, “Um. Good. We got the demon.” She cracked a grin. “Good job,” she said yawning, “Ill go to my bed. Night Sam.” As she rose to get up, Sam put his hand on her arm, “Stay. Please.” (Y/n) cocked an eyebrow, “Are you sure?” He nodded. “Yeah,” he said settling in the bed, “Please. I, I just wanted to tell you…” She grabbed his face and kissed him deeply. He pulled her closer and they finally came up for air. “That,” she said slowly, “Was way better than I imagined.” Sam’s eyes widened, “So you…” She sat up slightly, her hair falling around her face, “Sam. Even monsters can love.” Sam sat up straight. “(Y/n),” he said smiling, “You’ve never been a monster to me. What happened to you, you’ve controlled it. You’ve over come so much. I had a problem with demon blood. I was a monster too. I’ve just always saw you as, well, beautiful. Inside and out.” She grinned, “Well then Sam Winchester.” (Y/n) winked at him and drug him back under the covers, “Let me show you what kind of monster I really am.” Sam grabbed her and brought her closer, “I love you (Y/n).” She pressed her forehead to his, “I love you too Sam.”

{fic} Not That Straight


Lucien has finally been invited to join the guys’ night out, and it results in new information about Rhys’s past.

“I invited Lucien, by the way. He’ll be here soon.” Cassian announces as he takes a seat at Rhys and Azriel’s table at Rita’s. It’s their monthly night out together, just the guys, while their wives and mates entertain themselves elsewhere downtown. “I know you don’t like him, Rhys. But he has, like, no friends. He could use this.” Cassian takes a sip of his drink and endures his high lord’s silence. “And last time we didn’t invite him, it apparently upset Elain and Nesta gave me crap about it for a week,” he adds.

“I never said I have a problem with Lucien coming with us,” Rhys says coolly. “That’s perfectly fine.”

Cassian dips his fingers in his glass and flicks beer at his High Lord. “Don’t do the passive-aggressive thing, Rhys. Not cool.”

Azriel watches them calmly, looking, as always, as though he has about eighty relevant secrets under his belt that he’s choosing not to share.

“I’m not, as you put it, ‘doing the passive aggressive thing.” Rhys says. “I am genuine in my sentiment that he should come out with us, but you’ll forgive me if I’m not entirely comfortable around him.”

“Because of what went down with Tamlin?”

“Not exactly.”

Cassian lowers his drink. “Is there… something else?”

Rhys puts a hand flat on the table, drums his fingers lightly. He does not answer.

Az cocks his head at him. “Is there something else, Rhysand?”

“If you must know,” Rhys says carefully, “Lucien and I have had… relations… in the past.”

“Well, yeah, of course,” Cassian says, slightly confused as he picks up his beer again. “He was the right hand of that asshole, you guys ran into each other plenty.”

Az and Rhys look at each other.

“Cassian,” Rhys tries again, “I mean that Lucien and I have had sex.”

Cassian spits beer across the table. “What?” He chokes, messily wiping at his chin. “You’re kidding.”

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Fear of Losing You

“Fear of Losing You.”

Scott McCall - (Y/N) One Shot/Imagine
Word Count: 975
(A/N) Request are still open!

After a year and a half long relationship Scott and you break up in a bad way. You avoid each other in the hallway, You don’t come to pack meetings anymore and when you two are forced into the same room, neither of you talk to each other. Just two months after your break-up, you get kidnapped by the Darach in which you get hurt bad.

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- Scott’s P.O.V. -

Slowly I started dozing off in a chair during Star Wars - which I was watchign wth Stiles. All the fighting evil had made me tired. First with Jackson being a Kanima and now with the Darach and the Alpha pack. But most importantly what made me want to sleep the most was my break-up with (Y/N). While I was asleep my heart wasn’t hurting or my mind didn’t start thinking of her, her smile, her beautiful eyes.
“Scott!” Stiles voice suddenly yelled next to my ear. Immediatly I opened my eyes again only to see Stiles heavily breathing and with fear in his eyes. Whatever my best friend has to say, it can’t be good.
“Scott, I just got a call from Lydia saying (Y/N) is in the hospital,” Stiles said to me while avoiding any eye contact with me.

My heart suddenly started hurting even worse than it already did. What Stiles just said was the reason why I was so protective over her during our relationship but that’s also what drove us apart. One of my worst nightmares has come true. Normally I would have been there to protect here but this time I wasn’t and now she’s paying the price for that.

“Stiles, what happened to her?” I asked Stiles while I got out of the couch and started grabbing everything I needed to go to her in the hospital.

“The Darach got to her and hurt her but luckily she could get away before something real bad happened.”

