chair repair


Pairing: Kirk x Reader

Notes: M&M’s, a little kiss, mentions of alcohol 

Based on the prompt: “Wait. Do you just carry this party sized bag of M&M’s around with you?“

Feel free to request something yourself!

Another day, another shift spent with your head in a console, almost tangled in wires. It’s not that you didn’t enjoy the work - it’s just that shifts seemed to have gotten longer and breaks shorter. It was hard to unload all of that mounting stress when it feels like you barely have any spare time. The reward of your problem solving and electrical exploits were at least rewarding enough to get you through the day. With less time off, it meant less of seeing your friends, which was a shame as you’d really started to hit it off with everyone on board the ship, even your captain. 

Jim Kirk had a special place in your heart. Not only was he fiercely brave and loyal, he was kind and went above and beyond to make you feel comfortable after arriving on his ship - after all, everyone already knew each other and you could’ve become an outsider.

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Let’s Do The Time Warp (Again) - Part 2

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Eventually Peter Maximoff x OC

Length: 2473 words

Warnings: mentions of death, car crash, female OC, etc. flirts?

Part 2 of ‘Let’s Do The Time Warp (Again)’ Series | Part 1

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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu DVD Special Talk Event Report (May 14th 2016)

Today I went to the Haikyuu Stage DVD Talk event!

This talk event is a closed event for people who have tickets to watch Haikyuu Stage Play and pre-ordered the DVD in the venue (last year, first run). And nope, not everybody who pre-orered the DVD can go to this show. Their order number will be randomly chosen and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get a ticket to go to this talk event!

Actually on the first run, I didn’t pre-ordered the DVD so there’s no way I could go to this talk event. But then a miracle(?) or I should say a blessing came from only God knows where.

Keep reading to know how I get the ticket & how the event was! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

WARNING: This post contains absolute dorkiness which might makes you love the actors even more. Happy falling into the bottomless pit of volleyball boys hell.

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the-strikingzebra  asked:

How the main 4monsters + Toriel, Asgore, and Mettaton react to a human going through the underground in a wheel chair.

I’ve actually thought about this very scenario a LOT. I actually have quite a few story ideas involving Readers with physical disabilities floating around in my head. -Mod Sync


He’s unsure of how exactly to react at first, considering that the first thing he sees is you struggling to get your chair through the deep snow. He’d be curious, but tactful, unsure of how you’ll react to questions and the occasional chair and wheel pun. He’d end up staying with you more through the walk to town than he normally does in game, helping to if you get really stuck in the snow. He definitely admire how strong you are for doing everything with such limitations, it wheely looks like a lot of work, pal.


He doesn’t really understand at first because Human why can’t you stand from your wheeled chair, have your legs become too lazy that they refuse to work? You have to sit him down and explain why exactly your legs don’t work, and then he’s all apologies and worries. But, he thinks it’s really amazing how you’ve adapted to your situation, and he feels more like a real Royal Guard, helping you with anything and everything and protecting you from dangers. He’ll ask if it’s ok to push you around Snowdin, and if you agree, be prepared to have a skeleton zooming you around town at mach speed.


She’s baffled because you’re very literally a sitting duck? It would be so easy for her, or anyone, to take your soul because you have such limited movements and can’t get out of the way of attacks easily? She’s very conflicted over taking your soul or helping you out because you’re just?? So determined to keep going?? And she admires that a whole lot. Once you befriend her, she is going to carry you where your chair can’t PUNK, no exceptions! Do not let her push your chair, it will be even worse than Papyrus.


She’s quite stunned that you’ve made it so far! A-and she’s very much rooting for you and admires your tenacity! You remind her of this one character from MewMew who was really great and also in a wheelchair and was SUPER smart and- *ahem* She offers to give your chair repairs and upgrades while you’re here, which is so very needed after everything *coughpapsandundynecough* it’s been through. She’s really happy she can do so much to help you.


When she first finds you, she’s terribly shocked! You were trying to half crawl, half drag yourself to your chair, and she quickly rushed to help you. You set off every one of her motherly instincts, and she’s very hesitant to leave you, even after the test in the hall. Especially with all the traps you wouldn’t have the easiest time getting out of. She tries not to become overbearing, and admires your will to still be independent, despite everything. Letting you leave the Ruins was one of the very hardest things she’s ever done.


