chair quote

When you loose a best friend, it’s worse than breaking up with a boyfriend. Because you lose more than a heart, you lose a little bit of yourself.
—  M.
  • Peter: Bro.
  • Ned: What bro?
  • Peter: Tell the whole world we're bros.
  • Ned *whispers*: We're bros.
  • Peter: Why'd you whisper bro?
  • Ned: Because you're my whole world bro.
  • Peter: Bro.

sophie: *sees an ugly, ominous castle that belongs to a wizard who’s known for literally eating girls’ hearts*


There's seven chairs and ten people. What do you do?
  • Mrs.Patmore: Have everyone stand.
  • Mrs.Hughes: Bring three more chairs.
  • Carson: The best seven of the lot can sit down.
  • Thomas: Kill three.
Any woman setting out to make a living by the sword isn’t about to go around looking like something off the cover of the more advanced kind of lingerie catalogue for the specialised buyer…
The point that must be made is that although Herrena the Henna-Haired Harridan would look quite stunning after a good bath, a heavy-duty manicure, and the pick of the leather racks in Woo Hun Ling’s Oriental Exotica and Martial Aids on Heroes Street, she was currently quite sensibly dressed in light chain mail, soft boots, and a short sword.
All right, maybe the boots were leather. But not black.
—  Terry Pratchett - The Light Fantastic

“She just looks at me and sees who I am and how I feel…and accepts it. She doesn’t try to change it - doesn’t want to change it. That person. There’s a billion people out there. But I imagine there’s only one her.” - Grey’s Anatomy