chair :')


k this is not directly related to houses but hear me out - there is a whole huge community for miniature mid century modern furniture, especially chairs, and i am deceased. they are so cute and i’m already planning a miniature chair shrine in my house. some of these are paid affiliate links but dear god trust me i would be posting this even if they were not. 

blue rocking chair || white leather lounge chair || yellow seashell chair || clear dinner chair || cow print therapist recliner || A GODDAMN MINIATURE EGG CHAIR || red lips sofa 

We all have those ships that we feel affection towards and we’re like ‘oh they’re cute I guess’ AND THEN there are the ships that you would sell your soul to the devil for. The ships that occupy your mind more than your relationships in real life, the ones that make you feel tingly in your stomach when they do literally anything, the ones that basically take over your life tbh. Those are the OTPs.