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Meanwhile at a Burger King somewhere in the galaxy
  • Zarkon, slamming his fists on the counter: Give me the Black Lion!
  • Manager, dead inside: I'm sorry sir we're all out of black lion toys, please stop before we have to call the cops
  • Shiro, rolling by in a mini-van full of Black Lion toys, yelling out the window: You can't command the Burger King, you have to earn his trust!
Standing Up From My Wheelchair in Public

I often bring up the ableist action of harassing/accusing ambulatory wheelchair users (as well as scooter, walker, crutches, and cane users) of “faking” because it’s something that happens ALL the time under the guise of “allyship” that people seem to WANT to remain oblivious to.

A person standing up from a wheelchair or standing without their mobility aid SHOULD NOT be cause for alarm, should not inspire accusations of faking, should not inspire you to say, “it’s a miracle!” in a mocking tone, or to ask me if I should “really be parked here”, or recommendations of weight loss so I won’t “need that chair anymore”, or whispering about how my karma is coming or how I’m going to hell for “playing with a wheelchair”; all comments I’ve received from strangers for just standing in public, getting my chair out of the trunk of my car on my own, or doing something as minimal as riding my chair while being young and smiling.

It’s prejudice; it lacks understanding to how diverse disability is, it uses a singular representation of wheelchair users to judge all wheelchair users. When people are called out on that ableism, those who do it will become defensive and claim to be acting in defense of disabled people because they truly deeply believe in the myth of a “faking disability epidemic", but hear this: non-apparent disabilities/invisible disablities, etc. are REAL disabilities and you are harassing the very people you are claiming to be advocating for.

For me, it is physically very difficult, painful, and risky to walk in the first place, the moments when I am able to, it takes alot of energy and concentration. Emotionally, it takes courage for me to get up from my chair in public; doing so causes anxiety that is parallel to what I would feel as a woman walking alone in the street at night. It’s a situation where I have come to EXPECT harassment and that is not okay. This is not how it should be, getting out of my chair in public should not have to feel like a radical act.

A person who gets up from their wheelchair might have limited ability to walk because they are rehabilitating, have dysautonomia, lung issues, heart issues, chronic pain, hypermobility, fragility of joints or muscles, fatigue, there are so many reasons for being an ambulatory wheelchair user and they come in all ages, sizes, colors, there is no one way, no one look.

Here are my Belle/Adam NSFW headcanons that literally no one asked for

Because we all know the only road I walk is the one of Sin™

• Belle may have laughed when Adam growled during their dance, but inside a shot of arousal surged through her body that left a heavy and needy ache between her legs. The ache only worsened when Adam brushed his lips against the shell of her ear after their dance ended, his warm sweet breath ghosting across her neck as he whispered, “now, would you prefer scruff or something longer?”

• Turns out Belle prefers scruff, and the way it scratches against the soft skin of her inner thighs while Adam goes down on her. She also relishes the way it burns when her thighs rub together as she walks, a gentle smile quirking her lips up in a quiet, indecent secrecy. And Adam knows that smile, adores that smile, returning it with a wink and– if Belle is close enough– a low, suggestive rumble in his throat that awakens a beautiful shade of pink on her cheeks.

• Until their wedding night, their sexual endeavors never exceeded third base. So when the time comes and Adam can finally HAVE Belle, he makes the sweetest, most passionate love to her; all languid thrusts, soft whispers, deep breathing, quivering lips, and trembling limbs.

• The second time Adam takes Belle that night results in torn pillows, dark purple bruises, and indentations in the wall from its repetitive collision with the headboard.

• And speaking of the headboard, there were definitely deep scratch marks engrained in the wood from their ardent lovemaking. When Belle notices them the morning after, she never lets Adam live it down, and later that week she has to bite her lip to keep from laughing when Adam sheepishly informs the staff that the headboard needs to be replaced.

