chair moment is the best


I was thinking “Just once I wanna see him fall out of his chair” when I realized he’s not sitting in one. Did I miss an announcement where Mark got a standing desk? 

Welcome to the Game #2

we miss you cory (1982-2013)

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cAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THE RETURN OF RAPPER JINYOUNG SDKFSDKFJSDkjfkajdfks the 8 second clip has me dead and i want teenager to b played @ my funeral


Double trouble, double fun

Original Imagine: Imagine Aiden and Ethan falling in love with you at the same time, Imagine having a threesome with the twins, Imagine having the twins share you because even thought Ethan is gay he is very attracted to you and imagine sucking them off both at the same time and Imagine Stiles and Scott being protective of you, but you still having hot threesomes with Aiden and Ethan.

Author: Anna

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1902

Warnings: I think I should warn for changing Ethan’s sexual orientation to bisexual, smut, anal sex and oral sex and I think that’s about it.

“Damn, I can’t believe she’s mine.” Aiden stared at you, his eyes watching how you were making homework, sitting in his bed room.
“Well….” Ethan blushed and scratched the back of his neck. He probably had never thought he could feel something like this for a girl, but it had happened and there was nothing he could do about her. “I want her to be mine too.” He turned his face towards his brother and for a moment they didn’t say anything. It was strange. Since they had been baby’s they had been sharing everything. They had been sharing toys, clothes, schoolbooks and even a bedroom, but they had never had to share their loves with each other. 

“Okay…” Aiden took a deep breath. “Let’s ask her, okay?” He shrugged his shoulders. A part of him was confident that you wouldn’t like him less, even if you would like his brother too, but a part of him knew all too well that Ethan was the softer twin, the more tender twin. He would be able to come up with a few reasons why anyone would pick his brother over him.
“Okay…” Ethan nodded, his arms crossed over his chest. He had always thought that he would only be happy with a guy, with a boy, but the jealousy he already felt because he was certain that you would not love him as much as you loved his brother proved him wrong.

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Exercises For Energizing Astral Body

Many of those who practice astral travel have a common problem: they fall asleep while doing that. This shows that there isn’t a good control of energies of the subtle body. However, it can be exercised. To succeed in maintaining consciousness without falling asleep you need to exercise for a period of 1-2 months over increasing control of your subtle energies. These exercises are not mandatory, they can be skipped but their role is obvious to those who have practiced them.

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Dayton, Iowa
Population: 837

“In January of 1894, a New Year’s dance was being held.  Just before supper there was a commotion coming from the north end of Burnquist’s Hall.  A. Winters had got to talking loud about a HAT.  John Gustafson tried to quiet him but the talking was sign to a bunch of hoodlums from Boone to clear out the hall.  In a moment chairs were flying and women were screaming.  Gustafson tried his best to fight these hoodlums at one point he had two down until the third hit him with a chair.  After getting possession of the hall the miscreants proceeded to make a complete wreck of the hall . After they were through destroying the hall they went to supper.  The citizens of Dayton were aroused by this time and came upon the scene to help the Marshal Larson.  Marshal Larson was trying to arrest the ring leader in the restaurant.  Frank Dowd was one of the hero’s that night.  He came to aide Marshal Larson.  As things happened, at the end of the fight Marshal Larson was shot in the right hip by his own gun in the hands of Paris Winters.  Marshal Larson passed away that Wednesday at 1 o'clock in the morning.  They ended up sending the whole gang of rioters to Fort Dodge for trial. “

TSOT Couch Cuddles Meta

Srs text post about serious things:

Nurse walks in, boys are still in their chairs, mid game.  Best moment of the whole series right here.

Next scene, they have moved to the sofa and you can see the vacant chairs behind their new client.

The blurry drunk-o-vision makes it hard to detect depth but they seem rather close to one another.

Then, the infamous arm move.  So we know they are close enough that Sherlock’s arm has been behind John.

John is woken up and he taps Sherlock in annoyance, you can hear the *thwap*

After Sherlock says “I apologize for my.. him”  John stretches his arm behind Sherlock.

We cut back as Sherlock stands and see just how much space was on that sofa.  Cozy after all.

Then as Sherlock steps away, we see that John had in fact placed his arm out behind Sherlock after he was woken up earlier.

Conclusion: Mrs. Hudders is a terrible landlady for bringing a client up on stag night and this case could have totally waited til morning so the boys could frickle frackle.


