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Thoughts on trailer

- shut up little Littlefinger SHUT UP, you got a voice over in the last trailer and I’m sick of your divisive voice.

- Sansa’s was so salty that she didn’t get to be in the stride teaser clip with Jon, Dany and Cersei she took up half the final trailer with her own stride lmao

- if the leaks are true I’m guessing the first clip of Jon is him preparing to catch a Wight, JS: “com on lads if we want help from the leaders in the south we better catch a wight and drag it all the way over there to prove it to them” some guy probably: “ur grace wouldn’t it be easier to-” JS: “LADS”

-Cersei looks round: “who’s at the door” Jaime: “its Jon Snow and his Wight” Cersei: “tell him i’m out”. ok i’ll drop this now

- Daenery’s stroke of her map reminded me of the way Cersei stroked that septa and kinda like the way Jon stroked the chairs in Winterfell, parallels idk, maybe you just start to weirdly stroke everything in a seductive way when you become King or Queen

-Arya looking powerful on a horse, Jaime walking dramatically while back turned to the camera and LF looking as creepy af as per. Standard mid way through trailer shit right there

-when the previous owner of your new house leaves his ugly décor all over 

-guessing Jon is talking to Daenerys here, but even though the Starks did bend the knee to the Targaryens for many years, they didn’t actually fight together on any occasion right?? the Starks have always been very reclusive and kept out of southern wars right?? am I missing something, am I not nerdy enough I rlly try, I should probably read world of ice a fire at some point, I’ll read it when if you write winds George

-Tyrion looks pained, probably thinking about his inevitable family reunion, everyone’s looking forward to the starks loving reunion which is fair but the Lannister’s reunion with their little hate triangle full of blame and resentment may be even better

- Brienne and Pod were absent from the entire first trailer and most of the promo pics (apart from the occasional back of Brienne’s head of course) but now they appear, it may only be for a second and a half but never has a second and a half been so well spent they waltz in like the embodiment of medieval Batman and Robin that they are, well done guys, hope you get some actual lines this season Pod.

- Sandor’s made it north then. yay.

- really hope that wasn’t Greyworm being deaded, if it is and he also has sex with Missandei this season it will solidify that if anyone gets together in got either one or both of them will die soon after: Robb and Talisa, Jon and Ygritte, Renly and Loras to name but a few.

-yh okay loads of fighting scenes

- Bran: “Hodor’s dead so I guess i’ll have to get an actual wheelchair now”

- who’s the old man with Bran he looks a bit like bloodraven but he’s dead so…

- wtf Beric didn’t even need a fire to light his sword, how??? is he the prince that is promised or something he’s not even alive in the books ffs

- Daenery’s ships have wings?? babe I know you’re a dragon queen and everything but don’t you think you’re taking the aesthetic a little to far

- so Jaime is charging in a field on his own with fire everywhere looking kinda of manic, it looks like he might be trying to fight a dragon “ JAiME dO NOt try to fight a DRAgON you will get yourself KILLeD, r u mad son” god I hate my favourite character.  

- Theon and Asha Yara look like they just witnessed the firework display of the decade

- the last 10 seconds are so much I don’ t even know what to say

- I actually yelled when Sansa quoted her daddy, at least someone reads the books. 

-where’s Gendry

DOCTOR REN // masterlist

Request: Since professor Ren was such a hit, what if Kylo was a doctor. Doctor ren, the cold yet caring doctor and the reader is the nurse who assists him from time to time. Or based off the snl skit what if kylo is the nurse that assists the doctor reader from time to time. I don’t care which one, writers choice. Enjoy and thank you!

A/N: First of all, the idea actually came from the porn doctor skit so what better header to use than from it? Thanks to my friend @agentpeggicarter​ for the request/idea! As I promised, here’s doctor ren :) If you want more, please let me know!

Warning: None.

Word Count: 3.2K+

It felt quite liberating when the constant realization that you were done with med school had hit you. Although you had already wet your feet a while back while interning in the Resistance hospital, it felt completely different when you were now an actual nurse. It was your first day and you were more excited than anything.

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klaus and caroline ~ chuck and blair. (part 1)

Embarrassing memories (Young! Remus Lupin)

Request: Could u maybe make a Remus x Reader where Remus meet Reader’s parents? If you do it, thank you so much!