• Teasing aside, Belle loves Adam’s animalistic nature in bed more than she’d like to admit. She revels in the feel of his teeth teasing and nibbling when he trails his mouth along her collarbone, marking her– claiming her– with deep red love bites. She adores the way he buries his face in her neck when he fucks her, the way his hot breath dampens the skin of her throat with his labored breathing. She takes delight in his wild eyes, with blown pupils and filled with something so unabashed, raking over her body and glimmering with indecency. But nothing gets to her more than those low, guttural sounds Adam makes when he’s aroused, almost always involuntary and instinctive, like when Belle bites his lip or when her tongue laps over the smooth head of his cock. Her absolute favorite is when he growls deep in his throat while he’s eating her out, the sound rippling up from her center and hardening her nipples, arching her back, and making her head thrash against the pillow.

• Adam likes to play a game where he mouths at Belle’s neck, dances his fingers softly over her wrists, and murmurs suggestive words in her ear to see how long it takes for him to get her turned on enough to abandon whatever book she’s reading and give in to his sexual efforts. One time he got so far as to literally being inside of her until her book finally fell to the floor and she let Adam take her on the library table.

• They literally have sex all over the castle, and as much as the staff wants to complain, they can’t bring themselves to since they know Adam was basically celibate for over a decade. A lot of pent up desire, y'know? So nothing can really stop him when he bends Belle over the dinner table after watching her lick sauce off her finger, his owns fingers cushioned between her soft lips as he takes her so hard that dishes clatter to the floor.

• Also, he literally died for a brief moment in time. So who can blame the man for completely ravishing his wife at every moment he can when he thought he lost her forever?

• A concept: THRONE SEX!!!!!!!!!!!

• Belle straddling Adam in his royal chair and riding him into oblivion, their sounds of pleasure echoing off the walls of the large room. Bonus points if Adam is wearing some sort of coronet.

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Hi darling Sera :) So I noticed you mentioned that Jared and Jensen ping your gaydar and I was just wondering if you had a few (hundred) examples? They do occasionally ping my gaydar now that I'm a tinhat but they didn't really before (but that means absolutely nothing because mine is like permanently broken). I just want lots of uber-gay J2 pics and gifs, okay? You caught me.

Hello, sweetheart!

Oh my. I should probably start by telling you that the first time I watched a con, I was very shocked with Jared in particular. I thought “This guy is straight?! Huh?” Jensen pings for me too, but in a different way - I think it’s more in connection to his behaviour around Jared and not as much when he’s alone. I think I started picking up the signals from Jensen when I realized that he and Jared are an item. But let’s begin!

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JFC, ding-a-ling-a-ping!

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I mean.. *taps the meter gently* Don’t go breaking on me right now.

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Oh hell. *shakes the meter*

Look, if you fall down a stair because your “bestie” is so gorgeous, I’m gonna count it as a massive PING.

Staaaahhhppp! *fiddles with the meter, trying to fix it* *shouts “PING!”*

RUN! My meter is about to explode! *ducks under the table*

No but really. He just… rides that chair and gives Jensen that look. Yes yes, a very fun joke (especially if you’re wearing a buttplug), thank you Jared.

I hope this is gay enough for you! There’s more where these came from, but I’m rather useless without my meter. The electronic “Ping!”-sound is so much nicer to listen to than my voice manually shouting it. I hope your week starts out great, sweetheart!

Disturbing Quotes From Disturbed Serial Killers

Albert Fish (Like Henry Lee Lucas, Fish was very likely prone to exaggerating his evil deeds. He was one of the early lucky fellows to “ride the chair” at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in New York.)

“I always had the desire to inflict pain on others and to have others inflict pain on me. I always seemed to enjoy everything that hurt. The desire to inflict pain, that is all that is uppermost. “


A home at the end of the world.

“When the war is over, misery and struggles long forgotten, from the rubble and ruins, for our damaged souls to finally rest… we will make a place of our own.”

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were you scared to start galloping? do you think you have picked up any bad habits from breezing, like holding your hands like a bicycle, or... whatever?? just curious!! i feel like i "forget" things if i do something else instead of my usual repetitions.