“Thank god,” I said under my breath. Hearing she isn’t hurt real bad was a immense relief to me. Maybe (Y/N) was right all this time and she could handle herself. Maybe I didn’t need to be there to protect her 24/7. The only protection she needed was the protection she could give herself, and of course sometimes mine too.
“Come on, Stiles. We’re going to see her now,” I said to Stiles while I texted Lydia saying we were coming.

- (Y/N)’s P.O.V. -

A pain flashed through my neck because had the Darach tried to strangle me. Ironically enough, all I wanted during the torture was Scott to come and help me. I wanted him to burst through the door and come ‘rescue’ me like he always did. Even if we had pratically avoided each other for two months, I still loved and missed him. Falling in love with the werewolf was easy but falling out of love with him, is harder than anything else in the world.

“(Y/N), Stiles and,” Lydia begon while she walked back into my room. She stopped her sentence for a few seconds to think if it was a good idea to finish it or not.
“Stiles and Scott are on their way,” Lydia continued fast. She looked away from me and toying with a ring she had on her finger. 

Even if I didn’t think I would have been, but I was happy to know that Scott was on his way to me. Althought I had avoided him for two months, because seeing him felt like someone was crushing my heart, I was happy and excited to see him again. I had missed him more than I wanted to admit to myself. During our reltionship everyone always thought I needed Scott’s protection turns out they aren’t completly false. I need him and having him right beside me protects me from all the heart ache I have been feeling these past months.

“(Y/L/N), you are now serioulsy under 24/7 survey,” I heard a familiar voice say. Before I even looked up, I knew that it was Stiles because I reconigese his voice and he’s the only one who calls me by my last name.

I looked up from my phone and there I saw Stiles standing next to Scott. For a few seconds I looked Scott into his big, brown eyes and didn’t respond to his best friend standing next to him. Scott as well as I knew how shaken up we were by my accident. Both of us were still terrified of losing the other.

“Lyds, will you come with me to get some snacks?” Stiles asked Lydia while Scott and I kept looking at each other. 

“Of course I will Stiles,” Lydia answered Stiles in less than a few seconds. Both of them rushed out of the room causing Scott and I to be alone together. After two months of needing at leatst two people with us together in the same room, we were alone together again.

Before both of us said anything, Scott walked over to me and sat on the edge of the bed. I went to sit up a bit more in the hospital bed so that we could look at each other easier.

“Thank yo-.”

“(Y/N), don’t ever scare me like that again, please,” Scott interupted me before i could finish my sentence. The shock, hurt and relief could all be hurt in his voice and seen in his eyes.
“Don’t ever get almost killed because I know that losing you forever would be one of the hardest thing ever. Even during these past two months I missed you like crazy even thought I saw you every day. And now I know you don’t need my constant protection. Please, (Y/N), forgive me and please give us another chance,” Scott said while not breaking eye contact with me for one second.

My heart started beating as fast as the first time we kissed more than a year ago. That rythme of my heart was a rythme only reserved for Scott McCall. Even if I didn’t want it during the past two months, Scott had my heart the whole time.

“Of course, I forgive,” I began and the all so familiar sparkles in his brown eyes came back.
“Now come here, McCall, and kiss me,” I said with a smirk on my face.


my fallout 4 oc, Carver :0 she’s probably gonna live forever just out of spite


Mies van der Rohe Famous Design Classic Barcelona Chair. Einst war er dem spanischen König vorbehalten. Heute ist der Barcelona Sessel von Mies van der Rohe eines der beliebtesten Möbelstücke des Bauhaus. Mies van der Rohe entwarf ihn zur Weltausstellung 1929 in Barcelona fürs spanische Königspaar. Sie können also wahrlich würdevoll sitzen, wenn Sie diesen Möbelklassiker zum Interieur hinzufügen.

Der berühmte Barcelona Sessel macht sich hervorragend in Kanzleien, Empfangshallen und in Wohnbereichen mit gehobener Ausstattung. Die Polsterung liegt auf Lederstreifen auf. Als Gestell dient eine Konstruktion aus Spezialfederstahl. Der Bezug aus Lederquadraten verleiht dem bequemen Sitzmöbel bescheidene Eleganz.

new City Living chair - Mesh Edit

new City Living chair - Mesh Edit

Mir war Heute etwas langweilig und ich habe mich geärgert, dass man den schönen neuen Sessel nicht auch als Esszimmer-Stuhl hat. Also hab ich einfach einen neuen Stuhl aus dem Sessel gemacht! Den neuen Stuhl gibt es mit neuen Farben und zusätzlich natürlich in den EA Standardfarben.

Today I was a bit bored and I was annoyed that the nice new chair is not also as a dining chair. So I just made a new chair out of the chair! The new chair comes with new colors and, of course, in the EA standard colors.

Du benötigst Großstadtleben damit der Stuhl funktioniert / you need City Living!

Download EA colors 

Download new colors

CC der noch auf dem Bild zu sehen ist / the other CC on picture:

blind, wallpaper