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‘Are you even listening to me!!’ Y/N cried out as she looked at her calm boyfriend who was laying on their bed and humming a song, looking as if he was daydreaming, like she didn’t just ramble for 13 minutes straight about meeting his parents.
'REMUS’ Y/N screamed in frustration as she ran her hair through her hair. Remus looked at her and sighed before getting up and wrapping his arms around Y/N pulling her in a hug, his right arm around her back as his left arm wrapped around her head, playing with her hair
'Calm down love, no need to get so worked up! They’ll absolutely love you!’ Remus uttered as he pulled her in close and kissed her forehead

Nervously straightening her Black Katrina Wide Leg Jumpsuit, Y/N looked at the door in front of her. Looking at his girlfriend, Remus could see the nervousness in her soft eyes. ‘Stop worrying so much’ Remus took her hands in his, as he smiled down at her, and before Y/N could say anything the Lupin’s household’s door opened, revealing a beautiful woman, probably in her middle 40s. ‘Remus, dear, how are you’ The woman, who she knew is Mrs.Lupin due to Remus calling her mum as they hugged, looked at Y/N with a welcoming smile ‘You must be Y/N. You look lovely dear’ Smiling at the compliment, Y/N looked at Remus as he gave her an encouraging smile
‘Thank you Mrs Lupin’
‘Oh, please dear, call me Hope. Now why don’t you two come in.’

Walking into the house, Y/N looked around the living room. There was a brown couch in the middle, accompanied by 2 chairs, one on each side, and two chairs parallel to each of them, and between the chairs a ceramic black table. In the space between, there was a caramel rug, designed with white and brown circle patterns. The walls were white with photos around. There was a door to the right, that was currently open exposing a small hallway that contained a door at the end and a door on the right, probably leading to the kitchen and the guests bathroom. And on the left, there was a staircase, leading to the bedrooms upstairs. Hope Lupin left the two alone as she went to inform her husband of his son and his girlfriend’s arrival. Taking that as a chance to look clearly at the photos around, Y/N moved closer to one with a young Remus sitting on a table with a small cake in front of him and three candles on top of the cake, indicating that he’s three years. The young boy had a big, goofy smile on his face as his hands were clapping together and his parents stood behind him, beaming at him.

‘Go ahead and have a seat you two’

'When Remus was 5–’ Hope Lupin started as she placed the plates in the sink while Y/N picked up things from the table, placing them on the counter 'oh, Merlin’ Remus muttered as he knew where this conversation is going

’–he had this, how do I say it, umm, phase, where he wanted a sister, he saw this pair of siblings is the park, a boy and a girl, he accidentally knocked the girl over while running and the boy, her brother, came and told Remus to watch where he is going–’ and that’s the point where Remus started running every unsuccessful scenario that could get him out of here. The embarrassment that will happen in a few minutes away from this moment is unbeatable. No one could possibly embarrass him more.

'There’s a picture’ oh boy, there is something more embarrassing

Y/N’s laughter filled the kitchen 'I’m sorry, but–’ the girl couldn’t help but burst out laughing again 'I’m sorry, you’re saying that there is a picture of 5 year old Remus. In a dress?’ The girl asked while laughing lightly as Lyall Lupin summoned a photo album while chuckling at the memory along with his wife. And that’s when Remus’ head slammed on the table before him, trying to knock himself out from the incoming embarrassment.

Feeling the heat rush to his neck, Remus bite his lips and closed his eyes so tight, trying to concentrate on anything but the scene happening in front of him. At the moment, his girl - Y/N- was clutching her stomach and leaning on the table for support as tears appeared out of the corner of her eyes.

Y/N always knew that Remus had a lovely home life, he was happy along with his parents, well, as happy as being a werewolf could be. However, nothing prepared her for seeing a 5 year old, smiling while wearing a sparkly, bushy pink dress with halo above his head and a fairy stick in his right hand while his left hand rested on his hip. The sight was so adorable yet it was funny because the boy looked ready to sass someone into oblivion 'oh Merlin! This is gold’ Y/N gasped as she tried to stop laughing, but it was proven nearly impossible as soon as she looked at the photo again, and as soon as she burst out laughing for the second time, Remus got up, snatched the photo and placed it on top of the tallest thing he could reach making Y/N whine and pout.