Yeah I got bolted on and run straight off the track my first day working for the farm I’m at so it was def a rough start. The reins are held really differently so it’s pretty hard to mix the two up unless I’m actually trying to ride with a cross on my own horse but I’ll def use chair seat when riding defensively especially but that doesn’t really bother me because it’s actually really useful for staying on haha

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Hank McCoy for the NSFW Alphabet thing? The whole thing, but if not then just C, D, F, J, M, U, W, and Y. Or however many you feel like doing... thanks c:


A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex) 

Hank is so warm and soft when you’ve finished. If he went beast mode he’ll always worry slightly that he’s hurt you, but you quickly put him at ease. And if he was just normal Hank he’d just hold you too him and breath in your scent, kissing up your neck and shoulder lightly and asking if you wanted anything to drink.

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

Hank’s never been confident in his appearance, but if he had to chose he’d probably say either is brain or his hands. He’s very appreciative of the fact that his brain is far more advanced than others. But physically, on the outside, he likes his hands. They help him create things, they’re large and dexterous and best of all they get to feel the warm soft flesh of your skin beneath them.

However, picking his favourite part of your body is always a challenge, he loves every part of you. But his favourite is probably your lips.  At first he thought nothing could be softer than the touch of your skin, but then he kissed you for the first time, the gentle press of your lips against his felt like heaven. He still remembers how he almost forgot to breath at the feel of them to this day.

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)

Hank can be so messy when he cums. If he doesn’t cum inside you (which he loves doing) he cums everywhere, there’s so much of it. Its thick and warm and as much as it kind of turns you on how you made him cum so much and all over you, you can’t deny that the feel of him cumming inside you is your favourite. In fact its both your favourites, your so close to one another, every part of you feels connected and warm in the glow of your orgasms. 

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

Before you were together you had come in one day out of the rain with a torn stocking, inspecting it when you sat at your desk opposite him you decided to just go without for the day. Stashing you ruined stocking in your drawer you forgot about them in there. Hank having had a crush on you forever and having just discovered his kink for stockings and feet snuck into your desk draw and took one of your stockings. He still feels really bad about it and kind of perverted but he just loved the feel of the silk and the fact that you had been wearing them turned him on even more. He couldn’t help but go to his room that night and use it, wrapping it loosely around his cock the feel of it coupled with his strokes up and down from base to tip brought him to one of the most powerful orgasms he’d ever had on his own, and all whilst thinking of you still wearing the stockings.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?

He so inexperienced when you first have sex. he knows how to please himself but touching your body for the first time, he’s so hesitant to make you feel pleasure, the last thing he wants to do is cause you pain. He’s a fast learner though and soon enough you’d never know you were his first, he can read your body like a book.

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)

Slow sweet missionary sex when he embraces you as he’s thrusting and getting so deep inside you is definitely one of his favourite positions [NSFW]

He also loves when you take charge, pinning him down on his office chair and riding him whilst he’s still fully clothed and you’re practically naked, wearing only his lab coat [NSFW]

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

As much as sex is generally slow and sweet, you two focused just on one another and the pleasure you’re both feeling, sometimes things just happen and you both end up having adorable giggly cute sex. It usually starts with Hanks glasses going wonky on his face and eventually falling off and hitting you in the face. At first he used to go bright red and start apologizing but now its happened so often you both just break out in fits of giggles.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.) .

His hair is the same colour as the hair on his head, and yes it does go blue when he does.  He’s fairly well groomed as he finds it uncomfortable when its a jungle and he knows it isn’t pleasant for you either.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…) 

Moments with Hank are almost always intimate. You love each other so much and you’re always so close to one another, the heat between you rippling as you breath against one another. You can feel every move the other makes and the pounding of your hearts as you both get closer to your orgasm. He’ll hold you hand through most of it, or you’ll have your arms around him, running your fingers through his hair and skewing his glasses. Either way you’ve always got your hands on one another.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon) 

Whenever Hank jacks off he always feels dirty. Most of the time he’ll do it in his room, where he can muffle his throaty groans with a pillow, but sometimes he likes to feel really filthy and he’ll pull his pants down just slightly to tug himself free before he starts stroking himself to the thought of you, and the thought of you walking in on him doing this.

