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Imagine confirming your relationship with your co-star, Sebastian Stan, in an Interview

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Ice Cream

So many of you guys requested a part two for “Intentions,” so here it is!
Hope you guys like it xx

Title: Ice Cream
Pairing: Harry Hook x reader
Summary: Harry interrupts an ice cream trip between you and Ben and is determined for his intentions to finally be fulfilled
Word Count: 1,238
Warnings: food mention, mild sexual tension but nothing legitimate
Notes: be sure to read the first part here  

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            "How many more times do I have to thank you?“ Ben complains. "I already bought you ice cream.”

           "One, you always buy me ice cream,“ you answer, happily taking a spoonful of the cold treat. "And two, Harry’s still annoying me, so I expect many more thank you’s.”

           "You called?“

           You don’t even need to feel the hook gently brush against the underside of your chin to know it’s Harry, but of course, he does it anyway. You roll your eyes as Harry pulls up a chair beside you and puts his arm around your shoulders. Ben just gives you a stern look, silently telling you to be nice.

           "Hi Harry,” you grumble, shaking his arm off of you.

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anonymous asked:

Elorcan number 14 please!

Be prepared for the roller-coaster of emotions…and a little twist of an ending!

Pregnancy/Birth Headcanon:

- Once the war ended Lorcan and Elide returned to Perranth to begin a peaceful life…or has peaceful as it cane be for those two who keep each other on their toes!

- For years they tried to become pregnant, but this was no easy task considering Lorcan’s was fae lineage and Elide’s witch blood running through her veins.

- Each month it became increasingly clear that Elide might not ever bear their children.

- Elide and Lorcan kept up a brave front every year that passed when a baby was not born.

- Then one day Elide discovered that she was pregnant - and Lorcan quickly became known to the fact after he returned on a month-long scouting mission and could scent the change.

- Lorcan twirled Elide around, but quickly became nervous of harming the child and made it a point to be extremely careful when hugging Elide.

“Lorcan you are not going to squash the baby!”

“I am not taking any chances Elide.”

“If you don’t hug me like you mean it Lord Perranth then there is a good chance I’ll squash your balls myself.”

- Lorcan smiles at Elide and her fierceness even as her belly swells with their child. She look positively adorable yet divine an Lorcan always finds himself on his knees before her and kissing her stomach.

- Accidentally Lorcan will swear in front of Elide and this results in her swatting his arm.

“Don’t swear in the front of the baby!”

“Elide I’m fairly sure they can’t hear me.”

- Elide then grumbles that the first words that come out of their baby’s mouth better not be a colorful curse. Though Elide imagines the Cadre would get a laugh out of that along with Aelin. 

- For months they prepared the home for their latest addition. 

- Lorcan even built a crib for the nursery while Elide knitted and sewed blankets and clothing.

- Elide even made little booties with paw print designs on the bottoms to match Lorcan’s animal form.

- But without warning Lorcan was stirred from sleep in the middle of the night to the to Elide shaking him and gasping his name.

- He woke instantly and his nose flared at the scent of blood. Elide’s blood.

- This was no enemy that Lorcan could conquer. Nor was it anything that Elide could prevent as a miscarriage robbed them of the child they had dreamed for years about.

- Elide was despondent for weeks afterward as she blamed herself, but Lorcan would not allow her to take fault.

- He comforted her - promising that if they never were to have a child that he would still be the happiest male to ever live. Because Elide had provided him a home and she was the family he never thought he could have had.

- Months later while Elide was visiting the capital city she came across a child on the streets who was homeless.

- He was a fierce little boy who was part fae. Elide slowly came to realize that this youngling was the oldest out of a small group of children who were without a place to call home.

- The children were cast-aways from Doranelle for being demi-fae. Something that brought a surge of fierce anger, sadness and protectiveness from Elide.  

- The little boy reminded Elide of Lorcan in how he protected the other children and wasn’t quick to trust strangers. He even had a fierce scowl that matched!

- Each day for the next two months during her stay in Orynth she visited the children and brought them food and read to them as Lorcan had done for her when she was learning how to read.