“Why hire them if I have two arms?” She said flexing her thin arms in the air in a funny reaction. Chuckling softly the pinched his cheek on the way to pick another box. “I also happen to have a nice friend that will help me moving so why spend money? But also, interesting point on the sexy part… Now next time I will hire some so we have this eye candy for us.” Carrying another box she left that one close to her bed. “Ok, let’s go!” Without hesitating she rushed to the pizza that gladily was cut already, after washing her hands she was back with two cans of beer to hand one to him before grabbing a slice to sit on the chair, not having the best posture in that moment as one foot was on the chair. She might be gracious on stage, but when she was comfortable she wasn’t just as much. “This is delicious!“

"Really the only reason to hire someone would be to watch them,” Kevin laughed, plopping himself on the floor besides her chair and right next to the pizza, thanking her for the beer once she returned. He snapped the beer open and took a sip, wincing slightly at the taste. He was never a fan of beer. Hard liquor like vodka and tequila were better for his taste buds. But he liked Hyosung too much to subject her to his hard liquor mind.

“By the way, I love this place. It’s a cute little apartment and it’ll look fantastic once you finish decorating. Which reminds me, I got you a house warming gift~”

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Can you do an Ashton imagine where like you meet him at a M&G and he really likes you and you guys become best frie ds and he talks to the boys about you while you are at their apartment and he doesn't know you're there and you hear him and omg.

A/N: So cute! I love the idea! :) Thank you so much for requesting :* <3 I’m really sorry it took so long but I thought it would be much shorter. I spend like 6 hours writting this so…. :D Anyway hope you like it. xx

