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              ┌ Hanna certainly has strange ways of making himself known. ┘

Mr.Cross is out right now.

     If there’s anything you need to tell him, I’ll be sure to relay the message

chainsawsandcorpses replied to your post “[ slides a plastic container of pasta over to Una across the table. ] You’re the one who’s allergic to mushrooms, right?”

I always make sure to keep track of who has food allergies. I mean like, if I don’t, I’m basically poisoning people.

That’s true, but I’m surprised you remembered all the same. It’s not as though it’s something I think to remind you of every now and again.

send me a movie title and my character will summarize it as bluntly as possible.

           "Pew pew.
            Anakin turns bad.
            Jane Foster is Queen.
            Twins — incest?
            Pew Pew.
            Heavy breathing.
            Mace Windu looks like my uncle.
            Oh shit, dude is Luke’s father tho.
            Blow up.
            That’s it.“

It went without saying that Alfie’s best friends were Shannon and Annie, but between the hours of nine and three, they were in school. Alfie was left–as he was for so many years–with his own company, and being a strange, little demon child he naturally found some odd ways to amuse himself when lonely.

Often times he found himself prowling rat-infested alleys in inner-city neighbourhoods. Some of the local fauna was good for food, but rarely was there any good company. He walked down the very centre of the alley kicking a rotten apple along, until he saw a large dumpster with an open lid and an odd rustling inside.

Being a curious little lad, Alfie approached to see what all the fuss was about.