- During an evening days before she departed for Perranth one of the frailest of the girls limped toward Elide. The child had suffered an injury to her knee that caused a permanent limp in her step.

- The little girl looked up to Elide as a role model considering their physical disabilities were so similar. The child wanted to be just like Elide when she grew up: Strong and caring to everyone she met.

- “Miss Lochan do you promise to come back tomorrow?”

“Of course I will my dear. And the next day as well.” Elide pulled the child into her arms for a tender hug. She knew she would always return to these children and was already speaking with Aelin about finding a home for them, but foster homes were already full. 

- The little girl clutched tightly onto Elide. “I wish we could go home with you Lady Lochan…I wish…you were our mama.”

- Those words would have once shattered Elide’s heart, but instead an idea struck her mind.

- “I think we can arrange something,” Elide said and smiled at the five children around her.

- When Elide arrived back to Perranth she had brought quite a few surprises.

- Lorcan’s stunned face at the flock of children quickly morphed into complete joy.

- Especially when all of a sudden that little army is leaping on him and hugging him with all their strength and calling him “papa”.

- Together he and Elide adopted the children as their own.

- That day onward Perranth manor became filled with the laughter of children and evenings filled with bed times stories of their papa and mama’s adventures.

- Lorcan and Elide taught the children how to read, fight and have compassion.

- And every night Elide and Lorcan tucked the children into bed with kisses and gentle words.

- The Lady and Lord of Perranth have never been more happy as they blew out the candles after another day spent with their precious family.

Bonus Headcanons

- The Cadre each help teach the children how to shift and use magic when they are old enough.

- Aelin makes sure to give the children all sorts of ideas to prank Lorcan.

- Sometimes Rowan even helps them out…but firmly denies having any involvement with an icy bucket of water that soaked Lorcan during training.

- Fenrys and Connall will let the youngest of the children ride on their back while in wolf form and race around the property

- Chaol and Elide both help the little girl with her walking by teaching her how to stretch the muscles and even getting her a wheel chair. (Chaol will even race the little girl in their chairs and the youngling always wins by a few meters much to her delight.)                  

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DO U HAVE ANY (happy please) ALLURA HEADCANONS, ESP ABOUT HWO SHE FEELS ANBOUT EACH TEAM MEMBER AND HOW SHE BONDS W THEM EXCEPT TRAINING ?? sorry for shouting but yr my fave heacfcanon-writer and i may be quite sleep deprived and anxious rn


but i retyped it for u so here u go please appreciate the effort T.T


  • So lance stops flirting with her for real first and foremost
    • Now it’s like an inside joke between them
  • They bond hard over skincare routines and they trade secrets from their respective cultures
    • This doesn’t always work out bc alteans and humans are not always alike
    • One time allura gave advice that made lance’s skin turn blue for a week.  Lance cried for 24 hours before realized all the pranks he could pull.
  • they pretty much become sibling goals 
    • the space version of sokka and katara
      • They 100% could destroy you physically, emotionally, and verbally if they felt like it
        • goals tbh
  • Now when allura gets hit on by gross aliens during diplomatic missions, lance steps in and pretends to be allura’s bf to get her out of the situation
    • It’s a game now and they bet how long it’ll take for lance to scare off the other alien


  • The gossip fiends of the group
    • Dirt on everyone and everything
    • They get together over tea and trade secrets and spill all the drama of the day
      • One time allura saw shiro giving himself a pep-talk lightning mcqueen style into a mirror
      • The tea is hot
  • They somehow find a way to start a vegetable garden on the castle for hunk to cook with fresher ingredients
    • Both of them tend to it together
      • Hunk is horrible at gardening but somehow allura is a god at it, so it balances out and nothing dies
    • It helps hunk with his anxiety by giving him something to focus on, and gives allura a way to decompress from being the leader all the time