This is far, far worse than any other encounters of the fallen humans he’s had. He admires greatly that you’ve come all the way there with such a disability, but you can’t move, can barely fight back. This won’t be a fight, this would be plain and simple murder. He stalls as long as he can, but he knows it’s inevitable. He has to fight you, he needs your soul to break the barrier. With trembling hands, he readies himself, and everything in him is praying that you somehow win


He’s curious about your situation, and admires how well you’ve coped with such a thing. He talks to you about getting used to the different transportation methods, as he did have to get used to first gravity, then a singular wheel, and finally legs. While it is the reverse of your situation, he can understand the adjustment period can be frustrating. If you are in a situation where physical therapy or prosthetic or other such things can help you regain your ability to walk, you can bet 1000% that he’s the one who will want to help you the most.

balance / a necromancer!woozi au

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happy birthday jihoon!

summary: two sides of an unbalanced world, jihoon learns to conform with the good, and you learn to conform with someone who isn’t that bad.

genre: enemies to friends, supposed lovers

characters: woozi/female reader, other members of svt, ft members of exid

word count: 6.3k

a/n: i’ve been addicted to crossing over female band members into my aus. forgive me. also the longest thing i’ve ever written. character development is my niche. happy birthday vocal team leaderrrr

other notes: super emo woozi

i came up with like all of the concepts in this au. nothing here comes from any fandom as far as i’m concerned, just a general understanding of the magic fantasy universe. none of the spell phrases mean anything, as far as i’m concerned.

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, August 5, 1909 

Mary Scott Castle (nee Smith) was married to wealthy Neville Castle (who would eventually become an assistant United State attorney) in San Francisco in 1897, where they were extremely popular with the smart set. In 1900 she began acting, in San Francisco, in the play The Princess and the Butterfly. Neville’s fortune at this time was greatly diminished by Mary’s lavish spending. By 1905 had taken a lover and left her husband to become an actress in New York. Mrs. Castle and her boyfriend, an actor, fought constantly and soon their relationship was on the rocks. Eventually he left her, but it was said that Mary followed him around the country as he performed with various troupes.

Her next boyfriend was a lawyer, a married man named William Craig. Apparently, Craig’s wife, Kate, was Mary’s distant cousin. On August 3, while dining at Peacock Alley of the Waldorf in New York, Craig claimed that he told her that their relationship was over for good. After these words he left the table and Mary, distraught, followed him, pulled out her tiny pistol and shot Craig. 

Mary claimed what actually happened was that Craig, who had been pursuing her, but whose affections she had repulsed, had come to her apartment and attempted to press his suit again, in the process using strong language, when she told him to leave. She claimed that she knew he liked to spend his time at Peacock Alley and went there that night to demand a retraction of what he had said. When she demanded, she claimed that he told her 

“I wish you were dead. I wish Kate and I were dead.”

To which she replied that, “’It would not be long before I was dead’, and then I pulled out the pistol - and it went off”.

Luckily, Craig’s fountain pen repelled the bullet, and while his suit was ruined, his life was saved. Craig initially wanted to press charges, and Mary was taken to jail, where her brother, Captain Smith, had her released by paying her bail, and eventually the suit was dropped. Soon after her husband, rebuilding his fortunes in Nome, Alaska, was granted a divorce. 

Then she met Porter Charlton, son of a prominent judge and a clerk at the National City bank, at Peacock Alley in February 1910. Mary was about 40 at this time, and Porter about was 21, but they fell in love and were married quickly on March 12, 1910. She gave her age as 27 and he as 25. The couple sailed to Europe for their honeymoon and visited London and Paris before settling in Lake Como.

Charlton claimed that Mary debauched him, introducing him to drugs and drink, to which he said she was much addicted, and shocking his youthful sensibilities. He claimed she was prone to violent outbursts and fits of passionate jealousy, and eventually their quarrels became so noisy that the hotel keeper had to ask the couple to leave. From there the couple rented a private villa from a “Count” Ispalatoff, who they entertained often, throwing large parties the neighbors described as “orgies”. The couple continued their quarreling, and even fishermen in boats below the villa claimed they could hear the shouting.