'Nu-ugh’ Remus said as he shook his head 'not gonna happen, not gonna bring the album. And dad, don’t even conjure it’ the older male Lupin looked at his son and raised his eyebrows, upon seeing his father’s look Remus corrected himself 'please don’t’

'Well, dear, from your reaction I’m going to guess that Remus didn’t tell you anything about that’ Hope Lupin stated as she smiled warmly at Y/N. Looking at the woman that proved to be one of the best mothers to ever exist, Y/N shook her head and giggled 'oh Godric, no. If Sirius, James and Peter hear about this they will not let him live it down a day till the end of their lives’

'Alright, alright. How about we make this fair and I say a story about my 5 year old self’ Y/N said as she helped Hope Lupin place some drinks on the table 'well, I don’t have a photo but when I was younger, I vividly remember that I thought I was a rockstar and I used to crash birthday parties in parks and sing my lungs off’ Remus couldn’t help but chuckle, somehow, he didn’t find this unusual, even for her younger self, his girl is the one to do this kind of thing, his parents smiled at the girl as she let a small laugh escape her lips 'and that’s not all! Once a lady told me to get off the table and I told her “Suck my ass” in a very serious manner’ Remus laughed as he shook his head while Hope Lupin laughed and Lyall Lupin chuckled, but it was clear that he found this so amusing 'oh Merlin! Son, marry that girl’ and with that sentence all laughter stopped suddenly that you’d think they’d all died.

Going back to their flat, Y/N and Remus didn’t utter a word all the way there. The tension between them could be broken in half. Y/N didn’t know if it’s because of what his dad told him or because of what he told his parents. Remus however, wasn’t aware that Y/N heard every word he told his parents, and she therefore, has been thinking about how she can erase his doubts, his fears, his insecurities.

Remus wasn’t normally an insecure person, but when it comes to the topic of his lycanthropy he gets hesitant, insecure and scared. No matter what the people who love him reassure him that it doesn’t change their idea about him, he still considers the society’s opinion on this matter, and the society is cruel.

I’m not good enough for her mum! I turn into a monster every month. Once we leave Hogwarts, I won’t be able to get her what she wants, what she needs! I won’t be what she deserves.

Remus’ words replayed in her mind like a broken record.

Have you seen her dad! How pretty and perfect she is! How could I be what she wants! She is beautiful, gorgeous. She is breathtaking. And me! I am hideous, littered in scars!

Exiting the bathroom, Y/N closed the door gently as she walked through the small hallway to the bedroom.

Remus was standing in front of a full length mirror, looking over at his scars-covered chest. His expression blank, his eyes however, are another story. Showing the pain and horror that he has been going through since his first transformation. The sadness and the weight of the world on his shoulders.

'I heard you’ a voice cut through the room. Looking at his girl standing by the door in a long, red nightgown, Remus blinked at her words, losing the ability to reply to the sentence, for he had no idea what he should say.

'I don’t care-’

'Well, you’re an idiot then’ Remus yelled, trying to get his point across 'you deserve more, better! Look at me Y/N! LOOK AT ME!’

'I AM!’ Y/N shouted right back with tears in her eyes, for she has never seen Remus this angry. Sighing and blinking the tears away, she walked forwards, a few feet left between the couple.

Y/N’s voice softened 'I am looking at you-’ one step closer ’- and what I see is an honest, honorable, smart, handsome man-’ one step forward ’- what I see is the first guy and the only guy I’ve been in love with-’ one step closer, hand pressed against his chest ’- what I see is a boy who was forced upon a hard life at a young age-’ tracing his scars ’- what I see is a small boy that went through so much pain just to become a small cub that can barely howl-’ looking into his eyes as a lone tear fell down her face ’- I don’t need better, because you’re the best. I don’t want better, because I want you’

Wrapping his arms around her, Remus whispered his apology as Y/N relaxed in his arms, laying her head in his chest while wrapping her arms around his back.

'I’m so sorry, m'love’
Kissing her forehead Remus knew how lucky he is, and he will not lead her away.