  • They bond over both being wlw
    • They both talk about loving girls !!!!
    • big sis allura giving pidge bad girl advice
      • bad because earth courtship and altean courtship are very different things
  • Pidge talks about what it’s like to be a trans girl on Earth and allura tells pidge about the alteans and gender
    • pidge is reassured that most of the universe does not treat gender the way Earth does
  • Discuss what it’s like to lose family by the hands of the galra
  • Pidge loves learning about altean culture, and she and allura spend hours talking about the cultural differences
    • Allura really needed someone besides Coran to share her memories with because it’s hard to keep them to herself
    • Eventually pidge learns enough altean that they have their conversations in altean as well


  • This was a rocky friendship at the start
    • There was a lot of leftover tension from the “keith is a galra” reveal
      • Keith understands where allura was coming from and truly never held a grudge
    • Allura truly comes to realize that keith is his own person, and truly being galra is only a small part that defines him
      • She sort of uses this situation as a way to work through some of her trauma
  • Their friendship really started to bud after shiro’s disappearance
    • Both of them felt responsible
    • Now that keith had to step up as leader, he and allura had to directly communicate with each other
      • Allura became some sort of leadership mentor to keith now that shiro was gone?
  • Also turns out allura wants to learn about keiths earth interests
    • Keith and allura sit in the training room for hours one day while keith teaches her about knives


  • They spend so much time sitting together and talking about their trauma
    • Shiro talks about his ptsd and allura deals with the grief she didn’t allow herself to feel at the loss of her entire world
  • Shiro becomes like an older brother to allura, just like he became to the rest of the paladins.
    • When she’s sad, worried, anxious, or some other negative emotion, she goes to shiro and they work through it together because of their easy trust in one another
      • Coran comes and joins a lot at their insistence bc he needs healing too
        • Eventually they establish some sort of healing/therapy sessions for all the paladins
  • Allura helps crack shiro’s professional exterior a little bit and helps him have more fun
    • They have spinny chair races down the hallway
    • Lance once walked in on them having a tea party with the mice
      • Shiro’s hair had two white pigtails sticking out of it via the mice’s handywork
        • Shiro sprinted full tilt and tackled him before he could go tell keith

Gladio sneezed, scaring you half to death. You jumped in your lawn chair, clutching your racing heart.

“Why do you even bother with camping when you’re allergic to everything?” you winced as he reeled back for another sneeze. 

He sniffled and shook the stuffiness from his head. “My allergies aren’t that bad.”

You stared at him, unblinking. “Babe, if you sneezed any more, you might actually lift off and fly away.”

Prompto snickered from the other side of the campfire. “Got you there, Big Guy.”

Gladio glowered at Prompto and you sighed, shuffling through your backpack to find what you were looking for. You pulled out a small bottle of antihistamines and scooted next to where Gladio was seated on the ground.

“Here,” you offered him two. “They’ll help. I know you’re too proud to take them, but please do anyway. For me?”

Gladio smiled weakly, and finally took the pills from your outstretched hand. “Thanks, babe.” He leaned forward to kiss you on the forehead. “Will these make me drowsy?”

“A bit,” you nodded. “But that’s okay. We might still be able to get a few rounds in before they fully kick in.”

Prompto made a disgusted face and covered his eyes with his hands. “Gross! We all have to sleep in that tent, you know!”

Gladio downed the pills with a gulp of water and stood, hauling you up with him. “Sleep outside, then,” he declared as he moved towards it, with you giddily following close behind. 

As the two of you zipped up the entrance to the tent, Ignis called from where he was writing in his journal, “Please at least be courteous enough to clean up afterwards.”

Unexpected Arrival: One Shot Request

Pairings: T’Challa x Reader

Warnings: SMUT! Fluff

Word Count: 1398

Request: This is a request from an anonymous fan, “I dont know of you do things about T'Challa but if you do can you do a smutty/ fluffy thing about him and his girl doesn’t think he does Valentines Day and it’s their first one together so she wants to surprise him in lace or lingerie when he comes home but he ends up surprising her as well by coming home early and with a date night and it ends in smut/ fluff.”

Authors Note: I do do a little bit of T’Challa and here it is, all smutty and fluffy for Vday. I’m also halfway in on a magnum of wine so if there are errors, I’m sorry, I tried to edit haha. Hope you like it anon! Please let me know, Happy Valentines day my love. 