You have been screaming and running up and down the house all day. 5SOS were coming to do a meet and greet in your hometown and it was a perfect chance to actually meet them. You were their huge fan pf their music and their looks. You have been getting ready all day, trying to pick up a perfect outfit and do your hair and make up. Finally at 5 o’clock in the afternoon when it was time to leave you were done. You got the bus and in fifteen minutes you were at your destination. Your heart was beating really fast and you were so excited you nearly fainted. But as usual the 5sos boys were late. You waited with many other excited fans, but you were in the background so you couldn’t see when they came in. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t hear. Once they stepped through the door everyone in the room started to scream and you (of course) joined them knowing what was going on.They sat down on the chairs that were already prepared for them and the best moment of your life started. Well actually not really because the line was really long and you weren’t really on of the first people in a row. You waited for an hour growing more impatient by every minute that passed. Finally it was your time and you almost freaked out. First in line was Luke. He was really nice and cute like he’s always and you chatted for a moment before you had to move on next one - Michael. He was funny and adorable telling you a few jokes before signing your card. After Michael there was Calum. He was all sweet telling you how much he loved you and all other fans and how they wouldn’t be nowhere near where they are now without us. Next in line was your personal favourite (although you loved them all) Ashton. You loved him since the day you first saw their picture and you just found everything about him so cute and adorable! And you were just a moment away from meeting him! “Hi. What’s your name?” he asked when he looked at you from his spot behind the table. “Y/N.” you said excited “Pretty name for a pretty girl.” he said and signed your card while you blushed. “I can’t belive I actually met you guys. You’re literally the best!” you said completly excited and he smiled. “Thank you. It means a lot you know.” he said and you smiled. “I think your time’s up. Here you go.” he said and handed you the paper signed by all the boys. But you saw him quickly writting something on a small note and handing it to you with the card. “Thank you! I love you!” you said and took the card curious what’s in the note. “I love you too!” you heard him said before the security guy told you you had to move. As soon as you were able to you opened the small paper in which it was written: ‘Wait for us to finish meet and greet please -Ash’ And you screamed. That can not be happening. Not a chance. It was just a dream. There’s no way boy like Ashton would write you this kind of a note. He wanted you to wait! That means you would get to spend more time with 5sos and Ashton!! This wasn’t just a dream. This was way better than just a dream. You were completly shocked, excited and sooooo happy you jumped and screamed and danced not caring who was looking. Well at least not until you saw Ashton staring at you and laughing. You stopped freaking out and blushed. You saw him call a security guy and whispering something in his ear before pointing at your direction. You panicked when you saw security walking in your way thinking he’s going to kick you out or something. When he came to you he just said: “Miss, Ashton over there asked me to take you in the back room so you can wait for him to finish.” and you almost freaked out. Again. He led you through group of excited fans waiting for their signs and into the room in the back of the shop. He told you to wait there until the boys finish so you sat on the couch. You were just sitting there trying to make yourself believe that this is actually happening. Cause if anyone said to you a few hours ago that you would be sitting in the back room at the 5sos meet and greet, you would told he he’s an idiot or something like that. Half an hout later the meet and greet apparently ended because the boys walked into the room laughing and talking. Let’s just say you had to try really hard not to scream and hug them all from excitment, joy and happiness. They sat to next to you on the couch and smiled at you. “Hi. I’m really sorry but I didn’t catch your name before.” Calum said and you smiled: “Y/N.” “So Y/N where do you live?” Luke asked you and you answered trying to cover up your excitment: “In this city. Actually just a few blocks away.” “That’s nice. I like this city.” Michael said and you smiled. “Are we really having this boring conversation right now?” Ashton asked and you shook your shoulders. “Well what else can I say?” Michael said and shot Ashton a dirty glare. “So Y/N you probably don’t know why I brought you here in the first place right?” Ashton asked while looking at you and you shook your head. “The thing is…I don’t know either. You just seemed cool. And I made a New year resolution that I will meet more fans. So…I’m starting it right now. Simply said me and the other boys were just going out for some dinner. Would you like to join us?” he said and you looked at him confused not really knowing what he had tried to tell you. “Dinner…with you?” you said your smile growing with every word. “Well yeah. I mean if you want to.” he said and you smiled widely: “YES! Of course! Dinner with you guys? Are you serious? This isn’t some kind of a joke my mum planned or something? Any secret cameras?” you asked looking around the place. Ashton chuckled: “No, no secret cameras.” and you smiled: “Okay then. But I’m only wearing jeans? Is that okay?” you asked worried while Ashton laughed: “You look gorgeous now let’s go!” He got up followed by you and the other boys. You walked down the street since the restauran was just around the corner chatting all the way. Luke was a little bit of shy at first but soon you all started to joke, laugh and chat. Once you were in the restauran Ashton held your chair so you could sit and sat on the one beside you. Through the night you find out everything about the band, why Michael dyed his hair and lots of other stuff. You met them just a few hours ago but you felt like you have already known them for a long time. You had so much fun that you totaly forgot to check the time so when you looked at your phone you almost freaked out. It was late. Very late. You already missed the last bus and there was no other option than walking. But it was dark and you were actually scared. “Guys… I think I have to go now. It’s really late.” you said while picking your coat and purse up. “And how are you planning to do that?” Calum asked you. “Since I already missed all the buses I’ll just walk. It’s not that far away.” you said and got up from your chair. “Oh no way! I heard the streets are dangerous in the night! I’m definetly going with you!” Ashton said and got up as well. “No Ashton, I’m fine really, you don’t have to do thi-” you said quickly but he stopped you: “Y/N whatever you say won’t change my mind so you may as well save it.” You rolled your eyes and said: “Fine! But just remember you volunteered.” you said and he smiled. You said goodbye to the guys and left the restaurant. “So…Why did you really invited me to dinner?” you asked him after a few moments of walking down the street in silence. “I really don’t know. I…I just felt you are meant to be something more than just a fan when I saw you. If that makes any sense.” he said and you smiled: “If you say so.” “So what’s your favourite movie?” he asked and you looked at him confused: “What?” “I just thought that if we have to walk around the streets for 20 minutes in the middle of the night we could at least get to know each other or something.” he said. You nodded your head and said: “Okay then. My favourite moive is *i don’t really know what’s your favourite movie so insert the title yorself :)* Yours?” The conversation went on with pointless questions and jokes and time flied so quickly it felt like you didn’t even walked for 5 minutes when you reached the front porch of your house. “So this is where I live.” you said while stepping on the first step. “I see. Nice house.” he said and you laughed. There was silence for a few seconds before you spoke: “So…are we ever going to meet again?” “Of course.” he said and took your phone. “Here.” he said handing it back to you after he typed something in. You looked at the screen and saw there was a new telephone number under the name: ‘Ashton <3’ you smiled. You would kill for this number a few hours ago. You were quiet waiting for him to ask you for your number but there was just silence. “You don’t want my number?” you asked confused. “No. That way I don’t have to text you first.” he said and you laughed. “I better get going. I still have to walk all the way back to my place.” he said and you looked at his beautiful eyes: “Be careful.I heard the streets are dangerous in the night!” you mocked him and he rolled his eyes. You put your hand in the air thinking you will shake hands, but he surprised you with pulling you into a hug: “Good night Y/N!” “Good night Ashton!” you said and waited for him to disappear out of your sight. You slowly opened the front doors and took of your shoes, being as quiet as possible since your parents were already asleep. You told them you would get home by 7 but they apparently thought you visited one of your friends so you could share your fangirl feels. You walked up the stairs and into your room, changed into pyjamas and went straight to bed, thinking you would be fast asleep. But you couldn’t even close your eyes. You were just thinking how can you be so lucky? So lucky Ashton noticed you and invited you to the dinner? How is that possible? Finally after a few hours of staring at the ceiling you fell asleep with 5sos still on your mind. 