Their most heated and final quarrel occurred on June 8, 1910. After returning from a walk, Mary complained of the heat and fatigue, and then began to complain of Porter’s youthful innocence and their lack of money. Porter claimed that this caused him to snap, and picking up a mallet he was using to repair a chair, beat Mary to death, putting her body into a trunk, which he threw down the stairs and eventually down into the lake where fishermen found it two days later.

Porter left a note to “Count” Ispalatoff, claiming that he and his wife had been suddenly called away and left quickly, and inquired where and when the soonest steamer leaving for America would leave. Ispalatoff, who was not greatly regarded in his community, was immediately suspected. The police began to drag the lake a second time, assuming that they would find a second trunk, this time containing the body of Mr. Charlton. When none was found, they began to think that maybe Porter wasn’t dead after all, especially of talk of the couples frequent arguments became public knowledge. They wired other departments in Paris and London to keep an eye out for a man of Porter’s description.

Porter, meanwhile, was in Genoa, travelling under the name Jack Coleman. He boarded, second class, the Princess Irene to America, after pawning the last of his wife’s jewels. But in New York, Mary’s brother, Captain Smith, had heard the news and was waiting. While watching the dock with two detectives for a different boat, the Deutschland, which he assumed his brother-in-law would take, he and the detectives saw the Princess Irene come into port, and noticed a man who looked strikingly like Porter Charlton. While Mary’s brother had never men Charlton, he had gone to the National City bank and asked for a photograph and description of the man on before meeting the ships. When confronted, “Jack Coleman” said that he was Jack Coleman, not Porter Charlton, but Captain Smith was not convinced. He had “Jack’s” trunks searched, and sure enough, pieces of clothing were found that were labeled “P.C.” and “Porter Charlton”. 

Charlton was taken to the jail, where for a short while he tried to maintain his identity as Jack Coleman, before breaking down and murmuring, “poor Mary”. His father, Judge Paul Charlton, quickly began building his son’s defense, but in any case, justice moved slowly. Attempting to fight extradition, it wasn’t until 1913 when Charlton was brought back to Italy to face charges, and a court date was set for August 1914, where Charlton proposed to plea insanity. But war in Europe broke out in July, and the murder of the American woman by the American man was put on the back burner.

The case was finally called in October 1915, and Charlton was found guilty of the murder of his wife. He was sentenced to six years, eight months in prison, but since he’d been imprisoned since he had confessed in 1910 he only had to serve twenty-nine additional days in Italy before he sailed back to America.

He wasn’t enough (Draco x Reader)

           “I don’t want to be with you anymore,” she told him with frustration in her voice.

           “What?” he responded, surprised by her words.

           “You heard me Draco,” she said, looking out at the Black Lake with her arms crossed over her chest.

           “You don’t want to do this,” he said with a slight quiver in his voice.

           He stepped in front of her, forcing her to look at him.

           “Please give me another chance,” he begged, placing his hands on her shoulders.

           She pushed his hands off.

           “I’ve given you plenty of chances, but nothing ever changes!” she yelled.

           “I’ll be better to you. I promise,” he said, trying to grab her hand.

           She withdrew her hand avoiding contact with him.

           “No! I’ve had enough!” she said, backing away.

           He grabbed her by the arm tightly to keep her from leaving.

           “You can’t do this to me!” he replied with hurt and anger filling his voice.

           “Watch me,” she said, yanking her arm out of his grip and stomping off.

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“The paint’s supposed to go where?”

Pairing: Sam x reader
Anon request: Can you do 19 35 and 46 together with samxreader? Thanks
Summary: This is a one shot with the following sentences from the drabble game :) 19. “The paint’s supposed to go where?” / 35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.” / 46. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”
Words: 1′183
Warning: None

So, this is my first time using the queue to post things and I really hope this is working, cause at the time of this post I won’t have any wifi to check my tumblr as I’m on vacation…

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anonymous asked:

GF reaction when he did something like repair the chair but fail.. And she say "my Ex was better in such things".. Pls


Gives her the death stare. 