 My Masterlist

Feel free to submit prompts or requests for drabbles and one shots!

You look at yourself in the mirror, admiring the way the black lace hugs your every curve, the soft lace causing goose bumps to rise on your skin as you cock your hips back and forth, appreciating your own figure.  

“Perfect” you sneer as you lean forward to blow a kiss to the mirror, your scarlet lips looking deliciously full. You hear the beep of the oven and quickly snag your robe from the vanity chair as you race out the room, your heels causing you to slow up before stepping down the small flight of stairs between the bedroom and kitchen.

You pull out the two steaks from the oven and turn them over, placing them back in as you quickly turn off the stove underneath the potatoes. This was your first valentine’s day with T’Challa since you two had started dating and you wanted to make it special.

He had been working round the clock the past 2 weeks and you had barely spoken to him, let alone seen him. But tonight, he would be landing at the airport in a few minutes and home in an hour.

You moved to the fridge to get the heavy whipping cream to make the mash potatoes, you bent low, your short robe riding up to show off your perfect ass, barely covered by the sparse lace fabric.

You reach for the cream as you hear a loud thump behind you. You straighten up rapidly, whipping round as you accidentally drop the cream, cursing as it splatters all over the floor splashing up onto your exposed legs and robe.

“T’Challa!” You sputter in surprise, your eyes falling on your beautiful boyfriend, his suitcase firmly landing on the floor, his jaw pulled down with it. “I… I thought you were… You’re early!” You speak quickly, your heels clicking across the tile floor as you move to get paper towel.

T’Challa watches you his jaw slowly closing as his lips pull together, his tongue dragging softly across them as he watches the short hem of your robe graze against your upper thigh, his mind racing with the peak he just got of what was underneath.

You pull a bunch of paper towels as T’Challa moves forward, sliding to his knees as he takes the towels out of your hands and begins cleaning, shaking his head silently as you move to help. “A washcloth,” He mutters, motioning towards the sink, “Get a warm washcloth.”

You allow him to clean up the splattered cream on the floor as you move to the sink, pulling a dish towel and wetting it with warm water. You turn quickly, stumbling slightly as you find T’Challa standing right in front of you, his hand moving quickly to your hair as his fingers tense against your scalp, his lips meeting yours in a breathtaking kiss.

He pulls away slowly, pulling on your lower lip with his teeth as his hand glides up your arm to pull the washcloth from your hand. His lips move persistently, tracing down your neck, nipping gently at your jawline before moving down to your chest.

Your hand grips gently against his hair egging him onward, you allow his hips to push you backwards against the sink, a soft moan escaping from your lips as his hand slides from your hair down your torso, coming to rest in a firm grip on your ass.

His lips move downwards, trailing between your breasts as he kneels, before you, undoing the tie of your robe and pushing the silk fabric to the side.

He leans back onto his heels, his hand digging into your ass as his eyes rake up and down your scantily clad appearance. You blush slightly under his gaze, as he smirks up to you. “My love, sweetness of my life… What a beauty you are.” He speaks in a low gravelly voice, his pupils blown wide with lust as he moves his hand down to your feet, using the washcloth to clean the splattered cream from your shoes.

His hand glides tenderly over your skin, wiping the cream from your soft legs, his other hand sliding down your thigh, his gentle fingers grazing the inside of your thigh, causing a heat to pulse in between your legs at his touch, as your head swims slightly.

His breath ghosts across your skin as he whispers, his lips tracing delicately up your legs, “I had thought to come home and surprise you… I had made reservations for dinner…” His eyes flash up to you as he kneels in front of you, “If it’s quite alright with you…” his lips press along the inside of your thigh, leaving light kisses across the inside of your hips.

“I think we might let those reservations go…” He growls, his hot breath penetrating the lace fabric and making your clit throb with wanting. You moan as you twist before him, opening your legs, begging him to cease his teasing.