I hope you liked it and I’m sorry if it’s not up to expectations

Until next time :)


Bucky X Reader X Pietro

Word count: 2,850


A/N: READ ME! Hi!! Sorry it took a day, I had a problem with my internet. Anywaaaay, here it is. This was my first time writing smut so forgive me if it’s a bit bad. But hey, I tried!! Anyway Part 4 will be on Friday night the following week, it’ll be the last part but it would be longer than usual.

Part 1, 2, X, 4


You wake up from the light seeping through the window. You feel a shift in the bed as you blink the sleep off of your eyes. The events of last night all came flooding your thoughts and as if on cue you felt an arm wrap around your waist. He pulls you closer to him as you turn to face him and you rest your head on his chest feeling the rise and fall of it.

You remember what he said last night. That he’d give you a reason to go to Stark’s party with him. You breathe in sync with his as he runs his hand along your bare back. You take in the scent of him as you hear the steady beating of his heart. He nuzzled his face on your hair, planting a kiss on your forehead in the process. You instinctively bring your hand to his chest as he pulls you closer. You look up at him and see that attractive smile of his. Damn. The man knew how to give you a reason.

“Good morning, Printessa.” He said as he leaned in to give you a lingering kiss. You pulled away from him and smiled back.

“Morning.” You say as you look at him in the eyes and see how he was looking at you affectionately.

“Last night was…wow. I can’t say you didn’t convince me.” You say as you lick your lower lip.

“So is that a yes, Printessa?” He says as he raises an eyebrow.

“Cuddle me and maybe you’ll get your answer.” You say and he laughs as he pulls you closer to him.

Both of you remained silent as you hold each other, relaxing to the sound of your synchronized breathing. He was playing with your hair while you were running your fingers up and down his chest.

“I missed mornings like this.” You say as you look up at him. He chuckles as he leans down to kiss you again.

“How come?” He says after he pulls away from the kiss.

“We never really…It’s been five months.” You bit your lip as you refused to make eye contact. He lifts your face up so that he can look into your eyes again.

“So I’m guessing this was your first time in a long while, no?” He says as your face goes red.

“Y-yeah.” You say as your face goes a darker shade of red. He chuckles and plants kisses all over your face.

“You. Were. Great. Last. Night. Printessa.” He said in between kisses as he trailed down to your sweet spot. You moan as he sucked on the marks from last night.

“P-pietro! St-stop. I- need- oh god.” You stutter as you try to get your thoughts clear. But the pleasure you were receiving made it hard.

“Sorry. I just want everyone to know that you’re mine now.” He says proudly with a smirk forming on his lips.

“That’s debatable.” You say as you roll your eyes at him playfully. He rolls over to straddle you. Both arms on the sides of your head.

“Really? Then I guess I should leave some more.” He says as he trails down your body like he did last night. You push him off of you giggling like a school girl.

“Piet, stop. I’m already going to the party with you, if that’s any indication.  Call it our first date.” You say as you sit up and pull the sheets to cover your bare top. His eyes go wide and he grabs your face and kisses you passionately.

“You don’t know how happy I am right now, Printessa.” He says as he pulls away and presses his forehead on yours.


Hiding the hickeys all over you was hard. Especially on training days where you had to bring your hair up to a ponytail. You didn’t really mind if someone saw it, but it just felt right to hide them because you had just gotten out of a relationship and seeing you with someone else that fast (no pun intended), felt like it would reflect badly on you. The rest of the team probably wouldn’t mind because they all know what happened anyway, it was Bucky you were worried about.

You told him that you needed time to think the whole break up through, but then you’re fucking Pietro while you’re making Bucky wait for you. It felt like a really dick move, but he was still with Natasha which made your conscience a bit clear. You felt guilty but being with Pietro seemed so right. The way he makes you feel feels so right.

It was the day before the party and you just got back to the facility with Wanda. The both of you went shopping for dresses. You drop to the couch while Wanda heads straight to her room. With your paper bags by your feet you rest your head back on the couch. You hear someone walk in the living room and you look up to see who it is.

“Cap.” You greet Steve as he sits on the arm chair parallel to the couch.

“(Y/L/N). Been shopping I see.” He says looking at the bags by your feet.

“Yeah. I needed something to wear for tomorrow.” You say as you smile politely at him.

“Going with someone?” He asks and you were shook from his question.

“Yeah. Pietro.” You say as you look at him questioningly.