HA. HA. 


Ignores her. 


Says an equally sassy remark right back. 


He wouldn’t have much to say to that.


Thinking “Do you want to fix it yourself?”


He would get annoyed pretty quickly. 

~Admin B

Such a Little Thing Makes Such a Big Difference

I have to write down today’s events before I collapse from first world-related travel gripes/exhaustion.

I flew to Omaha for a comedy festival, and the whole process took about 12 hours longer than it should have. My first flight out of Los Angeles was delayed for an hour, and then once we boarded the plane, we sat on the tarmac for another hour or so. I was in a row with two other women: one I later found out was Vietnamese, and one who was so Aryan she looked like a Viking (is that even correct? Were Vikings Aryans? I’m just saying she was THE WHITEST OF WHITES) — she was easily six feet tall, had almost white-blonde hair and glass blue eyes, and was probably a supermodel. The older Vietnamese lady’s seat was broken somehow, and was shifting and cutting into her back as she sat, so she called the flight attendant over and tried to explain. She had a thick accent and was trying to choose her words carefully, probably used to a lifetime of being misunderstood. The flight attendant was a little dismissive, with a kind of “Oh, it’ll be fine” attitude, an attitude that I find EXTRA infuriating, as it was what I got from my stepdad throughout my life whenever I expressed I was uncomfortable in any way. However, the beautiful young white woman chimed in, saying the seat was annoying her as well, and she was almost promptly moved. The older lady continued to try to express her feelings, until I nearly shouted at the flight attendant, “SHE IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SHE CANNOT SIT IN THIS SEAT AND NEEDS A NEW ONE.” Finally, a mechanic was called to come repair the chair (heh), and he soon deemed it unfixable, taping it up and assuring the flight attendant that the lady was right the whole time. She was then simply moved to the seat next to mine, the one the other lady had just vacated, and as we both settled in and buckled our belts, the lady turned to me with tears in her eyes, saying, “It’s because I’m not American! I’m Vietnamese!” I hugged her and told her I was sorry, and she shook her head when I asked if she needed anything, and I told her I thought she was right and that I understood, hoping it was some small comfort in that moment, just being seen and heard and acknowledged in a way that any human being would want to.

Because of the delay, I missed my connecting flight in Dallas, leaving me with an extra three or so hours to sit in the airport before the next flight to Omaha. As I sat, blasting my jams and looking at some Internet bullshit, an elderly black woman sat right next to me, motioning to the phone in her outstretched hand, asking for help. To be honest, I don’t know what language she was speaking — but she didn’t speak a word of English, and it took me a good few minutes to determine what it was she needed help with. After a bit of back-and-forth and a few creative hand gestures, I figured out she’d accidentally pressed a wrong button, and had brought up some weird text-edit thing (it was a type/brand of phone I’d never seen before) and had interrupted the previous call, and was trying to get that person back on the phone. I was able to get into the old call list and ring them back up, and she joyfully took the phone back from me as it rang, huge smile on her face. She walked away, phone to her ear, but only got a few steps before turning around to say what I assume was “Thank you,” which she followed up by blowing me a kiss. 

Finally I was able to board my connecting flight, only to then sit on THAT plane on the runway for three hours, due to some misfiled paperwork (or so said the pilot). I had to keep the gentle patience of those two women on my mind, to avoid having a breakdown after a day that was seemingly going on for longer than the allotted 24 hours. AND THEN during one point in that flight, the turbulence was so heart-stoppingly terrifying that I held the hand of the man next to me while he prayed for us in Spanish.

In closing, my point is: Fuck Trump.

Mar Roxas makes a lot of sense.

Yes, the guy was born rich. Old money. His family was and must still be one of the richest in the country. I’m sure there will be no money problems for this guy any time soon. And yes, the guy went to the best schools here and abroad. He must have grown up with friends moneyed as he is. Parties, girls, cars, and travel must have been a regular thing for him while growing up. And what about Political Influence, does the guy have it? Well just look at his impressive political lineage. The guy’s Grandfather was the first President of the Republic and his father and brother were both distinguished Congressmen from Capiz.