A/N:(I saw someone else do something similar to this and it really got to me, but I cant remember who it was so credit to them really)

Hank may also have one of your stockings hidden in his desk drawer. And he might have taken it when you came in one day complaining you had a ladder in one side before taking them off and working at your desk without said stockings. Hank will occasionally pull it out and stroke himself with it, loving the way the silk of it feels against his skin.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Well the saying “its always the shy ones that surprise you most” is most definitely true. Even Hank didn’t realise he had so many kinks before you explored them together. His most favourite is definitely when you call him Professor. At firs tit had just been in a professional sense but when you said it one night whilst riding him and gripping his tie in your hand he completely flipped and pounded into you over and over, ordering you to say it again and spanking you when all you could managed was a strangled moan. Other kinks of his include hair pulling, especially when he’s in beast mode, he loves when you grip his fur and tug it. He also loves it when you take charge, mostly when he’s in his human form as he gets extremely dominant when in beast mode but you have tried it, the boys a total switch.

L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)

Usually you stick to the bedroom, preferring not to be interrupted by passing people, but when you turn up at his lab, wearing barely anything but one of his lab coats and a pair of heels what’s the boy to do but take you over his desk. The lab, his office and if you’re feeling risky even one of your’s classrooms are just some of the places you’ve jumped each other.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Whenever you wear or mention anything to do with one of his kinks he immediately gets a little flustered. His cheeks go red and his palms get sweaty. He is the easiest person to turn on as he just loves everything about you.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

He doesn’t like drawing blood from you. He accidentally did it once when he first went beast mode during sex and he felt so bad about it he avoided you for an entire week before you cornered him and held him until he calmed down. Even though you insisted it didn’t hurt that much he can’t stand the thought of doing something like to you again.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

He loves when you give him head, the slow stretch of your hot wet mouth around his cock. The softness of your lips is something that makes his thighs shake, combined with your tongue you could easily have him cumming in seconds with your ministrations.

But his favourite thing to do is taste you. He thought you couldn’t get any lovelier but the sweet, slightly salty taste of your cunt takes him into another world. He could stay down there forever sometimes he’s tried to and you’ve had to pull him away at the sensitivity of your clit. 

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

Most of the time its slow and sensual. He loves the way your skin feels under him and over his body, he loves kissing you and appreciating every move and noise you make. But sometimes, especially in beast mode, the sex will just be animalistic. Rutting into you from behind you’ve broken quite a few items of furniture with your escapades, not just the bed.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

Hank never used to be a big fan of quickies, he didn’t see the point in them as he just wanted another chance to properly appreciate your body. But when his sex drive increased because of the serum he could get enough of you. This leads to numerous times you find yourself under him, pinned to the wall or bent over a desk for him. Not that you mind of coarse, always makes you cum around him or for him. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Hes not as into taking risks as he used to be, ever since he cornered you in your classroom once, pinning you to the blackboard with his body, only to mentally scar Charles for life when he came looking for you.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

Hank surprises you by being able to go for round after round. Even though at first he needed to build up some stamina to stop himself from cumming so quickly he surprised you by being completely ready to go again only a few minutes later. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

With Hanks relative inexperience before he meets you, he’s never actually owned any toys of his own. But all of that changes when you drag him into a store on the pretense of loosening him up a bit. He heads straight for the toy section, inspecting each and every one and asking you what they’re used for. Needless to say you finally leave the shop with two whole bags of things to use, with Hank dragging you off to the car park muttering something about taking you home no so you can help him with an experiment.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease) 

He’s far to impatient for teasing. He hates it with a passion when you do it and he goes beast mode by accident, he finds it so hard to refrain from the pleasure. Unbeknownst to both of you though, you tease each other. Hank sometimes finds himself getting turned on just looking at you, the way you move, the way you talk to others, he’s just smitten. And him, its the way he fiddles with things, the nearest thing he can get his hands on on his desk. When you see his hands stretch and bend, the fast movements of his fingers twirling a pen around and popping the end in his mouth to bite on just do something to you.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make) 

Hank isn’t that loud in general when he’s in his human form, he’s more of a heavy breather and occasional moaner but its always hushed by him kissing you when he can. When he’s in Beast mode though, oh lord, everyone can hear. They can hear his heavy grunts and growls as he’s slamming himself into you, they can also hear your screams and the headboard making a nice dent in the wall.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

I am a firm believer that Hank has a slight foot fetish, or anything based around that area. He loves when you wear high heels, especially if he knows they’re for him. And stockings are another one of his favourites, he loves the silky smooth opaque fabric and the way it trails all the way up your legs stopping on your thighs to leave you core open and exposed to him if he’s lucky enough to catch you with no underwear.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

