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headcannon: every year afton dressed up as santa and gave gifts to his kids

But like with a chainsaw and hockey mask on too, then after striking the fear of mortality in them, he’s like “Haha just kidding merry Christmas, kiddins.”

Then his wife is like “I fucking hate you, Bill,” right in front of their toddlers. Michael thought it was funny though.

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Adam Parrish?? 💕💕

fuckong bisexual nerd baby 

okay well it is a proven fact that adam really likes neck kisses also he keeps one of chainsaw’s feathers in his backpack at all times in The College for luck and shit also this is kinda pynch but adam takes a shining to buying shit for ronan and tagging it like Ro did with the manibus like he buys him slippers for christmas and the inside of the box says “bearpaws. for your feet” and ronan kicks him

anyway, i am a fully committed member of the Tom Webb is Adam Parrish cult but another fancast for adam is billy vandendooren

Great HUman A+

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“I’d rather carress my asshole with a chainsaw.” j i n

Drabble Game 

“Yeah, I’d rather caress my asshole with a chainsaw.”

There is a very brief moment of silence as the sentence settles, Takeda, Cassie and Jacqui looking at eachother with widened eyes before busting out laughing.

“What? Listen, I have standards, okay? I’m not that desperate.”

"Jin - I saw you eat that chip off the floor.” Takeda adds, still giggling to himself but trying to throw an accusatory glare at him. “What standards?”

“That was food Takeda, we’re talking about trash here.”

Well that sends Cassie into another laughing fit, elbowing Jin in the side repeatedly while Jacqui translates for her. “You sure your type isn’t greasy middle aged men that haven’t showered in a century?”

“Yeah, I’m sure, believe it or not…”

captain two robots
  • gogol: do you think liberty&discovery willed the old l&d mech to ibex, was it just in ibex's garage
  • Emma: i think "willed" is a really strong word for "was bored of"
  • gogol: also, pre-audy, did liberty and discovery still TAKE THAT MECH OUT FOR A SPIN sometimes. was there like a green gocart with a saw at quentin's graduation
  • Emma: quentin like: i... thank
  • Emma: it's... nice to see you
  • Emma: i bet l&d has tried to offload this mech on ppl for
  • Emma: literally millennia
  • Emma: like a bad penny, nobody wants a busted mech with a fuckin chainsaw
  • gogol: right, it smells like blood and poorly-repressed remorse
  • Emma: it was in a museum for a while!
  • Emma: then l&d took it back
  • Emma: they did not ask first
  • Emma: there was just a hole in the glass and no mech one morning
  • gogol: isn't that a captain america scene
  • Emma: i'm mostly picturing the curator like "sir... your mech has been stolen" "yes i took it"
  • Emma: "thank you"

the new upd8 is wonderful and all but i was thinking

everyone involved in the fights around skaia can fly right

john rose dave jade dirk jane roxy and jake are all godtiers, hell even terezi has her jetpack

except for kanaya

kanaya we know why youre not grinning in anticipation youre about to fight the motherfucking batter witch who is floating 30 feet above you and you cant stay airborne if you tried

Mai come voi, il contrario di come dovrei, il contrario di come mi vuoi.
—  Salmo