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Meanwhile at a Burger King somewhere in the galaxy
  • Zarkon, slamming his fists on the counter: Give me the Black Lion!
  • Manager, dead inside: I'm sorry sir we're all out of black lion toys, please stop before we have to call the cops
  • Shiro, rolling by in a mini-van full of Black Lion toys, yelling out the window: You can't command the Burger King, you have to earn his trust!
Standing Up From My Wheelchair in Public

I often bring up the ableist action of harassing/accusing ambulatory wheelchair users (as well as scooter, walker, crutches, and cane users) of “faking” because it’s something that happens ALL the time under the guise of “allyship” that people seem to WANT to remain oblivious to.

A person standing up from a wheelchair or standing without their mobility aid SHOULD NOT be cause for alarm, should not inspire accusations of faking, should not inspire you to say, “it’s a miracle!” in a mocking tone, or to ask me if I should “really be parked here”, or recommendations of weight loss so I won’t “need that chair anymore”, or whispering about how my karma is coming or how I’m going to hell for “playing with a wheelchair”; all comments I’ve received from strangers for just standing in public, getting my chair out of the trunk of my car on my own, or doing something as minimal as riding my chair while being young and smiling.

It’s prejudice; it lacks understanding to how diverse disability is, it uses a singular representation of wheelchair users to judge all wheelchair users. When people are called out on that ableism, those who do it will become defensive and claim to be acting in defense of disabled people because they truly deeply believe in the myth of a “faking disability epidemic", but hear this: non-apparent disabilities/invisible disablities, etc. are REAL disabilities and you are harassing the very people you are claiming to be advocating for.

For me, it is physically very difficult, painful, and risky to walk in the first place, the moments when I am able to, it takes alot of energy and concentration. Emotionally, it takes courage for me to get up from my chair in public; doing so causes anxiety that is parallel to what I would feel as a woman walking alone in the street at night. It’s a situation where I have come to EXPECT harassment and that is not okay. This is not how it should be, getting out of my chair in public should not have to feel like a radical act.

A person who gets up from their wheelchair might have limited ability to walk because they are rehabilitating, have dysautonomia, lung issues, heart issues, chronic pain, hypermobility, fragility of joints or muscles, fatigue, there are so many reasons for being an ambulatory wheelchair user and they come in all ages, sizes, colors, there is no one way, no one look.

BTS Reacts to their s/o thigh riding them. *Soft NSFW*

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Namjoon would run his fingers through your hair, kissing you deeply as you please yourself against him. He would move his leg in a way that would rip pleasure filled moans from your lips, smiling at the amount of noise he could elicite from your beautiful lips.

“How can I please you jagi? Tell me what you want.”


Yoongi would raise an eyebrow, amazed that you had the guts to start something. A smirk would tug at his lips and he’d sit back in his chair, watching you ride his thigh. He would refuse to touch you, watching every delicious second, jerking his thigh up occasionally to push you over the edge.

“What’s gotten into you jagi? Have I not been paying enough attention to you?”


Hoseok would lean in to place a lust filled kiss on your lips, his leg moving in a way that drove you crazy. A playful smile would dance across his lips as he pulls you up and presses you up against the nearest wall. He’d smirk at your small squeak of surprise and run kisses down your chest.

“Don’t temp me jagi…..”


Jin would be surprised, his eyes would flick to the door of the studio, making sure its locked before placing his hands on your hips and running them up your sides. Sweet nothings would spill from his lips as he draws you closer, trailing kisses down your jaw as you ride him.

“I love you jagi… much….please don’t let anyone else touch you like this…”


Jimin would let out a small noise of shock, not knowing what to do at first. When his gaze falls over your hooded eyes, his demeanor would change almost instantly, pulling you roughly against him. His lips would crash against your own, drinking up your essence as you cry out for more.

“Jagi……You drive me crazy”


His jaw would drop a fraction before turning into an excited smirk, watching your expression submit to pleasure. His hands would entertwine with yours, guiding them to wrap around his neck. His nose would brush against yours, before a soft kiss is pressed against your lips.

“Wha…..what brought this on jagi…?”


Kookie would watch you in silent shock, only moving when you guide his hands to your hips, calling out his name sweetly. He would get more into it as you neared your end, digging his fingers into your hips. His breath would get a bit raspy as you screamed out his name.

“…ja…jagiya…you’re intoxicating…”

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For a second I thought Fai meant that both men and women wore fancy suits in this world and I was so happy you guys. But sure, skirts are good. I’ll take it. 




What does that even mean. 

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“And now I am with you. Days have passed, years have gone by, but my love for you has not changed”

two cute old cinnamon rolls celebrating the throne/ wedding anniversary