Hanks dick… well, he is hung. And like Piotr doesn’t really think its true until you tell him in no uncertain terms that it might take a bit of preparation before you could take it. He’s about 8 - 8 1/2″ but he is super thick and vieny. When he’s in his blue form, like the rest of him he gets bigger. Not only slightly thicker that normal Hank but he gains an extra 2″ at least, always with a slightly red tip (like his lips) that looks vaguely purple when he’s blue.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

His sex drive increased dramatically after he turned beast mode at first. Even when he finally managed to get it under control you found that his yearning for you didn’t go away. As against taking major risks as he was sometimes he just couldn’t help himself, and who were you to stop him.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards) 

He tries to stay awake for as long as possible, talking or just laying there in silence snuggled together. But he just can’t help but fall asleep with the feel of your warm body embracing him. Mouth hanging open slightly, as cute as he looks when he sleeps you can’t help but giggle at his expression.

Perrie/yn/Jade Detention


“Last night was so much fun.” Perrie whispered to me. I smirked and tapped my pencil on table. “I hope we can do it again soon.” I whispered back. She ripped a piece of paper from her notebook and grabbed my pencil from my hand. I couldn’t help but stare at her. She looked so sexy in her uniform. Perrie’s blouse was 2 sizes too tight so her boobs were popping out of her shirt. Her plaid skirt was so short, her ass hung out of it and you could see her pink lace thong. I felt myself get wet at the thought of her licking my pussy. I squeezed my legs and shifted in my seat. She was doodling little pictures on the paper and she casually slid her hand down to my thigh. I glanced at her from the corner of my eye. She lightly brushed her fingertips against my pussy and she bit her lip when she realized I wasn’t wearing any panties. “Stop.” I hissed at her. “Is there something going on back there?” My teacher Jade asked. I rolled my eyes at her and sighed. “N-nothing.” I mumbled. Perrie continued to rub me and she used her two fingers to rub my clit softly. I felt a knot form in my stomach and tried to secretly push her hand away. Ms. Thirlwall’s peered at me out of her glasses and finally returned to her work at her desk. “I want to fuck you on this desk right now.” She murmured sexily into my ear. She kissed my earlobe and trailed her kisses down to my jawline and my neck. “You are so gonna get it tonight.” I whispered. I slapped her pussy and pulled her panties to the side. I checked to make sure no one was looking and I held my finger to her mouth. She wrapped her lips around my finger and sucked on it like a lollipop. I glanced over at ms. Thirlwall’s desk and I swear I saw her staring at us. I took my finger out and slid it inside of her pussy. She grabbed the edges of the chair and let out a moan making the chair make a loud noise. “That’s it. Perrie and yn you have detention.” Ms. Thirlwall said.