A few days later you decided it was time to text Ashton to tell him you want to meet again. But there was a problem. Eventhought you met him and talked to him he was still THE Ashton Irwin. And you were still just a crazy fan having no idea, how all of this ever happened. And you had no idea how to even start a conversation and you deleted words all over again. In the end you gave up and just went with: ‘Hi, Y/N here :)’ Not long after that you got a message: ‘Hi there. I thought you will never text me :D’ It was awkward to text him at first no knowing exactly what to say, but it soon became casual, texting him random jokes and sms-s. It came to the point where a day wouldn’t pass without you two sending each other something. 

A million texts, thousand phone calls, a hundred sleepovers and a year and a half later you walked down the street towards Ashton’s apartment with a little bag in your hands. You and the 5sos guys were having a sleepover, like every week almost since the meet & greet. You and Ashton started to hang out more and more every day and in the end you became best friends. You laughed together, you told each other secrets and it came to the point where you couldn’t imagine your life without him. You two promised you would never hide secrets from each other. But that didn’t prevented you to keep one just for yourself. The truth is, that you were completly head over heels for Ashton, your best friend. It seems like you could never get those perfect eyes and cute smile out of your head. But you would never tell him. His band was becoming more famous every day, he had pretty fans all over the world, he was beautiful and cute and everything else. And you? Well you were just…you. His best friend in the background. He would never fall for you. At least that’s what you thought. Finally you reached his house and knocked on the door. There was no answer. You knocked again. After five minutes there was still nothing so you knocked again, only this time the door opened a bit. You were in this house a thousand times, he sure won’t mind if you just come in. You decided it would be way funnier if you scare them so you got in the house and closed the door. You slowly walked to the living room but stopped in the moment you heard your name. You know this isn’t right but you had to hear it. “So when is Y/N coming?” Michael asked. “I hope soon.” Ashton answered. “So do you still like her?” Luke asked and you almost screamed. NO WAY! “I don’t like her.” Here we go. Disappointment that ruined that little flame of hope. “I love her.” he almost whispered and you almost screamed. That’s not possible. “Dude you HAVE to tell her! How long have this been going on? A year? Year and a half?” Calum asked. “It started when I met her. I don’t know what it is but something in her eyes made me fall for her in the moment I looked at them.” he explained. By this time you wanted to jump, dance and scream. But all you could do was listen. “Okay guys! I’m really not feeling for some heart to heart right now. Can we like play video games or something?” Ashton asked and you smiled. “Fine by me.” Michael said and turned the TV on. You waited for a few moments just to make sure they wouldn’t noticed you were there the whole time. “Hello!” you yelled when you came through the doors. “Y/N!!!!!” Ashton yelled, ran to you and hugged you, lifting you up from the floor. “What’s up?” you said once Ashton putted you down and you hugged all the boys. “Not much.” Calum said. “I suggest we play truth or dare.” Luke said excited. “No. No way. I hate those games!” you said and shook your head. “Please Y/N! Pretty pretty please? For us?” Calum pleaded once he got Luke’s hint. “Fine! But just so you know! It’s a stupid game.” “Yaaay.” Calum yelled pulling you down on the floor where there other boys were already in a circle. First round was Michael’s. He had to call the management and told them how much he loved them. It went on for a few rounds until it was Ashton’s time. “Dare.” he said apparently thinking the boys would do anything stupid. “I dare you to kiss Y/N!” Calum yelled making you blush. “Fine.” Ashton said sending Calum a deathly glare. You panicked not knowing what to do. Ashton came to sat next to you. You stared at his beautiful eyes totaly scared as he leaned in. His lips moved in perfect sync with his and your fear vanished the second his lips met yours. You were kissing for a few minutes, before you heard the other boys coughing. Ashton broke the kiss and pulled you into his lap. “I love you. Just in case you didn’t notice.” you whispered to him. “I love you too. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that!” he whispered back. “I actually heard you.” you said blushing a bit. “You did? When?” he asked confused. “When I came here I heard you guys talking… Is that why you asked me to dinner with the guys after the meet and greet?” you asked and he smiled: “I told you I knew you were meant to be more than just a fan.”