“Are you two?” He asks not finishing the question.

“Dating? Yeah, kind of? I mean it’s not really established what we are but I care for him and he does for me too.” You say a little bit too defensively.

“So you’re totally fine with Buck and Nat?” He asks again. This time you couldn’t stop yourself.

“Excuse me? What? Why the sudden interest in my personal life, Steve? I mean yeah I get it, Bucky’s your best friend and we just broke up a week ago and this thing I have with Maximoff seems too fast for everyone, no pun intended, but I really care for Pietro and Bucky hurt me pretty bad.” You say holding back your emotions.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to know your side. Bucky’s been a complete jerk to you, I can see that, but I think the two of you belong together. I mean sure he’s with Nat and you’re with Pietro but I still think you two should get back together.” He reasons out.

“Playing cupid there Cap? I don’t know, I think this is the best for the two of us. We’re both happy now.” You say as you get up and take your bags.

“That’s what you think.” Steve says and you stop in your tracks. You look back at him.

“What?” You ask with your eyebrow raised.

“You know what I’m talking about, (y/n).” Steve says as he looks at you with that look he always has when he knows he’s right.

“Steve, I’m telepathic and I have the same level of IQ as Stark, but I don’t get what you’re trying to say.” You laugh a bit as you walk back to Steve.

“You said so yourself, you’re telekinetic. Read my mind and find out.” He says and motions for you to read his mind.

“As long as I have your permission.” You say as you use your powers to get into Steve’s head. Instantly Steve’s memories come flooding you.

You see visions of his past in the war, pre-serum Steve and Bucky and their lives before the wars. You see a memory of them talking about their ideal women and it suddenly jumps to a different memory, it was fresh. It was the same conversation from the previous memory, but Bucky said something entirely different. He described you. You could see how happy he was talking about you and how much he loved you, then his expression changes when he talks about your break up. You see the worried look on Steve’s face. You look back to Bucky who was now crying. “I messed up, Steve!” he said and Steve tried consoling his best friend.

You drop to the ground as soon as the memory ends. You’re back to the real world and out of Steve’s head. You were looking at the ground as Steve helped you up. You were breathing heavily and the guilt you felt got worse. You were more lost than ever. Your mind was a mess again. Tears started brimming your eyes.

“Fuck.” You manage to say as the tears start falling.

“I’m sorry. I had to show you, Buck’s a mess without you, (y/n).” Steve says as he hands you his handkerchief.

“But he’s with Nat!” You say as you breathe heavily.

“Not anymore.” You hear a voice say from a distance. Natasha walks closer to you and Steve, both with eyes wide and mouths open.

“W-what?” You say in confusion as you look back and forth to Steve and Natasha.

“He loves you, (y/n). Not me.” Natasha says as she sits beside you.

“I need to breathe. I need more time to think.” You say as you stand up.

“Hey kid, as the world’s leading authority in waiting too long, don’t.” He says before you leave to get some air.

That night you kept tossing and turning, trying to get some sleep. Steve’s memory kept on repeating in your head. The guilt was consuming you. You had one thing in mind, but you were sure it would end badly. You get up and out of your room. You walk to the end of the hall and knock on the last door.

You know he’d still be awake and you were right. He opened the door as soon as you knocked. He was topless wearing only his sweats that hung low. His eyes went wide as soon as he saw you.

“H-hey.” You greet him awkwardly.

“Hey? What are you doing here?” He asks looking down at you.

“I couldn’t sleep.” You say as you bite your lip

“Shouldn’t you get your new boy toy to help you with that?” He says almost shutting the door but you stop it with your foot.

“Hear me out?” You say as you raise an eyebrow.

“Fine. Get in.” He says as he pulls you inside his room.

“Steve talked to me earlier. I’m sorry.” You say as you stand by the door.

“Sorry about what?” He says as he walks to his bed.

“Everything. He showed me a memory. About you. I’m just- confused.” You say as you follow him to the bed and sit beside him. “You break up with me because you were with Natasha. Then tell Steve you’re a mess without me and then break up with Natasha. I need to know why, Buck.”