Fast forward to today and you see photos of the guy repairing a chair, falling off a motorcycle in the middle of a muddy mountain road, talking with tinderos and tinderas in the palengke, assessing the damages of war and natural disasters. People say that it’s all propaganda to make him look more “masa”. Photos that will somehow make this rich dude look a little like most of us common folk.

Now, I asked myself, what if he did all that because he wanted to help? Even if some of the time, he makes a fool of himself doing it.

Honestly, the guy doesn’t look like he can handle a hammer, or ride a motorcycle through muddy road. And I read somewhere that the guy didn’t go to any palengke (the guy’s rich, he has people to do that) only until when it became his job to go there. And what does he know about damage assessment? But if you look at the big picture, you’ll know that he was trying to repair the chair and make it useful again so that a kid can use it in school. He fell off the motorcycle trying to reach more people hit by Typhoon Ruby when the only way to reach them then was through the muddy mountain roads. He was talking with the vendors because he wanted to know and understand how the palengke can be developed because, as a businessman at heart, he believed in the SME sector as drivers of the economy. Damage assessment? He did that, too. You don’t need to be a veteran politiko, or a war tested General to see that people need shelter, food, and protection. The guy saw just that and acted on it. 

And if you think about it, that was all he’s been doing the whole time he was working for the government. He was there to help. 

He was also on ground zero when Yolanda hit Tacloban, during the recent Zamboanga and the Mamasapano seige. He bridged the local and national government and resolve the problems at hand. 

The guy was there to help.

Integrity. The guy served 3 Presidents, as DTI, DOE and DILG Secretary, and there was never a time that he was accused of pocketing some change for himself in spite of being the head of these agencies where gravy can flow rather easily. “Dapat lang kasi mayaman na siya!” some would say, but I’d like for you to think about that and the other dati-ng-mayaman politikos who are facing graft and corruption charges right this minute.

Wait, there’s more! The guy left his post as DTI Secretary during the EDSA Revolution 2001 as Erap was under fire for alleged corruption in his government. He also made “mura” the Arroyo government during a rally in Makati, castigating her move to amend the Constitution (Cha-Cha) and extend her term as President. He didn’t call her out using coño English or tusok-tusok the fishball English. He made mura in Tagalog. Yah! It was so lutong as chicharon! Now that’s talking with your heart out your sleeve. Yah.

So he’s running for President in 2016. So what’s he bringing to the table? The guy’s going to continue with the Daang Matuwid ideology. Not a bad idea if you ask me. It’s seriously something new to politics these days. We’ve been so used to seeing ongoing government projects put in the back-burners every time there’s a change in the administration in the LGUs and government agencies because the new guy wants his own projects. You’ll see the markings on the sidewalks change, the logos on lamp posts change, city “Welcome” markers get torn down and replaced with new ones with their logos in place and even Senior Citizen medical cards change. 

The guys’s not seeking to put his mark on anything. He just wants to help.

The guy’s offering continuity. He intends to finish what he and his boss started during his term. And it’s all under the Daang Matuwid banner. No names. No affiliations. But we must remember that this Daang Matuwid ideology is not bulletproof. Like any regular daan or road, it has its share of potholes, cracks, collapsed and unpaved muddy sections. We need to work together because the guy can’t do it alone. And it’s true to the last letter. We can’t let the guy do all the work and just enjoy the fruits of his labor. We can’t call him out kung manunuod lang tayo. We need to work together.

Personally, the last SONA showed me that the Daang Matuwid ideology worked. That same SONA also showed me that the guy pretty much was a part of the reason why it worked. 

Mar Roxas made himself look silly fixing a chair. Even more when he fell off that bike wearing a bright yellow jacket to boot. The rich kid from Capiz was always one of the first responders to a natural disaster, and in times of war in spite having a team of Under Secretaries, Associate Secretaries, and maybe a hundred more people who can do the job for him. He will call a spade a spade (at may mura pa, just to drive home the point). He’s made some bad calls in the past and he’s still reeling from it until now. But after all that, no one’s questioned his integrity. And I’m always impressed by anybody who stands firm on what he thinks will work for the country, especially when it really does work. 

So to me, Mar Roxas makes a lot of sense.