He smirks up at you, as you nod feverishly, agreeing to his suggestion. Without hesitation T’Challa responds, his hands moving feverishly to the top of your panties, pulling them fervently down your hips, helping you to step quickly out of them as he pushes your hips back against the counter, gripping your thigh to pull your leg upwards, resting it on his shoulder, opening your core to him.

You gasp as his tongue makes contact with your clit, his face burrowing against your core, eliciting deep moans to pull from you at his contact. Your hips buck forward gently, egging his tongue to continue its divine work as your skin electrifies beneath his touch.

His hand slides back up to grip your ass, holding you steady against his mouth as he quickens his movements, his mouth moving against you as your breathing speeds up. His other hand slides up between your legs, skirting underneath his jaw to aid his tongue, his fingers slipping swiftly into your wet slit.

You moan headily at the contact, his fingers curling perfectly in exactly the way you needed, his tongue complimenting every thrust and twitch of his digits as you thrust against him.

Within moments he has your head rolling back as your orgasm tips over the edge, your leg beginning to buckle beneath you as most of your weight falls onto your arms, your hands fervently clutching the counter as T’Challa’s hands grip onto your hips, helping you to sink down to your knees in front of him.

“I… I need to lie down.” You gasp, your head still reeling from your orgasm. He laughs softly, his arms wrapping lovingly around you as his lips kiss gently along your forehead and down the side of your face to you lips.

He softly pulls you down to the ground beside him, bringing you to rest against him on the kitchen floor, the cold tile feeling refreshing against your hot skin as your breathing begins to steady.  

You smile stupidly, his fingers tracing up and down your back, causing goose bumps to erupt once more on your skin as you curl into his neck, peppering him gently with kisses. “Happy Valentine’s day darling, I’m so glad you came home early.” You whisper, giggling slightly as your lips trace a gentle line along his collar.

“If I had known this is what I’d be coming home to, I would have been home yesterday.” He smirks down at you his lips kissing your forehead gently, as you smile and curl into him more. “Well I’m glad you’re home now” You smile wildly as his arms wrap tighter around you, his hips rolling gently as he positions himself on top of you, his lips making contact with yours once more.

“I am… and I can’t wait to spend this entire night worshipping every last inch of you.” He whispers, his lips brushing against your ear as his hot breath causes another shiver to roll down your spine. “I can hardly wait… this is already a perfect valentine’s day!” You smile, your fingers flitting softly along his neck, pulling him back up to your lips once more.

“Oh my love… it is only going to get better.” He growls, as he kneels up in front of you, his hand pulling roughly at his belt, as he stares down at you, pupils blown wide with lust, “Just you wait.”

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Horror Movie Night

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

A/N: Hi guys! This is my first ever fanfiction drabble, and since I was bored and had time, I decided to write about my favorite Marvel boyfriend, the lovely James Buchanan Barnes :) Please bear with me as it is my first post of this nature. I hope you enjoy it!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2104

Content: Light humor, major fluff :) 

Summary: On your weekly date night, Bucky decides to watch the DVD Peter Parker loaned him! It being a horror movie, you definitely have your apprehensions but fret not, for Bucky’s there to comfort you.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do fic on what would have happened if bughead decided to take a break/break up after their argument in 1x10. Thank you 😊

Sure thing! I’ll give it a go!

His head was aching for the third time today, it seemed that he had forgotten about these damn migraines over the past few weeks. He would credit that to Betty Cooper, his girlfriend, well his ex girlfriend now. He felt the familiar throb at the thought of her no longer being in his life, wincing as the pain hit him especially hard. The headaches had been sparse during his relationship with Betty, she kept him busy, kept the thoughts at bay, even when things seemed to be settling down and his head was free to think , she always managed to relieve the tension, be it over lazy kisses on her bed or in depth conversations about his favorite movies and her favorite books. She always seemed to know when his mind began wandering, abruptly stopping any headaches from pushing through with her witty banter and overall calming presence.

But that was gone, Betty was gone. After the explosion at his sixteenth birthday party, he hadn’t heard a thing from her, the closest he got to physical contact was when she brushed past him in the halls, her eyes always downcast and her ponytail whipping harshly. As for the blue and gold, their only communication was through email. Betty’s straight to the point emails made his heart ache, he missed her silly emails in the middle of the day with revisions for his articles, heart emojis and words of encouragement were commonplace, now they simply said “okay, I will submit this. Thank You - Betty Cooper.” It was all so formal if made him sick.