“I was scared. Things between us were getting serious and I know where our relationship was supposed to go. The thought of settling down with you, yeah I loved the idea. But starting a family, raising a kid,that I can’t handle. I can’t have that life, (y/n). I’m this monster that Hydra created. I’ve killed thousands of people. I don’t deserve that life.” He said as he looked at the ground.

“Then why cheat on me? You could have just told me.” You said as you moved closer to him.

“I thought it’d make me lose interest in you and you to me. But all it did was make me realize that I needed you in my life.” He said as you slid your hand in his. He looked at you before you brought his hand up to yours to kiss the back of it.

“Buck, you could have just told me how you felt. It would have been better if you told me that that five months ago, instead of letting me cry my eyes out because of you broke my heart. I would have understood how you felt if you told me. I’m not going to want to keep going into your mind just to know what you’re thinking all the time. I want complete honesty between us. And if you’re worried about raising a kid with me in the future, we don’t have to if you don’t want to. I mean sure, I’ve always wanted to be a mother, but that wouldn’t matter if I wasn’t going to have the man I married by my side raising the kid with me.” You say as you bring your other hand up to cup his face.

“I’m sorry, doll. I made a stupid mistake. I’m such an idiot for losing you like this.” He said as he reached for your hand that was cupping his face.

“Hey, at least you’re my idiot.” You say as you bring your face closer to his and he closes the gap in between, kissing you passionately. You both pull out for air as he places his forehead on yours.

“What about Maximoff?” He asks as he pulls you to his lap.

“He knows where I stand. But this doesn’t mean we’re back together either, soldier.” You say as you wrap your arms around his neck.

“I’ll win you back in no time.” He says as he holds your hips and pulls you into another kiss. This time it was full of want, need, and just pure lust.

He tugs on your shirt and you pull away from his lips and take your shirt off exposing your bare chest. Your mouth instantly attaches to his again and his hands start roaming your body. You feel his member harden as you grind on him, moaning from the friction. He lays you down on the bed without breaking the kiss and starts trailing down kisses from your lips to your jaw to your neck until he reaches your breasts. He brings his lips to your breast while his metal hand massages the other circling his thumb on your nipple.

You moan as he gives attention to your mounds. Your hands tangled in his hair. You feel his other hand on your inner thigh making its way to your clothed clit. You gasp as he runs a finger over your growing wetness, teasing you over the material.

“F-fuck. Stop teasing. I want you. Now.” You say through labored breaths. He chuckles as he pulls away from your breasts and looks at you hungrily.

“Someone missed me.” He said as he ran his hands down your body, shivering from his touch.

“Shut up and fuck me.” You say as you pull him to your mouth. Tongues battling for dominance, which he wins in an instant.

You feel his hands travel down your waist. He hooks his fingers on your shorts and in one fluid motion he pulls them down along with your panties. You kick them to the floor as you reach for his sweats. You pull them down and is greeted by his hardened member.

“No underwear, Barnes?” You say as you bit your lip at the sight of his length, remembering how it feels inside you. He chuckles.

“Says the one with no bra on, (y/l/n).” He says as he places his lips on your sweet spot leaving his own marks.

He lines his member to your wet folds and slowly thrusts it in. You moan as you feel him inside you again after so long. He fills you with his length as he moves slowly getting you used to his size again. You tug on his hair signaling him to move faster, and he did. He held your waist as he pounded into you. You felt your walls tighten as your climax was getting close. He picks up his pace and you scream in ecstasy as you reach your climax and he follows soon after filling you with his seed.

He rolls over to your side. You catch your breath before resting your head on his chest. He wraps an arm around you instinctively.  He looks down at you missing the feeling of your body against his. He strokes your back as you breathe in sync with him. You look up at him and find him looking at you. You smile at him as he places a kiss on your forehead. You get up before he could stop you.

“I’m sorry. As much as I want to stay the night with you, I have to get back to my room.” You say as you pick up your clothes. He sits up and watches you get dressed.

“It’s fine. I’ll see you at the party tomorrow.” He says as he stands up to get his sweats back on.

“About that…” you say as he walks towards you. He holds you by your waist and kisses you one last time before you go back to your room.

“I know. You’re going with Maximoff. But let’s just see which one of us takes you home after the party.” He says with a smirk on his face.

“Then I can’t wait and find out.” You say as you head to the door, looking back once more at Bucky.

Part 4 will be next week Friday.