What's your RWBY Weapon and Semblance

-Birthday Month-

Dual blade/ shot gun- January
Scythe/ Crossbow - February
Chainsaw/ Rocket launcher- March
Combat Boots/ Blades - April
Ball chain/ Bomb - May
Cannon/ Arm Gauntlet - June
Shield boomerang/ Pulse gun - July
Yoyo / Whip - August
Pole Axe/ Gun - September
Elements Rode/ Sword -October
Trident/ Sniper Rifle -november
Twin speakers/ pistols - December


Black- Stop time temporarily
White- Control gravity in an area
Green- Control people like puppets
Blue- Talk to animals
Red- Absorb energy
Yellow- Control darkness
Gray- Living weapon
Orange- Summon Fallen warriors
Pink- Control thoughts and telepathy
Light blue- Shape shift
Purple- Jump bodies
Brown- Bend Light
Other- Warp through time and space

Team mate are the last 3 people you Messaged and team name is up to you enjoy!!