He knew he was wrong, knew he had gone too far, shoving Archie in her face like that, belittling her. He hated himself for bringing tears to her eyes, but the part of him that was too stubborn for his own good refused to apologize. He was just voicing how he felt, she didn’t listen, she wasn’t thinking. Archie strolled into the student lounge depositing his bag with a thud and sitting across from Jughead, eyeing him with concern.

“How ya feeling man? Still got that headache?”

Jughead nodded before shrugging his shoulders “it happens” he mumbled, placing his book down, Archie looked nervous. That was never a good sign. “What’s up pal?”

Archie dropped a hand behind his neck and began rubbing nervously
“Listen jug, I didn’t want to be the one to tell you this but Cheryl is already on the prowl getting ready to spread it like wildfire.” He sighed, shifting in his seat. Now Jughead was worried, was it about Betty? Had Cheryl done something to her? Had Chuck?

“What’s going on?” He asked anxiously.

Taking another deep Breathe Archie finally spit it out

“Trev is going to ask Betty out today after school. He pretty much told the whole football team. Apparently all the vixens are encouraging her to go out with him, something about getting over you and how this is the first step. Veronica explained it to me but I missed about half of it. Whatever. Anyway I just wanted you to know in case…” Archie was cut off quickly as Jughead flew out of the chair, racing out of the study lounge.

“Oookkkayyy.” He shrugged carelessly, flopping down on his back and closing his eyes. He needed a nap, that was stressful as hell.

Meanwhile Jughead was practically tripping over himself on his search for Betty. She couldn’t go out with Trev, not again, maybe Betty could get over him but Jughead had to let her know… he was never gonna be over her. He spotted her standing by the water fountain, her long legs barely covered by her cheerleading uniform. He was moving so fast he nearly barreled into her quickly catching himself as Betty stumbled into the wall.

“Woah. What on earth?” She mumbled, catching her balance and looking up at the beanie wearing boy “Jughead? What do you want?” She didn’t say it in a harsh tone, she was merely asking her eyes sad and defeated, she was tired of running away from him. Well good because he wasn’t about to let that happen ever again.

“I’m sorry.” He started, quickly catching Betty’s hands as she shook her head, opening her mouth to argue “I’m sorry about everything I said, I was so angry, not at you, at me. All you were trying to do was throw me a party. I shouldn’t have said those mean things to you. I know I’m an idiot but I can’t lose you Betty. It’s asking a lot I know but if you could just…. not go out with Trev. I’m sure he’s a great guy but he’s not right for you. He’s too… good.” He scrunched his nose, his hands squeezing hers almost painfully.

Betty looked up at him after a few seconds, her eyes wide and a soft smile gracing her lips

“I was never going to go out with Trev. You were right he’s not my type. I’m so sorry Juggie, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have pushed you, I knew you didn’t want the party and I did it anyway, I just…. there’s something very wrong with me. Something we should talk about later.” She glanced around the crowded hallway nervously.

Jughead nodded in understanding tugging her just a little closer
“Tonight at pops, dinner on me. We can talk it out. All of it. For now though…” he trailed off, his eyes finding hers.

“We’re okay.” She whispered softly “a work in progress.” She smiled.

Jughead released a heavy breathe and dropped his forehead to hers

“I can work with that.” He sighed, bringing his lips to hers.


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Close your eyes

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by:

“Can I have 39. Close your eyes now baby. Where the reader was taken hostage by someone bad guys trying to get Jason. When Jason find the reader tied to a chair and beat up he tells her to close her eyes why’ll he fights the bad guys. […]
Just something really sad and fluffy!! […]”

Warnings: violence, angst


You thought it was possible to separate your and Jason’s relationship from him being some sort of anti hero at night.
It seemed possible. No one knew who he was under the helmet, right? Wrong.