“I don’t want any talking.” Ms. Thirlwall said slamming her hands against the table. She was leaning over the desk and her boobs were out of her shirt literally. She wasn’t wearing a bra and it was turning me on. “My detention works a little different compared to most of the teachers.” She walked around the desk in her 6-inch heels and all I could think about was her naked in those heels. I looked over at Perrie and she was smirking. “And what’s that ms. Thirlwall?” I asked. “Call me jade babe.” She started to unbutton her shirt and her tits were so big. “Your breast are huge.” Perrie said smiling. “I see you guys in my class. I want to see how skilled you are.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my seat. She kissed my lips hard and I stuck out my tongue. She sucked on my tongue and our tongues fought. “Hey! I want some attention.” Perrie pouted. “You’re so cute.” Jade started to unclasp my bra and Perrie came over to us. “Come to mommy.” Jade said. “Suck on my tits.” Me and Perrie sucked on her nipples and i spit and tugged on it. “Oh fuck.” She moaned. I placed my head in between and motor boated her tits. “Mmm looks like yn is gonna the reward at the end.” Perrie rolled her eyes and bent down to get a closer look at jades pussy. Me and jade were making out as perrie ate her out and I don’t know what she did but jade let out the loudest moan ever. “Holy shit! I’m gonna cum!” She whined. I felt her legs start to shake and I started kissing her neck. I stuck my teeth in her flesh and left gentle kisses. Soon she came all over perrie’s face. “Who’s in first place now baby?” She said licking her fingers. “I will.” I said. I pushed jade down onto the desk and walked over to my book bag. I bent down slowly trying to show off my ass. I grabbed the strap on and put it on. “Only sluts bring toys to school.” Perrie said smiling. I sat down on the chair. “Ride me baby girl.” Jade came over to me but I held out my hand to her. “Bend your pretty little ass over for me first.” She Bent over and spread her ass cheeks for me. Jade bit her lip and shook her ass a little. I licked her asshole and moved down to her pussy. “Fuck.” I heard her mumble under her breath. “You like people licking your asshole baby?” I slapped her ass and reached for to fondle her tits. I licked my hand and rubbed it against her pussy. I inserted the black 9" cock into her slowly. “Oh god!” Jade yelled. I looked over at Perrie and she was rubbing her clit and ramming her fingers into her tight cunt. “You’re so tight.” I pumped in and out her slowly and then soon sped up. “Tell me how good it feels.” I said smacking her ass. “shit! You’re so fucking hot banging your teacher with this big cock. You’re both dirty whores.” I pounded her cunt faster and she was a moaning mess. Jade slammed her hands against the desk, trying to control herself. I grabbed her hips and squeezed them. “Come back on it.” I said standing still. Jade backed up slowly and then repeated it. She bounced her ass on it and it my pussy a waterfall. “God I can’t take it. Kiss me.” Perrie said. She kissed me hard while jade continued to fuck the dick. I sat down on the chair and made her ride it. She turned around and faced me. She straddled me and put her legs through the chair so she wouldn’t fall. I grabbed her tits as she bounced up and down on it. “Holy fucking shit! I’m cumming!” Jade whined. She cried out my name as I thrusted my hips forward while she bounced up and down. “Come for me.” I said staring at her. She was a moaning mess. I pulled the cock out and she rubbed her clit. “Perrie come sit right here. She gestured for us to sit underneath her pussy. We looked up at her like innocent girls as she looked like a dirty slut trying to squirt all over us. Her orgasm came and she screamed. "AHH!” she squirted all over me and perrie’s face. I licked perrie’s face to taste her. “You look so good wearing me on your face.” She said sitting down, calming down from her high. I stuck my finger in her pussy and swirled it around, cleaning her up. I tasted it and moaned. “You taste so sweet.” She laughed and laid sprawled out on the desk. “We still haven’t came yet.” I said. Perrie pushed me to the floor and spread my legs open for me. She flicked her tongue around my clit making me flinch. I curled my toes and I watched jade eat out Perrie which made her moan, sending vibrations into my pussy! “PERRIE!” I screamed pinching my nipple. She sucked on my clit and stared at me intently. She spread my pussy open with her 2 fingers and used the other hand to rub my clit. I felt the knot form in my stomach. “OH GOD!” She rammed her fingers in And fingered me. “I’m gonna cum all over your fingers baby.” I said. I came and my legs shook. She soon came after and we all made out tasting each other’s pussies on our tongues.

Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you -kyla
Long Island Iced Tea

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Summary: to battle boredom, message the hero.

Word count: 3,960

Late night. You love them. Nearly just as much as pulling all nighters.


You love seeing how office slowly gets deserted, how patrons from glass offices put their files into their briefcases, how they put on their jackets, how the turn off the light, and they walk to the elevators, to go to the bar on the next side of the street, where they order a Long Island Iced Tea, down it in 15 minutes (tops), they get pleasantly tipsy, and they are ready to go home to their wives and their children, to pass out in front of the TV, just to wake up in the morning and go back to work.

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Concept: Transformers accept transforming as part of How Things Are and thus all their furniture and appliances just sort of casually have multiple different forms and modes

A minibot chair at a bar can unfold to become large enough to support even Ultra Magnus

A garden spade that doubles as a spot welder for no discernible purpose

A door that changes into a window when you’re not using it

You can either watch TV or have a bench for company but not both and tbh maybe this purchase wasn’t very well thought out probably shoulda gone for the game-system/jewlery forge/panini maker tbh