chair rides

Concept: Transformers accept transforming as part of How Things Are and thus all their furniture and appliances just sort of casually have multiple different forms and modes

A minibot chair at a bar can unfold to become large enough to support even Ultra Magnus

A garden spade that doubles as a spot welder for no discernible purpose

A door that changes into a window when you’re not using it

You can either watch TV or have a bench for company but not both and tbh maybe this purchase wasn’t very well thought out probably shoulda gone for the game-system/jewlery forge/panini maker tbh

“And now I am with you. Days have passed, years have gone by, but my love for you has not changed”

two cute old cinnamon rolls celebrating the throne/ wedding anniversary


A home at the end of the world.

“When the war is over, misery and struggles long forgotten, from the rubble and ruins, for our damaged souls to finally rest… we will make a place of our own.”


Imagine Cullen laying eggs on his desk.

Imagine Josephine discarding her woman-skin for her true lizard form.

Imagine Solas meeting his vehnan one, final time. He opens his mouth to speak, and a swarm of bees comes flying out.

Imagine Dorian leaving the Inquisitor and going home to Tevinter on his flying arm chair. WEEEEE!

Imagine riding in Cassandra’s kangaroo pouch.

Imagine Iron Bull catching salmon with his mouth. Spearing them on his horn. His proud smile in spite of the fish flopping in his mouth.

Imagine Varric disappearing into a horde of chipmunks.

Imagine Blackwall guarding the barn. He will let you into the barn only if you can answer these riddles three.

Imagine Sera opening a cookie tin and falling into another world.

Imagine Vivienne scrunching down folding into her own outfit and forming a cocoon.

Imagine Cole waking up from uneasy dreams and finding himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.   

Imagine Leliana dissolving into fragrant, fleshy pink ooze to spy from the cracks in the walls.