Another fist hit your face, making the chair you were tied to fall over.
Your (Y/H/C) hair was sticking to your cheeks, because of the tears that fell from your eyes and the blood running down from the wound over your eyebrow.
The chair and you were picked up once again and Black Mask grabbed your chin tightly, pulling the tape off your mouth.

“You think she will like it?” Jason looked at Roy as they left the travel agency with flight tickets to London. “She has never left Gotham.”

“Don’t worry, Jaybird. You’re gonna be boyfriend of the year,” Roy patted his friend’s shoulder. “And friend of the year if you bring me one of those waving Queens.”

“Sure,” Jason rolled his eyes and gave Roy the envelope, because his phone rang. “It’s her,” he smiled. Roy had never seen Jason smile as often as he did since he met you before. “Hey, baby,” he answered the call.

You were looking up at Black Mask who was holding the phone which was on speaker.
He told you to say hello before he dialled Jason’s number, but there was nothing leaving your lips.

Black Mask growled and slapped you, “‘baby’ doesn’t want to talk.”

Jason’s muscles tensed. His heart beat faster as ever.

“Before my men beat her up she was such a pretty thing.
I might just keep her after I killed you.”

Jason could hear you sobbing in the background and it broke his heart like nothing ever did. “I swear to God, Black Mask, if–”

“Nah, nah, nah! I think you’re not in the position to threaten.
And now find us so I can put a bullet between your eyes. And the longer you need, the more fun I will have with (Y/N),” he demanded before he hang up and left the room.

“Jason, what happened?” Roy frowned. “Hey, breath!” He laid his hands on both of Jason’s shoulder as he seemed to forget how breathing worked. “Don’t panic!”

“Black Mask has (Y/N),” the former Robin whispered. He felt sick, like throwing up.
This was his fault, only his fault.

“Shit,” Roy’s eyes widened. They started to run back to their house. Roy located your phone while Jason armed up.
His hands were shaking the whole time.
This was his fault.

“A warehouse near the harbour. I think we should ask Dick or Tim or even Batman for help, man.”

“I got this,” Jason hissed. “My fault. I need to save her,” he jumped onto his motorcycle and drove to the locations Roy gave him.
Jason should have thought about a better plan, an actual plan, but right now he was ruled by irrational emotions.
He got into the building, trying to stay unnoticed as he searched for you.
His mind was facing.
What did they do to you? Were you still conscious? Would you hate him because of this?
Was he strong enough to see what they did to you?

He opened the door to a room and there you sat tied to a chair, your head hang low.
There were no guards. It was a trap, but Jason’s shaking legs were already carrying him forward.

You flinched as you heard footsteps coming towards you, but as soon as the familiar sound of his helmet falling to the ground hit your ears you relaxed.
He kneeled down in front of you, cupping your cheeks, stroking your hair out of your face.
Tears shot into your eyes as you looked at his.

“I’m… I… I’m here now, baby,” he whispered, stroking over your cheeks with his thumbs.
The pain he was feeling by just looking at you all beaten up was unbearable. He pulled the tape carefully from your lips.

“Jason,” your voice was empty, barely there. You sobbed.

“Shh,” he laid his forehead against yours, trying to stop you from losing it complete. “I’m here now, (Y/N).”

A gun clicked. “This is so heart warming. Get up!” Black Mask ordered.

Jason’s hands rested on your cheeks, his thumbs tenderly rubbing your temples, “close your eyes now, baby. I don’t want you to see this.”

You were staring at him for a moment then did as he said, trusting him like nobody else. Your nails dug into the wood of your chair, your heart raced and your eyes were squeezed shut.

You winced as guns were fired and the sound of fighting filled the room. Screams, groans, running.
You were too scared to open your eyes. What if Jason laid right at your feet in a pile of blood? That would be the worst possible thing to happen.
You jumped as the sound of a blade being pulled rang in your ear, but as soon as you felt strong hands pick you up you relaxed and opened your eyes.

Jason kissed the top of your head as he carried you outside, stepping over lifeless bodys, “this is my fault.”

You shook your head.

