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Sees another lumberjack and smiles. "Hey there, bud, off to the lumber mill?" ((FOOK YEAH POWER TO LUMBERJACKS *JUMPS TO GIVE A EPIC HIGH FIVE*))

Whips around from stuffing some jerky in his face, nearly choking in the process. Coughs and swallows, breathing again and looks up to the lady.

“Mill? Oh no, no. Heh, haven’t seen a mill since I was a kid, eh. Why, you?”

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Sometimes he stood around outside the clinic. On the sidewalk beyond the alleyway. Just sort of stood there. A cold spot people walked through without much of a fuss on their part. Mostly skittish hobos anyways in this part of town. Cold enough out to blame it on a cold gust coming out of the spaces between buildings.

For a spirit that radiated not-so-good-things, he wasn’t really doing much. And he really wasn’t. Other than watching the two different worlds outside the building. He’d found he was a good repellent for any wayward non-corporeal critters lurking around. They liked hovering though, so he might as well get familiar with their appearances. Study them for behaviors and possible weaknesses should any of them get bold.

He’d not been an addict when he was alive, but he did wish he could have  cigarette.


*watches from behind a boulder*

“…Jeesh, how long is that thing gunna sit there for?…And why does it have pants?”

 Something was already intruding on his territory, and the night had barely started. He pretended to ignore it, and waddled forward, sniffing around to try to get a better idea of what it was.
 Not deerclops…good.
 Not human… not really. 
What was it? His hair stood on end. 

A Lesson Amongst Trees

He needed to practice. He had to prepare and refine his work before the unthinkable could happen, and the woods were a good isolated place for such a lesson.

Hanna marked trees and stone with symbols of various meanings and strengths, but he was careful to leave his surroundings intact. He practiced explosive runes, protective barriers, runes that would disorient and incapacitate enemies. Whatever was coming with William to Coldfront, Hanna knew he had to be ready.

The silence, although welcome for the concentration he needed, was stifling. The trees groaned in protest at the blood smeared on their bark– while the symbols would cause no harm to them without the correct amount of will, the implied magical power made Nature shudder.

He focused intently on his work.

The Elf and the Nord (Closed AU RP with chainsawsandmaplesyrup.)

Nightgate Inn. He hadn’t wanted to come here, with how remote and lonely it was. But considering the circumstances, there was no way he could be a chooser. If they had any jobs going, he would have to take them, and hopefully, having a room would be cheaper. 

The Wood Elf pushed the doors open and stepped up, the first thing he did was head the counter. It was first priority, to ask anything about needing help. If they didn’t want any, maybe he could ask other patrons if they needed any errands doing. 

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A storm boomed in the skies of Sawmill, and rain buffeted the war-torn lumber mill. The dark grey skies flashed and the heavens rumbled, nearly drowning out the sounds of explosives and gunfire.

Friedrich had been separated from the Heavy he was healing a long time ago, and, in his typical cowardly fashion, he had abandoned the heat of the battle to go somewhere quieter, where he hoped he would stay safe until he saw another friendly member on the battlefield.

He was already soaked to the bone as it was, pelted with a constant stream of rain, so he slogged through a flooded area, wading closer to the outskirts of the forest. No one would come looking for him here. He would wait until he’d see a friendly RED, and then he’d return to battle with his Medigun brandished.

But no, for now- he would do everything he could to keep himself alive. He only hoped a BLU member wouldn’t find him here. Shivering and weary, he pressed his shoulder against a tree and waited.

God damn it, he felt like shit. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. Of course, his throat looked absolutely gruesome when he chose to try and examine it. He didn’t know why he had gotten sick either. 

He also hadn’t expected a visitor. He was glad he had managed to pull himself out of bed and get himself showered up and dressed. He didn’t know what a guest would have thought to see him without having washed and just wearing his pyjamas.

“Oh, um,” another cough, “Ehe, sure thing. Just a sec,” he said before getting up to straighten his bed. He then walked over to the door and opened the door. 

“Hey, Brooke,” he said, “Nice to see you.” It was actually. He just wished he looked a lot better…and felt it too.  


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She moves quietly, for a human. This was k’s first thought upon seeing the woman. They had heard her coming just soon enough to allow them to climb up a pine tree and wait. She really had been much quieter than any human should have been. There shouldn’t be people this deep in the forest, yet this woman seemed completely at home maneuvering through the trees and underbrush underneath Them. She hadn’t noticed them, not yet. For now k wanted to keep it that way.  At least Wolf is at home. They thought. Something about this stranger seemed off. The closer she got the more apparent it became, but k couldn’t place it. She was definitely a human, but there was something more. It unnerved them but now their curiosity was piqued. When she had passed a reasonable distance k climbed down out of the tree, careful not to make a sound. They didn’t want to get her attention. They were quite a sight at the moment, and not a particularly welcoming one. They had left their shoes and gloves at home, leaving their clawed fingers and toes exposed. The rest of their body was covered in tight fitting clothing they had tailored to their emaciated frame. Their most outstanding feature was the mask, and this particular one was a bit rough looking. It was wooden, carved by themselves years ago. There were grooves in it where they had used their claws to shape and shave it down, and there was no mouth hole. k knew it was creepy, but it blended well with the trees. It was better than not having one at all, anyway. k stood at the base of the tree debating whether or not to follow the stranger. They were curious, and it seemed as though they had the advantage of being undetected, but they weren’t sure. She could have ignored them. Surely if she were a normal human they could tail her no problem, but at this point k knew she wasn’t, and they had the feeling they shouldn’t underestimate her. Finally they decided to stay right where they were and hope she would come back around. 

Well, she’d opened her mouth, but something didn’t quite feel right. Greeting forgotten for, instead, paranoid hesitation.

She did not possess Sight, but Devang had Instinct. And it was just as good for at least detecting beings such as spirits. Even if she might not know for what her brain itched and sometimes mixed up awareness for  d a n g e r.

She had good reason to be paranoid of that feeling all the way around. It tended to prelude something she couldn’t immediately detect with her other five senses trying to kill her.

Out and About ((chainsawsandmaplesyrup))

Going into town normally meant either walking or catching a ride in. Thankfully, catching a ride this time heading in was good. It left Nashita enough time to get some supplies before heading back. It also gave the woman a sense of recent nostalgia from physically going to the market herself back in New Orleans. Mostly the stares from people who either heard of her or not use to seeing her outside the bayou.

Back then, it didn’t matter so much. Perhaps the fact came from people delivering anything she wanted to her for payment. Now? There was a hint of slight awkwardness to going into a enclosed store for cooking needs. Well…partially cooking needs.