“I… I will never let something like this happen to you again. I… I love you, (Y/N), so much… l.. I’m so sorry.”

As you looked up at him you saw tears running down his cheeks.

Quarters (G.Laf x Reader)


request: ᶠᴵᴿˢᵀ off so happy I get to request something!! Can I request a cute one where Lafeyette and Reader are soulmates, and. They meet at the movie theatre Laf saying ‘I think I sit beside you.’

word count: 848 words

After months and months of waiting you were finally going to see your favorite book adapted into a movie. You ordered tickets online for opening night and you could not contain your excitement and now you finally get to see it!

Unfortunately, you were so excited that you arrived at the theater way way earlier than your friend and before they could let you into the theater, but you didn’t mind too much since you could waste time in the arcade until she arrived.

As you were about to put in a quarter for a racing game, a man tapped your shoulder and pointed to the seat next to yours, silently asking if he could play with you.

You blushed and nodded, shocked at how handsome the man was with his dark complexion and beautiful brown eyes. You couldn’t decipher if you were or weren’t disappointed that he didn’t speak as you glanced down at your arm which read “I think I sit beside you.”

It would’ve worked out perfectly for this scenario if he said those words and next thing you know you’re riding of into the sunset with a handsome stranger. But you shook that thought out of your mind because most likely he wasn’t your soulmate, but you not knowing allowed you to dream a little.

But enough talk about dreaming, soulmate or not, you were determined to kick this guy’s ass in this racing game. The game started up and you slammed on the gas pedal. Time went on and you noticed the guy playing against you wasn’t that bad. And normally, you were very good and would almost always beat your friends, but this time you were slightly distracted by your competitor’s good looks.

You were coming to the final stretch and you were in first with the handsome stranger in close second. You grinned and pushed harder against the fake gas pedal in excitement as you were about to win. You were about to cross the finish line when the man used an accelerator boost and zoomed right past you, taking the gold and leaving you in the dust.

You gaped at the screen and then back at the stranger, “You cheated! How could you do this to me?!”

You moaned and covered your eyes as you slumped down the chair. You noticed the man was silent and you peeked between your fingers to see him gaping at you. He was about to say something when you heard your name being called.

“(Y/N)!” Your friend yelled at you as she stuffed some popcorn in her mouth.  "C'mon the movie is about to start!“

You jumped out of your seat and jogged over to her. You glanced over your shoulder to see the man still in the racing game chair, staring at you. You giggled and gave him a small wave before entering the theater.

Since it was opening night, the two of you had assigned seats. You marveled as you noticed the theater had reclining chairs.

"C1, C2, C3, C4…aha! C5 and C6!” Your friend exclaimed. “Which seat do you want? 5 or 6?”

You narrowed your eyes and glanced at both seats, somehow knowing this was a big decision, “I’ll take 6.”

You plopped down in your seat and shoved some popcorn into your mouth. Soon, you saw more and more people filing into the theater. You were half hoping the cute guy from earlier would come in, but you knew it would be a long shot.

After a little while, almost all the seats were filled with the exception of some in the front row and the one next to yours. You shrugged it off as the lights dimmed that signaled that the movie was about to start. You scooted to the edge of your chair as you awaited the beginning, staring at the huge screen. The opening scene started and you nearly squealed but you felt a tap on your left shoulder.

You sighed, annoyed, and turned to see who disturbed you. You froze as you saw it was the gorgeous stranger from earlier. He was gripping his icee nervously in his hand as he looked down at you.

“I-I think I sit beside you.”

Your eyes went wide and you tensed up. You glanced down and your marking before looking back at him. He smiled sheepishly and angled his arm so you could see his marking.

You cheated! How could you do this to me?!

Your face resembled a tomato after your read it over and over again and you stared at him as he slowly sat down next to you.

“We can talk later about this and in all honestly I totally didn’t expect those words to be said how it was, but I’m glad how it turned out and well uh,” You noticed he had a French accent as he rambled and you nearly swooned in your seat, totally oblivious as the movie going on. He then reached into his pocket to grab something.

“Round two on me?” He asked as he held up two quarters.